Tuesday, July 19, 2016

FBI, Middleton, and UK Rape Of My Older Clone When I Was Age 3

When I was about age 3, possibly a little younger, and then a little older, my older clone was being gang-raped by a huge group of FBI shits and she was being screamed at about how they controlled me and ha, ha, Bob and Dicksie and the U.S. govt. had me and they were controlling me now.

She was chained to a bed, and I'm positive it was me, and they were taunting her about my demise, while they gang-raped her, tons of men, one after the other, and they were doing this for days, bringing me to the house where they held her hostage, and it was on and on.

She was being raped by every single person who I was later raped by, and stolen from, and it included the Bush family, lawyers from the Bullivant firm who were traveling out of the country, and persons accusing my older clone of being a "Nazi".  Mike Middleton, and Gary Goldsmith were also bringing over men to gang-rape her, and James Comey, and a bunch of British and Irish and German.  They had an entire huge number of men raping her while making fun of her, "Did you get that message LOREE?  Did you think you were going to be something SPECIAL LOREE??"

They were conducting Nuremberg Trial matters and interrogations around the same time too, and then the U.S. was trafficking me back into the U.S., and having my Mom or a Dicksie, chain ME to a bed at my house, and raping ME there saying if you think you're wanting to talk about it, think again.  After I was chained to a bed for weeks, then the FBI was sending over some of their "agents" to visit my house in Moses Lake, crawl into bed with me, under covers, and "read a story".  They called it "storytime".  They were molesting and raping me and Dabney was paying them money too.

The FBI was also covering for pedophile rapists Chris Dabney (CD) and Barry Sotero (BS) who I had remembered as "seedy story".  They worked together and murdered countless clones I was related to, and were gang-raping my kids and me, when I was a kid.  Both of them had the exact same kind of penis, except one was white and the other was black.

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