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Ritchies Boys and Hostage Holding By U.S. Government To This Day

I have mentioned it before, but one of the organization's responsible for what has happened to me and my kids, and holding us hostage as slaves, to this day, forced to work for the CIA and U.S. Army (SOG--Special Operations Group) and to be raped and trafficked, has to do with Ritchies Boys. 

Ritchies Boys is a group that organized through the U.S. Army and CIA during WWII to recruit Jewish Germans and other anti-Nazi Germans and some others, to a special "task force" that was trained to interrogate and exterminate and hold hostage "suspected Nazis" and "free Jews (and other groups imprisoned by Nazis).  After they trained these immigrants or already in-the-U.S. persons, they then sent them to England, and a few other European locations, and used England (mostly) as their "center" for black-site interrogations and hostage holding. 

So basically, people from the Pentagon and CIA would send German Jews and other anti-Nazis to people like the Kate Middleton and Carol Goldsmith family, and British royals (who are all Jewish in ancestry), have their recruits torture suspected Nazis and children of Nazis, and then hold them hostage and force them to work for them for free.

After WWII, they used the same people, to "round up" all of the "escaped Nazis" and they used identification tactics to locate clones, since human cloning was already being done by a few countries by the time of WWII.  They held these people as hostages, trafficked them using secret police and FBI, CIA and Pentagon, raped them, and tortured them, and then lied to the children, forcing them to work for the U.S. government families for free, to be oppressed and never have money or rights respected, and then hopefully, to dump them off when they were done.

I was one of the individuals "rounded up" as a clone of suspected "Nazis" and I was trafficked around and tortured and lied about, with British royals and placed into a "family" in the U.S. that had both sides of the family raping me every single day, even as a baby and toddler and child.

My "grandpas", on both sides of my family, such as Robert Guy Garrett, Sr., and Roland ("Dick") Baird, were forcing me to do blow jobs at either house, and then all their kids and sons raped me and I was raped at my own house and strangers invited in to rape me as well.  They raped me after I was sent to Europe and raped.  So, I remember Prince Philip raping me, and then they were sending me to the Bairds to be raped further by Dick Baird and all of his brothers and son. 

I was also being sent over to other "allied countries" that had fought WITH the U.S. during WWII, and raped and tortured and operated on, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Israel, and they held me hostage in Germany as a toddler, and were torturing me in front of suspected "Nuremberg" Nazi "war-criminals".  Middletons, Goldsmiths, and the U.S. and my so-called "parents" were all 100% involved in it.

Later, the only time one of my grandparents told me something that was true, or one thing that was true, was when one day a Bob Garrett Sr. told me "You're not Jewish; they're trying to kill you".  That was true, because after using me, they were trying to kill me and I witnessed them murdering dozens of my other clones and family members.

EVERY single man in my entire "family", on both sides, raped the shit out of me.  They were also holding older clones of me hostage at their houses, and raping them, involving them in interrogations, and collecting money for allowing other men to come to the houses and use us, all of us were hostages, as "prostitutes" that the Bairds and Garretts and U.S. govt. were "pimping out".  Men and women both, paid them money to rape us.  They also gave them money to give to others, to keep us down.

I was raped by every single member of the British royal family, Middletons, Goldsmiths, and on the "Garrett" side, I was raped by every male in the entire family, including cousins, and on the Baird side, same thing, from the oldest males to the youngest, and from grandparents to uncles, to cousins. 

I did not see one other member of my family, EVER, on either side of the "family" being raped like me and my clones.  Not one of them.  I was being stepped on, as a 2-4 year old, forced to do multiple blow jobs by Jews and CIA and Pentagon; I was forced to have sex with animals and photographed so they could laugh at me; I was tortured; and then secretly on the side, they were "rounding up" suspected Nazis to go to Nuremberg trials, informal "trials" held at black sites where they just murdered some people, and other trials on a formal basis in a Nuremberg courtroom.

For decades, I could not mention how bad it was for me and my clones.  I was so embarrassed and horrified, and trying to make myself look normal so I could be accepted by normal people, and I was tortured if I tried to report anything--they got away with it all.  My clones tried to report it and tried to escape and were murdered.  I was even forced to murder my own family members while they laughed.  The U.S. had this idea that they'd force me, an innocent toddler, to suffer like the "Jews had suffered" during WWII.  They put all of their hatred onto me and wanted to force me to work, steal all of the credit and money, and rape me.

