Friday, July 29, 2016

What I Look Like Now (comparison with my older clones with blonder hair)

I am literally about 20-25 lbs overweight.  I weigh much more now than is my average weight, but I always lose the weight, and it was gained from having a baby.  So basically, I look the same as these photos show but thinner and taller because of being thinner.  My hair was blonder and my clones, some of them lived to be around 40 or so and were then killed.  I saw maybe one woman who was older and that was it, and then there were a bunch of clones of me that were in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s.  They were all being secretly murdered and isolated from eachother--most of them didn't know how many others of themselves even existed, and all were being raped and forced into slavery, and used for a time and then just murdered.  Some of it seemed to be over Nazi accusations, at the root of it, like they didn't want any of them to get ahead, because of this.  One was with Prince Edward and he or his other clone and Sofie organized with CIA to have her murdered, along with Mossad and British royals.  Others who murdered my clones were Shakira from Colombia, my own family members, the Jewish Rose family, Russians, and military.  My son was constantly cloned, told he was dumb and used and then killed.  The U.S. had his worst enemies watching him and he was being raised by multiple "familiesw", such as Bechtolds and their kid, who had a motive to try to "prove" he was smarter than my son.  They started trying to claim me and my son and our clones were just "cute" but not really as smart as we were, and they tortured us, forced some of us to lose our psychic ability or abused it, and then murdered us.  My son was beiong trafficked from one family to another.  As for my "daughter" Sophia, sas far as I know, she's not even biologically related.  Lisa and Armdnao Avila were working with the FBI and telling me I had to carry clones of their kid for them.  I told them no and they said it was too bad and I had no choice.  I witnessed Armando Avila, an older clone of him, murdering a clone of my son Oliver, and then he and Lisa, his wife, were saying Ihad to be a "surrogate carrier" with no pay, to have clones for THEM.  I was forced to be arouhnd a bunch of govt. shits all saying this, at my Aunt Locklyn (not related most likely, since she wanted to murder my clone with Carol Goldsmith for their pals Middleton), I had to be implanted with clones and couldn't have my own kids, just clones the govt. wanted.  So they said they were going to happily rape me and implant me with clones, and then give all of my cloned girls to "Lisa" and Armando.  I was not just told this at the Guzman house, they bragged about it to Harry of Wales and Chelseaq (clones they worked with), and I was forced to go to FBI Headquarters in D.C. and hear the FBI employees tell me, with CIA and military there, they were cloning and using MY BODY for their own "job s".  So they believed I had no right to my own body and told me their employees got to rape me whenever they wanted, and implant me with clones whenever they wanted and that I wasn't going to carry kids for "Kate Middleton" secretly, it was going to be for "Princess LISA", Armando's wife.  The U.S. was saying some people couldn't have their own clones or secrecy was needed, and so soe women had clones that were biologically someone else's kids and the govt. "protected" the kids and identity that way.  Well, I told them, that's rape and I've said NO, and if you do that to me anyway, you are raping my body and forcing me to have kids because of govt. corruption.  I told them, repeatedly, "NO" and they said ,"Too bad, it's going to happen". 

The U.S. knew all alolng that I only wanted to have natural kids with a husband and I didn't want to be a "mistress" or live with govt. men or be part of their sick and fucked up "human cloning" group.

I don't want to work with them, I never gave consent to use my DNA to create more clones, I don't want more clones, I don't agree to have myself recloned and used, or my kids, and I don't want to fucking work with these shits, marry them, sleep with them, be raped by them, or have any family with themn.  The U.S. govt. then had more clones, Chris Dabney (who uses another last name bc he's a Russian Jew) and Alvaro Pardo, who raped me with clones when I was a kid, stalk me down and rape me again and then ask me to marry?  They just wanted to rape me.  They always knew I said I didn't want to marry a clone.  I don't agree with the U.S. government at ALL.  They are sick and fucked up and clone people as slaves, to use for murdering people and then dump them off, with no pay and "references" that are fucked up bc all of it comes from the govt.   They also stole all creditwork and were not just giving it to U.S. people, they were handing it to bitches like Sofie Rhys-Jones for her own ad and PR group, and I witnessed the fact they had a clone of my son developing software for them, and not allowed to take credit for his own work.  They just USED some of the clones.  Other clones were getting rich off of this, the elite plutocracy which includes Bushes and the British royals.  They were all working with people like Aldrich Ames.

