Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tim Michale Kaine: Ax-Murderer and Partial Abortionist Murderer

No one should vote for Kaine and the fact Hillary would select him is proof of bad judgment.  But since her own husband is a murderer and pedophile, and she supported him, why not the hyprocritical Kaine too?

Kaine is connected to New Mexico people and Debbie Sweetwater-Burt and Steve, her pedophile husband.

I was first around Kaine as a little girl, because he raped me with Bill Clinton, Mike Middleton, Gary Goldsmith, and one of the Bob jrs. was around at the time.  Possibly also the Roses and Ken and Marylynn Kargman.  He was also connected to John Kaempf, who was a hacker with an ax, murdering people and dismembering them, and he was and is as well.

When I was raped by Kaine, it wasn't just me, it was an older clone of me he raped too.  "Nat", which is pronounced "Nate", was already around and grown, and he had already 2 sets of cloned kids with his wife Anne.

He was a tennis player, like Chris Dabney, and he and his wife played with Dabneys and James Dabney's family, and all of them were living in Virginia but traveled around.

After I witnessed the rape of my clone by him, and was raped by him myself, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said I wanted "candy" and someone gave me an enormous 4 foot tall candy cane which was thick around, and then they beat up and murdred my son and left the candy cane at Granny's house upstairs, where I would gnaw off a piece of it for years, because you could only eat so much "peppermint".  He was also best friends with Roman Catholic Hiltons, who raped me, and Heinzes and John Kerry, who were all Catholic.

I had cried when I was given a candy cane because it was humiliating to me as a little 6 year old girl, who was raped by "Kaine".  I said I wanted different kinds of candy, not just one kind, and they were smirking saying, "But it's life-sized" and they said, "See, Anna gets the 4 foot doll" and they patted this little girl next to Anna, a blond Russian speaking CIA agent from Virginia and D.C. that Dabney knew, and then said, "And you get the candy cane".

They started talking about how they wanted all of my teeth to rot out of my mouth becauase I was a "Rottweiler" and "rotten".  Tom Parker-Bowles and his family showed up for the present-giving to me of a giant candy cane while they promised themselves they'd blow my teeth out by U.S. military force with remote control technology they had and then spent the rest of the time bragging about how the U.S. military had all kinds of new technology and what they could do and how they were controlling me, so no one had to "worry", and that soon I'd just have G.M.s, and Middletons with George Middleton, Kate's kid was also there.

They were also talking about how many kids of mine and unborn they planned to murder, and all this at Granny and Grandpas house in Cashmere, WA.  They had already murdered some of my older clones, most significantly the one who Prince Edward had sent love letters to, whom she was married to.  She was told to divorce so "Sofie" could marry him.

The individuals who were involved in extremely sickening and gross murders against my older cloned kids and clone of myself, had told everyone I had to be "implanted" so they could torture me if I talked and because they wanted "control" and Kaine was one of the men who told the CIA, "I'm not running unless you implant her" and he had murderer Richard Whittemore and ax murderer John Kamepf helping make the request, with lawyers from the Catholic church and some Jews.

The Jews were mostly British royal Jews, the Rose family, Kargmans, and Nora Krevans and Barry Crannel.  Nora and Lorraine Rose and Tim's "girlfriend" on the side, Paulina Por..something, a model, were all Polish Jews.  Not only were they Polish Jews, they were suddenly coming up with claims that my older clone was a Nazi who held their ancestors hostage during WWII, and they made these claims while forcing me as a little girl into sex games like "pole in the hole" which was with Kaine, Clintons, Dabney, Hiltons, and royals, shoving penises into women's vaginas, and then making me play as a little girl.  They also used poles to rape men and I witnessed them raping my older clone and kids this way.

Kaine was a heavy cocaine user, and it was used as blackmail against him once, also because he had raped people.  When he (or someone?) lost a baby for some reason, like his wife had a miscarriage, he blamed my older clone for it, and her kid, or just used some excuse, and they kidnapped her, took her to a remote and secret location, held her down while she was pregnant and forced a partial-birth abortion, using instruments, and forcing me to help while I was saying, "She's squirting stuff everywhere".  I said, "How come Loree is squirting stuff everywhere?"

Sarah and Ben Netanyahu were also involved and Sarah Netanyahu is one of the women who held an older clone of me hostage to murder her, over British royal lineage and kicking my clone out of their Jew and Catholic Parker-Bowles way.

The Middletons and Carol Goldsmith were involved in this and it is the entire reason I told Carol Goldsmith she should start up a party business to make money for herself and call it "Party Pieces".I was about age 7 at the time.  It was before Carol was pregnant with 1982 Kate Middleton so I was around age 6 or 7 and to conceal why I wanted her to call it this, I said, "Like a puzzle with all of the pieces and then you get just the right one and it fits and makes the whole picture!"  She then said to someone yes, she'd do that and the CIA was giving her some of my money from songwriting to fund it and then when she decided I didn't remember anything about her crimes against my older clone and cloned kids, and myself, she said, "I guess I will be marrying Mike then" because they were living together at the time, off and on, and not married yet, as clones (there is an older Carol Goldsmith) and Mike was raping me day and night as a pedophile.  All they did, was rape me.  He was coming home from the airport and raping me and taking me with him to Sandhurst and the airport and I was raped there, by tons of men.  Carol knew about all of it and Carol was having a sexual relationship with Bob jr. and living with Bob jr. and Kate Middleton elsewhere.

