Monday, August 29, 2016

9-11 Plot Pre-Torture Of My Kids and Clones Over Kate Middleton

One of the things the U.S. did, while plotting 9-11, was to torture me and clones of mine to have their hair burned off of their heads and it was over Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton.  They work for the CIA and Pentagon.  One of the Katies worked for Mossad and I'm 100% positive.  Ultimately, they tie all their connections together and screw anyone over who doesn't support them.

To remember she was CIA, and the date of her "wedding", which was a day Prince Charles told me I had actually married him (as a kid) and then they were saying no, now it's Katie's wedding day, I said I wanted to purchase some laundry products to bleach my hair, to prove Kate Middleton made a huge scene out of not having the haircolor she wanted in stock, in England.  She raged and fumed and made a huge enormous stink about it and the U.S. sided with her.  I had said, "Why can't she buy any other dark brown hair color?  It's not like dark brown is a special color that needs a particular product or anything--it's not hard to match like some blond or red colors".  Not only that, she committed a murder, and it was her, changing her hair color and then back again, and it wasn't my clone.

So to remember some of this and how her mother was forcing me to stay inside of rooms fumed with bleach gases until I passed out, every single day, I found out she had a wedding date of April 29th.  When I heard one of the Katie clones was using that day as her anniversary, I thought it was odd because it was said to be not just the day Charles "married" me secretly, when I was a minor, in his room, with a priest there, it was also a date that had something to do with one of my clones and a royal Prince.

So I said, if I can't find the haircolor I want, which is #1 light blond in Feria (Loreal), then I will use the same laundry products I used in the past to do my hair, which worked, when Kate did the same to me.  I had discovered, then, that sodium percarbonate, peroxide, and bleach lightened my hair.  So I used this and later when someone asked what I'd used I said bleach and peroxide and mentioned another whitener but didn't think it mattered that much.  Well, turned out, the "salt" protected the hair from being dissolved totally by a combo of bleach and peroxide.  These U.S. CIA shits got furious, claiming some woman had tried it and was now bald.

Then they forced me to visit one of the clones of myself, and they had forced her to have her hair fried and dissolved so she was bald and she was crying.  I said I hadn't done anything intentionally and it was true. I didn't know salt protected it from dissolving.  I had just used the 3 together and found it worked, randomly.  So then these U.S. govt. people, TORTURED my son in front of me saying they wwere going to do this to HIM, and already knowing the results and torture, they put it on his head and tortured him in front of me.  Then, they had one of the clones of Kate Middleton murder one of them.

So I later said, if someone gets rid of my hair color, if I try blond again, then I want peroxide to be priced at $1 and oxy-whitener at $8.30 and bleach at $1.99 so it would be a total of $11.29 and then prior to buying I would pick up some pop cans to recycle, worth about $2.  I would then think of adding 2 to 11, like 1+1, and 2+1+1=4  for $4.29  to remember 4/29, April 29th, was the day Kate married in the past, and she was the one connected to the "pure diamond" haircolor by Feria, and had been murdering my clones over stealing trafficked diamonds with Obamas and Bushes.  I would also remember Dabney and Gary Goldsmith's friend "Daniel" from Israel, as involved.

And then 9-11 was just $11.29 minus $2 (without pop cans) so it was either $9 or $11 and then change, depending on if I got the cans or not.

I can several things worked out by this, and at the Pentagon, they were claiming they wanted to blow people up because they didn't like Kate Middleton either and it was a biggest lie.  THEY LOVE HER.  The Pentagon was lying, from the Pentagon, with some British people there, and they were making a bet that Kate would not lose any babies and I would be forced to be raped and humiliated and lose a baby and then they'd have Kate Middleton publicly marry William and brag about it.  Rachel the Jew was the one who was leaving the pop cans behind for $2 or so.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Police Harassment By Murderer Sgt. Wallace & "Rider" Murderer

I am being deliberately stalked down by individuals who committed murders of clones of my kids and of myself, and persons who raped me, and now being falsely reported. 

I was sitting at the library just outside, in an obvious library area, and this cop approached with a woman who held me down, raped me, had a clone of myself raped, and she murdered my clone.

This woman came into my house in Moses Lake, WA, after I had been trafficked to Coquille, OR, and forced me on my back and started raping me and forcing me to "masturbate" myself, and this was for saying, as an 8 yr. old girl, Kate Middleton wasn't "pure".  I was not just forced to masturbate myself by her and other cops with her, she pointed a gun at a clone of my son and murdered him and pointed one at a clone of myself and shot her and then they tried to say it was "Amanda" (Bynes) and it wasn't.  She raped me around the same time Rabbi Rose was raping me and forcing me to sit on top of his penis and move up and down on him.  Scott Lewis, his son-in-law, also forced me to do this, and I was not raped one time or a few times, but multiple times, and I was specifically forced to live with them away from "parents" when they did this.  I was then later, a few years later, forced to be raped by Alvaro Pardo this way, and it was the same Alvaro Pardo that raped me and held me hostage in 2008 because he had the same tooth filling in the back, the same silver filling.  The U.S. had CIA persons there, FBI, British royals who work for the CIA, and Jews who had raped me, all there when I was gang-raped at a house in Germantown, MD, after the U.S. govt. employees "practiced" first in Portland, Oregon with Rabbi Rose and Lewis and cops and in Coquille.
This woman who showed up with Wallace showed up in the past with him, 2 other times, always to harass me and they approached me and said pool staff claimed I went around a corner to the pool and yelled and flipped off kids and I didn't.  I was seated in the same place the entire time.  They deliberately "banned" me from the community area, with this cop telling me I had to discuss this with a City Manager who is also a murderer, Ben Marchant and my entire family already knows he's a murderer.  So basically, these govt. clone shits are passing me around from one murderer to the next.  They never put this female blond "rider" in jail or prison for her murders of my clones.  She was holding the gun and she shot them after harassing them about how I'd amount to nothing, they controlled everything, and wrestling me down with Chris Rozollo and some other govt. people, including Ben Affleck and Jen Garner.  From what I recall, they invited persons who ended up later being in movies, to this, bc they worked for the CIA already.  Jen Garner was signed up as an escort with Chris Dabney's mother's escort business in D.C. and that was supposedly how she met Ben.  She was stripping for a living, and murdering some of the men when she stripped and got into their house.  She was also with Chris Dabney and they were working together and I thought she was one of his cloned daughters because they were together all the time. 
This blond bitch has shown up again, and it's the same fucking clone, and she doesn't look any younger.  She looks like the same one who murdered my clones.  After she showed up, other cops also were there and they forced me, for over a week, while living mostly in my house, to rub my hand against my own vagina and to masturbate and they did this while talking about how Kate Middleton was "pure" and I wasn't.  It was all about forcing me to look like a slut when I was saying I wanted to file an international report against Middleton and Goldsmiths for murder of my clones, and bragging about it, in front of me, using their Jewish Mossad friends to rape me and force me to masturbate while being tortured (they put an electrocution headbrace on my head while they made me do this, part of the time), and I was trying to report Middletons and Prince Charles for raping me and then lying and telling cops I was a 7 yr. old "child prostitute".  Then I was an "8 yr. old child prostitute", according to them.  They used Ed Howard to further their plots against me, because he was in the CIA, working for CIA by 1983, officially, not just military.  He had helped Camilla Parker-Bowles murder one of my clones under a carport.

There is a cleaner for the Coquille Community Center and she and her husband also murdered a clone of my son to my face and she is not just govt, they're some kind of Mafia connected to Alvaro Pardo and Del Balzos.  She looks Italian and so does he and I don't know what they are, but they murdered one of my sons who was in his 20s, in their house.  She was raping me and her husband was raping me, and violently raping me and one day someone told ME, to tell her to do a sex video or something.  I was only 9 yrs old and I didn't know that since they'd murdered my son and raped me, now they wanted to frame me and make me appear to be forcing poor her to do something.  So they set it up and then claimed they were victims and they were the murderers. 