They were also trying to use us and eliminate us by hoping they'd trapped us and we would "buy" and believe the cover story and lies, about who our families were and friends were.

I was held hostage by Grandpa Bob Garrett, Sr., who, I witnessed, not only murdered some of my clones, was supportive of Kate Middleton.  He was friends with her and worked with her.  He was raping me and forcing me to do blow jobs every time I was around him.  Prince Philip also showed up for these events, making trips to the area, and Philip was a clone.  There was an older Prince Philip, about 80 or more years old, possibly near 90, in the early 1980s.  He had a thick accent but could speak English, and that was in addition to the publicly known "Prince Philip" who was only about age 55 years old back then. I also saw what appeared to be a younger clone of Philip, one younger than the 55 year old one.

Grandpa "Bob" Sr., was having Pentagon people pick me up and traffick me, and they raped me in Idaho, and at FBI offices, and other locations.  He was also making fun of me as a "princess" and taking sex photos of me, with his "sons", Bob jr.s, and Tom Garrett.  Tom Garrett was raping me, all of the Bobs (to my knowledge) raped me, and my "Aunt Charlottes" husband, Corbin Ball raped me.  This is all before I was 6 years old.  Aaron Ball, my "cousin", raped me, and he was a clone and both of them raped me; Tom and Jodi Garrett's sons raped me and held my cloned kids hostage and raped my clones (they were clones); Amy Ball's husband raped me (she is a clone) and my older clones and then they had younger Amy Ball trying to "attack" me over it, when I was a kid; and Levi Garrett (older clone) raped me.  I was also raped by Mike Killian, "Charleine's" husband (clones), and Tanya and Michelle's boyfriend's, and "Uncle Howard".

I was being raped by every single one of them, and they were all selling child porn of me and sex to U.S. government men while holding my older clones hostage and using them to extort "confessions" out of "suspected Nazis" in Germany.

By the time I was old enough to remember and recognize all of them were raping me, they all coordinated to have me implanted to be tortured by remote means, because by then, all of them didn't want me to ever be successful at ANYTHING and their only objective was to steal from me and rape me.  They had an entire cover and story for some of the clones I was related to, and others already knew and were hysterical and being murdered over it, and they were held hostage away from me so they couldn't communicate the truth with me.

The Garrett's would gang-rape me and torture me, and then pass me over to the Bairds, who gang-raped me, and all of the "Ritchies Boys" were raping me.  They used "Mafia" stories as covers for Ritchies Boys and making me a hostage to "repay" them for "crimes against Jews and Nazi prisoners".  I had nothing to do with it, but the sight of my face, made them hate my guts.  They hated my family and they were already blaming them for torturing their families.  Later, they swallowed up more spies and allegiances, by using "riches" and money made off of me to lure non-Ritchies Boys and displace blame.  They wanted to say it was SOG, or that I was a disgruntled former British royal "princess" or wannabe...and they started paying off anyone they thought I'd go to for assistance.

One of my clones, of my sons, said he had photos of me, my older clone, wearing hats and belonging to a group of people who had higher-social connections, but what I remembered, was metal helmets in Canada for electrocuting me, and in Germany, to torture me, and some royal family put an actual crown on my head when I was a toddler, and I guess had a clone of mine thinking they were on her side or something, and I was literally crowned, with a real crown.  They then attached, at the same sitting, after taking photos of me this way, jumper cables or something, to electrocute me while wearing it, or some electrical wires, and they electrocuted me while forcing me to wear a crown and sitting on a "throne", and it was in England, from what I recall.  It could have been Denmark, but I think it was England. I was being raped at age 2, and 1, during diaper changes with sneers of "You think you're a princess".  They had me around the British royals and Danish, and their "escorts" (most of them professional hookers for a living, in actuality). They then later, when I was a toddler of about 4 years old, or older than a toddler, put a crown on my head again, and then made a ceremony of mocking me, and said, as they lifted it off of my head, "The kingdom is being removed from YOU and replaced with another" or something to that effect and they smirked about it.  So they felt, at least some of them, that they were replacing me and my "position" in life, and all I know, is that at the very same time, they were torturing me and other hostages being held for Nuremberg Trials in Germany.  Whether an older clone of mine had been a royal or connected once, that's possible, but what is a fact, is they were "rounding them up" to murder them, holding them hostage and pimping them out, lying to all of them, and using us to make money for themselves as slaves.

