Tuesday, July 26, 2016

OSU Problems & Effort To Kick Me Out Of College (per plots from the past when I was a minor)

 If you read the post about "Shaolin Temple", it refers to some of the bribery I witnessed by OSU-connected officials and U.S. govt. in trying to prejudice me in the future, to find an excuse to kick me out of college.  The plot was to force me to not finish my degrees.

They ran through their "experiment" of how to affect my grades, torturing me while I was in college by military (it is a military college, and was the first one in the U.S. and one of the first to have a "pilot online program" for their distance ROTC and military persons), as a minor.  Middletons were directly involved.  They even went out to the OSU campus to brag about what they'd do to me, and try to predict and plot out how to make my life Hell no matter what I tried to do or where I lived, if I ever lived in Corvallis or near-campus as well.

The bribery to affect my grades was not just through some OSU faculty that is friends with U.S. government employees, it is through Middletons, who spy for the CIA and Pentagon, and who shoved microfilm and documents up my vagina and ass for years when I was a kid while passing me back and forth from England and the U.S., it is also from Wendy and Robin Bechtold, and this information, about both Eric and Bechtolds, was told to me by my military-connected "grandpa", Robert Garrett Sr.

I had to go on a "camp-out" with a bunch of U.S. govt. employees who wanted to rape me and keep me out of college, and unable to leave the U.S., or marry someone outside of the sick U.S. govt. circle, and who wanted to steal credit from me.  Chris Dabney and Anna, the blond-haired Russian, were sharing a tent; Robin and Wendy Bechtold shared a tent and also had their own kid (he was a half Asian boy) and they were holding a clone of my son Oliver hostage and then murdered him there in front of me and an older clone of me, at the campsite.  He was supposedly murdered because I told Robin and Wendy their kid, their "son", was a "traitor to the U.S.".  Wendy, the older clone of Wendy, had laughed and then she and Robin got mad.  Not only that, Chris Dabney, who tortured me with them when I was a kid, was stalking me everywhere and pissed about my being around and seeing who he slept with.  Rachel the Jew's tent was next-door to his and she was with some brown-haired man.

They plotted out, in front of me, how to ruin my grades and make it impossible for me to go to law school or a graduate school, and their plan was to use remote technology to torture me while I was in school, and then rape me to force me to have clones anytime I was living in Coquille, Oregon or going to OSU, and anytime I lived in Coquille, for more than a year, I was raped and forced to have the same babies for "Lisa and Armando Avila", who are friends with Harry of Wales and Chelsea Clinton.

I was told I could send a Petition for Late Change of Grade because of a MISTAKE in suspending me in the first place.  For example, if you suspended me because a drop to registration for Summer did not occur, that is a computer error, not an error on my part and as a preteen, I had to go through this entire same situation with the same people and this is what happened next:

First it was argued that a computer error was not OSU's fault, and that no one could 'prove' I had tried to drop the class.  Then I was told having a "baby" was not "extenuating" circumstances and that people had babies all the time and still kept up.  Next, I was being told that OSU didn't like my emails and "attitude" towards the instructors and that I was "disruptive" in classes.

I had to go through a lot of Hell at OSU, not to mention being held hostage on-campus, and raped on-campus as a minor, while OSU was conducting a witch hunt against anyone suspected of being a Russian "spy".  I also met you and Sarah Whiteside at that time, and neither of you liked me and both of you had husbands or family who had been working for the U.S. Navy I believe it was, or were employed through ROTC yourselves still.

I was told to wait 2 years, and then OSU decided since they really wanted to screw me over, they would tell me to get "counseling" and they attempted to force ME to go to psychological counseling and told me without a psych eval, you felt too "afraid" for the "lives of students" to allow me onto your campus, given all of the "shootings" that occur, by "deranged students" in the U.S. 

After this, you also informed me through more than one person you were retaliating against me for being raped by Chris Dabney's family, Bechtolds, and Alvaro Pardo, all families for the govt, including Eric Knox, and Vices, who courses at OSU in the past, and that you were considering "legal advice" given by attorney Rob Schneider, John Kaempf, and Whittemores.  That's not to mention Sarah McDonald, whose family worked for the CIA at a location I was forced to be at, as a kid, with Bechtold, where I was falsely accused of murder when the murderer was actually Carol Goldsmith-Middleton, whom OSU asked to help with starting up their "online program" that was called a "pilot program", as described to me when I was a kid, in the 1980s.

I was discriminated against by Alan Shay as well, who refused to acknowledge an attempt made by me to drop a class for a term, for which I was then suspended for.

All of my prior college work, by the way, was never documented or credited to me.  Instead, I spent countless hours for nothing, working away at NOTHING, and all of my work was saved by OSU, and then I was not even given the validation of the very fact I had attended and spent all that time, and could have had a college degree by the time I was age 14, and instead had nothing to show for my work.

After what I went through, as a minor, I was then finally told, since I didn't like OSU's "terms" for making me wait 2 years to go back, or take community classes at my own expense, that OSU didn't feel they could "allow" me back to the school at all, because they didn't like my attitude or writings or reports about some of their faculty, and I was told, after spending all of my financial aid "money" (which was allotted through some "pilot program" or ROTC system), at OSU, and being only about 20 credits away from a degree in English and a few more away from a B.S. in Horticulture, ...after all that, I was then told I was never allowed back to OSU and I was then FORCED to look for another University, to graduate from, and University of Oregon was suggested, and their entire faculty participated in gang-raping me at their campus too, and bragged that their college was "the end of the line" and they were "done with me" now. 

I was unable to get a degree for the work I did, because of what OSU did to me when I was a kid.  I also witnessed bribery occuring with OSU officials, at the very top, and with certain other individuals "spotted" here and there around the campus, who were meeting with Goldsmiths, Middletons, and some Parker-Bowles and U.S. persons, including people around my "parents", who agreed to not allow me to ever "graduate" from OSU in the "future", when I was an adult.  I also saw personal letters of references given to other U.S. government kids who were never stolen from and who were instead on salaried payrolls of the U.S. government, such as Robin Bechtold, for them to use in future studies at higher-echelon law schools, where they could then find jobs making $180,000/yr. after making agreements to rape me and including govt. persons from Canada in their deal with the U.S. government, Dabney, Amanda Bynes and her family.

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