Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vladimir Putin: Clone and CIA Contact (with Dmitry)

Vladimir Putin was also working with the CIA.  I am not sure what the entire capacity was, but it was the CIA trafficking me to Russia, with Pentagon people, and I was tortured by him and Dmitri, and raped, before I was even 5 years old.

He was already working with the Carol Goldsmith family, and Donaldsons, and CIA.  He did MANY additional favors for them later, and I was never being credited for my work, he took CIA money, and they collectively defamed me and were training me to murder my own older clones, and my own cloned kids.

He was not just working with CIA in Russia, he worked with them at other locations, and visited the U.S. a few times and took part in murdering people in U.S. territory.

I was not a "spy" for him.  He hated my guts and was instead using me and believe me, he HATED my guts.  I was tortured and violently raped, and then Kate and Mary and some CIA people were getting paid off for it.

He worked with Chris Dabney, Amanda Bynes (who doubled for Anna), another Anna who was blond, Florence Brudenelle-Bruce, and a number of other U.S. government spies and employees, all who were kidnapping me, holding me hostage, and torturing and raping me.

They wanted to steal from me. They did not ever "love" me, have nice plans for me, or want me to succeed.

I was kidnapped to be in Germany, Ukraine, and Russia, multiple times before I was age 5, and it was all with the U.S. government.  Then after age 5, they acted slightly nicer to me, still molested me, but didn't torture as much, and wanted me to forget all of the past and what the origin was of their torture against me.

I have lost everything in my life because of the U.S. CIA conspiracy with selling me and making money off of me for free, with some other nationals.  They were not wanting me to keep my kids and raise them--Russia wouldn't have refouled me if that was true.  I was refouled deliberately, just as Israel did this to me, and others.  They were also not speaking up for me and my human rights, because if they had, I would be given credit for my work, told I could raise my kids, and my money that's been stolen would have to be returned.

Vladimir Putin and Dmitri VIOLENTLY raped me, with entire other "armies" or groups of Russians, and had me on medical tables being tortured, like they did to me in Israel, Ukraine, and Germany.

They didn't rape me when I was there for "political asylum"--they had raped me earlier than that.  They were also having private meetings with Netanyahus in the early 1980s.  Netanyahus also held me hostage, in 'dungeons' in Israel, and Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton took part in operating on me with Holly Telerant.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anna Chapman: CIA Agent and Clone

Anna Chapman has been described as a "Russian spy" against the U.S. and that's not exactly the entire story.  Anna Chapman is a human clone.  She's been cloned multiple times, and I personally met more than one of her clones.

The U.S. CIA actually went over to Russia, and had me tortured there and were agreeing with Russians to use Anna Chapman against me and my kids.  This was an "agreement" that had come up more than once, and they repeated themselves about it.  It was common knowledge when I was age 4, for example, and then again when I was age 7, and then later as well.

Not only was Anna Chapman getting picked up by the CIA from Russia, they were flying her to England too, to be "coached" by Mike and Carol Middleton and other members of the CIA's international "human cloning network".

Kids like me, were victims.  They created me and out of hatred, and had tortured me from the start, never paid me a salary, and never expected me to do anything but give them work for free.

I am not kidding about Anna Chapman.  Regarding clones, she was cloned multiple times, and the U.S. was meeting with her in Russia, in England, and in the U.S., and they also flew her to Canada with other U.S. CIA.  I first met one of her clones, and remember it, when I was 3 years old.

The U.S. used Anna, from Russia, as a "trap" for other U.S. citizens.  They also had HER murdering some of my kids and then wanted to blame it on her "spying agency" instead of the CIA, which Kate Middleton and others in England also were working for.  They were sending her to England, training her, and then moving her to the U.S. and I saw other clones of her, already in the U.S. when I was a kid.  I was tortured by her, programmed, and she worked with CIA to do it.  The torture against me was severe, and they were paying HER, not me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marla Maples: A Blackmailing, Child-Raping CIA Clone

Marla Maples is someone who came up while I was writing the last article, which I'm not done with, because I want to separate out some events of who was where at what time, for murders they committed against clones of me and my kids.

Marla Maples is a serial killer.  I knew her, as a kid, to be murdering people, not just my clones or those who looked like me, but murdering many people, in groups of "hitmen teams" with the CIA.  She was not only comfortable killing anyone, babies-kids-adults, as an adult herself, she was cutting them up as a method of getting rid of bodies.

She was a natural killer, like all of Donald Trump's wives.  Donald Trump murdered people, and he killed innocent people over money.  His wives did the same.  Ivana specialized in strangling people with ligatures, Marla shot and chopped people up & sometimes stabbed and used knives, and Melanie shot people and kicked them around.

I was kidnapped by Chris Dabney and forced to live with Marla Maples for weeks, and gang-raped, after some govt. people got mad at me.  I was writing a book that I had titled, "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" and Marla Maples started trying to copy it and said she wanted to use it.  I said, no, this is a title I have for this book.  Then she got mad because I was trying to document things that had happened to me and my son, secretly.  I had secured, somehow, a publisher, and it was the last time I ever had a publisher contacting me about a book.  My goal was to get the book out, and I hoped I hope point back to some things later, and also keep Donald Trump and Hillary and Barak Obama (the blackhills gold guy, and diamonds) and Kate Middleton and these torturers of innocent kids like me, from ever being Presidents.

I was held hostage at her house, and she left one day, temporarily, claiming Chris Dabney was housesitting.  I was raped by him for hours every day, for weeks, and then he brought in his friends to rape me too, and Marla showed up again as well.  When I say hours, I mean, 8 hours a day, he was raping me, and telling me angrily that he was going to make sure there was no possible sexual position that I was ever a "virgin" to anymore, and he made sure to let me know he was helping taking the "shine off".  He had people saying, "You're hair used to be sort of gold-like and now it's more like brass".

During this time, for short periods of time, I was also dragged into a room and then tortured, with an electrocution headbrace and torture against me, to program me, but most of it was just rape.  Some of the people who were involved, included Anna Chapman, and while Chris knew other "Annas" and "Amanda Bynes", there was also, seriously, Anna Chapman there, helping them rape me.  I was also forced to see someone being terrorized, tortured, and interrogated and made fun of about me, and then killed.

The entire time, they were supposedly raping me for daring to try to write a book suggesting any of them were less than "pure gold", or that Goldsmith's group was a terrorist organization, and worked with Donald Trump and the CIA to steal from little kids.

One of the Bob jrs. had dropped me off there, telling me I was staying with Marla for awhile and I said "I don't want to!" and I begged not to be left there.  I didn't care how nice her house was, I already knew what she was about and she'd already threatened me. I had been forced to stay with Dabney and people in the past as a little girl and I was about age 10 when they gang-raped me at Marla's house.

They knew my age, and they knew everything about me.  He also had Robin Bechtold over to rape me, and several other men. 

When Marla "introduced" me to him, first she had me meeting a younger kid, who was maybe age 8 or so, and looked just like Dabney, and then she was telling me to meet the older one, who was older than me, and he was in his 20s at the very least.   There were other men also involved who looked similar to Dabney.

I kept telling one of my parents later, "It was AC there.  It was Anna, it was cold, freezing cold".  Kardashians also showed up, to rape me, with Kanye West and others.

I was gang-raped.  When they were done gang-raping me they said they were killing my unborn son in the future and raping me more and that if I wanted to still publish my book, they would let everyone see videos of me "begging for it, begging for more sex" because they had tortured me and forced me to moan and sound "like you like it" and act and "wiggle" and move around and so on.

They did this to me at Marla Maples house before the U.S. ever later forced me to a porn studio, held me hostage at gunpoint with cops and govt., and raped me more, in front of professional videos, and then forced me to sleep in what was like a back room, with no bed, no covers, and saying, "Do you want a coat for your head?"

They used gang-raping me, and forcing me to look and sound like I "liked it" and was "begging for more", and videotaping this, as a way to torture and harass someone who cared about me and to blackmail me against publishing a book about Middleton, Goldsmith, Obamas, Trumps, Clintons, and the entire group of CIA shits that were raping me and stealing my money.

And no, that fucking BITCH is not a "Christian" woman.

They raped me, they wouldn't quit raping me, and they were saying things like, "No, you don't need make-up or anything, you have a nice shine on you sort of glisten, and you look good natural" and I was having to pretend like at some point, I wasn't trying to escape and I was instead "going along with them" and I wasn't.  I wasn't going along with any of it, at all.  They kept saying, "Now hold old are you now?  you're like, barely legal."  They used raping me and torturing me as a way to make fun of my aspirations to be a lawyer and then they even got a movie called "Barely Legal" out of it, with a make-up-less faced woman at the end of her "Harvard graduation" from law school, looking like she has a "glow". They were saying, "She'll never go to law school--we won't let her".

They bragged about raping me, about raping my kids, and they murdered people there and I saw them kill people and it wasn't faked.  They were also telling me they could put ME in jail because I held the gun, because after raping me for weeks and torturing and programming me, they handed me their gun, and did all of the same govt. things they'd done to me when I was a younger kid, and then they were trying to blackmail ME, with guilt, saying, "You might NOT want to publish that uh, little BOOK you've been writing."  Not only that, they had done something similar to an older clone of me, and they had murdered her.

After they tortured me and raped me, they tried to force me to commit suicide.  They made several attempts to force me and there were a number of people involved in it.  They were not trying to "protect" me.  These people had gang-raped me, passed me around for it, forced me to shoot a clone of my own son, while making fun of him, and then handed me a gun and said "You can go ahead and kill yourself now".  They locked me in a room, with a gun and waited for me to kill myself and then they tortured me and said, "We thought you might need something for the pain" and handed off a bunch of pills and then "Rachel" the Jew, who Chris Dabney dates in D.C., looked in and smirked claiming I was trying to kill myself and I wasn't, and another woman came in.  They forced me to go to a doctor and stood around, threatening me against telling anyone to examine me for rape, or that I had been raped.  One of the men was this blond man TJ who was always around and who had been stalking me with govt. permission since he got away with murdering one of my sons.  Another was Jerrod, an FBI man, and another man was this man who claimed he was Chris Dabney's "uncle" and was from Boston, MA.  Others who had shown up, including Mark, the U.S. Army semi-truck driver from Boston, MA, with Dabney's "uncle".  He had also raped me with others.  Dabney raped me non-stop and then they were saying "Doug" did, and I know for sure then Robin Bechtold was raping me and making fun of my son who was forced to watch some of it.  They were also trying to have my own son have sex with me and he was an adult.

