Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kate Middleton and Carol Goldsmith's Forced Partial Birth Murder Of Clone

this is for more info.

One of the individuals who was involved, in what happened before the murder, was Aldrich Ames, spy for the CIA who became a Russian spy.  Middletons were very good friends with "Pelton" and "Ames", both of them U.S. CIA spies who turned into Russian spies and Ames was part of a conspiracy to undermine me for Middletons and...

God who knows who else.  My older clone thought he was a likeable person and was nice to him as if he was a friend or associate, and the entire time, he was working for MIDDLETON.  He actually took part in the assassination of my clone.

Which is just ...crazy, because who was he working for in 1977 or 1978 when it happened?  The CIA or Russia?  He and Ed Howard were talking with Mary Donaldson and Carol Goldsmith prior to her murder.  Richard looked at me, with his glasses, with this suddenly suspicious and horrified look, when I was a little girl.  He did not like me.  I am not sure why, because of what he helped collude to do to my older clone or what, but he didn't like me.

He went after my older clone with a bunch of Jewish commies.  He was also connected to "Anna" and Chris Dabney, because Dabney was connected to Russians, through Anna or others.

I knew him, Aldrich Ames, as a toddler.  I was no stranger.  I was around him overseas in England, and in the U.S. and I distinctly remember him from when I was a toddler up to about age 4, such as, his 1976 trip to NYC.  I was there.  I also remember him around the Washington area.  They attacked my older clone to promote the other CIA bitches.  I was raped by him and so was Loree and Goldsmiths & Dabneys & the Roses were happy about it.  They held my son hostage too.  I was scared to death of my parents because they beat me up over all of this CIA crap and promoting Jews to be CIA spies and have nice jobs as "royals" while forcing me to work for nothing.  Eric was also involved, and I met his Russian contacts in NYC.  They helped murder one of my kids.  How nice.  The CIA gave me nothing in compensation, insurance benefits, or pay for being forced to be gang-raped and held hostage and exposed to torture and death and hear about "Anna" all day.  "Anna", was a blond, not Anna Chapman.

Not to mention, the Middletons hosted Anna Chapman over for dinner all the time.

I have more info on the hit.

After she was killed, I kept saying, as a little girl, "Where's Loree?  I want to live with Loree!" and they had Lori Garrett show up and every other "Loree" wasn't her, my clone, and they were mean calculating persons trying to cover up her murder.

They said, "What is Loree's last name?" and I had forgotten, after they tortured me to forget, like they said they would.  I said, finally, not remembering so just saying "Loree Garrett" and saying "I don't know but she was me so like Garrett but that wasn't her last name".

It wasn't her last name because she wasn't a Garrett or a Baird.The U.S. people just stared at me and smirked, happy I had forgotten what Loree's real last name had been--so happy, since they'd murdered her off and now wanted to extinguish her memory.

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