She was outside with some women today, talking about "holes" and how I was a "hole" and need a button for that hole and so on and on and on and then one of the women got in my face and started saying things to me.  This cleaner woman was also taking down this huge bright red backed 'flag' or sign while they said this, and they had Alvaro Pardo agreeing with them he'd rape me and then hang up a red curtain in his window, and he did this, in Maryland, in 2008.

The other cops connected to this blond woman included, possibly, Jordan from TN, another cop who also works with the FBI or military, and there were others around and involved too.  They brought Mike Tancer around later, with his Mom, but the main cops who were there when they were gang-raping me and forcing me to 'masturbate' myself, were cops that were more local.  She also looked like she was friends with a Dicksie but then she had her restrained or something. 

She is not the only fucking cop-connected bitch raping people.  Oh, and the blond bitch claimed she had an excuse to rape me and murder my kids, for telling her why didn't she go masturbate herself, but they were using hate crimes against me along with crimes for Kate Middleton.  I was not ever working for her or with her, but they did this to me and murdered and then tried to tell me I was actually working with them undercover, and NO I wasn't.  This blond said to me, "And we'll catch Katie" and it was a fucked up lie.  They were specifically targeting me to rape me and my kids, and making up any excuse to do it, and assaulting us.

Not only that, these cops were jumping a Bob sr. and jr. and me, for no reason one day, and taking me to jail as a minor in Coquille just for remembering crimes they had committed and saying I was going to write about them.

There was another woman who murdered one of my clones with Brian Gross with her, and Wallace.  She drives a silver-gray colored sedan, and even a Bob sr. said to report her because she was gang-raping me too and murdering my clones and bragging about it until I cried.  She looks slightly like me, and is taller, and she is a bitch.  She knows Dabney and cops because she followed the car of a woman who wore this one hat and then she was wearing an orange sweater like one I had.  That same woman turned out to be some cop shit who murdered one of my sons with other cops.

Then when I had to go to court, the Judge, who also murdered one of my clones in front of me, a baby, and carted it past me with blood around and dead, was saying I couldn't get along with anyone so I couldn't live there and then next thing I knew, instead of being relocated to another town, which is what I thought, as a preteen, was happening, he had me forced into a mental ward and made a parent "guardian" over me when I was already an emancipated minor at age 11.  I had won a court case for emancipation and the U.S. shits didn't like it because they couldn't torture and control me as much so they found a way to lie and have a parent assigned to be guardian, and then forced them or had them want to put me in a mental ward.  I was stripped in front of people, made fun of about Parker-Bowles and Middleton, and believe me, these crimes by cops are all drug-reeking...

Not only does the Bush family and CIA want to hide the fact I was tortured by them and people sprung from jail for political family reasons, and others murdered, the FBI doesn't admit they were buying 8 balls of cocaine from the Goldsmith family and having them delivered to their own FBI offices.  It was almost a joke.  The FBI had a few employees sneaking a snort of a line of cocaine in the bathroom, but then there was this entire senior hierarchy group of FBI that openly bought cocaine and used it and they were not tagging and bagging it--they were using it.

They were putting ME in jail for not being a coke-ass like they are.  They had other kids in the govt. that were my age who just snorted along with the cops and FBI and no big deal and murdered, and they weren't arrested like me. I was the one stolen from, and not committing crimes, and NOT nuts.

James Comey is one of the murderers of my clones, and so is Trump and his wives and Clintons.  They're already betting on how to get rid of me, by harassing me with the same cop cloned shits.

As for Pardo, this Alvaro Pardo who raped me in 2008 is the SAME one who raped me when I was age 10 and he'd raped me when I was younger than that too, and he was an adult then.  To me, in 2008, he looked like he could be up to age 45 when I was 30.  He didn't look so young and then I saw his tooth in the back and it was the same filling.  I was raped by more than one Alvaro Pardo too, as a minor.  I was forced to sit on top of him, like with Rose and Scott Lewis, and I was raped and then he left and then came back and I thought maybe it was a second clone of himself.  He wasn't the only shit raping me either.

Not only was it statutory rape, it was actual rape, even though someone might not have known.  I was being forced to moan and make suggestions about how to do it, and get "into it" and I was tortured to do this.  I was tortured to do this just as I was literally tortured to "masturbate" myself, and the fucking Rose family was one of the groups forcing me to do this at their own house.  I was only 8 yrs. old and they were forcing me to lie down on their carpet and masturbate. I was possibly also doing this when I was age 7, because I remember it was all over saying Katie's name meant 'pure' and she wasn't 'so pure' and neither was Camilla.  They got mad at me, when I was just this little girl, for saying this and started forcing me to "masturbate" myself.  It wasn't like they did it once, I was tortured and forced to do it and they were torturing me AT the Rose house and then saying "It's not going to go away until you do this" and forcing me to masturbate on their floor to "have the pain go away" and saying either I masturbate myself or they could rape me so which one did I want and they'd let me "choose".  This is all with Rabbi Emmanuel Rose, his KIDS (all cloned), and Lorraine.  Sometimes they had other cops and FBI with them, other times, they had other Jews with them, and then sometimes, it was British royal connected people and Middletons.  How many times was I forced to do this?  They made me do this for weeks at a time, for hours at a time.  So I'd be forced to be at the Rose house for a few days, or a day, or up to one week, and this is what they were doing to me.  Then I'd be somewhere else, and the next time I was there, they'd do it again.  They held me hostage for close to a month once and I was forced to be tied up and handcuffed in all of the rooms and while in Josh Rose's bed, downstairs, they said, "Should we take the cuffs off?" because they didn't want me to run away.  For example, I was handcuffed to the legs of a couch in the 'study room' at the Rose house (and by the way, they remodeled to conceal evidence of murder); in Rabbi and Lorraine Roses room, in Josh's room (where they also held one of my sons hostage); in their bathroom; and some kind of a basement.  They had some kind of cellar and I didn't see it later, when I worked there.  I was forced to stay in closets too.  My son was buying me some trinkets and things and Lorraine was stealing them and decorating her own bathroom with them.  I liked Russian "eggs" that opened up like music boxes, and my son bought me some limoge style boxes, ceramic boxes and glass eggs and things and Lorraine was stealing them.  A few someone else stole, bc they disappeared from her house too.

The entire time, they were raping me and forcing me to not run.  It was forced Stockholm Syndrome.  They murdered my clones in front of me and they forced me to pretend they were nice and we liked eachother and I wasn't scared of them.  Their entire goal was to force me to stay in one place and look like I was staying in a place, voluntarily, of my own free will, and no problem with these people.  They were murdering people around me, who tried to fight them off, or who argued for my right to have credit and money for my own work. 

They had Wallace at their house more than once too.  He wasn't just in Coquille, he was going to other locations, like the blond woman who raped me at my house. 

They chased my son out of their house and forced him to leave behind his jacket once, and then murdered him.  Then later, decades later, Lorraine Rose hired me to work and I had no other possible job to accept and took it out of desperation and I didn't remember everything at the time.  She then told me to dig a "plum sauce" bottle out of the dumpster at the same spot where they'd murdered one of my sons as he was attempting to flee their un-Godly house.  They had murdered him and then forced him into the dumpster, dead.  That was just one of several murders by them.

After I was told to dig out a plum sauce bottle, I told their neighbors I could work for them on off-hours bc I needed additional work and then Lorraine fired me and I went to my car and someone had popped off the red knob to my radio control from my radio and then a week later, their Jew-friend Josh Gatov raped me using knives to threaten me with.  He had a bunch of cops supporting him prior to the rape.  There is no possible way he did not know it was rape.  They had plotted to deliberately rape me and have me look like a willing "one-night stand tramp" who would fit Prince Charles' and Mike Middleton's and Carol Goldsmith's description to London Police, of a "child prostitute" or, a whore.

This woman who rode with Wallace also held me hostage on other locations and I saw her attack my older clone.  She was dragging people around, abusing authority using handcuffs everywhere.  Then she was claiming, in court, that she was studying "psychology" at some college.  What a fucking murderous BITCH.  I'm positive it was her, with the murders I remember, and I'm positive it was Wallace, with what I recall, and his supervisor or this other man was also involved.

