Monday, June 1, 2015

Taking The Plum Sauce Out Of The Garbage

There is a massive leak in my roof suddenly so I have to patch it.  All the water in the waste basket, is from the rain last night.

I got this same sauce back when I had my other daughters, and lived in Coquille, Oregon.  Anyone remember that?  This shirt, is the same shirt I had, but it changed color from white to pale blue when it was washed with jeans.  Last time, I bleached it and ruined it. This time, I just left it.

I used to throw up, about this much, every day, because of torture by the U.S. government when I was a kid.
I made this sign and posted it on my blog as a young teen:  "God Damn the U.S." with a pink crayon

This is me, today, after being told the U.S. government is going to block me from my daughter again.  I wore this shirt and sweater, and jeans, to my visit with my baby today.  She was spitting up more than usual and when she did, her eyes were recessed into her head, the way mine do, or have, during torture.  She's being tortured by the U.S. and they make fun of her.  She spit up all of her milk, and whatever the U.S. did to cause this, which, from her eyes, looked to be the effects from torture, they had done to my last baby girls at this visit too.

How many people are going to sit around and do nothing?

You can see, from my droopy eye, I'm being tortured too, but in a different way.  It's to the top of my head to the right side and the U.S. has been doing this for 1 full day since last night.  It causes a droopy eye as a result.

I'm moving right now, so my place is a mess--have been packing and moving things around along with thinking of how to redecorate.  The orange tag thing on the wall is just a color swatch of orange paint.  I am going to paint my floor with coral, orange, and maybe a little pink.   I got sort of an idea and am going to work on it. 

The coral color looks pretty in daylight, orange at night, and pink adds some feminitiy.  There's a smudge of yellow and blue I might keep.  Not sure how to make it artistic yet, but not patchwork.  It would be "classier" to paint a solid glossy color but I'm thinking a few colors might be okay. I sort of want to add a French pink and a little hot magenta pink-purple to it but maybe in accents.  I need a camel color for my couch and might get a slip cover for it.  It would be fun in faux camel hair.

Should I learn Arabic?  Hm, I don't know.  I get a bad feeling when I think of it, for some reason, from formal classes, but who knows.  I am making a slight amount of progress in Russian finally.  And I have to get back to teaching my son Cantonese.

With Russian, I needed background and framework for it.  Then, with some pictorals for visual learning with Vera lessons, I think I can pick it up.  I needed the bigger picture and the details to format it in my mind better.  It's not there at all yet, but it will happen okay, when it does.  When I say "background" I mean, I listened to Living Language a long time.  I will listen to it more.  Then just patching in a few reminders here and there, helps to reinforce it in my mind.  I haven't done any writing or workbook yet, but laying a foundation.  It's mostly this idea of completely different characters and memorization of them.  After that, it shouldn't be harder to learn than Spanish or French.  Right now, I can only say "drastoy" (hello).

Sophia III: Right to Benefits and Tracking Numbers

I contacted DHS Newmark Center at 2:50 p.m. today after they returned my call.  I had applied for food stamps online through the online "" site, over the weekend and someone called this morning.

I returned the call this afternoon and Tracy answered, stating "you made 2 applications" and I said "Yes, one is with my daughter and the other is for a single person.  I'm cancelling the one for the single person".

The application for myself and Sophia has tracking number:  30250458
The application for the single person, just myself, has tracking number  20251802

Tracy said, "You don't get benefits if your daughter is in foster care" and I said, "Well I did in the past from this agency and it went to court and was court-ordered because my rights were not terminated at that time, and I was assigned a social worker."

She said, "I've been here 16 years and that's not done.  Let's just move forward."

I said, "Let's not.  -- Who is your supervisor?
She said, "Tim Cummings" and I said, "I'll be glad to make his acquaintance once again."

I got his voice mail and left a message stating I wanted benefits for TANF and foodstamps as a nursing mother who still has legal rights to her daughter, and also included that I wanted the information to make a FOIA request for records the State of Oregon is required to keep, which shows I made applications for my baby girl through them in the past, and received benefits.

With my first baby girl, I received benefits for both her and me.  It was court ordered and decided I did have a right to this, because I was still her legal parent and rights were not terminated.  I had a social worker.