They also had Ashton Kutcher there, at some point, with Mila Kunis, another Russian like Anna Chapman.  Several "Hollywood" people who steal from me, were involved.

When I was younger, I was forced to live with Heather Locklear and around both Tommy Lee and Ritchie Sambora and the U.S. forced me to give some of my songs that I wrote to them.  I was raped by them.  The U.S. govt. and CIA were also making a joke out of it with the U.S. Army.  I saw the U.S. pay them cash, after they had raped me, and they were then telling them to produce my songs and no penalties to them for taking credit.  They gave them rewards for raping me and advance "royalties".  I also discovered the use of Ritchie as a name and "Lee" or Tommy, was a cover for the fact the U.S. Army-CIA group "Ritchie's Boys" were raping me.  The U.S. had gone from using me as a tortured victim they held hostage while accusing others of being 'spies', to trying to make me think, as a kid, my life was about "celebrities" raping me, not uniformed soldiers, and CIA shits.

Multiple Murders Committed By Camilla Parker-Bowles, Waleses, Middletons, and CIA at 99799 Hwy 43

Multiple murders were committed at a location in Coquille, Oregon, which has been hosting CIA coordinated visits with Middletons, Waleses, Parker-Bowles, and CIA, for at least 4 decades, as long as I've been alive and probably longer.

The U.S. government came to my house and forced me to have several moles removed from my body--identifying marks, that told people who I was, after several of their first rounds of murder against people who protected me, loved me, and wanted me to have my own money from my own work.

They surgically removed moles from my skin, and first came to my house to bring up the idea as if it was a nice thoughtful "plastic surgery" kind of offer to "get rid of" "unsightly moles".  At the same time, the U.S. government was doing something with attempting to conceal evidence of their crimes against me and my clones, and wanted me to not remember things that were done to me, where I had the moles to start with, because I was raped by men who said it was "for every mole you have on your body" and they counted how many and then raped me that many times, all at once.

The U.S. government and Mossad tried to hide all of this evidence, and I had had even worse things done to me as well, and they sent me to a clinic to have moles removed.  Some people were jealous, particularly a few men who thought it was being done to make me more "attractive" and they were concerned that I might end up marrying someone who had money, who would let me make my own money too, or that oh no, Cameo might escape the hell they had planned out for me.  However, it was an attempt to get rid of evidence and Chris Dabney, his mother, and his girlfriend Anna were involved in it.

It was after they had murdered my own relatives, along with Waleses, with CIA, that this was done.  The entire Parker-Bowles family worked for the CIA, and so did the Waleses, and Middletons.  All of them showed up at this location, with both George Bushes, who were CIA Directors, and murdered my family in front of me.   They murdered several clones of me, of my kids and some men who were supposedly my husband(s) (more than one clone of me) and boyfriends or lawyers.

The U.S. murdered a bunch of clones, related to me, and my own clones, at this location, in approximately 1982.  Then later, there were at least 2 other "rounds" of murders I witnessed, at this same location. 

It is a huge property.  There is an airplane hanger, a long runway for the planes, and a huge landing space and then a ranch house with a hot tub that has a patio which is large enough to be both a parking space and a helicopter landing pad.  There are several out-buildings and then many acres of thick woods, and the U.S. was taking people out into the woods, and shooting them and drowning them, pushing them face-down until they stopped breathing.

I was forced, by the U.S. government, to murder more than one person myself, and then the individuals who wanted the murders to happen, then tried to switch things around, accused ME of misconduct and murder (I was under the age of 9 for all of it), and then kept trying to use guilt trips, and blackmail to force me to keep writing songs, which they stole from me and gave to others.

Not only that, at the time, they were not even telling me who the people were that they were killing, and I found out, and later had it confirmed, and can think back and remember what others looked like, that these people they murdered, and used ME to murder, were my own clones, my own cloned kids, and no, believe me, there were no "Catholics" out there getting murdered, or "Jews", because I remember being accused of this later--some Roman Catholics wanted an excuse to blame me for something bc I was saying "Why does the Vatican say they don't support human cloning but they do?" and they were involved in murders as much as Mossad, and I was saying the same thing about them so a bunch of Jews or maybe just anyone, Protestants included, wanted me to sound anti-Semitic like I was a bigot and would accuse any Jew of anything just because I was "prejudiced".

Well they were murdering clones of ME, and of my kids, and they DID kill former husbands and boyfriends I'd had.  They were even murdering babies of my kids not just older clones who tried to protect my rights.  The U.S. and these greedy shits, didn't want us to have rights. 

Not only that, the U.S. also used Mafia out there, and they also had every member of my own family murdering a clone who was related to me. 

After they murdered so many of my clones and family, in 1982, there was another round of killings and after this, when I said, "I am telling the world about this and there is no way Kate Middleton and Camilla and all of these govt. people are going to keep stealing my money"--so they got scared, forced me to come up with "assassination ideas" for "how to kill babies" to make me sound as bad as possible, and then forced me to promote this across the U.S., and to other countries, and including the UN, and told them, "You see what she's like?  Don't ever help her" and they paid officials money.

I was being tortured.  I was not only photographed naked from head to toe, as every mole was written about and documented and photographed, that was on my body, I was being tortured with burns to my moles, being tortured in front of other "accused spies" who were supposed "moles" against the U.S., and I had a few moles that protruded more, and they were being pulled on and torn off of my body, and they did this with my navel too, biting off a piece with their teeth. I was sent to Nuremberg in Germany, and to Auschwitz, and made fun of and tortured.  No, I'm not kidding.  I was being called "German", or a "Nazi".  The photo documentation was done by the Nuremberg tribunals people, who hold trials in Nuremberg for past War Crimes, and they were forcing me to be there, claiming I was the same person, cloned, as an accused woman they were holding prisoner.  I was age 3 or 4 years old, and more photos were taken when I was 5 or 6 and then they wanted to get rid of all of my moles.  They  were not just covering up crimes against a child, who they were trafficking around and accusing of being the "clone" of a war 'criminal suspect" and "prisoner" at Nuremberg, they took a huge amount of child porn of me, to degrade me, in between all of the government "record-keeping" and accusations.  They were id'ing me from birth to age 5, and then again at age 7 or 8, with fingerprints, handprints, measurements, photographs of my eye color, every mark on my body, and then at the same time, covering up any marks which were scars from being burned, cut, and tortured. One of the things they were "concealing" evidence of, was scars from bullets because I'd been fired at by U.S. govt. employees and presidential candidates, as a kid.

Without mentioning who was at which event for murdering my clones of myself and my kids, persons involved included Trumps, his entire family (incl. Ivana, Ivanka, and also Melania); Jeb Bush; George Bush; Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton's entire family (including Kate Middleton's already grown children--George, and Charlotte, and another set was on the way with a baby already there), Emma Watson, Camilla Parker-Bowles entire family, Waleses including Harry, William, Charles, and Andrew; Nora Krevans; the man who drives 552 EYC; another man who drives YPN 151 (truck); my family including Levi, Bob and Dicksie; Anna (blond from D.C. who speaks Russian); Anna Sloan-Smith; Florence Brudenelle-Bruce; Chelsea Davies; John Gotti and his kids and Victoria; Chris Dabney; Amanda Bynes; Amy and Aaron Ball; Aaron and Rachel Chandler; "Rachel" the Jew; the Vice family; Eric and Mia Knox; Julian Mortenson, Samantha Buckingham, Holly Telerant, Lynn Echenberg (all four of them); Alan Koch; David & Charles Koch and David Koch's wife;
Valerie Plame and her husband and daughter; Dick Whittemore and John Kaempf and Mr. Bailey & a lawyer from another firm I saw again later; the entire Tancer family; women who drive 444 HTZ and a woman who still drives 483 FSX and her friends and family (waiting around outside of the property); Dennis Hotchkiss; my grandpa Baird; Maryann McIntosh and her sick husband; Kevin (Doug) Jones; Amy Nelson; Shawna Morgan; Jessica Flaherty; Yulia Tymoschenko;Mary Donaldson and "Prince Frederick" with several of their kids incl. Christian, her daughter, and Daugleish, her Dad; Anna Chapman; Ruben Studdard; Alan Springer and his family; Judge Paul Lipscomb; Hillary Clinton and Bill, along with Marc Z; Gardenia, Alita, and Pat and Rani; Stephanie Maiers and her family; Campbells; Tomas Caballero; Jill (commissioner in Wenatchee); Carmen Wilson Garrett (Levi's wife); Jodi and Rory Baird; Judge Gillespie, Paul Cassel, John Paul II (pope) and some monks and priests including Fr. Joachim McCann; Louis and Philip and Lisa Thebault, with Christie; Brett McDonald, R.F. (Rose Farquehar); along with Scott Ross from Canada immigration, possibly also Mike Nichols; Rick Baken and Claudia; and Rufus.  Rufus was from Canada and the U.S. govt. wanted him to live with us and he did.  Scott Lewis, Laura Lewis, Tanya and Josh Rose and Emmanuel was also there and I believe Lorraine as well.  I was told Rufus was living with us, since I remembered R.F. (Roof-roof Rose Farquehar) and a Dicksie shoot my clone.  Then when he did, he was raping my Mom or something and one time I witnessed him punching her in the nose and I wasn't being tortured anymore, but he was beating her up.  Then of all the shocking things, a younger boy clone of my son Oliver was there at my house and Rufus and Rick Baken and another man raped my son in the rear-end and some Canadians showed up at my house, with Hillary, and shot him, and the U.S. govt. allowed all of it.  Then the CIA and U.S. asked Canadians to jail me and another clone of my son if we ever went there, and to "return our slaves".