They kept trying to cover for themselves by having me think they were all different men or maybe they were faked murders and not real, and they weren't faked.  They were murdering, seriously, over 100 or so of my clones and the U.S. had just as many cloned at close to the same ages, as the Chinese were doing.  It wasn't just "China"--the U.S. did it and then went out exterminating people.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

U.S. Govt. Gang-Rape and Murder In Germantown, MD When I Was Age 11 and Pregnant

I was not just raped by Alvaro Pardo after a big U.S. govt "party" in Maryland or D.C., I was gang-raped by a huge number of U.S. employees at the same house in Germantown, MD that I was forced to live in later, in 2008, decades later.

The U.S. drugged me, and trafficked me to D.C. and Maryland to be gang-raped while forcing me to be on high levels of alcohol and drugs.  They were Presidential "candidates" hand-picked by the Pentagon and CIA and FBI, and Middletons, the Koch Brothers, and other individuals who were holding me hostage and making money off of me.

I had just turned age 11, and had been age 10 prior to that, and they gang-raped me telling eachother they didn't need to use "birth control" because I was already pregnant and I didn't show in the stomach but I had larger breasts from pregnancy.  When I was forced to deliver and have a baby vaginally, I knew the U.S. govt. had planned gang-raping me prior to delivery to conceal the damages or evidence, and cover it up with "childbirth" excuses.

There was a Jewish group in the other room saying do you need your breast pump as if to have my memory mixed up to think this occurred after childbirth and not before.

Middletons were there, and involved, and I was raped by Waleses, along with Alvaro Pardo, Louis Freeh, and Greg Fowler from the FBI.  I was raped with full vaginal rape, with use of their penises, until they ejaculated and all of them were adults and I was the only kid there.  I was raped with full rape and forced to be "on top" and "make noises and act like you like it" by over 20-30 men in one night.

They murdered an adult clone of my son there, by shooting him in the same room, in the same house, at close range, and holding him in place to do it.  It was Chris Dabney's mother, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt who had traveled over there, and James Comey.  My brother Levi was around and so was Donald Trump.  Maiers family members were also there, with other Colombians and Mexicans connected to Alvaro, and my "parents", and Jen Garner, Michelle and Barak Obama and some other blacks.  After I was gang-raped they stood around and talked about how Alvaro and Chris would rape me again in the future, when I was in my 30s, and then later, they wanted to murder me and they stood around asking eachother which one of them would do it.  Then they were saying, "Or maybe..." and said maybe they'd do something else, and added "Dicksie?" and then trailed off in their discussion.

They had Donald Trump there saying he'd do it, when he was President or something like that and then they were saying, "Or Kaine?" and they went back and forth discussing how to kill me in the future and who would do it. 

Donald Trump was also one of the rapists against me there and there was more than one Donald Trump clone there, an older one who was about the same age the public one is now, and a younger one.  Patrick Donovan was also there (I think), and James Cartright, with other Pentagon officials including the Irish man who leads the U.S. Army.  Kardashians, JayZ  and a group of blacks were also involved.  Sullivan from the OIG was also there...they used the head person they planned to put at the top of the Office of the Inspector General to be involved so if I ever complained about this, my report would go nowhere.

I was basically threatened with rape and implantation by the U.S. govt. at FBI offices in D.C. at their Headquarters, and told they were forcing me to have a clone they were going to kidnap and they'd never let me raise my own kids.  Then I was flown back to my house in Moses Lake, WA, and I was forcibly implanted with Middletons and Waleses in the next room and blocking entrances.  After they left I said I wanted to see a doctor and I was trafficked from M.L. back to Coquille and forced to see Coquille and Bandon Community Center doctors, namely, Nancy Keller and Pam Lewis, respectively.  They held guns at my head, shot more of my clones and raped me and after this, more rape locally, I was then flown to D.C. while drugged and forced to be at locations in Maryland and D.C. as a hostage.

When I was about 2 months pregnant, I was gang-raped by U.S. govt. and British royal's associates and persons, at the same house in Maryland where I was trafficked to earlier as a kid, and witnessed additional murders of my clones--Chris Dabney and Anna had forced me to shoot a gun at one of my own sons there, and family and they murdered an entire family of mine in front of the fireplace mantle, when I was between age 7-9.  Jennifer Garner was also involved in this murder and so were the Middletons and Parker-Bowles.

The U.S. was constantly murdering my sons, because the only person I had given the right to my bank account was "Mejia", who was my son, and my older clone of myself.  The govt. was trying to force me to change the trustee, dozens of times, suggesting I appoint Diana Spencer, or a Bob or Dicksie, or Levi, or what about Joy, and so on.  I said "No, I'm not changing it".

They were also trying to force me to change my name, and my hair color.  They murdered one of my older clones of myself because she was making up an academic plan for me and one for someone else and the U.S. had others pressuring her to change her lesson plans and what was assigned to be to be taught and she refused to go along with them and she was the one with the say.  She was teaching me Arabic, and they didn't want me to be taught Arabic.  I learned some Arabic from her and some of her friends and then the U.S. and England murdered her.

Obamas were involved in the murders in one aspect because all of the Jews were jealous of me and didn't want me learning multiple languages, as my clone was teaching me.  The Jews, such as Goldsmith, and Koch Brothers, began buying off people with Mossad, including Catholics like Del Balzo and Panetta and telling them to make me sound less intelligent than I was, wanting to implant me to be tortured and preventing academic success, to undermine me and what I could or would do in the future.  If I tried writing in Arabic at my house, as a little girl, I was tortured by a Dicksie or Bob.  I knew Arabic alphabet before I knew English alphabet.  I was tortured, electrocuted, and brainwashed to forget all of the Arabic.  It wasn't Hebrew, it was Arabic.  I still knew some Arabic characters at age 7 and then I never wrote it down anymore.  I could read some of the signs in the Middle East that were in Arabic.  We would be in the Middle East and I would see a sign in Arabic and repeat out loud what it was in English, and these Jews got nervous and other U.S. like IRA persons who had held me hostage as a kid, and Dabneys and they said they had to brainwash me to forget the Arabic.  James Cartright was one who didn't want me to know any Arabic, along with Bush.  It was over Kate and Charlotte Middleton and their ideas I was "competition" if I knew Arabic for some reason.  James was going to England and around royals and Middletons as much as I was, as if one of his clones had married one of the Middletons.  There were obvious conflicts of interest and they moved me around as a hostage.  I was never a willing participant.

They murdered my older clone over this.  Then the U.S. was gang-raping me, and moving money out of my own bank account, to other U.S. shits, and they were hunting down every single Mejia clone that was my son and older clone of myself and exterminating all of them, to gain total control of my accounts.

The U.S. govt. held me hostage there in Maryland and D.C. and practiced raping me with the Middleton and Goldsmiths and British royals, and including James Middleton, and then they said I should live with a celebrity family for my pregnancy and it would be a "job" housekeeping sometimes for them.  I was being held hostage.  It wasn't a "job".  Throughout the entire pregnancy, they kept me drugged as well, and I was being forced to take pills every day and in a tranquilized state.  I wasn't myself or free of drugs--they were using drugs to control me and to minimize what I recalled during forced pregnancy as a minor.

Not only that, the U.S. govt. was telling me, as if I believed them, that they were raping me for "spying reasons" and it was a lie.  They were saying, "If you do a good job here, we'll pay you a lot of money" and there was no objective to it.  They were just raping me and causing distress to me and my reputation whle others gloated about it and stole money and murdered my clones to control my songwriting and bank accounts.

Charles and David Koch were among the rapists who murdered my clones to get to my money.  Both of them, and David's "wife" helped murder my clones.  They were using us and dumping us off and I was being raped by them, held hostage, and forced to assist in murders of my clone and other times, watched them hold the gun and shoot, or hang them.  The Koch Brothers were afraid of me for a short time and then when the CIA forced me to do PR for them like no big deal and they were good guys, they smirked about it and brushed me off and continued collecting money against me and my kids.  They were standing around to smirk when I was being raped by a Mejia (not my son) in Moses Lake, WA, because they and Pippa Middleton and the Goldsmith and Wales and British were excited to be forcing my future one direction instead of allowing me to have any freedom.  They stood there with a gun at my head and forced me to be raped.  They also stood there with a gun at a Bob jrs. head and had him rape me as well, and Clintons were involved.  Clintons were married to Jews through their daughter Chelsea.  So Chelsea's husband and Koch Brothers and Netanyahu were all involved in wanting me to be gang-raped and impregnated at any early age and called a tramp.