At the Bairds, I was held hostage and raped by every single "Roland, Jay, and Bob Baird" of the Baird brothers.  They were all forcing me to give them blow jobs, as young as age 2 and 3. I was forced to give them blow jobs, on a regular basis, and Loren Baird was raping me along with his friends, as well.  I was also tied up and held hostage by their "Mexican, Middleton-supporting" workers and family members--at the Avilas and Guzmans, both, I was gang-raped by Pablo, Valentin, and all of their sons, who were supposedly my "cousins", and my cousin's husbands, such as Rani's husband "Pat", Ivory's husband "Jerrod", and Alita's black husband (? who never showed his face to me again, after it, and whose daughter chopped up one of my clones or kids in front of me--the frizzy-haired girl).  I was not just raped by all of the Baird, Guzman, and Avila men (and dozens of friends and workers), I was trafficked to Mexico to be raped, and my cousins who were female (so-called cousins) like Alita and Rani and Dahlia, raped me themselves, and tortured me, using objects and electrocution headbraces.  British royals, and royal's girlfriends, and Chris Dabney paid them to do it.

They also hosted having over many U.S. government employees, and I was raped by them too.  One of my older clones was handcuffed, chained to a bed and raped and they were interrogating her, later, at the same time.  Chris Dabney beat the shit out of her, violently attacking her with fists and punching her repeatedly, with others, and she would try to get up from the bed and he was punching her again, over and over, and finally, he shot her.

I tricked him into getting a tattoo, to later remember how to identify him, one of the murderers, because he put a "hit" on Loree, and so I said, as an older kid, after pretending I liked him, "Why don't you get a Hitler tattoo? and then you can trick people to think you're bad when really you're good?" and I came up with other excuses.  Hit-ler was for "Hit-Loree" and he did it, and every clone of him followed suit, with an SS swastika tattoo.  The U.S. government refused to prosecute him, knowing exactly what he'd done and told me, when I was a kid, the only thing they'd allow me, was to say what kind of tattoo he got.  He was supposed to go to prison for life.

He is SICK.  This murder of one of my clones, is only one of several murders I witnessed, of clones of mine, being held hostage to be sex slaves, out of retaliation for "WWII holocaust" accusations.  They lied and tried to make me think my family was just involved in government and running drugs, like cocaine trafficking was the reason for all the crimes, or SOG, and it wasn't, although that may have been some of it--what the Middletons, Goldsmiths, and CIA were trying to conceal, and both sides of my family, is that I was a hostage to them, because I was the clone of suspected "former Nazis".

I was tortured in Germany, around only-German speaking soldiers and this shit Angela Merkel, who was working for the CIA.  She was part of helping Ritchies Boys round up former war-criminals and "suspects" and clones and the CIA paid her for all of her handsome favors. She turned over records and identifying information by the scores.  Every time the CIA visited Angela, they were paying her money and she was giving them records at the same time, and she also supported Kate Middleton and the Parker-Bowles. 

I will add additional information about the "secret Ritchies Boys" interrogations and Nuremberg hostage "torture" later.  Most of it occurred, before I was age 3, because they tried to phase it out, to conceal what they'd been doing.  They phased out the entire "German" thing, in stages.

Chris Dabney and all of his clones, have murdered my clones, raped us, and organized to commit mass crimes against us and steal from us and he is part of the original Ritchies Boys group.

One of the most important pieces of information I ever got from anyone, was that my problems started with Ritchies Boys and there is and was accompanying documentation, and my own memory of events, to support this.

As to the extent of my being raped and trafficked and punished for crimes of others, or accusations of such, I was also sent to Florida, where my Dad's "aunts", my supposed great-aunts were, Mary Martin and Margie and I was gang-raped there, by Mary's husband, Ginger (her daughter, also a clone)'s husband and sons, and Margie's husband "Bill", who was also alcoholic.  Ruthies husband James was another pedophile who raped me, and so was "Billy", their adopted son.  I was held hostage and raped by people like Brad Uhl.  My "Nana", Ruth Howard, even attacked me.  "Sweet" Nana Howard, hated my guts.  Dolores Davis was also involved in torturing me and having me raped.  They wouldn't let me see her, the same as not allowing me to see my "Dad", for a long time after Nuremberg interrogations and torture, because she was involved in shooting some of my family members for the govt., in front of me, after they'd tortured me.  They are all Jewish.