Others who went out there and were involved included Jerod, an FBI man who Ivory had already married back then (all of these people are generational clones); Trevor Rees-Jones; Tiggy Legge-Bourke and her husband; Princess Anne of England; John Kerry and Theresa Heinz; Theresa Heinzes son who moved out when he was a teen; and Stanley who was Director of the CIA, or who had been director; along with Stanley Anne "Obama" who was Barak Obama's mother.  Stanley-Anne also had a daughter who was there and at first Kate Middleton (a younger clone of her--teenage) was standing there and then a blond woman was.  The U.S. also flew in a few international men who helped them murder people out there, and no, I'm not kidding.  They did not just fly out of the country and kill people, and pay officials money, they were flying some of the same people into the U.S., to that location, specifically, to help them murder people in the woods.  The U.S. had both Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Mendelev out there helping them, and whether they were clones or not, I'm not sure, but one of the times it was Putin and Mendelev, and they had some Asian men go there, one looked like the exact same man who is currently President of China; the other was Jon Kim-Yung from Korea; and Jimmy Carter; "Dima"; Sally Fields; James A. Winnefeld, Jr.  (he was used as a double for James Cartright and put a mark on my forehead saying he promised that was going to be my baby.  He did this to me out at this site, while in the woods murdering other clones). Paul J. Selva is one of James Winnefeld's best friends and he is linked to Chris Dabney.  He also was involved in murdering innocent clones at this site.  I remembered both of these men by JASW jr. ("it's just you, junior") and PJS, ("time to get your pajamas on").  They were not only at these sites, they were always showing up at my house in Moses Lake, WA and I was raped and tortured and they coordinated it.  Chris Dabney also showed up with P. Selva one of the times, along with, or shortly after Alvaro Pardo had visited.  Not only that, P.J. Selva was linked directly to Kate Middleton, and JASW jr., looked so much like my Dad (a Bob jr) and like James Cartright, I didn't realize it was him raping me some of the time but he was there and going through my entire house.  They were basically constantly raiding my house and finding ways to violate my privacy and JASW went to the bathroom near my bedroom and said, "Just wanted to make sure the plumbing is working"--actually, he stood there, and I believe it was PJS who said this.  Someone who looked like Chris Dabney was standing there with JASW when it was said and he smirked.  There was also a Judge with one of them, one of the times, and Greg Fowler.

These men, the military ones I just mentioned, bragged about how "it's going to happen" and they were going to make sure I was raped in the future by Dabney, and my baby murdered and miscarried.  They were also in my house snooping around, and prior to that occasion, they had been part of a rapist group that attacked me when I was even younger, under the age of even 5.  They had raped me and were molesting me over Bowles and had played the 5th Symphony as loud as they could while raping me and then said someone want to check my symphonic pubis.  They showed up to deliberately sexually harass my son over and about me, to provoke him, and then attacked him and made an excuse to murder him.  They are all seriously deranged shits who have been getting away with extreme crimes against me and my family for decades.  They were repeatedly cloning my kids, forcing them under their control, forcing them into the military, and then using additional "appearances" of right of authority, to torture, sexually abuse, and murder them.

These men were also deliberately "breeding" me and forcing me to be cloned, to be raped by Dabney. I was forced to sleep with him in a cradle/baby bassinet when I was a baby, for "early bonding" and I was repeatedly abused and forced into proximity with him for the govt. to control and rape me and then claim I "let them do it". I had to sleep next to Rory a few times, next to a baby clone of William of Wales (someone named William), and I know for sure I was made to sleep next to "Chris" and they did horrible things like letting former rapists direct future rapists, like making me sleep next to 'baby Chris" after I was tortured by the older Chris and his wife and mother. They did nothing but degrade me and try to keep me from marrying a decent person outside of their scope.  I was raped by them, at one point, every single day.  Every single day, they showed up, raped me, and left, and they said they would keep raping me until I shut up and quit "crying".  Prior to that, they were using objects and violence to rape me and make me do blow jobs before age 5.  I was also raped by P.J.'s daughter, who is in the military, and this group was promoting "Jill", Jennifer Lawrence, within their group, Amanda Bynes, Anna, and Yulia Tymoschenko.  They were also around several of "William of Waleses" 'girlfriends' and promising them, while standing in my house, that I would lose a baby and also never raise my own kids.  They also would show up, rape me with Dabney and leave and then tell Alvaro Pardo to show up and act nice and sympathetic and try to 'comfort' me like he was this understanding person, when he was also a violent rapist.  There were others in their group--and I will list some of the other later.  Carl and Mary DelBalzo also went to the 99799 site.  They murdered one of my clones there, with their two grown daughters with them, both Sarah and Angelina, and then later acted like nothing bad had ever happened, and I was forced to be their nanny for extremely low pay--as much as they could get away with when they were able to afford more, and pay me the going rate.  I was making $11/hr as an 18 yr. nanny with no experience and high school education  (childcare but not as a FT nanny), in 1993, and that was about right for the level of experience and edcuaton, compared to other nannies and agencies rates.  By 1995, I should have been making more than $6/hr.  and that's what I was paid, and I was forced to live with them after they did this to my clones.  It wasn't right and I was forced to do it.  They tried to sell me out cheap whenever they could and they'd murdered my kids.  I saw them do it and it wasn't the only time.  They not only killed my family members, they raped me on bridges, over "duchess of Cambridge" and stole huge amounts of money from me, in suitcases and duffel bags, and briefcases, and drove off in concealed sedans and limos.  I witnessed Sarah Del Balzo torturing the shit out of my son, and I saw Angelina around and interrogating, and they did things like jamming guns or fingers up my rear--they also stood around for operations against me.  They wanted to make SURE I was getting implanted.  Mary Del Balzo has made her entire fortune off of me.  I was tortured at their house in Maryland when I was little and forced to be in MD and NY, and they panicked and agreed with others they wanted me implanted for "remote control" and Cornell University, where Mary attended, was directly involved in it.  She was also another woman keeping me down. She wasn't interested in my educational or intellectual growth--that was just for her and Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.  These women were isolating me and blocking me from science and mathematics.  I was also pushed out of sports teams and they decided to make sure I wasn't "into" sports teams, playing or watching, that much bc they were worried it would broaden the field of potential husbands or male interest and expand my "social circle" which they were only trying to narrow and minimize.

The things that were done were horrendous.  I was raped, saw other rapes, and my kids and clones of me were drowned and shot.  Not only that, the U.S. was using Anna Chapman themselves, on a govt. level, with Middletons, against me.  The U.S. used several clones of Anna Chapman--there was never any "mistaken identity" and they knew who she was all along and that she was "coached" and worked with Middletons as well, in England.  The U.S. CIA not only used all of the Anna Chapman clones, they were using some of them to murder kids of mine, and clones.  George Bush was even in Russia when I was very little, discussing all of it with the Russians there, and Harry Wales, Sandra Bullock, and others.  Then when I was forced over to Russia, I was raped, drugged, several of my kids murdered, and I was made to pose for sexy photos in lingerie as a minor under age 11.  I was also asked to give them eggs and being brainwashed, and hoping I could stay in a better place, I agreed, and had said I preferred to have my baby girl grow up there  rather than in the U.S. bc of what they were doing there.

The U.S. referred to one of my older clones (of me) as an "Old whore" after I'd already seen documents by FBI describing one of my clones as an "old Garrett whore".  The U.S. started telling me they weren't killing "old Garrett whores", they were asking me to help them kill "O.G.s" (old gangsters).  The document also said one of Dicksie-dael's daughters was ", Anna".  Another mention was made of Rose Farquehar, Florence Burdenelle-Bruce, and I think Amanda Bynes.

Not only did I witness the drownings and murders of others, and on one occasion, a man handed me his gun and told me to chase after another man and shoot, and it was a govt. man I was expected to obey, and he was showing up at my house all the time.  He wanted me to kill my own son and it was Oliver, it was an older clone of my son.  His license plate is 552 EYC.  He forced me to chase my son down one direction, opposite to the direction William of Wales was involved in, in murdering another clone of my son.  TJ, was another tall, blond man involved and he has murdered clones of my son and was constantly at my house monitoring me when he should have been left in prison.  He kept getting free tickets out.  The other person who paid me money for a very short time, to shut me up about their outright murder of my son, and forcing ME to run and chase my own son, is Aaron Chandler.  My son tripped and stumbled over a bunch of branches and this man shot him near a crossing where there is an "x" shape and boxes someone could fall into, and it's right next to a huge tree stump that has pitting on the side of it, which was looked at in the past and remarked about and compared to the trunk of the tree where "Prince Charles" and "Camilla Parker-Bowles" had allegedly carved their own initials.  In England, I was tortured over it.  I was cut up with knives, and had marks made on me, and had an operation done on my vertebrae after they broke it, and then they started repeatedly doing "spinal taps" after this, and did this to me at several locations in the world, just bc I had commented Camilla looked like "Marla Maples" in the photo, and maybe they were going to get some maple syrup.

On one occasion, they murdered one of my clones, a woman, and they were cutting things out of people they killed sometimes and I was handed a cervix. I hadn't known what it was and they said and made a threat, and I shrugged it off wondering what it was supposed to be.  The Rose family in Portland, Oregon was later making fun of me about it, telling me to dig out a jar of plum sauce from their dumpster, because "Joshie wants it".  After I was told to do this by Lorraine, it was only a few months later, Josh Gatov, their Jewish govt. friend, raped me.  Not only did he rape me, the last day I worked for Lorraine Rose, someone broke into my car, and had ripped off a round-shaped knob from my car-stereo, that was maroon colored. 

The Rose family has been stealing from me and my kids for a really long time and they are just one family that was trying to keep me from making my own money and having my own rights and credit for all of my songs.

They also work with the CIA and Middletons and Goldsmiths and Camilla.  All of the Jews and Catholics involved had Camilla and her Catholic family, and Katie the Jew and Mary the Jew in common.  Of course, some of them were just greedy, not political.

I had said, after I had been given the cervix, which is also after the U.S. had been doing things like murdering my kids and then bringing a human brain over to me--I said, "So what was that called again?  a SERV EX?" and I said, "What is THAT?  I've never heard of it before" and I said, "So why did someone hand me that?  Because I said Taylor was a "hick" like serv-hicks? or what?"  Referring to Taylor Hicks-Loebeckke, one of William of Waleses girlfriends.  They were also calling it a "plum".  I was forced to get into a car with others who had been there.

After all of this, later the U.S. FBI forced me to do even more songwriting and directing of music videos, telling me "You have to work with Taylor" and I told them I didn't want to and they said I had to anyway, and the FBI was telling me they were going to rape me all they wanted, implant me with clones and they'd do whatever they wanted with them and kidnap all of them from me.

And that's not all, because I saw people with knives as they were trying to cut the individuals they killed.

I told Kate Middleton, "I WILL remember you and others who were there" and they had done this, after the U.S. had me cut marks onto 2 Kate Middleton's faces, which I had made into an "I", "O", and "V" and I had made an upside mark of a "J" on her forehead, the one that had a "V" which I said I'd make instead of an "X" when the U.S. govt. was telling me to do this.  When I was asked about the I or line l and O, I said, "it's for ex's and o's".  The U.S. said why did you do that? or choose that? and I said, "Because they murdered my son and then said, to this kid the U.S. called "Chris Dabney", they murdered my son and said, "I owe you one".  So he stared at me and looked sweaty and nervous and I said, "He actually looked like YOU--are you sure you're not related or something?  because why did the govt. want you to come over here?" and I asked where does sperm go to if a baby is created and I said, something round?" and they said "cervix" and so I said, "Okay, I'll make a mark to remember cervix on Katie then".  The U.S. govt. organized it, and then punished me for it and used it to show Katie how they'd do ANYTHING for her they were JUST SO EXCITED SHE And CAMILLA were in the CIA!!!!