With my second baby girl, I made 2 applications and upon Tracy's suggestion of "Let's move forward" I had said, "Okay, I'll drop the application for Sophia (II)" because they were refusing to dispense food to me unless I dropped the application.

So there were no records after that tracking number for Sophia II was dropped, for food stamps.  However, the Department of Agriculture and DHS are required to have records, along with the courts, for other applications.

I am documenting every detail of this case, on this blog, along with the human cloning information.

Anyone with evidence or information against the State of Oregon and/or federal government or any agency illegally withholding information to commit fraud and kidnapping, is encouraged to write here. 

All comments are open and available to the public and nothing is blocked by me.  If you have any problem submitting a comment, contact me the following ways:

Phone:  1-541-824-1618

My mother had to go to appointments with me, when I was a pre-teen, with Tim Cummings, and I was told he sexually assaulted her there.  She was going into closed offices with him, and without me.

Declaration Of Civil War, By The U.S. Government, Against The People Of The United States

The U.S. has declared civil war against the U.S. citizen.  The government that is barred from promoting slavery, holds slaves and prisoners for slavery, and is actively removing the right to bear arms from the people.

It is the constitutional right of the people to bear arms and to resist tyranny of the government.  From Wikipedia on the Second Amendment:

        George Mason argued the importance of the militia and right to bear arms by reminding his  compatriots of England's efforts "to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them. . . by totally disusing and neglecting the militia." He also clarified that under prevailing practice the militia included all people, rich and poor. "Who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers." Because all were members of the militia, all enjoyed the right to individually bear arms to serve therein.[101][103]
The framers thought the personal right to bear arms to be a paramount right by which other rights could be protected. Therefore, writing after the ratification of the Constitution, but before the election of the first Congress, James Monroe included "the right to keep and bear arms" in a list of basic "human rights", which he proposed to be added to the Constitution.[101][104]
Patrick Henry argued in the Virginia ratification convention on June 5, 1788, for the dual rights to arms and resistance to oppression:
Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.[105]

I included this same quotation in a similar blog I tried to start when I had my second baby girl kidnapped from me by the United States.  I was subsequently raped, by multiple occasions of gang-rape, to spite me over this context of "ruining the jewel".  To the U.S. government kids and employees, it was sheer pleasure to violate and ruin someone like me, who they have been stealing from, who they kidnapped and trafficked around the world, and used for personal gain, not to mention kidnapping my baby girls.

The idea of banning "guns" from the public is crazy.  The Constitution is not specific to "guns" anyhow, but to "arms".  This means the public has a right to "bear arms" which includes guns, but also includes other artillery, and weapons, and should be the same type of weapons as the federal government holds.  If the people are prevented from access to these same weapons, how are they protected from a tyrannical government that seeks to oppress a class of persons?

The U.S. claims they are against "slavery".  The government is a liar.  This government has been actively promoting and breeding an entire class of slaves, by human cloning.  They are doing this by raping people, and by forcing them to give up their sperm and eggs, to give them access to creating the kind of "clones" they want to have.  They are also using money to bribe citizens to lie for them as they create this slavery system, and kidnap the kids and babies from unwilling parents.

I have personally been raped for human cloning and the U.S. arranged their 'cover' for this, decades in advance. I was also sent to houses and clinics for extraction of my eggs before I ever had a baby of my own.  I witnessed the forced extractions of sperm and eggs from my parents as well, at fertility clinics and houses, and a cryobank for plants.  I also witnessed the extraction of sperm from Edward Lee Howard, who was employed by the CIA for some time. 

What do you think about slavery in the U.S. by human cloning?  What about stealing from others throughout their lives, to support the government?  Do you know someone who has been pressured to give up eggs, sperm, or their kids, for government purposes?

Welcome To My 2nd Blog by Former CIA SAD-SOG Member

Welcome to my second blog.  I started my other blog, which is at over 10 years ago.  My opinions and my stories, have not changed.

I've not "flipped a lid", and as nuts as that "Letter to Mike and Carol Middleton" sounds, I'm not nuts, and I've been saying the same thing that I said over a decade ago.

