Saturday, July 30, 2016

Murder of a Clone of Mine By Levi Garrett's "Baby Mama", Black Char

One of the murders against my clones happened on a bed in my house and multiple persons from Oregon and Washington were involved, and Levi Garrett's black girlfriend who he had a baby with, more than once.

I am sure it's probably not even their own kid, because she treated the kid like crap, but she was witnessed by me to murder one of my clones and made comments that were racially motivated at the time she did it, and she was reported by me and continued to get away with her crimes.

Then Levi kept getting "her" as a girlfriend, too.

She shot my clone in the back of the head while pushing her face into the mattress, with at least a dozen other U.S. govt. employees around, including the manager for the Safeway Pharmacy in Coquille, WA.  I know she died, because a pool of red blood grew out from the mattress under her head after she shot her.

I reported it at the time.  The U.S. govt. hid, concealed, and omitted all of the facts whenever it came to murdering clones of me or of clones of my son.

I HAVE tried to report things, just as I tried to keep documents safe and tried to secure safety deposit boxes and places for holding things safely, and I attempted to protect my own intellectual property by copywriting my music, getting a lawyer, an agent, and trying to safeguard my lyrics and the U.S. govt. was going INTO my house 24/7, and stealing from me.  There has never been a time in my life in the U.S. I have been able to protect my property because of greed and U.S. govt. corruption.

The young woman's hair was totally blond, not red.  Face-down, which is how they kept pushing her face down, you couldn't really tell who she was, but Char murdered her with the other women there, and it isn't the only murder I saw her commit and the other one was against a clone of my son Oliver, and an older clone of Levi was around for that.  Levi was also using racial comments, acting mad like the reason they killed my son was because he isn't "better" than Jackson or blacks or something, something racist, and then they cut him up and Black Char was cutting and putting things in buckets filled with blood.

After this red blood pooled out around her blond hair, Black Char kept showing up at my house with "Jackson", her clone kid they'd been holding onto for the last few decades as their own, and smirking and saying "Did you ombre your hair?"

She had handed the gun to me after she used it.  I was standing there by the bed, holding the gun she'd handled until someone took it from me.  I did NOT kill that woman and wasn't part of a triggered programming attempt to murder her. 

Black Char was not just working with a corrupt Seattle group, including corrupt doctors, she was telling me when I was a kid why didn't I work for Mossad like her and Levi and then she was constantly trying to entrap me as a "spy".  She also had contacts to a black group of gangsters and Mafia who made some kind of deal with Gottis, Bonnanos or some part of FBI-controlled Big 5, to steal from me.  They were trying to get rape videos of me, and my kids, and were also specifically controlling me to steal my songs and distribute them to others.  The most money was resulting from my work--my songs and scripts and books and massive amounts of advertising I was doing, every single year. 

That's not all Black Char has done.  She committed earlier crimes, with the older clone of her and with an older Levi clone.

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