I was later asked, "Why did you put a hook mark on her forehead?" and I said, "It's for an upside-down "J" because she had "BJ" on the license plate of the car she and William drove off in after they'd murdered one of my older clones, (1978 or 1979)and they were forcing me to do blow jobs all the time".

Then someone told me they wanted my marketing help for a new liquor, and it was vodka and they said what do you want to call it?  And I wasn't sure why James Middleton was there and involved.  I looked things up and someone suggested, smirking "vox" and I said what does it mean and they said voice and so I went with that specifically bc when they were smirking about it, I realized it was inside joke for themselves, which they thought I didn't get, about "cervix"/cervox" and the marks I'd made.

The dissection, professional, by the way, of a cervix from the woman, was after Katie had her "marks" already, which I was told to make and she wanted them there.  She wanted all of that there, to victimize her cruel self, and blame ME for things, and incite more hate crimes against me to get ahead, and then wanted to brag about it.

Not to mention, the U.S. kept saying "Nothing can keep Katie from being Queen" and they said, "Okay, anything you want--anything at all...what do you want to have happen to her that you think will keep her from being Queen?" and I said, "It's not what I want, how about, what is suitable for what she's done?  She's committed multiple crimes against me and my kids and she should be in PRISON."

I said, "How come all of you people, who already work WITH her, are constantly the ONLY ones coming to me telling me to think of 'bad things to do' and trying to get me to agree to tell you any murder or assassination or punishment ideas I would have, when all you do is steal from me and murder people who defend me and try to say it's my idea".  I said, "You're robbing me from credit for all of my ideas in music and songwriting and direction of art, but you want to try to smear me with credit for things you're trying to push me to say or do, and what do you expect?  you torture me to do what you want".

The cervix incident was one of the last times I was there, witnessing a murder.  The U.S. had murdered many others prior to that and wanted me to forget about the other incidents.  It was a Judge and several U.S. individuals who were involved that time.

The other thing, about this photo of Charles and Camilla, is that when there were government people over to my house once and asking what I thought, I had made the comment about how Camilla looked like Marla Maples and had then randomly joked, "Marla may-poles" or something like that and someone got mad and I said, "What? I didn't say holes, like Marla rape-holes, I say maypoles".  So one of the things Marla did when I was younger, was have Chris Dabney at her house and telling me he was her son's very good friend and she considered him to be a member of her family.  She is part of murder plots against me and my kids, and she was also present at the 99799 address for a serious murder.  She not only looked sort of like Chris Dabney, both she and Camilla Parker Bowles were saying he was their very good friend.  The one she introduced me to later, was a kid, younger than me, and before that, I was RAPED at her house, by an older Dabney who told "Marla" he would "housesit" for her.  I was raped for days, and tortured and programmed.  I was raped also by other men, not just Dabney, and Marla Maples was involved in all of it.  She wanted it to happen.

Donald Trump was showing up at my house later, in Moses Lake, WA, and threatening my entire family to keep quiet about things, and he made demands, and this is when I was a singer and writing songs.  He bullied his way around, with Dabney, and they raped women and children.  I witnessed Marla not just murdering people, but raping one of my sons on a beach while someone used a towel to "shield" from potential photographing.

Marla, as nice as she looks, is a serial killer like Dabney and the others.  They murder people for a living and I watched her chopping people up myself.  She looks feminine and dainty and nice, and she's cold-hearted, mean, and a killer who organizes rape against kids.  She was also well-aware that both me and my Mom were forced to walk around topless at Trump's house later and raped.  Marla Maples was also using Anna Chapman as an accomplice killer.

Mary Delbalzo and Carl murdered many of my kids and participated in torture of me, programming, sex abuse with forced blow jobs to Carl, stealing from my son, raping my son, and they were organizing production and distribution of child porn of me with Kate and Pippa Middleton and the Dabneys.  They were also part of falsely accusing me and my kids of being "spies" and having us implanted to be tortured more in the future, so they could control our profits and steal from us "legally" with the help of the U.S. to do it.  Mary was majoring in "Intellectual Property" after "Engineering", which is sort of like saying first she made sure I could be tortured electronically and by remote means, and then she was stealing my intellectual property without breaking a sweat.

She was also doing deals with Mary Donaldson, their Dad Daugleish, and she was friends with Russian Anna Chapman.  She had Anna Chapman over to her house, several times, to torture me and program me with other CIA employees that were wanting to keep me down.  I did report them.  I reported them about everything and they decided to try to turn it around on me and my kids and older clone and framed my older clone for "stealing" from their house, supposedly.  That was the accusation.

What was worse, is she accused me and my older clone of "spying for Russia" as well, to have just one of many excuses to do operations on me to implant me and torture me.  Then she was monitoring me with Carl through electronix groups with Dabney and Zuckerberg and Gates, places like Intel and so on.  They had Ed Israel also supporting my being tortured.  He was there with the Roses, when they had discussions about it at govt. offices, and the U.S. greedy-jealous government was accusing me and my older clone of things like:

"They have personal mark "badges" they show each other" for knowing who we were, so the U.S. govt. decided to tell me I was going to have a bunch of moles removed from my body, along with the scars from torture I had sustained from Delbalzos, Middletons, and my parents.

The U.S. then murdered off every single one of my kids and older clones of me, who I identified with, and who I knew because we had the same moles on our body and my son had one on his stomach.  They went through all of us, murdered every single person off, illegally, to cover for theft against us and torture, and tried to erase my identity and memory of my past and who my family really was.  They removed over 20 moles from my body, some larger than others, and erased and surgically altered around 30 other scars I had from serious torture

They also accused me of trying to "set Stephanie Maiers" up, and had me tortured over her and others as well.  They were then taking turns experimenting on me and observing me to make sure the remote control technology they wanted to use against me "worked" and threatened me with people saying "It's not going to be PRETTY when you DIE".  The U.S. then wanted to drag me back to the same countries they had allowed to abuse me earlier, with officials they worked with, or who were CIA assets directly, and demonstrated their torture techniques and how they could control me, and they made these demonstrations of me in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, China, Japan, England, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and to some parts of Sweden and Denmark.  Primarily, the U.S. went around, bragging to all of the monarchies in the world.  The monarchies and aristocracy and a few officials and military in these countries, were their #1 purveyors of child porn.

What they did, is they would start torturing me, while I was in one of these countries next to people who wanted me controlled by torture, out of their own interests, and then make sure the "right people" could witness and observe how painful it was to me, how my body reacted involuntarily, how I tried to run or escape because of it, how I would eat more or eat less, how they could force me to quit exercising and getting into shape, how they could distract me and block me from learning by torture....

This is the "Goal" of the United States.  To be Nazis themselves.  They went around, torturing me and punishing me as if I was actually Hitler, and responsible for every crime against others during WWII, when I wasn't, and because I wasn't, they just made it part of their own "laboratory work" to torture me.  Israel was involved in it and had supported implanting me from the start.  What they have done is worse than what anyone did in the "holocaust" and the U.S. is only getting worse and it's this most powerful group that is responsible.  They were then using sites like 99799 to murder people connected to me. 

I wasn't around people who were murdered that hated me.  I was being asked to kill my own family.

The U.S. and these "persons" in certain countries, acted like all they had was a WWII revenge motive, on behalf of "Ritchies Boys".  They acted like since I was a clone of some other clone, they could torture me just to keep my money, as if now they were trying to "steal money back" from what Jews lost during the war, and some other groups.  Then, they tried to cover up their motive and what they were originally doing in this so-called "German CIA and U.S. Army control group" and they attempted telling me I was Jewish.

It was Jews who had been murdering my kids, telling me I was Jewish.  I'll tell you a few names of those who really ARE Jewish--Carol Goldsmith, Amanda Bynes, Yulia Tymoschenko, Obama....these are names of people who I remember torturing me and raping me when i was a baby and toddler.  There were others too, but just to prove I remember Jews involved, these were some of them, Kate Middleton, Brian Gross, Kevin Prosch, Netanyahus, Roses, Israels...Gatovs...?

They were not raping themselves and their other kids. They raped me.

Not only that, this bitch who the U.S. govt. started allowing to raise my own son and clones of my son, had entrapped me and conspired to brainwash me to murder the very same clone, as they sat next to eachother, with accusations he was trying to 'rape' her.  So she wanted me to murder my own kid, and claim I was "trying to protect Rachel" as if Rachel needed my protection when she was guilty of stealing from other clones of me and my son.

She's a Jew-shrew.  She knew what she was doing and what she wanted out of it, and then they were telling the U.S. govt. "Rachel" was allowed to raise my son, and not ME, his own mother, and she had "Lisa" working with her on the exact same plot, and Christa Schneider.

The U.S. Government Is A Traitor Against The People


When I say the U.S. Government is a traitor against the people, I know what I'm talking about.  The U.S. government trafficked me to other nations and countries, when I was as young as age 2, and they were asking other countries to torture me and operate on me.

The U.S. assumed that since I was a clone, they "owned" me, and I did not have my own individual rights or right to personal property, or even my own intellectual property, or right to be free from kidnapping.  They believed they could secretly kidnap me into other countries to be tortured and operated on, pay these other individuals, and then high-tail it back from Lizzie's place to the U.S.

The U.S. made promises to officials in other countries, of power and money, and sold out my rights to others, against the law and against the laws of the country, and accepted "spies" from other countries into the U.S., to help their plutocracy "keep this lucrative human cloning business a secret from the people."

The U.S. and England were picking up spies from Russia, such as Anna Chapman, who were not just working for Russia, they were working for other traitors who were officials running governments as plutocracies against the people, for purposes of amassing personal fortunes within a select group of "controllers".  They were then faxing, telephoning, and sending information back and forth, about anyone who tried to oppose them, for purposes of murdering them.

Defining The U.S. Government As A Terrorist

The U.S. government is a defined terrorist.

They have exceeded their powers, illegally, and encroached on, and encamped on, and stolen, and chased private citizen's out of their territory and privately held properties.

