Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chris Dabney, Robin Bechtold, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Plan to Have Me "Google" Through My 40s

Some of the PR work I was asked to do by the CIA included ads for magazines and articles.  One of the articles was for a magazine which has republished my article several times, and it talks about ideas for women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on for health.

Well, these men whose names are in the title are all fucked up govt. clones.   There were also others including Tyler (T.J.), Scott, and Mark.

They sat around a table and told me some of the things to write, and were trying to make predictions and bragging about what they wanted ME to be doing at these various ages. 

They bragged and laughed about how I'd have "sex" in the 30s, (I was raped, by them and their friends), and then Chris Dabney, specifically, was saying I would be "Googling" in my 40s.  His idea of having me "google" through my 40s, along with Bechtold and others, was to imply after raping me in my 30s, and holding me hostage, with people like Alvaro Pardo, who not only raped me when I was a kid, but murdered some of my family members to my face when I was younger, I would be stuck doing nothing but "googling".

This was based on some comment I had made as a little kid, when asked, about what would make it hard for someone to get work or married, if they were looking online, and it was the govt. asking me and I said, "Probably if some govt. person who monitors their email blocks their responses from or to some people and just wastes their time having them google people that are not interested or who are all govt. people so they can never get anywhere outside of that circle of people".

Well Dabney was one of the persons plotting this.  He said this because he was pissed I could have "Anna", his girlfriend (one of them) doing this.  Another of his friends is Emma Watson.

There were several men and women involved in having me write "for free" for magazines and doing PR.  I was forced to write hundreds of articles, while they made fun of me and never paid me.

They were constantly bragging about holding me hostage.

Joy Tancer is much worse than anyone knows, including Mike Tancer.  Her son is also a "repeated clone" and he murdered my family members to my face as well.  She and her shits were holding me hostage in PERU, with Forrest fucking Tancer, when I was a little toddler, when Ed Howard was there, and they deserted one of my clones there to be gang-raped with my son.

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