So this is another blog and where my last one was dedicated to my son Oliver Garrett, this is dedicated to my daughters Sophia I, Sophia II, and Sophia III.  Sophia III is the latest delivery I've had, of a baby girl who the U.S. government cloned.

I am 100% against human cloning.  It is happening and has been occurring by most countries, for decades already.  I personally saw many clones in the U.S. as well as in other countries and the U.S. has raped, tortured, and stolen from me and then added cloning of me to their list of crimes. 

I grew up, as a government kid, surrounded by CIA, Pentagon, and FBI.  I was enrolled into the "top secret" group of CIA SAD-SOG which is a "trained killer" group that performs assassinations of persons worldwide.  They forced me to be in this when I was a kid, even extremely young, and my parents were not allowed to say "no".

In this blog, I am going to expose every single thing I can about CIA's SAD-SOG.  I was not given a choice to be in this group or not, and I never signed up for it, nor did I sign confidentiality agreements.  The U.S. just kidnapped me, basically, and forced me to be in it.

They work in international groups as well and I will be adding that information to this. 

I have several youtube videos I've made, detailing the programming the government used against me, to rape me by later, and I will give information about every location I know of that is committing the crime of human cloning, where I was personally involved or saw others being used.

I would like to have this blog become one that is inclusive of the stories of others.  This should be a blog where others can submit information they have about human cloning, "sightings", and anything that is related. 

I would also like to know where my daughters are, who the government kidnapped from me and now claims were never born.

So if you are a former CIA SAD-SOG, please write your story here.  If you got out of it, somehow, please write.  If you know of human cloning situations, please write that here as well, and if you don't have knowledge but are 100% against human cloning and believe it is the start of the worst case of human slavery the world has ever known, please add your support, because I want to start a revolution against the United States of America for illegally breeding and sponsoring slavery.

Letter To Mike And Carol Middleton

I wrote this to UK police to give to Mike and Carol but why?  They get their news from the Pentagon.

This is my letter to them:

Dear Sir, We cannot advise you regarding police matters. You would need to vi...

LOREE Garrett

1:29 PM (17 minutes ago)
to Subject
Okay, you get this message over to Mike Middleton and I mean now:

Dear Mike and Carol,

Congratulations on your "successes".  As you know, my parents, whom you chose to work with for decades, have been subjected to rape, torture, and false accusations from European countries and the U.S. nation.

I personally cannot say I ever benefited from being "babysat" at your own residence in England.  However, if you are truly conscientious people, as you once said you were, and perhaps as you really thought you were yourselves, you would not put up with involuntary mental health detentions of innocent persons such as my parents and myself, nor would you allow injustice to prevail by saying NOT ONE WORD as eggs have been stolen from me and my mother and sperm forced from my Dad for donations to create "persons" my family has no rights to.

You have consented to this, all of this, by your silence.  Furthermore, you have claimed to be both Jewish, at least in ethnicity and also Anglican, in religion, and claim to have "spiritual" beliefs.  Is this really true?  If so, why have all of you remained quiet when we have suffered.

Is anyone stealing sperm and eggs from your own family?  Is Pippa, James, Katie, or you or Carol being forced to give over your reproductive rights and allow the government to torture, maim, and kill your family after using them?  Or forcing them into adoptions to be raised by persons who hold none of the values you hold? 

If you ever did care, why did you choose to take that other path?

You chose that, and now what will you choose?

The total extermination of civil society?

Are you interested in being slave masters?  Is that what you worked for all your lives? or are you actually going to do something purposeful and good with what you've gained?

I have witnessed my parents being forced to give over sperm and eggs, and I've been forced to do this myself.  We've also been forced to witness our kids being tortured and kidnapped.

How do you even live with yourselves?

Were you seriously part of the government gang rapes against me, in the "name of Katie", your daughter, who so many wanted to be "Queen"?  It matters to me, that you appear to be as corrupt as everyone around you and that you refuse to speak up for my 3 sets of daughters who were born to me.  Where are they?  You know where they are.  I want to know where my daughters are and I want you to tell me.

I also want you to speak up for someone besides yourselves and undo what you've done.

Cameo L. Garrett