They are not just forcing people off of their own land and out of their houses--they are forcing them to give "ownership" of intellectual property to the U.S. government.

They believe they "own" the creative abilities, skills, and talents, and imaginative and analytical minds of the people, and human clones especially. 

They are raping people, every day and sometimes multiple times a day, to terrorize them, they are holding people hostage, putting govt. guns at their heads and forcing them to sign documents, kidnapping children and creating covers of legality through CPS and Infant and Child Services, using bribed appointed judges to murder and make rulings in their favor, and they are forcing people out of their personal property and houses, and even using illegal "programming" and torture to do it.

They are, in every definition of terrorist, as someone who makes others fear for their lives and safety on a continual basis, for extorting them and illegally stealing from, committing treason against the people.  They are not just committing treason, by doing this to their own citizens, and committing high crimes and misdemeanors, they are inviting other foreign nationals to terrorize their own citizens and to betray the good name of the country and what the laws are, as well.

Human Clones: A Non-Protected Class of Persons

Human clones are not only illegally created by the government, for purposes of the government and an elite plutocracy stealing property from other families, by terrorist acts, they are a class of persons that share defining characteristics and traits which isolate them and make them a minority in the majority.  They are genetically reproduced humans who the U.S. government controls and numbers.

Some of these clones seem to think it's pretty "neat" because they get to be "higher echelon clones" who are given snacks and cigarettes by the guards for sexual favors or marrying their family member.

They don't resist because they believe they are superiors or can work their way up out of an indentured servitude, or marry into the plutocracy that controls all the other clones.  Sadly, they are deluded.  While it's true some do end up as higher echelon clones, they're still clones and they are mostly the ones who think now they are the plutocracy that controls everyone else.

They don't care about individual rights or human cloning laws or equality.  They care about amassing their government fortunes illegally by illegally seizing persons and property, and intellectual property, to make themselves rich, against all of the laws of the country.

They are people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  They're not interested in the restoration of rights to the people--they are only interesting in protecting their plutocracy assets which they've acquired by terrorist acts, against other citizens and by abuse of authority and power, since WWII.

They want to keep other human clones, and this "class of persons" hidden, disguised, lied about, and unprotected, because they are the others they are sucking off of like leeches.  Then, to make themselves feel even more superior, they force the kids and parents of the clones suck off of, to suck their penises, as if now they have just proved they are superior.  When someone's ego has taken a nose-dive,  they suddenly feel like everyone should be lowering themselves to suck their penis, apparently.  Why else would grown men and women force little girls and boys they steal from, to do this?  or even adult men and women to do this? They constantly want to try to prove, "I am powerful".  It's the same thing with rape, not specifying a particular position indicates one thing or the other. 

The U.S. government is a defined Terrorist.

Monday, June 27, 2016

U.S. Military Is The World's Largest Concentration Camp

The United States military operates the largest concentration camp in the world, and it's worse than anything "Nazi Germany" ever operated.

They have used the military as terrorist means to control their population of human clones, which they believe they own, and whose property and intellectual property they believe they own.  They are wiping people out of their rights, deeds, and trusts, bank accounts, houses, and other property by terrorist acts against their own citizens.  Then they ask the military to support their efforts and hold a majority of human clones in their military system.

These "soldiers" are used, exploited, raped, and cloned, and told to "defend" the illegal system the U.S. government is operating, and support the U.S. government's running of the world's largest concentration camp of prisoners.

The U.S. government not only manipulates and deceives unsuspecting persons, they hold others in jails, underground jails, houses whose properties they own (private properties they've been amassing by stealing them from people the U.S. govt. illegally clones and then assumes are now their "govt. interest property"), at black "sites", and in bunkers that are technically military bunkhouses and are really just concentration camps.

What are they concentrating?  Human clones.  The U.S. government is collecting and numbers every single human clone they illegally create, and they concentrate them into areas for close observation and control.

Stealing Private Property By U.S. Government--The U.S. Is A Terrorist Regime

The U.S. government does not value or respect the original Bill of Rights and Constitution and laws protecting U.S. citizens from having their property illegally stolen by the government.

Instead, the U.S. has used "human cloning" as an excuse for claiming human, U.S. citizens, are their government "property" and that any former or currently held land, houses, assets, and items, and even intellectual property, belong to the U.S. government.

The U.S. government promotes monarchies, and is no longer against them, instead borrowing their old ideas of stealing land from land-owners and workers, and forcing them to give it to "the King" or government, and trying to extract work production from them in the meantime.

The situation of the U.S. government is 10x worse, politically, because of human cloning and the illegal slavery and theft of property, and empowerment of a government, than Ireland was during the Potato Famine.

Anyone who votes for these U.S. government sponsored terrorists, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, is supporting a person who promotes illegal human cloning and the theft of private property from citizens.

The situation of the U.S. is so bad, why would any military soldier forced to work for a such a sham as this, not want to commit suicide?  I am surprised the entire military force doesn't either walk out or commit a mass murder of themselves, because of the fact that the U.S. military is nothing more than a large concentration camp of prisoners.

Freedom of Religion Infringement By U.S. Government

I am making this post regarding deliberate infringement of my freedom of religion by the U.S. government.  Not just that, but violation of my religious beliefs, including my belief of wanting to be a virgin until I am married.  Not only did the U.S. government deliberately stalk me, to rape me at my own house, with their own employees, they stole my Bibles from me, forced me to go to government-sponsored "basketball games" and athletic events, and used the occasion to rape me, gather their shits together to make 'psychic predictions' about me while they played, and to make threats to the few individuals that defended me.

When I was a preteen, the U.S. government was showing up at my house in Moses Lake, WA, with agents from Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Boston, and from the Pacific NW.  Every now and then, a group from the South would also show up but mostly it was people from these other states, and they forced me to sit down at a table with them, and they contacted every single matchmaking site I said I might use in the future as an adult, or that someone would want to use, and they created several new sites, using government agents and employees to do it.  They specifically targeted me on Christian sites as well, because I had explained, when asked, that I wanted to one day marry a Protestant Christian and that I wanted to wait until I was married to have sex.

These U.S. people didn't like the fact I said I wanted to only marry a Christian, or be a 'virgin', and they kept showing up at my house and began raping me more and torturing me and they made my life so horrific, and would say, "You're not even close to being a virgin now, and you have NO MONEY and you're NEVER leaving this country and we're going to KEEP you in here and rape you all we WANT."

This is what they said to me, and what they did to me.  After several months, of deliberately provoking me and killing people in front of me, and torturing me, they then waited to see if I would try to look up a "sugardaddy" (so-called) site, which they claimed was not specific to "marriage".

So when I did this, these government men, told the U.S. govt. and everyone else, that I wasn't someone they had to respect or keep their hands off of.  These were adults doing this too, not a kid--it wasn't an 8 yr. old, 9 yr. old, 10 or 11 yr. old, like some kids might be, when coming up with "ideas" about things, if pressured by the government about something--these were all adults, and they bragged about how "we're treating you like an adult".

The U.S. govt. bragged about "treating" me "like an adult" as an excuse and taunt to me, about how they had the right to rape me and torture me and punish me for "comments", like they would a grown woman.

They also told everyone all around them, that I was "Fair Game", which is what Valerie Plame also said about me, claiming since I didn't want to work for the CIA, or U.S. Army or military or any government shits, like they were, I was "fair game" and they said since I had mentioned my parents' baby "Gannon" (which means "fair") dying and provoked them about it (with govt. telling me to), that they had a right to torture me and kill my unborn baby in the future, and they made my parent's an excuse for other women who got mad when I wasn't that sympathetic about "miscarriages".  I was a kid, and it didn't mean anything to me--I didn't see what the big deal was.  I wasn't mean, or hateful, like they were, I was a kid.

They not only said I was "fair game" to be targeted by the U.S. government, they said since I went to sites where it was "dating" or suggestive of "arrangements based on money or benefits or agreed-upon relationships with terms spelled out from the start...sometimes including sex or inference to it", that I was not therefore a "Christian" and I didn't therefore "want to be a virgin until marriage" and so the U.S. government could rape me and they were not "guilty of violating my personal rights" or "violating" my religious beliefs.

They made this big deal about religious beliefs and targeted me.  Not only that, before deciding they needed to find an excuse for themselves to have all their fucking agents and employees continue raping me, they had tried to entrap me, and claimed I had suggested, as a kid, that Holly Telerant and their other female employees were maybe not really Christians if or since they went to sugar-daddy sites.  So the U.S. govt. was not just torturing and raping me, which they'd done since I was a baby (Um....what's the justification?  I was trying to go to a non-Christian site?), they were also attempting to entrap me as a little girl, and accuse me of wanting to subject their govt. employees, who THEY repsected and paid salaries to, and gave families, and benefits, and never stole children from--they claimed that I should be punished and raped more than they and the Holly Telerants had ever raped me in the past (even when I was age 2, by the way), and that it was justified because since I didn't respect the idea of beliefs or something when I was a kid, they "got" to rape me whenever they wanted.

They also used this entire torturing of me and forcing me to have no options, as a way to attempt to force me to sign autographs for them.  They stole all of my songs and they were begging for my autographs and when they got sick of me saying I"m tired of giving govt. people autographs, they said okay fine, we'll keep torturing you then, and you can sign our other documents like giving your parental rights away.

They bragged about how "Cameo, the 9 yr. old, isn't a real Christian and doesn't really want to be a virgin until she's married, bc she's ADMITTING she might do something before she does get married, so WE CAN RAPE HER and we're not VIOLATING her".  They were raping me at age 9, when they were deisgning their "Christian dating" sites to trap me, at age 8, 7, 6, all the way back to age 1 and I did remember they were mostly the same people involved.  People like Holly Telerant weren't being "raped" either.  What a fucking joke.

I was being raped, every day and then her fucking handlers, who raped me, were showing up trying to intimidate me one day claiming I had suggested she was easy or not ready for marriage so it was okay to have sex with her.  Don Pryzbyla, from CA, was one of her handlers and another was "Bill", and then there was a man who was her Dad.

They even, in the middle of all of this, were inviting all of these people who had raped and tortured me my entire life, to all show up at a location, and they gang-raped in back alleys before and after the basketball games, and then they were pushing me around and insulting me during the games and making sexual harassmnent comments to me the entire time I tried to play, knowing I had been raped, as a little girl, prior to having to play basketball with the U.S. government FBI shits and whores, and the other U.S. government assholes.