They not only plotted murdering my unborn baby in Israel, they were already murdering my babies and using Kate and Charlotte Middleton to do it.  Charlotte Middleton was already cloned and was an adult woman when I was a little girl in 1979.  She was being assured by the CIA that she could safely work for the CIA because they could control me by "remote torture".  Charlotte was an employee of the CIA along with other Middletons.  She stood there by my hospital bed and smirked at me, glared, and then made nasty comments at me when others were out of the room.  Carol Goldsmith had this entire thing plotted out.

They had my Aunt Locklyn and a Dickise involved in murdering my older clone too.  I was right there when they did it.  They felt getting rid of her was the way to cut out all of my academic and language lessons and training.  Their path to "CIA royalty" was somehow, "secure". 

Mossad was going to murder me over it, what I remembered about it.  I was in Israel and said some things about my coat of arms and which one was mine, and they froze up, panicked, and touched at their guns.  It is possible an older clone of mine was married to a royal or aristocracy they murdered off, or they were worried she had information about the real spying and torture and rape of me and who was behind it.

One of my clones was also being strangled occasionally by Frederick.  Prince Frederick.  He was threatening her at some point and the Jews all rushed in to save their darling little Jewish bitch Mary Donaldson (whose Mother is a Jew) and Kate (whose mother is a Jew).  They had Roman Catholic support because of the Parker-Bowles and their relationship to Middleton.    I also saw my clone strangled by Prince Philip and he is a strangler.  I saw Frederick do this many times and Philip I saw sneaking up behind her once while she was seated and he attacked her.

Mary Donaldson was also a "Horning" or "Horne" and I was being told to help create name covers for the Garrett family because one of the relatives was biologically related to Mary Donaldson.  So they were telling me, at CIA, "You can come up with a last name for someone that acknowledges the relationshi8p in some way but is a cover". 

She was no relative of mine because they had tortured me.  However, believe me, the amount of murders committed by Garrett family members, showed how "loyal" they were to their Donaldson relative, bc they were having me raped and tortured too, and murdering my clones. 

The Garretts and Bairds were supporting Jewish "princesses", not me.  Both sides of my "family" were murdering my clones to get rid of them to pave the way for the blocks.  They were also using their "authority" as guardians and "family" to put me into mental wards, threaten me, sign off for surgeries against me by the govt, and more.

I saw so many murders of ME, my own clones, by my own family, and of my kids, that I started looking at Dicksie and wondering how she was related to British royals and whether she was related to Kate Middleton or Mary Dondaldson or just was a Jewish sympathizer.  She looked like Kate Middleton in some ways, and she looked like Mary and had worked with both.  I also saw some of the Bobs murdering my clones, of me, and my sons.  One of the Bob and Dicksies murdered as many of my own clones of myself and my son, as I witnessed others doing it.

They had other kids I wasn't supposed to know about either.  The only reason they and the U.S. would keep their other kids or real kids a secret from me, was because they knew I witnessed my "parents" murder not just my kids who I would have known were my kids or not, as a kid myself, or kids of my clones rather, but also that I witnessed them murder clones of me.  No one who murdered my clones would want me to know who their real kids were.

I was also raped by a Bob jr., after saying something about Chrarlotte Middleton and it wasn't his sister Charlotte, he got mad and jumped me and basically inserted something into my vagina and jerked it out, basically a snap to my vagina, for saying something when I was about age 6 or 7 against Charlotte Middleton.  Bob Garrett Jr. was acting like HE was Middleton's Dad, not mine.After he assaulted me, once privately and another time in front of them, then the U.S. had George Bechtold, Ed Howard, and Mike Middleton also rape me, and William of Wales, doing the same thing to me.

Also, after Charlotte and George Middleton murdered some of my clones and butchered them, chopping up pieces and putting them on a picnic table for me to cut up, of my own clones, then the Garrett-Ball family did the same thing and did not just cover for Middletons, they murdred more clones, with Aaron Ball's wife, over a picnic ttable and I wasn't told to chop up parts like the Middletons and Waleses made me do, but the Middletons had U.S> govt. people helping them when they murdered my clones.  Who was covering for them?  Garretts that time.  And Koch Brothers, and they had Dabneys assisting.  Aaron Ball's wife murdered my clones more than one time, at more than one location.  Rachel and Aaron Chandler were also involved.  Others who covered for the fucked up Middletons Charlotte and George, were Aaron Harris and Wiltbank and Berne Christianson Harris, (a bunch of Mormons) and Colombians Pardo was connected to.   All of the cover up, was stemming from one source at the top:  Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Waleses, and Middletons and Goldsmiths.

The U.S. was covering up any and all crimes against my clones by them, with the excuse they were privileged CIA employees.  A few of the hits were by Mossad, and the motive was to get rid of my clones after they made money off of them, and dump them for Jewish replacements.  They were using people like Amanda Bynes, a known Jew, and Anna.  Doug was another person who constantly tortured me, programmed me, and was having my clones murdered, and he was connected to Bechtolds.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dabneys Murders and Pardos Muders; Bechtold Murders

Since having to live in this area again, I have remembered several things about Chris Dabney and his constant stalking of me, with James Dabney, an attorney who is related to him, and their murders of my clones.  He is responsible for not just one murder of my clones, but for at least 20 or more that I personally witnessed.

Not only that, Pardo did not just murder one of my clones, he is responsible for at least 5 or so murders that I remember, and Robin Bechtold and George Bechtold and Janet are responsible for another 10 or so murders of my clones and by this I mean, clones of my son Oliver, exactly him and cloned, and/or clones of ME.

They were not just constantly stalking me and raping me and gang-raping me by passing me around between themselves so FBI and govt. employees could laugh and make fun of my entire family, they were murdering several dozens of them, together.

This is serious, especially because not only did they get away with disgusting and gruesome murders of my clones and torture and rape of me, the U.S. govt. is still continuing in their crimes against humanity, stalking me down with Pardo and Bechtold and Dabney again, as they had promised and threatened me when I was just a kid.  They U.S. murdered countless clones of me and my son in front of me, and they also murdered some people connected to them.

One matter was over who was trustee of my bank account.  I had a bank account and I was at first paid for my songwriting and it went to a bank account for me and was being managed by my son and my older clones.  The U.S. govt. told me to change the trustee and when I wouldn't, they murdered them.  Then all of a sudden, the U.S. was claiming I never even had a bank account to start with and they forced me to work with no pay.

Chris Dabney and James Dabney are both killers by profession and James Dabney held a gun at me to murder me after he had personally murdered my clones, more than one time.  He works as an "intellectual property" lawyer for the govt. and all they do is stalk talented clones and murder them and force them to work so a select group profits from it. 

Chris Dabney was not just friends with Amanda Bynes and Robin Bechtold and Jewish people working with Mossad, he was around OSU staff persons and academic people from Wenatchee, Dryden, Sherwood, Virginia, and Maryland, and also knew people in Ireland and England.

He and his brothers all gang-raped me more than once and they gang-raped my older clone and bragged that Chris could "do me" later because my older clone wasn't a bad lay.  They murdered her after raping her.  Not only that, Chris Dabney had Coquille, Oregon cops telling me, when I was a little girl, "You're going to LOVE his ass" because I had said he has a flat ass and this cop smirked and said to Dabney's brothers, "He's doing her later, don't worry, it's for sure" and then he turned to me, grabbing Dabney and said, "Flat ass?  You're going to LOVE this ass".  Dabney had FBI and cops wanting me to be raped by him, not just as a kid, but later as an adult and that's after they'd gang-raped my older clone.  He and his clones just smirked about it.  I was also raped by James Dabney, the lawyer, more than once, and he was raping one of my older clones and had MY son living at his house with him one time.  I was forced to sleep in his bed with him and this was after he'd murdered my clones in front of me and almost shot me too.