Chris Dabney was showing up there, too, in Florida, to pay people money to do it. 

The other group who told me I wasn't related to my "family" were the "half-brothers" of the Breigenzers, of Beverly, "Granny".  They were the Stalkers and not nice to me and also took money and one of them told me I wasn't related though.

Then an entire group of Jews who were around and involved from the start, tried to attack my family one day, as if they were not part of their group and had just "discovered" the Bairds could be distant Nazis.  Like Kyle Flick.  He went nuts and showed up after I told some people Granny's "Dad" had a photo with a pin on his lapel and it was just a red cross pin but someone assumed it might be swastika just because he left Luxembourg for the U.S. or something, so they staged this big attack against my "family" when in reality, they had been forcing me over to Germany to be tortured, and Israel, with my parents and family for decades already.  They wanted a cover for their crimes against me.  Kyle Flick was someone who had also conveniently "disappeared" and then reappeared later, when he thought I wouldn't remember him. 

He helped torture me and had my other clones murdered and raped, like me, and was one of the "investigators" with Middletons and their entire fanatical terrorist group.

The U.S. govt. was also sponsoring terrorists, like them, in trafficking me to be tortured, and were giving free passes to British royals and their girlfriends and families, to enter the U.S., carry out hits against my own family and clones, and then take off.

Chris Rozollo, and Robin Bechtold are more "Ritchies Boys" as are many IRA I was forced to be around, and James Comey was murdering people too, and using any excuse for it.  They were all clones who disappeared and then were around to torture me, control me, and use excuses like "SOG" to do it.  They had a dozen excuses for committing acts of terrorism and hate crimes against me and my clones.  Kyle Flick was also involved in raping one of my clones and was accessory to her murder.  So yeah, he hightailed it out of the area, and then moved his little ass back in and became the "Baird's" lawyer (again).

After the U.S. knew Chris Dabney murdered one of my clones and some of my kids, they then allowed him to have continued close proximity to me, and his younger clones to, with motives of having him rape me later and steal from me in the meantime.  He was showing up to pick me up to hold me hostage and rape and program me and torture me; he showed up with Gary Goldsmith, or Ben and Matt, or Blixseths, to pick up dead bodies and get "rid" of them; he was interrogating people in Germany for "Ritchies Boys" over "holocaust" crimes; and his younger clones were visiting "Granny" Baird and being babysat by her and by Dicksie, in both Cashmere, and in Moses Lake, in my house, sometimes when I was there.  He was also showing up at other government functions, such as something to do with Tiggy Legge-Bourke and her FBI connected husband in England, the IRA in Northern Ireland with James Comey, and showing up in Idaho to pick up child porn from my Grandpa Garrett, rape me, and let him know what "Katie" wanted.

Prince Charles was also working with Kate Middleton, along with others, as an "interrogator" and torturer of suspected Nazi persons.  Apparently, the entire British royal family had been "Ritchies Boys" members during WWII, along with Frederick of Denmark.  I witnessed them torture and murder suspected "Nazis" and clones of Nazis, including my own family.

If I wasn't biologically related to Bob or Dicksie or their clones, and I was told I wasn't, and told I was at the same time, I wasn't treated the way any family member would ever be treated.  They were collectively ganged-up against me.  When I asked why no one in my family had red hair, they also had no answer for that.  Later, someone claimed some distant relative did, but it wasn't true.  I had people lie to me about it.  No one on either side of my family had red hair.  My "Grandma" Dolores dyed her hair red at one time, my "mother" Dicksie dyed her hair red at one time, to match my hair after I was born, for awhile.