Chris Dabney and his brothers were just one of several groups that did this to me, and I remembered Chris because he REEKED and he smelled the same way back then that he did 30 decades later.  All of these same people, who forced me to work with them and abused me and used me while they murdered people, were plotting against me for later murdering an unborn baby of mine and they talked about it there during these games.  They not only plotted out what they were going to do, they carried out a murder in the back of a gym, against a young man who I was told was my son and looked like my son Oliver looks.  Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Chris Stubblefield were involved in it, along with Pryzbyla and some other men, including a Bob jr.  Brian Gross was also there and involved and yelling things about Holly.

Not only that, they forced me to stay the night by "myself" in that gym.  I could hear someone else held hostage in another part of the gym or a room off of it, but I had to sleep there and I believe I was being given date-rape drugs.  They also gave me Chris Dabney's shirt, to use for a pillow and then someone said, "No, don't use that, here, use my shirt" and someone handed me their shirt and it smelled like vomit.  Several men who were plotting and planning with the U.S. govt. to rape me, handed me their shirt, telling me to sleep on it, and bragging about how they were going to get me laid since I laid on their shirt.

They were harassing one person, man, over this, specifically, and he said "don't get any of them" and it's what my Grandpa Garrett had said about "Cordova/Cordoba" scarves I'd been looking at, and who had been there before they started the violence against me?  Kate Middleton.  It wasn't just Holly Telerant, and Jill (Jennifer Lawrence) and a number of others, who I can name most of and might do that here later, it was also Kate Middleton. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

James Cartright & Middleton Men Who Tortured My Son/Held Him Hostage

Several men involved in working with James Cartright and others, who planned to murder my unborn baby in the future after raping me, were around when I walked past to run some errands yesterday.

James Cartright AND his sister, Laurie Cartright, along with their kids or his nieces Lindsay and Marissa (they have cloned kids), took me around to a bunch of people, and tortured an older clone of my son Oliver, and made threats against me and joked to others about murdering my kids and using Dabney in the future.

Both James Cartright and Chris Dabney raped me in Washington D.C. in 2008.  James Cartright had been raping me for decades, and he works specifically with the Middletons.

Some of the license plates of men who raped me, held my son hostage and beat all of us, including a Bob jr. and my son, forcing him to even bow down to Kate Middleton and Middletons, are as follows:  071 CTJ, 964 BTJ, E TKL, 858 HFX, 398 HCG (woman), 067D (Arizona), 3B 48521 (Idaho), 863 GKA, 681 HTY, 984 BKE, 35534 and 36941 (Olson Electrical--used to torture and electrocute me and my kids and family, like men in England did to us), 35534, 507 FXN, 320 HJT, 647 BZZ, 864 HBK, 00303, 42726W1 (CA).

All of these men know Middletons and tortured my family over them and for them, to the point my son was throwing up from being beat up and electrocuted.  James Cartright is one of my #1 worst enemies and enemies of my kids and he was around to traffick me almost every time I went to London, England, because HE also had personal matters there and he was part of the Middleton family.

When I say he is part of the Middleton family, I'm serious.

He was not just "working" with the Middletons--he was part of their family.  I saw him in bedrooms, and kissing Kate Middleton, and he was invited to all of the Middleton's family dinners, in a small group at their house, every single time he went to England.  The Pentagon sent him over there, like he was just part of a military group, but he had family with Middletons and was part of their family.

Not only that, he specifically coordinated torture against me, for them, even when I was very young, and had held me hostage at his and Laurie's house in Phoenix, AZ for months at a time before I was even in school.  Some of the worst things done to me occurred before I was even in kindergarten and part of my time in school.  I was sent all over the place and raped repeatedly, and finally, they just tortured me all the time too.

I also witnessed James Cartright raping my Dad or one of the Bob jrs., in the ass with his penis, from behind my Dad and he wasn't/isn't "gay".  He was furious and angry and had a gun pointed at my Dad's head and was thrusting himself to my Dad's rear end, and had him bent over.  While he was raping my Dad, or one of the Bob jrs., he was also hitting my Dad on the head with a gun or his hand--basically, like beating him up and hitting him on the head, holding a gun to his head, and then grabbing him around the waist with his other hand and arm and raping him.  I had been told to go to my room or something and usually I never disobeyed bc James Cartright would beat me up or tie me up, and I decided, "I don't care, even if he ties me up, I'm going to check" and I left the room and went in and by that time, they'd had me conditioned not to move if they made an order telling me not to go anywhere, and I went around a corner, and then looked and it was James, by himself, no other man with him, raping the shit out of my Dad, with a gun at his head.

James Cartright had his abuse and human trafficking nailed down to the point that by that time, no one moved from a location if he told them not to move. I had been tortured my entire life by him and others, and punished for refusing orders, so I had been doing what I was told to do, on a consistent basis.  By that time, he had also created an appearance of him and my Dad working together like they were friends and colleagues, as if he never harmed my Dad or me or my Dad had no objections to working "with him" or doing anything he said.  So sometimes, his "buddy" was made to look like it was a Bob jr., and then he was getting my Dad into a private corner and raping him and beating him with a gun.

Not only that, I had earlier, when I was a younger kid, witnessed him doing this to an older clone of my son, with some other men and a couple of my family members around, like Levi (older clone of Levi) and a Bob jr.  They had James Comey and James Cartright do this, and Forrest Tancer and the man who drives an OR vehicle with E TKL as license plates.

When I saw James Cartright do this to my Dad, it was not the first time because I left quietly without either of them turning around or seeing me, and I saw him do it again.

In 2008, after I didn't remember what he looked like, I was stalked down by him again, with Chris Dabney assisting him, and I was raped by him at his hotel in D.C., with a bunch of Army backpacks around and they had made my Dad or a Bob jr., do this to me when I was a younger kid--a preteen, at the same hotel in the same room, when we were in D.C.  He used his finger to rape me while knowing I was drunk and he was not drunk.  He is a Pentagon "Strategist" and 3rd in command of the U.S. military and he was not getting "drunk".

He and Chris Dabney have been friends and gang-banging pedophiles and child traffickers, for decades.  Both him and Dabney were going to England and to N. Ireland, and in N. Ireland, both were involved with the IRA, and BOTH were personally involved with Kate Middleton.

Both James Cartright and Dabney not only held me hostage at their own houses, and raped me when I was a kid, they had my sons murdered, and they were part of "swingers" clubs and sex circles in England and Kate was also part of it.  She is not a "nice girl".


Human Trafficking Center 58117 N. Finley Lp, 58119 N. Finley Lp. (Coquille OR)

I have made dozens of reports, over several decades, about serious human trafficking and rape of men, women, and children, at these locations.

The police, when I was a kid, who are local, tried to fool me when I was a kid, showing up and pretending to be concerned, and they're not--they are involved.  The entire police force in this area covers for the human trafficking sites and it's local cops and State ones who transport many of the victims.

This form of human abuse is not some kind of government activity that is legal and citizens should believe has something to do with secret govt. interest. It is illegal, and it is torture that is occurring and this is one of many sites I know of, and yet nothing is ever done.

People like Jewish Community Center leaders from Portland, Oregon, and The Rabbi Rose family and Ed Israel family, Catholic faith church leaders and Abbot and some priests and monks from Mt. Angel Abbey; presidential 'candidates' that were all vying for positions to be held in the future (Obamas, Clintons, Trump, and others) showed up at this same location, and were aware of the trafficking and rape and didn't do anything about it.  They were using regular vehicles, and often, semi-trucks, every single day almost, to transport humans from being held hostage there, to another location sometimes, and then on, sometimes as far as NYC, by sem-truck.  Yes, Jews are involved and a large number of synogogues and their members, because one of the persons I was trafficked to was, seriously, Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, who worked for the govt.  They are not just "comedians" and I was kept in one of his apartments while my parents had disappeared and he threatended us and held guns to our heads too.

It is extremely serious.  I witnessed a young clone of my son Oliver, being raped right in front of me in a semi-truck and the govt. had moved my son there, to be raped in secret, in a semi, with a bunch of different men, who were doing oral sex on him and then electrocuting him with a headbrace.  I saw it, right next to me because I was tied and bound in that same truck and being tortured there.  Not only this, at one of the houses, my Dad and a clone of my son were sometimes not in a shed but inside of a house where hostage holders "held" clones in secret until the govt. wanted to move them.

These are not people who signed up to work for the govt, or did so by choice.  I witnessed my Mom and Dad both being forced to sign documents they didn't want to sign, with guns at their heads, throughout my childhood.  I saw my Dad forced to sign papers and documents, and my Mom and only a few times they had to both sign together at the same times. Usually they were being isolated and forced to sign apart from eachother, with me watching or there, and guns and death threats.  Almost all of the signatures on documents were coming from one of 3 departments:  Pentagon, CIA, and FBI.  Occasionally even police, and sometimes other groups like lawyers and Judges.

It wasn't just me and my family held hostage either--I witnessed other people being held hostage and tied and bound, and being tortured, and especially as a kid, they were murdering them in front of me.  I would estimate 80% of the people I saw being murdered were my own family members and people who loved me and maybe 20% were actual "bad guys", which was a strange way to describe anyone, because the U.S. govt. was the "bad guy" raping me and trafficking me everywhere--since when did the "bad guys" decide who the other "bad guys" were?  They weren't holding any personal standards for themselves.

Someone was in one of the trucks that took off from one of these locations, about a half hour ago, and shouting "Noo". 

As a kid, a couple of times, I was fooled into thinking they might be nice people who didn't want to hold us hostage or who weren't as bad as some.  It is true that at some point, they were not raping me as much and I was mostly being tied, bound, sometimes gagged and restrained in a shed or garage.  I thought the fact they didn't rape me every day, made them "nicer", however, I was still raped, sometimes while asleep, mostly, when I was older, and the fact is, I was spending my life tied up and I was an innocent kid.  I was also tortured.  My parents were sent to one house and repeatedly raped and I was raped in a another building too, at one of two locations.  My Mom was trafficked from one house to another and being raped, I think every day all day.  I saw them crying and begging people to let them go and they were sometimes murdering kids in front of us.  When I was really young, or a younger kid, before I was so well-known for writing hit songs, I saw them kill people in front of us, mostly kids, to terrorize us.

The Sheriff's department got worse and worse.  The main Sheriff was taking cocaine and money from William of Wales and the govt, and then after at first looking like they were investigating, they decided no one was ever going to do anything about them or any of the human trafficking, and they let down their guards and started treating my parents even worse and continued with worse acts against kids, and the other local cops in town had one of their men murder one of my babies and then hold me hostage in a cop car after they put the gun in MY hands.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Complaint to OIG About Robin Bechtold (filed today, 1:55 p.m.)