I* saw Bob and Dicksies bragging to my older clones they controlled me and my kids and she was goihng to have nothing--and they bragged about this to more than one clone of me.  I was raped by every single member of the Baird and Garrett families, and all before I was even age 4, so it's not like it happened "later" or there was something that came up "later"--they were gang-raping me as a group when I was still a toddler.

these were taken today, July 29, 2016.  I am maybe 130-135 lbs right now, and 5'5" and my average weight is 105-110 so I'm heavier but this is me.  I did model as a kid and my clones also did some modeling.  I'm 41, and typical measurements are about 31-21-33.
The U.S. repeatedly cloned me and had me gang-raped by govt. employees and forced to work for free.  I have spent most of my life as a hostage.  Not just that, they bragged about how they would make me an "old maid".  They were saying, when I was 7, they were going to rape me so much that they'd be the only ones having sex with me and I'd never marry and ony get raped by their govt. shits, off and on, and bragged they'd rape me and then I'd have no sex and be a 'nun' or celibate for years, and then they would use their own govt. people to rape me more.  The U.S. govt. did not just brag about this to me, they bragged about it to several clones of my son, saying they were making me into a rubber doll to be stuffed by the U.S. govt. and then they trafficked me to other countries and had international people rape me because they got 'WORRIED' someone might try to report crimes committed by the U.S. govt. and their huge conspiracy to be communist Nazis with an elitist plutocracy that held kids like me captive and gang-raped us and forced us to work while stealing credit.  They bragged about this in the FBI offices, to my face at houses, to clones right before they murdered them, and to international and royal shits.  The U.S. govt. had a lot of govt. men sleeping around with British "women" and "girlfriends" because they had several of them working for the CIA and their clones were having sex with Pentagon and CIA men who worked favors for them,.  If someone offended
"Kate Middleton" then it wasn't just one clone of her and William of Wales who got mad, it was Katies dozens of other assholes she married and slept with all along the way and all of their connected U.S. govt. families who felt they got to 'benefit' from it.
I never had consensual sex one time in my life.  I have been raped and I was held hostage by Pardo and Dabney in 2008.  I was gangraped by their clones and tortured, constantly, as a kid, and then forced into the same situations all over again.  I don't love or care about any of them and never did and I never will.  I believe every asshole who raped me should be in jail and none of them are.  The U.S. was not only raping me, they were then punishing ME and my family if, as  a kid, thinking rape must be how things "worked", I suggested someone rape another person who raped me all the time.  Every single shit who has been around me and got near me in any sexual way, is a fucked up U.S. govt. whore and all of them were raping me when I was a toddler even, and in stages, such as "baby", "toddler", "little kid", "older kid" and then torturing me and forcing me to forget about it by killing my clones in front of me and saying they'd do the same to me if I even THOUGHT about it.
  The U.S. then used the same clones they forced me to be repeatedly raped by, with other clones who were the same age as when they raped me when I was a kid, to force me to respond to being raped the way they programmed me and tortured me to re3spond--without protesting, at least not continued protesting and avoidance.  They plotted all of it out.  I hate the shits who raped me.  I also hate their fucking bitches, because they have a fucked bitch behind every single male rapist.  Not only that, they used thousands of other men, who didn't repeatedly rape me, to participate in either once-only or a few-times rapes against me, so they could have this huge group of U.S. assholes who would lie for eachother and agree to force me to write songs they'd steal from me and then they would collect the profits themselves.