The U.S. govt. repeatedly had me raped and was murdering my clones with this same men.  They had Bechtold and some cops shoot a clone of my son in the stomach and had me saying "It's a bleach spot" and they shot him against a couch.  They had Travis, this cop from Coquille, who is a clone and baseball player, involved, along with several other men I still remember.

They had Wallace, a cop, murder my clones more than once, not just one time, but more than once and he is still going back and forth as a clone between California and Oregon.  They shot a clone of me in the neck out in Coquille, with Alan Koch and Roger Harris and my parents.

They had cop Carnahan "marry" (or live with?) supposedly one of my clones and he turned into a maniacal beater and was chasing her around with me in the house and trying to kill her and he also worked with Dabney and Dabney was there.

Another clone of me was shot with a clone of my son in the shop in Coquille, where they were because I was trying to find housemates, and another time, an entire group massacred an entire group of my clones, with a worker from Boiler Room involved.

Another clone of me was murdered out by Ron's Oil in the back, with Dabney and all his friends and associates.  He also murdered a clone of mine at the Baird house, who was chained to a bed and raped.  Another was in a bathtub with some OSU staff persons.

These are only a few of the murders.

In addition to these examples of murders, he was raping me and paying other people to rape me.  I witnessed HIM giving money to other men that raped me.  Instead of men paying him to rape me, he was paying men to rape me.

Alvaro Pardo also raped me as a kid and then he raped me in a room in Maryland at the same place he held me hostage in 2008, later, making it look like I wasn't a hostage, after raping me in an apartment first, where I was terrorized and forced not to report rape.  He raped me on my birthday when I was a little girl and they murdered a clone of my son and had a huge party.  Decaades later, the U.S. and British shits involved, and some Canadians, had the same people at the party and said it was for celebrating Alvaro's birthday, and then he took me back to the same house and "had sex" with me which was just rape because it was exactly what I was forced to do as a little girl, and I was being threatened with guns and torture.  I was raped by multiple people and then they "cheered" Alvaro on.  I said in my head, "I hate this fucker" over and over as a kid, and I repeated it so many times, how much I hated this god-damned asshole, and nothing but hatred for this piece of shit and when he did the same thing again, after the "party" I thought the exact same thing.  There was no love--I was being raped as a hostage by a paid U.S. FBI employee SHIT who the FBI had hired to rape me and torture me and hold me hostage in multiple locations, and to MURDER clones of both me and my son.  This God damned shit was getting PAID by the U.S. govt. and by CIA employee Mike Middleton and Gary Goldsmith, who took part in forcing me to be raped by him, along with Pippa and Kate Middleton, and George and Charlotte.  He is also friends with the entire Obama group.

This disgusting shit is nothing but SICK and disgusting and less than a man.  He murdered clones of me and my son to get to our money and force us to work for free.  He is a pedophile like Dabney, a repeat offender pedophile, and by that, I mean they raped me when I was a kid, over 100 times, just between themselves.  Bechtold did the same and HIS fucking family was trying to ADOPT me to force me to live with them full-time as an actual member of their family.  They were in the talks with govt. about it and I was being held hostage at their house, and raped by George and all of them, and all they did was torture my clones and interrogate people.  They kept trying to convince ME to say I wanted to live with them and they started saying I could call George my "Dad" and that Robin was my brother and had red hair like me.

I was forced to live at the Bechtolds house multiple times in my life, not just Robin's apartments in England with Kate Middleton or his place in Texas, I was forced to live with George and Janet in Sherwood and a few times I was using Eliza's bed or told to sleep on the floor, and other times, I was being held in this bizarre secret cellar they had which was freezing cold and I was isolated with no one around.  I was then sometimes in some kind of closet all the time and the only time I was let out of the closet, was for George Bechtold or George's Dad to rape me, or Bill Clinton or Kaine.  Even black men.  The Bechtolds had me locked up and mostly they raped me but then they were inviting other U.S. govt. men over, high profile and some not high profile, to rape me, individually, and gang-raping a few times.

They also "interrogated" clones of mine and murdered them in front of me, over NOTHING.  They were not "spies".  Their excuses came down to this:  "They might report us for raping little toddler girls so let's kill them and say we had to interrogate spies"

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Information About Murders of My Clones and Son (NYC....New York University location and other)

I am wanting to get information about murders of my clones of my son and myself, and residences where they lived and worked while forced to be a 'secret' human clone.

Please contact me at this blog, and I won't publish the comments, by email to", to 56118 Finley Loop, Coquille, Oregon  97423 by post mail, or to my twitter or facebook account.  I do not have any other secure way to get information and need anything about him and myself.

I am also looking for work ASAP and am blacklisted in the U.S. and in many international areas, by the U.S. government and some of their "cooperating mafia".  If you have a job to offer, please contact me because I need work.  I am a hostage and have been a hostage my entire life.

I cried as a little girl, that I had no money or credit for my work, and over all of my murdered clones, murdered in front of me (many of them) while being lured bc of me, and also murdered BY me, when I was forced to kill them by U.S. govt. people who forced me to hold a gun and kill them or by other means, ..I mean, as a kid younger than age 10.  The CIA put many assassination hits on me, and it wasn't just them, it was FBI. 

The FBI is responsible for all of the slavery, trafficking, and selling of kids and clones, and they have "upped" their level to being braggarts about raping kids and forcing them to carry kids, work for free, and be stolen from.  They did this to me in front of Big Five Mafia in NYC, in Washington D.C. at their own offices, in VA FBI offices, and elsewhere.

I am looking for work in the U.S. to start or overseas.  To move, I need airfare covered and this is typical for live-in Nanny or Cooks or sometimes top level execs or creative types....on occasion...or interns.  I can work in all of these areas. I am targeted over my creative ability and writing and the fact I was being gang-raped and tortured prior to becoming a hit-writer. 

All of my clones were murdered for saying I should get paid for my work.  The U.S. govt. killed them over simply asking to pay me or give me credit for my own work.

I am serious about leaving the U.S.  I am really, very, seriously, ...serious.  If I have a safe offer with financial security like a job of some kind, I would love to leave the U.S. 

I am getting targeted to be under false arrest again, over here, and they did this to me as a preteen and had it all planned out against me. 

I witnessed hundreds of murders I still remember details to, and they are on my case again.  Not to mention, one of the Bobs and Dicksies and older clone of Levi murdered dozens of my clones themselves and wanted to do it.  I witnessed it. Almost every member of my "family" on either side, murdered clones of me and my kids in front of me and they were not pressured to do it, half of the time.  Half of the time, they were obviously wanting to do it and they were getting away with it and controlling me, like everyone else.

If someone has info on motives, if I have missed anything, write to me.

I was also being gang-raped by all cops, all of the Mexicans connected to the Baird family and some who didn't work with them, a bunch of blacks connected to Michelle and Barak Obama, a huge community of Jews, Mt. Angel Abbey clergy, and govt. employees.  Coquille and Coos Bay are clone towns.  So is Sherwood/Wilsonville, OR;  Moses Lake, WA; some parts of NY I was in; Bedminster, NJ; and all of the British royals and Danish royals are generational clones and so is their connected aristocracy.  There are hundreds of thousands of clones and the U.S. govt. paid them to beat up and murder my family and force us to work for free.

I need a job and to get out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

9-11 Plot By CIA, Pentagon, and FBI (Insurance Fraud and Murder)

I was at the Pentagon when the U.S. govt. plotted 9-11.  It was the U.S. government, not another country.  The U.S. had persons there from other countries, who were living in other countries, that were contributing, but the entire thing was a government plot for committing massive murders to find an excuse to go to war, make money, and to commit insurance fraud.  Chris Dabney was one of the planners, along with Kaempf and persons that work for insurance law firms, British royals including Kate Middleton, and George Bush.