I am filing a report against Robin Bechtold and against Robin Bechtold's older clones.  Robin Bechtold is a clone employed by the CIA and has worked with the CIA for several decades within the human cloning program run by CIA and the U.S. Army (with FBI involved).

I was held hostage and raped repeatedly by the older clone of Robin Bechtold, who was George and Janet Bechtold's son, from 1977-1986, off and on, at locations in Texas, D.C., and Oregon state.  The next clone of Robin Bechtold, my age, was present later for several incidents against me and was being instructed to rape me in the future, and to attempt to murder me.

I was held at private locations by the older clone of Robin, and his family and colleagues, as well as at federal govt. offices when these plans were made and I was tortured by electrocution, cutting of my skin with knives and razors, burns by lighters and other objects, and I was also drugged and experimented on in addition to being sexually molested by Robin, Chris Dabney, Amanda Bynes, and Holly Telerant, and others (all older clones with younger clones that were closer to my age, or born after 1982).

Robin also visited my house in Moses Lake, WA and raped me anally, multiple times, with Chris Dabney.  Both of them have almost the exact same type of penis, and Chris Dabney's father also has a penis similar to Dabney's in length, width and size.  They were blindfolding me after showing up at my house and taking turns raping me when I was younger than 9 years old, telling me I couldn't guess which one it was.  I was also raped by Prince Harry during this time, and by a man who was named Chris who was another Chris, and by an older clone of Geoff Rasmussen. Ryan Barnes (Lake Oswego, OR) was involved, as was Roger Harris, whose penis was similar in size but shorter than Robin and Chris's in length. 

I was not just raped anally, while they mocked me and said "Now we can call you Anna", I was forced to live at Robin Bechtold's apartment in Texas, and tortured and raped and if I attempted to resist being raped by them, I was threatened with more torture and had guns held to my head.  I also witnessed them holding other people hostage, gagged and bound, not just myself.

I reported all of this when I was a kid.  There were several clones who are now dead, because of the criminals that the U.S. government protected by killing off whistleblowers who cared about children, such as my son.  Several older clones of my son were murdered while trying to report child porn trafficking by govt. employees, and rape and torture, along with cocaine trafficking with Goldsmith-Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles' son Tom.  Tom Parker-Bowles and Tomas Caballero both showed up at the Texas location and participated in rapes against me, and were visited by Robin in Oregon and Washington, and Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza also showed up there.  Older clones of William of Wales, Kate Middleton, and Harry also visited in Texas when I was being tortured and paid off Robin and assaulted other hostages being held at that location. 

In addition, Mary Donaldson did not live far away, and she was positioned by George Bush and the CIA to marry Prince Frederick of Denmark, who agreed to work for the CIA with Mary.

All of these people used me, raped me, and held others hostage and threatened our lives.

I was later targeted by the younger clone of Robin Bechtold, who was closer to my age.  I was forced to go to the same high school as him, after his parents had raped me themselves--Janet was forcing both me and my Mom to do oral sex on her in the early 1980s, and George raped me repeatedly, with Nathan (his son) and his father who was connected to the CIA and the military and was a retired or active veteran at the time.  This rapes occured at the Sherwood house owned by Bechtolds. 

In 1991 I was raped by Robin Bechtold, the younger clone and an assassination attempt was made against me, by running into me as I drove home from his house.  Following this, he tried to drive me off the road again by road rage.  Next, in 1999 I was invited to a high school reunion gathering at a bar, and after I was drunk, because I believed it was safe since I had arrived with a female designated driver, she told me Robin had to drive me home and she refused to let me go with her and have her drive me to my house, as she'd originally agreed.  This person was Erica Ballinger, another individual I witnessed holding hostages, who I was held hostage by as a little girl, and who murdered people at her parent's house.  I repeatedly said no, I wanted her to drive me home and she refused until there was a scene caused, at which point I was threatened not to say anything more, with former cops who used to hold me hostage, motioning as if they were going to pull a gun or knife on me, and approaching me in a group the way they used to when I was little, to take me out and rape me.  So I was forced to have Robin drive me home and then he refused to drive me home and raped me instead.  I reported what he had done to others.

I tried to bring a formal accusation against Robin in 2001-2, along with a report of rape by Josh Gatov.  Detective Brian Gross, who has a conflict of interest bc of his participation in a murder of an older clone of my son, and his involvement in trafficking child porn and having me give him blow jobs when I was a kid, was assigned to the case.  He tipped off Gatov to leave the country and then told me the FBI told him to cancel my report against Bechtold and Gatov.  After he did this, the FBI and Portland PD, the chief of which is best friends with Robin (Jason Potter's father), promoted Gross from Sex Assault to Homocide dept. director/head.

There are additional details which I will provide but this is my complaint which I am filing today, active as of today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Facebook censorship over Chris Dabney & Government

Cameo Garrett
Chris Dabney and his fucking shit mother are little fucked up Jewish sluts. They held me and my kids hostage, forced me to be sexually raped and abused in D.C. by White House, Dept. of Justice and Maryland and VA shits, and they murdered my kids. They deserve to be sent to Guantanamo and have CASTRO try raping THEM while they're intubated with feeding tubes, like they did to me.
Someone had this post removed from my Facebook account, and accused me of violating rules and there is no violation.
What I wrote here, happened.  It is true they did this to me.  I was not only sexually trafficked and raped by them, and forced to be abused by employees from all these departments, they murdered my kids, and I witnessed their participation in this, and they also sent me to Guantanamo and the U.S. govt invited Castro over--not a double of him...they actually invited the man who was in charge of Cuba at the time, where the prison was (if you think about it, why was Castro letting the U.S. have torture sites like that?), and I was raped while intubated with feeding tubes.

I saw them there, when this was done to me.  They stood there and watched with smirks on their faces, and they were there with other U.S. govt. persons and a few British too.
It is also true they are Jewish and also true they are sluts.  They forced me to live with Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who are part of their own family, and they slept around.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Janet Bechtold & Stacy Stubblefield: Pedophiles

Before Stacy Stubblefield decided to train to be a nurse and midwife, she was a teacher and I got her fired or told her to resign or I would report her for pedophilia and an older clone of my own son was going to testify against her.

She dropped out of teaching and her husband Chris, went on a violent rampage and raped me over it.  It was a violent rape and she then did the same thing to me using a vibrator or dildo.  The U.S. government has TONS of full-blown pedophiles.  It is UNBELIEVABLE how many U.S. government employees rape little kids and were raping me and other kids I knew of.

The other family that these U.S. government pedophiles were connected to, was the Dabneys in D.C. and they were not "teachers" in schools--at least not as far as I knew of--they were torturers for the U.S. government and used a BDSM sex "business" as their cover for a government "black site" where they held hostages, including kids, and restrained people and literally tortured them and no, these people were not "enjoying" it.  They were being interrogated, tortured, raped, and operated on.

I wrote a song around that time, after an older clone of my son said he'd testify against Stacy and Stubblefields with me, and I wrote it or before or after he was murdered, but it was stolen and given to another songwriter who didn't record it until later and it was titled, "Stacy's Mom" and has the chorus "Stacy's Mom, has got it goin' on" and it was about Stacy Stubblefield and Dabney's mother and Janet because they were using their professions to rape boys and girls and I witnessed what they were doing.

Both Stacy and Janet were bisexual pedophiles and both were teachers and had constant access to kids.  Janet worked with a small gifted kid's group and Stacy worked with her and at a school in Kentucky or Kansas, I believe it was, if it wasn't Washington State.  She possibly did this while she was single and had Chris as her "boyfriend" but as far as I knew they were "together" in some kind of way.  They were using some of the kids from the places they worked, and sexually molesting them and selling child porn.  I saw Stacy raping them and I also saw Stacy flirting with young kids and deliberately attempting to excite little boys, and she was masturbating them.

I was being forced to "learn", from Stacy Stubblefield and some of these other women, how to "masturbate" men and then they were trying to get me to do it to little boys, when I was a kid myself, and saying "It's natural Cameo".

"Dawn", a woman who worked for Dan Gatti, was doing this to little boys, at Gatti's law office in Salem, Oregon, and I witnessed it, and Stephanie Michelle (Dawn) Maiers was doing this to little boys, including clones of my son Oliver.

I witnessed Stephanie, Stacy, Janet, Dawn, and other women directly raping clones of my son when they were little boys and I told my son who was an older clone and because he found out, and wanted to testify, they murdered him.  They also attacked him and accused him of "raping" or assaulting Stacy and Rachel, as a cover for their own pedophilia, and blamed him for something against Stephanie Maiers too, when Stephanie Maiers was NOT a "nice" young woman.  She was a rapist of little boys and I saw her sucking on my son's penis.  No one was "making" Stephanie Maiers suck on a little boy's penis, who was my son, she was doing it on her own and trying to make me think it was what I should do too, and that it was "natural".  She smirked while raping my son.

Then the U.S. government shits acted like they had a right to be mad, and murder my kids who wanted to testify against this huge group of pedophiles in the government who also murdered people and never were accountable, and forced others to work for them as slaves.  They wanted me and my kids to do all this work and not receive any credit for anything they did and they stole the credit and the money from us.

Stephanie wasn't the only one raping my son, because Janet Bechtold was involved along with Stacy Stubblefield, and some other women.  Carol Goldsmith was good "friends" with all of them, and Kate Middleton was also taking my kids aside and raping them.  Janet Bechtold's son, an older clone of Robin, "Robin", got mad I was talking about it and he also showed up at my house and attacked me and raped me, and the FBI agent letting them into my house was Don Pryzbyla.  One was Don Pryzbyla, one was Louis Freeh, one was Robert Mueller, and "Donnie Brasco" was also letting them in to rape me, to "punish" me for "talking".

The FBI started saying "We are undercover and you're blowing our cover" and I said, "No you're not--you're PEDOPHILES asking me to give YOU BLOW jobs, not a 'cover'."

I said, "It takes hundreds of FBI employees to rape me to be 'undercover'?"  and they stared and I said, "Because you don't have just one or two employees raping me--you have an entire DEPARTMENT that is raping me".  I said, "And not to mention, you're raping other little kids like clones of MY kids so why are you picking on US like you HATE us?" and I said, "And exactly how LONG have you been undercover?  Like, since I was a baby?  Is that how long?  I mean, short time undercover short like Mike Tancer's penis, or long time undercover like long like Robin and Chris Dabney's penis?"