The British royals and Denmark and Mossad are all sick too.  They were coordinating my being raped and using their own people and for a couple of my clones, one of them was either married already to a royal or something, or engaged, and they murdered her, and it was all part of their Use-abuseand dump scheme, and was cenetered around Roman Catholic Bowles and Jews.  Another of my clones had a family and the entire family was murdered and I only know of one who did because the U.S. was gang-raping the others and forcing them to be "mistresses" and held hostage by royal liars who claimed they were marrying them and weren't and instead just raped the shit out of them.  Well, a couple of them were married actually.  They were murdered.

Sofie, Mary Donaldson, Kate Middleton, Camilla, and their husbands, were all involved in murdering one of my clones.  The U.S. govt. then was encouraging the cloned kids of these shits, to attack and assault me and my kids who were cloned, like Annalle and Charlotte and George and Rose and Tom and Pippa.  The U.S. fully said,

I "Go ahead, take porn videos!  we don't care about hurman rights and our citizens!" and told them to go ahead and have blacks steal most of Cameo's songs, and James Mathew murder and assault with Gary, turning over chairs and houses and raping with a big penis.  James Mathews was already teamed up with Gary Goldsmith and Robin Bechtold and his adult cloned half-Asisan kid and his Asian mafia, in the early 1980s and late 1970s.  He was smashing things up and attacking my kids and clones with Ken Kargman, Flicks, and Roses, and the Erickson family  such as Michelle and Gary and Doug Erickson who felt "special" for getting and doing favors against me for the "royals", and Wiltbanks, an entire Mormon group that decided they had to have Kate around because Lynda Carter, their buddy, needed  a "job".  I witnessed Brian and Philip Thebault pay Gary and James Mathews and Middletons MONEY, in the early 1980s or late 1970s, and Hendersons were also around, later.

I saw payments for "hits" organized against my own clones of me and my kids.  I was also having to sleep with James Mathews, Pippa's "husband", when I was a kid.  I heard the negotiations for some hits before they happened, and I sometimes saw money given out ahead of time and other times after the murder was committed.  The U.S. govt. was repeatedly putting out hits against clones of me.  They were getting rid of all of us and then they wanted people to say, in Canada, I might need "humanitarian asylum" but not political asylum when all of it was political.  You don't involve the CIA and assassinations and slave trade and British royals and Danish without it being "political".

Sofie and Edward of England, for example, had several conversations and coordination prior to murdering one of my clones.  They coordinated with the Bairds, Garretts, Bushes, Rose family, and then Aldrich Ames.  Then later, after this, Granny, Beverly Baird, murdered one of my sons as he stood by the stairs to the basement, asking in shock, "Edward was here?"  The U.S. govt. then moved me away from the Bairds to just the Garretts and I was living in Idaho, instead of living with murderous Granny who killed my clone, I was then living with murderous Bob Garrett Sr., who had also killed one of my clones.  The U.S. govt. just swapped me back and forth between people who had murdered my own clones of ME, and my kids and the main kid I ever saw murdered who I thought was my kid, was Oliver and clones of my son Oliver.

My relatives were murdering clones of me and clones of my son and I have no reason to think any of them are related to me after what I've witnessed.  They all have other kids too.  The Bairds and Garretts and Maryanne McIntosh-all of them, they all had a "problem" with me and my clones.  They had some kind of issue or problem with all of the older clones of me, and of my kids, and I was treated like a hostage of the U.S. govt. never as "family".  I don't have one single cousin or extended family I can trust and I have zero reasons to trust or believe anything they say.  They were raping, murdering, torturing, selling me, and getting rid of me for their own profit and "promotion" and being part of the Middleton and Rhys gang was important to them.  Then when I wasn't inbetween houses, I was forced to live with a bunch of U.S. govt. who tortured and raped me and they were passing me around, back and forth from house to house and I didn't see either Bob or Dicksie at all, except sometimes to pick me up.  I was also forced to live with Middletons and Goldsmiths, who murdered my older clone with others, so I was always surrounded by murderers who had motives to oppress me. 

My older clones and kids were the only one who wanted me living there, or with them, who had no bad motives, eso. my older clone.  I witnessed every member of my own immediate family, not just extended family, but immediate, murder one of my clones.

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