Both Mike Middleton and Bob jr. were trying to set me up for Lord Mountbatten's murder when I was 5 years old, because they were both involved in murdering my older clone and kids.  Bob Jr. and Dicksie and Mike all didn't want me to have any position or money.  Bob jr. and Mike Middleton were a team, not enemies--they had one common enemy--and it was ME.

My older clone and kids were never saying "How is Mom and Dad?" because she already knew Bob and Dicksie were not her Mom and Dad.  She was saying things like, "How do you like living with Bob and Dickise?" and wanted me to live with her instead and was trying to make that possible.  I was placed into the Bob and Dicksie residence, as a clone, not "born naturally" into the family.  I am not a Jew and all of them are.

So Carol Goldsmith decided that since I was around puzzles all the time, she could name her business "Party Pieces" and no one would remember.  I tagged and bagged her with the name.  Not just that, I had specifically not thought about anything to do with her when telling her to name it that, because I already knew she reads minds.  And then they committed even more crimes, and I remembered it by this and by Reeces Pieces for "Trevor Rees-Jones" and Sofie Rhys-Jones, who dismembered people over "Severn" and then thought it was "cute" that Dave and Vickie Beckham named their kid "Seven" as a disguised name for Severed.

I was the one who came up with the movie idea "E.T." and Steven Spielberg had shown up at my house saying he wanted permission to use some of my money and would make a movie I liked if I agreed, and I could decide the story, plot, characters, and title.  The U.S. was not just raping me and murdering my kids and holding me hostage with people who were not my family, they were stealing my money and holding it in a "trust" they said, and then telling me I couldn't spent it for myself or clones (who they wre murdering off to not be beneficiaries) anymore.  And when I started rolling in money, suddenly Prince Edward was asking questions about me again.  Interesting.  Prince Edward the god damned gold-digger.  Not to mention, he was paranoid that if the U.S. let me have my own profits from my work, I'd be rich and go after shits that murdered my clones and held me hostage and raped me.  They went around systematically hunting down all clones and cloned kids of mine, and murdering them.

This post is going to be copied and added to my other blog about illegal human cloning, and it will be updated with more information about crimes committed by Tim Kaine, including feeding live persons to crocodiles and calling them "Salt" for "Salties".  He was not only part of the group that was raping me when I was only a baby even, and toddler, forcing me to do blow job before giving me my bottle of milk from the fridge, he was part of a group feeding people to "Salties" and laughing about it.  It was a way to murder and get rid of bodies all in one "snap".  Or more than one snap.  They were not just feeding live people, whole, like kids, they were dicing up people and feeding them.  This occurred in Australia and in Florida and I was thrown into the water with the crocodiles to be eaten alive and people from the U.S. and England stood around waiting for me to die. 

Lindsay O'Neil and Christa Schneider were also part of this group and are friends with Kaine.  O'Neil's mother dated John Kitzhaber, from Oregon, seriously, for years.  They were lovers and political teammates, and extended their influence to trapping me in Oregon and Washington state to be subjected to mental wards and torture and interrogation by Secret Service and FBI whenever I tried to report things that were happening.  When I tried to escape, I was always hunted down.  Olympia Dukakis, who is related to Mike Dukakis, was also involved.  Mike Dukasis slightly resembled Kaine, and they were also Governors.

The U.S. government made a very hardcore statement when deciding to murder off all of my clones and hold us hostage.  They were using their top picks for presidential candidacy to do it and anytime my son was saying I could be "Queen" or that I had property in England which was stolen, they murdered him, and anytime I said my son was smart enough to be President himself, they murdered him.  The U.S. repeatedly used and raped me and my kids and exterminated us.  They wanted all of these British royals and U.S. govt. men to be able to get constant blow jobs and sex "for free" or no marriage, from my clones, as a way to punish them, I guess, for WWII accusations. 

They were also forcing me to "pull" penises, telling me I was helping them make "saltwater taffy".  They forced both me and my kids to do this.  Kaine was using not just his penis, but canes, and poles to rape us.  He got mad that I said his punishment for forcing me to help him commit a murder of impartial abortion against my own clone should be to have his tooth pulled.  This is after they'd already talked about blowing out my teeth, on purpose, to make me suffer, for no reason other than they could use U.S. military weaponry to do it, and make British royals and U.S. govt. "happy".  He didn't even ask me this until I was about age 8, older.  Kaine was like Obama, committing sick crimes and disappearing and then reappearing after awhile, and wanting to see if I still remembered him or not.

The U.S. government was inviting all of their CIA presidential 'picks' to murder one of my clones, either an older clone or baby of me, or my kids, or both, and then including it as part of their screening and acceptance of them, and they were also having British royals do the same and men who were raping me and my clones.  Then we were being forced to have only work for them, and all of our references controlled, and forced to do other kinds of work for free, and not given credit for any of it.  They also had all of the members of my own "family" doing the same thing and then gave new clones to them, and made sure they were accessible for rape and torture by everyone else.

Another crime Kaine committed, was attacking my clone with a hachet and dismembering them while they were alive and trying to get away.  He declared himself the 'champion'.

And after Debbie Burt assisted Sofie Rhys-Jones with aborting my older clones baby by force, she was saying "She doesn't have any kids now".   Eric Knox and Mia were also involved--blacks from black 'church' congregations like the ones the Kaines go to, in attempts to show they'll do "favors" for blacks.

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