Then they got mad and said, "We're going to be here a LONNNG time" and I was raped and they had all kinds of people involved, including a man who worked for the Department of Education as an "ombudsman" for people who have problems with their college loans.

I had to contact someone after the U.S. consolidated loans of mine and was trying to charge me more than they were supposed to, and it added up to thousands and I had to finally contact someone there and it was the same man who the FBI brought to my house in Moses Lake, WA with a group that supported cops, FBI, CIA, and Pentagon men raping me and stealing from me.  I tried contacting him multiple times, and his name given was "Dennis", and after emails and calls all he would do is say to me over the phone, "It's going to take a LONG time".  Then he wouldn't return my calls, and this is decades after rape, murders of my children, and then his friend Dabney raping me again in 2008.

I had said, "Why is this man from the Department of Education, and the lawyer for them, and CPS over here?  Is this retaliation for my saying Janet Bechtold and Stacy Stubblefield, Stephanie, Kristen Stewart, Rachel,  and Kate Middleton should never be teachers because they're pedophiles?"

I said, "I want to know why these women are RAPING my SON and my OLDER clone of my son wanted to know TOO, before you MURDERED him".

Then they tried to lie and claim there had not been any 'murders', and started bringing over men saying, "See? your son is right here" and I said, "Are you even kidding me or are you just NUTS".
  I said, "Why is Jecca Craig involved in this, by the way, and the other British Royals' girlfriends?  Are they PAYING you to rape me and my kids and screw us over on our educations?"

I said, "And Jill, and Tomas Caballero, and all of these people...JAN..." I said, "You have JAN raping my son and she's a NURSE?"  And I said, "And you have two different Thorntons bringing my son back and forth to get raped, like Tina Thornton AND Julia Thornton and Brett McDonald, and as far as I know, they're working for the FBI too, and they're approving this molestation of my son, and with Michelle Erickson's family...why is my son moved around by people who rape him?"  And I said, "And DAVE.  Why is DAVE sooooo interested in my son?"  I said, "I can tell you one thing--I really don't think my SON wants to be sucking on DAVES penis".

I said, "And I'm sick of being told to do that too...and you're FBI?  How about you get out of my house and bring over the real agency that protects kids, because it's NOT YOU."  They said, 'Dave? what Dave?" and I said, "I don't have a bunch of Dave's doing this or around him like David Koch, and Dave Kopra, and Dave Slader, and Dave Allen, and Dave the Navy kid from Wenatchee, and Dave Letterman, Dave Sanderson, and Dave who has red hair...pick a Dave, any Dave", and Dave the garbage man."  They said, "Dave with red hair?" and I said "Yeah, Harry, Dave, whatever".  I said, "And how about Dave Sanborn, and Dave Sanchez, and Dave Guitterez, and so on"

WA State Patrol Chris Stubblefield & FBI Stacy Stubblefield Premeditated Torture of Oliver Garrett-Avila & Other Kids

One of the threats I tried to report to officials, that Christopher Stubblefield made against my future sons and me, was that "his wife" was going to do "that" (and he pointed to something I was making at my house and putting in the oven) to my son's head.

I am going to describe what Washington State Patrol officer Chris Stubblefield watched me make, and then you will understand what his threat was, and then, decades later, he had his wife Stacey Stubblefield, torture my son deliberately and my son sustained a severe head injury that had not healed over 3 months later.

I tried to get a lawyer to sue for damages and the U.S. FBI and government began making reports against me to kidnap my son from me so I couldn't file a lawsuit on his behalf and mine, for damages by the Stubblefields.  The State of Washington and federal government removed me from being the "legal guardian" of my son, to prevent me from filing a lawsuit, and they did this after I had reported to MANY individuals what Chris Stubblefield had threatened against me at my parent's house in Coquille, Oregon and another man tried to cover for him by making the same threat when I was baking in my trailer.

I was making small child-sized pizzas and I had put cheese on the surface of the round crust, and then I had layered it with basmati rice that I steamed with walnuts and sautéed onions, and pressed it down with a lid of a jar, into the cheese, and then I layered it with cheese again and then added a dollop of a salsa I had made in the center, so it had a red round center.

Chris Stubblefield had been making fun of me and saying what kind of a crazy person was I, to make a "pizza" with rice and walnuts on it and I had said, "You call me crazy because your own wife isn't sophisticated enough to have good taste.  All she does is make the same thing over and over and it shows...not only are her pizzas average, so are your kids and so is their intelligence". 

I didn't say this to "Washington State Patrol Chris Stubblefield" after one small remark.  He had been harassing me on and on with implying I was mentally ill and no one would ever want to marry me, and see, this is why...supposedly I didn't raise my kids, and so on and I finally gave it back to him.

He got furious and I said, "You can dish it out, and insult young women, but you can't take it, can you?  Maybe that's why you like being a COP, so you can run around with a gun and feel important".
He started to actually pull a gun out and I said, "If you dare try to shoot me, I'll have you know everyone knows I'm here right now and I blogged about YOU before you even came over because I have reasons to be concerned about your violent tendencies, and if you don't believe me, why don't you have your wife Stacey look up my Blogger account and see for herself, before you think about shooting me because you can't handle an insult".

So he literally DID ask his wife, Stacey, to look up my Blogger account and 'check' to see if it was true and they sent someone else down the hall to nod yes, because it was.

I had already witnessed Chris Stubblefield spazing out and tazering people, including me, holding guns at anyone's head whenever he wanted and abusing his authority, insulting me and my family, raping my kids, and beating up my Dad.  That's not to mention he had already violently raped me and his wife was a fucking pedophile, like him.

So then this little cop shit, Chris, decided NOT to use his GUN on me, to MURDER me, for saying his wife was average and his kid's had average intelligence when he kept insulting me and my kids, and he proceeded to say, as I was putting it into a microwave to firm up and then for storage so someone could bake later, he said, "You see that?  That's what my wife is going to do to your kid's head".

I said, "Thanks for threatening me with murdering or permanently harming my son Chris.  Now I will report you and tell everyone what a low self-esteem you have, that you can't handle an intelligence insult against your kids because why?  Maybe because you know it's know it's true because why else would you be HERE holding a little girl hostage for years, just to steal from her because you don't have the brains to branch out and make more money on your own.  Let's face it--you're not creative, neither is your wife, and you'll always have average jobs doing average things and making average pizzas and average kids, and that's just the way it is Chris.  But thanks, I'll remember how you not only harass me, you make violent threats and while I don't carry out any threats, you WOULD and if you DO, and IF Stacey Stubblefield does this to MY SON, somehow, because I know you'll try to stalk me down and make it happen and I might have forgotten if time has passed, you are going to be SUED."

He smirked and said, "No I won't.  I'm the State.  You can't sue me and I have immunity" and I said, "You do NOT have immunity for acts of violence outside of the capacity of your job and your WIFE, if she exceeds what she's supposed to do, somehow managing to get in the door to try to harm my kid, in a medical office or something, she also does not have immunity and I will sue the fuckking FBI along with the State Patrol for keeping YOU SHITS on their payrolls".

I had also said, before this, when I pushing in a couple of things like a walnut into the center, after he said his wife was going to do that to my kid I said, "Is that a threat to kill my kid, to give my kid a head injury, or to push a microchip into my kid's head?" and I said, "Because it sounds to me like you just threatened to use your wife to hurt my kid and I'm going to make a report about you, but maybe you could let me know a little more what your plan is, because I'm not sure if you're saying you're going to have your wife murder my kid, give him a head injury, or microchip him, and you could fill me in".

The individuals involved in this plot to harm my son include Scott Ross from Canada immigration and his wife; FBI agent Julia Thornton, Stacey Lowe, Megan Jacquot, Jennifer Lawrence, William of Wales and Kate Middleton, Michelle and Barak Obama, Jordan (a cop from Middleton, TN), TJ, Detective Brian Gross, Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, "Nikki" from D.C., Dabneys, Officer Jacobe (jack-OH-bee), Mike Tancer, Jim West, Maiers, Kanye West, Kardashians, Scott (a cop), Robin and Wendy and Bechtold family, Rob Schneider and Christa, James Middleton, Emmanuel Rose, Dr. Sanjay Shaw-Haw, Dr. Malcolm Butler, Dr. Stuart Freeh, Dr. Crane, Mike Middleton, my brother Levi and his girlfriends Carmen Wilson and "Char" (a black woman), a Border patrol "Mike" from Blaine, Wa, Tomas Caballero, Sue (from CASA), Suzanne (a visitation monitor from Wenatchee with a chopped off finger), Anne-Marie Crane, Del Balzos, Jeff Bridges, "Ronnie" (a girl from Sherwood, OR my brother's age), an Eastern Indian man who is short and drives a red sedan with OR plates and was traveling to WA and OR to harass us and plot against my family, Kyle Flick, Rani and her cop husband, Travis & Brooke Vice, Ivory & Jerrod, Dennis Hotchkiss, Daniel from Fraziers, Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears, .

After I was threatened, two times, at my trailer and at my parents house, with serious harm to my kids, and not just my son, because they were bringing out girls to imply threats against them and saying "She's gonna get hit", the U.S. govt. then literally coordinated having a huge number of people show up and say this to me:

"Do you think you and your son are smarter than ME?" or "Do you think your kid is smarter than MY kid?"  The U.S. organized a gang-threat for harming my kids and then one of them said to me, "So do you think you're smarter than a 5th grader?" 

By showing up and taunting me over "who is smarter" when Chris Stubblefield was responsible as an adult for making agency threats to hurt my kids and use his wife to do it, they proved they were conspirators to harassing me and supporting Stubblefields, who are pedophile shits that steal from kids and torture them.  Why support them?  Because all of these other individuals were mad that it was true they profited off of me and my kids and they resented us and wanted to torture us and steal and rape at the same time.  They weren't showing up to support me or my kids--they showed up to try to intimidate me and act as if I had done something wrong, to defend myself and my kids when a real shit who is an adult was threatening me and saying I was mentally ill and that's why I wasn't raising my kids and I couldn't even make a normal pizza.

They had Stephanie Maiers later, in 2007, inviting me and my son to her wedding shower in Seattle, and buying a bagel and coffee for me and herself a time before that, saying she wanted an onion bagel with salmon cream cheese and then told the cashier, "....and a plain bagel with plain cream cheese" and paid for it, and then turned to me and said, "You wouldn't like anything exotic Cameo, I figured it would be too exotic for you"--and she did this to me, in Seattle, before the U.S. raped me again and implanted me with another clone to kidnap from me.