Not only did they plan to murder all those people, they pre-organized that at least most of the persons were already govt. employees and clones, and agreed "to die" and collect insurance money.  So they were agreeing that if "Shellys" husband died in the Twin Towers, she and their "kids" would be guaranteed money for life and then they'd just reclone her original husband.  Seriously. It was a way for them to make money and "get ahead".  The rest of the plot was to have some of the innocent persons put in the line of attack to be deliberately killed and I saw the Pentagon and govt. do this constantly, with all of my clones.  The U.S. was also attempting to "include" ME, as a kid, telling me if they had a 9-11 event it meant they were very serious about having Dabney rape me and implant me with a kid to be tortured and aborted.

Their other main reason was to have an excuse to panick the public and find an excuse to go to war and have the military and contractors and plutocracy make money.

I was being forced to be there, and coerced to say this was my "plan" or something, and it wasn't.  All of the U.S. govt.'s crimes have been their plan, and they constantly framed me and my clones, like their Middleton employees.

They were saying if I lost my baby, it meant they were making sure Kate Middleton and Camilla were going to be "Queen".

Not only that, while they made these plots, they had insurance person who constantly stalked me, Donna Ciaramella, murder another of my clones at my RV in Coquille, and tell others she could make sure I never personally got insurance money from anything, like a car collision.  In 2005, she deliberately obstructed me from $50,000 of Personal Injury money I needed, seriously, for medical bills and suffering and my life, and the U.S. govt. used the same lawyers who had been part of their 9-11 plot:  Roger Harris and John Kaempf.

Not only that, the U.S. govt. also used the same corrupt cops from Chelan County Sheriff's office, that had raped me, held me to be raped, raped my older clones, and had covered up her murder at the Baird house in Cashmere in around 1981.  There were 3 cops specifically involved and they forced me out of my house, and had all of my legal papers for the car collision and lawyers, locked out of my reach to force me to lose.

This is almost the same thing Alvaro Pardo and others did to an older clone of mine who was attempting to file a complaint on my behalf, to ensure I was paid fair wage for my work.  The U.S. murdered every single clone related to me that said I should have fair wage for work.

They called it "Fair Game".  They attempted to claim that since Bob and Dicksie's son born in 1973, had a name that meant "fair" (Gannon Levi Garrett), they were punishing me for it.  They got some seriously crazy idea my clones or I had been involved.  I was being tortured and attacked for some death of Bob and Dicksie on top of everything else, including my demand for normal, fair pay, for my work.

They then told me I could "tell Valerie and George Bush what to title their books" and I said, "Are you kidding me?"  I said, "Why are you asking me to be responsible for naming their books they are going to write, but you don't pay me or give me credit for my work...I never agreed to any of this" and they made me and so to remember Valerie's comment to me one day in Dryden, WA, I said, "Name it "Fair Game"".  Then they panicked and said why that name.  I said, "Oh just because, you know, they'll expose her and then she's known and she can say they forced her to be hunted like game", and then I said, "And she has blond hair, so she's fair".  They just smirked then and she said, "Okay" and didn't care.  My decision to name it that, could have applied to any number of HIDEOUS situations I witnessed and was aware of, that permanently affected and damaged my life and the lives of ALL of my older clones.  I mean, I have horrific, terrible, examples of things it could apply to, and several involving CIA and Pentagon and FBI.

Mostly, I based it on her own comment, despite a swirling number of other situations it also applied to, from a day in Dryden when she said, "Well, now that you're out, you're fair game."  And she said this to me, when they were all carrying rifles and had them with them.  I thought they were going to shoot me.  She had shown up to meet Rick Baken and the Avilas and go "hunting" and they stood in the background while having others fire and they weren't killing deer.  I was threatened, basically, with a death threat.  I was told to shut up and then this sinister comment was made and when I tried to brush it off and act compliant, I said, "Are you suggesting I join something? do you have an idea for me?"

What the hell was I supposed to "join"?  Every God Damned department of the U.S. had tortured and raped me and forced me to work for free and stole not just credit from me, from the start, but everything I had.  I started to feel sick to my stomach.  Like gag-sick.  All they did was "join" their govt. penises and shits to my vagina and rear-end by rape.  They didn't want me to have anything and all I ever heard and was around, was sick plots and mockery of me and my kids and older clones.

I still want out of this country.  I need to be in a country that gives me full citizen rights and human rights and political asylum from the politics of the U.S. cloning plutocracy govt. which is nothing more than a joke against free enterprise.

She said to me maybe I could be trained to do something for the government and get paid.

Instead of having me go to flight school or be paid for back wages for the fucking U.S. govt. shits stealing from me, they told me Chris Dabney's mother had a "job" to train me in.  I had said, "So you're saying you have a flight program you can train me in here?" because in England she'd head-hunted me claiming she wanted to mentor me to be a "weapon's proliferation analyst".

Out of all of my forced slave labor, FT and overtime work, constant torture and rape at the same time, I received and was able to use the money from only one single check for only a month's wages.  It was one check from the CIA and the FBI didn't pay me for my work and the Pentagon didn't pay me.  I had been paid up to the point of murder of my older clones who controlled and helped me manage my bank account. I did have some money going to it, and verified this often, up until about 1981 and then I was told to just work for free "or else".

I was checking my own balance and asking to see the numbers all the time, as a kid and the U.S. govt. began torturing me and telling me not to ask anymore.  I found out money was leaving my bank account when I wasn't even spending it.  I said, "I'm not going anywhere, I have no new clothes or furniture, and where is my money going?"  and then I was told "You can't have a bank account because you can't keep track of your money" and I said "Yes I can.  I'm 7 years old and I know a lot of 7 year olds don't even have a bank account and I'm keeping track of mine".  They tortured me and then said, "You can't save your money safely so we'll hold onto it for you and you can spend some of it by telling us what you want to do, about TRAVELING to see the world?" and then the U.S. govt. used MY money to finance the travel activities of a bunch of U.S. shits.  The next step down was when they next said, "You can't have any of your money at all, all you can do is allocate some of it and be a voting member of a kind of board" and I said, "Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?"

Valerie Plame had already murdered some of my clones herself.  Why?  Oh, I don't know.  She's Jewish? 

So then I was having to pretend I didn't remember her murders and wasn't "scared" she threatened to murder me as "fair game".  They had me join the CIA as a "PR" person suddenly, in-house, when I was already doing that, and they hadn't been paying me.  No one was paying me anything.  Then they fired me when I said I don't want to be trained to be a femme fatale.  They started trying to excuse all of their kidnappings of me, hostage-holding, theft and rape of me, every day by up to 50 govt. employees at a time, by claiming I was supposed to use my looks to be a mistress or girlfriend and target someone to spy on them.  It was the biggest lie yet.  When I said no I don't want to do that, I want to stay at home and raise my own kids and have natural ones as a single mother with no partner, and be an analyst, they flipped out and claimed I wasn't "Jewish enough" and fired me.  Then the CIA got a Jewish lawyer who worked for them to say "You're discriminated against bc you're Jewish" and I said, "No I'm not" and I'm not.  It was yet another lie.  Jews were murdering my clones, not rescuing them.  The only reason I was alive was they were making a living off of me and my work.  They did the same with my other clones too, but I was producing songs they were greedily selling for up to over a million per single.  So then they tortured and raped more of my clones and wanted to give Dabney, who had gang-raped me with others, a "cover" and said, "Mrs. Dabney (his Mom) wants to train you to do BDSM" and I said "What's that?"  She came up with her BDSM excuse after they figured out one of my Bryan Adams songs< "Summer of '69" was mostly about Dabney.  "Best days of my life" was BDOML" and suddenly, they panicked and said, "Um, we want to train you in BDSM".

I hate these fucking shits.

I need a job, seriously, right now, without U.S. govt. assholes, and I haven't been creative and productive for decades because I refuse to do it for this shit country that never paid me and stole the credit and lied to everyone.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kate Middleton's Murders and Rachel the Jew (UPDATED)

Kate Middleton is involved, along with Rachel the Jew (from D.C.), in hundreds of murders against clones of myself and my son, and particularly I saw my son murdered, but I also witnessed murders against clones of me. 

I was forced to be implanted with medical "devices" and "head gear", over them both.  When I was saying I remembered things about Rachel and Kate, this is when the U.S. they were going to do something about me, to torture me in the future so others didn't have to "worry" about me.  Not only that, I had been tortured by the Parker-Bowles and they were known CIA officers.