The interrogation locations for "Ritchies Boys" included the British royals' estates, houses of the royal's friends and extended family, and Germany's U.S. Army base, along with other German locations, and I believe there was a location in France.  Many interrogations and torture occurred at the U.S. Army base and they would have Germans there as well, and most of it was in German, because most of the "suspects" were German-speaking only, or had limited English.  I had horrible things done to me, over these interrogations and their ideas of how to torture me and "punish" my older clones and family.  They openly bragged about using animals to force to have "sex" with, when I was even only age 3 and younger.  They brought animals to the U.S. Army base and forced some of this, and photographed it and laughed at me and mocked my family who was tortured.  They said they'd make sure every soldier possible could rape me, and also animals.  That wasn't the only place they used animals because so did the British royals, the Middletons-Goldsmiths, and some of their own Russian-affiliated friends.  They also used Russia and Ukraine for locations to interrogate people and the Russian and Ukrainian governments allowed it.  They hated suspected Nazis and wanted revenge against them for WWII matters, and so they were working with the U.S. to even torture kids over it. I was raped as a 3 year old, by Vladimir Putin, while he called me a "Nazi".  It looked like Putin, and from what I remember at age 3, that's who it was, but they were saying things like "Nazi" and so did Prince Philip.

Then when I had made fun of some of the noses of a few govt. persons, as a 6 year old or so, with my older clone, they put a hit on her and said to Marla Maples, "We're getting rid of the soap-RAH-nose".

They bragged about how I'd never raise my own kids, the U.S. would never let me have credit or money for my own work, and how they were going to force me to 'work' to "repay" them for WWII crimes and thefts that OTHER people had made.  They weren't treating me as an individual with human rights at all.  They had people hooked up to polygraphs, monitors, and other things, and given truth serum drugs, and forced to answer questions about the "Stassi"/Stah-zee.  I heard the Stah-zee mentioned so much, they had all of these people around with similar sounding names.  And Nazi was replaced with "Yatzee" and "yachats" and "Not me"...anything to try to confuse me when I was a toddler.  "Did you do this?" "Not me!"  instead of Nazi, and "Not Lee!" or "Not Dee!" and "Knotts-street" and "cannot see". 

When I was about age 6, after they started calling me "the beast", when they had committed bestiality against me, to make fun of me, I was taken to a court and people brought around to talk about my conduct and so on, and testify about things, but the Nuremberg trials were earlier and I was 4 years old or less, and people were on trial for "WWII" "Nazi" crimes, and they were older clones and spoke German and cried as the U.S. bragged about how they held me hostage and I was "her".  They gave the Judge reports and information about WWII, locations, and rank and duties and professions, and they gave names and photographic evidence they claimed matched me to "her", and how they were able to match it up by having another clone of me and comparing photos.  They also had British royals and their girlfriends there, and they wanted my older clones to lose all their property. 

They had Beverly Constance Baird, Dicksie, and others, testifying against "me" or my older clones, and older clones of Beverly and Dicksie, and Bob Garrett Sr. and Jr. and giving WWII accounts and the Judge was saying, pointing at me, "This is one of them?" and they said "Yes" and then I had to be up on the stand with someone holding me and testifying against me while holding me in their lap. They were also mocking me and passing around photos taken of me having sex with animals as a toddler, to British royals and persons in court, to smirk at, and then one of the women on the stand for crimes passed out.  She fainted, and this older man cried.  The CIA and Pentagon and people, including "royals" and Mossad, worked very hard to try to distance me from the earliest memories of their hate crimes against me and accusations that I was a "Nazi".  They said they were putting me into SOG, to "use" me and to force me to be "of service", after they killed and sentenced my German connected family members.  SOG and RAF.  I was being forced to work for free for "British" and U.S. and others.  I was also rescued, so I thought, at one point,  by German speakers I already knew, and then kidnapped again out of a car in Germany after someone crashed into it deliberately, and I think the drivers died.  I was also kidnapped out a car my older clone of myself was in, with a clone of my son Oliver (I think it was Oliver)--the "relatives" were after her, and determined to keep raping me.  I was stolen away from my clone by Margie and Bill and Mary Martin once and also a Dicksie confronted my clone and a Bob jr. confronted one of them in court, sneering in her face about how she'd never have anything.

The CIA was also allowing people to kidnap me and 'stage kidnappings' and then letting them joyride with me and gang-rape me, and then they were paying them money and telling other people it wasn't them and they'd just rescued me from a situation where I was raped.  They were coordinating opportunities for people to violently damage me, and paying the perpetrators money, thanking them, and pretending they weren't involved at all.  Mossad and British persons were also doing this.

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