I was tortured, as a little girl, and toddler, beyond belief by Rachel the Jew, who was camping out at my house as a member of my family, living there in Moses Lake, WA with Bob and Dicksie.  I was also tortured by her at other locations.  The torture was the worst of the worst and extremely severe and she hated my older clones and was electrocuting them and torturing them and then plotting against me with a bunch of fucked up Jews.

Kate Middleton is one of the worst ones, and when I wasn't in the U.S. and visited by HER, living at my house, I was tortured in England by her entire family and especially by Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton and William, but sometimes even worse with other women.

They were occupyihng my house and living there.  Rachel was acting like she owned the house and had me chained up and I was eating dog food because of her.  She had my clones chained, hand-cuffed, like she was a cop, bc she had the handcuffs, and gagged and tortured.  She spent half her time torturing them and the other half torturing me and bragging about what a loser I'd turn out to be and how I'd have no money or credit of my own.

I will add to this and include more details later, but to mention a few things--she was forcing people to drink poison and take pills; holding them hostage in handcuffs and other things; raping us with guns and objects, sticking wires into my ears, throat, and nose and vagina; ripping off fingernails; jamming a jagged metal file into throats and then ripping it out, and then forcing them to drink salt water; beating them with poles and bats; cutting them; burning them; electrocuting them until they were smoking out of different parts of their bodies and had bruises everywhere; making them bleed through the mouth and nose and ears and rectum; polygraphing them; forcing people to lie down and then shooting them in the back; forcing them to give sperm samples, eggs, and spinal fluid (I was not the only clone being forced to have spinal fluid withdrawals; raping me with men; forcing me to watch pornographic movies and be raped in my room and then paid when they left and she'd be waiting out in the livingroom with others, sometimes just her and getting compliments like "good work"; forcing me to drink liquor and wine; forcing my older clone to be raped in a room as a hostage; and my son was being raped as well, and there was more than one.  She was moving them in, and they were hostages in my own house, and she was torturing them and then murdering them, with other people, but Rachel the Jew was always involved and I got scared of my Dad bc after Rachel would assault me, later, if I even dared to think about her, he would jump me and beat me so I couldn't think about her anymore.  He jumped me, to intimidate me, sort of later as if he stood to the side, and before that, he was hands-on with her, both of them like a tight little team, working together like father and daughter or something, and with Dicksei, to screw me over for good. 

After all this, years later these Jewish shits tried to tell me to have Rachel live with me, her younger clone, as if I wasn't afraid of that FUCKED UP bitch.

I have so many memories of this bitch, and the crimes she committed with her fucked up Jewish thugs, against me, it's not even funny and then when she realized I hated Jews, she started encouraging Catholics around me.

I can name a lot of participants and will do that on this post...Kate Middleton was one of them, and it was an entire fucked up Jew Crew against me and my kids.
Updated: 8/19/2016

I have already explained that at least 30 older and a couple of younger clones of myself were murdered.  A couple of them had very serious problems with British and Danish royals who used them and then murdered them--one of them was either already married to one of the royals or engaged, and one was pregnant with a baby and murdered and I witnessed the murder.  More than one of them were forced to be around the same royals that I was forced to be around.  One had a problem with the Thebaults, and then I saw a couple of them had families already and they were murdered and it was the entire family, not just her (me, my clone).  The U.S. govt. was repeatedly trying to conceal and cover up some of the murders, and later, they were using Amanda Bynes to do it, claiming oh I had just seen Amanda, when it wasn't her.  I could tell them apart.  Brian Gross was involved in such a murder.  Also, Anna, a Russian speaking spy for the CIA in D.C. was also being used as a cover, for murders of my clones, along with Anna Sloan Smith.

Clones of my son who were murdered, numbered in the couple of hundreds and it sounds impossible, but it's true.  The U.S. govt. had cloned over a hundred, closer to 200 clones of my son, and were using him and repeatedly murdering him and they had people go around the world looking for others, to hunt all of them down.  I am also able to remember who my son was and which clone and they were exterminating him as a man in his 50s, in his 30s, hundreds in their 20s, and close to 100s teenage and younger, such as teen/kid, and as a baby.  The U.S. seriously, very seriously hates our guts.  It is not a small number, to count the deaths, and they were almost all tortured, and not just shot, though many were shot.  They were forced to suffer horrible lives, for the most part, before being shot and murdered or killed in other ways.

The U.S. prevented me from helping any of them and forced me, along with Middleton and Rachel forcing me, and others, to be programmed and tortured to kill my own kids even, without question.  I wasn't allowed to question, and if I tried to stand up for someone, which I did attempt when I was younger, they beat me and tortured me and put a gun to my head and almost killed me.  I was tortured so badly, when I was little, that by age 7, if my son was murdered or I was forced to do it, I said nothing.  I stood there, saying nothing as they screamed for help, or had to jeer at them as the U.S. govt. lied to me about who they were and told me to kill them as part of a govt. hit.

The U.S. govt. also specifically engaged and ASKED other international persons to murder the same people, clones of me and my son.  It wasn't just rape, they went around the world, asking them to kill them, in front of the govt., and why?  They all got money out of it.  Especially when I started making trillions of dollars in profits, the U.S. hunted all of them down and had thousands of U.S. govt. employees and clones take part in murdering at least one of my clones, and they got deals out of it.  Financial security, jobs, and perks and cash.  Some also got drugs, but it wasn't over drugs.

The U.S. was telling everyone, if you murder these clones with us (or rape me or them), then we can work together, use them, force them to work in slave labor for us and prevent any of them from getting legal assistance to make sure Cameo Garrett gets credit for her songwriting and books, and movies.  They were also forcing all of the other clones to work, most of them with no pay to very small amounts of pay, a few with better pay until they were murdered and someone took their job over.

Murder By Officer Wallace and Illegal Arrest

I was just illegally arrested, by one of the murderers of my cloned son Oliver, Officer Wallace.  I reported this shit when I was a preteen, and my Mom did too.  He is a fucked up shit who murdered my son in the face while he sat next to me in a patrol car.

He also was gang-raping me and taking photos of me and my son and Mom knew about it.  He repeatedly showed up at my house in M.L., WA and in Coquille, to rape me with other officers and he was friends with Chris Dabney.

He was not just raping me, and my kids, he was holding us hostage and wearing a black face mask to commit some of his crimes.  The other accessories to murder were an officer who showed up there, and harassed me by standing there, and refused to tell his name and his first initial is E. and he looks like Mark, the U.S. Army truck driver, slightly.  It was definitely him too.  He was there and he participated in the murder, and the other officers there had raped me.

I was forced to go into a waiting room at the Sheriff's area of the jail, and this blond bitch who raped me and harassed me, got behind me and stroked my back, supposedly for the pat-down and she's a lesbian.  And this fat man there was also involved in the murder of my son.  It was an older son of mine.  He was older than me, and already knew what they had been doing to me.

They also had Judge Gillespie in the room when my son was murdered, along with CIA, and other persons, including an Asian woman and Bechtolds.  The Asian woman drives 335 HTZ and passed me when I was forced to walk back and forth to get my property because they stole it from me, and used illegal arrest as the excuse to defame me and steal this to check my bag because I've been writing down cops' ID and plates when passing, to note harassment and mark the ones I remember involved in murders against my kids.

They shot my son while he was still in the cop SUV car, sitting next to me, and then to disparage and mock him, they turned the SUV into a dog patrol car and put a separate side for a dog and had a German Shepherd dog sitting there when I was forced into the vehicle tonight.

I was forced to be fingerprinted and photographed and then "released", and they made sexual comments the entire time.

They are part of the group that's been murdering people for Kate Middleton and Waleses and Donaldson and Frederick, and Parker-Bowles.  Also, Sofie.  These fucking cops were introduced to all of them and other British "royals" and aristocracy, and I saw them socializing and thinking they were big shit for concealing murders against U.S. citizens.

When I say I was raped by Wallace, I know what I mean and he did not just rape me while mostly clothed, he was stripping down to shorts--underwear, and I can describe what his legs look like because of it, and his penis.

I reported him when I was a preteen and was blocked from reporting and then later, I tried to report him again, and his excuse, from the U.S. govt., was that it was not "him" because he'd only been with the cops 5 years and before that he was in California.  Where the Bechtolds have family, in California.  He was also going to FBI Regional offices in California and I saw him there as a kid.  His excuse tonight was the same thing and he looks the exact same age as he was back then, 20 years ago.

The fat cop looks the same except he isn't as fat as before, and the blond is the same woman and has aged.  This other shit, the one with initial "E", also looks the exact same age that he was 20 years ago.

These cops committed more than one murder in that cop's underground, all-cement parking garage.  Wallace is a Coquille cop, as he was in the past, and the other cops were Sheriffs.

Shooting my son in their patrol car, is, I believe, some kind of attempt to prove something to Danish and British royals and CIA and FBI assholes.  They were all U.S. govt. shits, all of them.  They also did this kind of shooting in cars, against my kids, constantly.  They used the cement garage because they could clean it up and they used their own patrol cars because they could clean it up. 

I witnessed 3 separate murders, within the same year, and before that, they had committed additional murders and held clones of ME hostage there as well.

I believe using cars was a favor to the Bush family, and CIA because they had gang-raped me earlier, at a location in Coquille, over intimidation to steal credit for my work and all of my money from me, when I was the one creating the movies, writing the dialogue and scripts, and directing the movies, from selection of actors and actresses to title of the movie, to the music and even writing the music myself and the lyrics.  They had murdered one man inside of a car, forcing me to use the gun and it was a Coquille cop that stood there for me to do it.  All of them had been programming me to shoot at their order, and it was with Sheriffs and Coquille cops there.  They forced me to kill a man in his car, for molesting me in front of them, when they were gang-rapists themselves.  The gang-rape occurred at the end of a driveway, and one of the Dicksies had been ordered to take me over to the house that owned the entire property, before it occurred, and they were best friends with Joy Tancer, and asked how she was doing.

Several U.S. shits were involved.  The 3 murders they committed around the same time involved Wallace as the shooter, with Officer "E", and the fat cop and blond woman, and other one was with a Bob Garrett jr. as the shooter, and the next with a Dicksie as the shooter.  They had 2 of the Bob and Dicksies (my "parents") shoot to murder clones, along with their shooting of my son by cops.  In addition to this, the U.S. had Sofie and Prince Edward there to watch and participate in one of the murders, and Mary Donaldson and Frederick of Wales, and then also the Parker-Bowles and Middletons and it was Pippa and Kate and their entire family there.  All of them were there.

The U.S. basically coordinated several "hits" against MY SONS, clones of my SONS, for these royal shits who work for the U.S.  They even had Fergusons there because Beatrice and clones of Fergie's kids who were already grown, participated, with Andrew (Prince Andrew) and they had an older clone of my brother there, a man who lives on 4th and Dean, and was trying to hold my son down while he had blood gurgling out of his mouth, and Levi was also participating in the murders, in front of cops and with them.

They forced me to be the only isolated person, the "star" they stole from and were extorting, blackmailing, and gang-raping, torturing, holding hostage, and forcing to work for free.  I was their "star" prisoner they were all profiting off of and stealing from, while promoting shits like the British and Danish royals, who do nothing but murder innocent people and spy for the U.S.

Before they murdered my older son in a large group, multiple sons of mine and then just arresting some other people, and not doing anything to them, except arresting, a few years earlier, they had an older clone of mine going to that same police station and they dragged her in, with another clone of my son, gang-raped her in that garage, and murdered them.  They murdered in the open, on the garage floor and blood was everywhere and they had raped them first and then they got a hose and told me to move out of the way.  They said so did Carol Goldsmith use bleach to clean it up, like this?

They also raped me, bending me over and pulling my pants down, and the cops from Coquille and Sheriff's dept. all did this, and they had at least 3 dozen people packed in there, standing around, sayibg things and gang-raping me.  I was only about 7 years old.  They gang-raped me the minute after Diana of Wales and Charles got married and after they'd murdered some of my clones in England, and after Kate and William were born in 1982.  It was the same time or while they were known to be on the way.  This blond woman cop was one of the rapist women.  They had Governors and presidential hopefuls involved then, and the Spencers and Charles Spencer's wife from Canada.

I saw Officer Wallace, with the gun, and it wasn't his only murder in that garage.  He did it twice.   I am 100%  positive.  He shot my older son while he was screaming and sitting next to me and saying it's him, and he shot one of my clones when I was around age 7--the next murders were when I was about age 9.  It was 1-2 years apart, a huge series of murders. They had Edward Lee Howard and Mary Howard involved in murdering some of my clones before he left for Russia or even joined the CIA or close to the same time.  It was 1982 or 1983, and both of them showed up to murder my family.  This is the same Ed Howard who was involved with having Camilla Parker-Bowles and Middleton murder my clone of ME, when I was younger, in the carport of my house with govt. and other locations.  The Howards had repeatedly murdered my own clones and then I was having to fake and pretend I liked him and thought he would want to protect me and keep me from being raped.  He had tons of both Catholic and Jewish friends who hated my guts, like Rachel the Jew, who was one of the women that participated in gang-rape and murder against my clones there, in the police parking garage.

The only reason the U.S. govt. was dragging me around everywhere they murdered my kids and clones, was to show people who I was and make the object of their theft known so when they murdered together, they were agreeing to lie together, and lie against me, and discredit my testimony against them for all of their crimes against me.  They were also using me as a lure to fake out all of the other clones of myself and my sons, to have them think it was "safe" to visit me and that the U.S. govt. liked them or something or was letting us meet and visit and be around eachother.  Then the U.S.  was blowing their brains out.

All of it is over money and forcing me to work for free.

These murders by cops in the parking garage for the cops, is not the only place they were murdering.

This shit Wallace arrested me, as a murderer, for being online on wifi to type about their favorite bitch:  "Kate Middleton".  They told me when I was a kid if it looked like I was going to write or blog about her or Rachel, they were going to "arrest" me.  I was sitting on a park bench, right next to the library, typing, and he stalked me and last time, he didn't arrest me.  He just threatened me, and I hadn't reported the pool instructor, a blond asshole who leads a pool class, for her own disgusting murder of one of my sons, when he was only a kid, along with some men who repeatedly showed up at my house to intimidate, beat, and threaten a Bob jr. and me.  They constantly came over, this one with a voice like Travis Vice and a taller blond man who did pool lessons with the blond woman.

They used the excuse they were helping me remember what Harry and Chelsea did or something, and all of it is a fucked up lie.  They were literally murdering tons of my family, in front of me, even more, for the same sick British royal and Danish shits and a lot of fucked up U.S. military and FBI and cop bitches in the town, and their husbands.  The entire area was and is, 200% pedophile.  So every time they claimed they were just "doing what they did so I'd remember" or claiming it was some idea I had, when it wasn't, they were including the same shits to watch so that the Britrish shits could be as impressed with their fucked up asses as they were with themselves, and it was to let them know there was no crime that anyone would be prosecuted for, as long as it was supporting shits like them and the mutual goal of stealing credit from my work.  After I witnessed more than 50 more murders of my own clones, because of this excuse, as they said things to themselves and me while smirking such as, "Like Thissss?", then Kate Middleton, this God Damned SICK Bitch, was in the Middle East when I was there, unraveling her white scarf from her head like she needed a headcovering for "image" purposes and it had been my forced "PR" idea to have her wear it because I remembered things she'd done and knew she was the exact opposite of "pure".  I then asked if she'd unravel the scarf for a photo, for artistry, and she smirked at me, knowing she had been getting away with murders, countless murders, and said, "Like this?" and it was the same thing she'd done after being handed the chopped off head of one of my clones.  She unrolled the sheet or towel and showed me and said "Did she look like this?"  This was one of only multiple murders.  She was also, when I was little, showing me dead babies and making fun of me and it was her, for sure.

Pippa Middleton and her entire family were falsely calling me a child prostitute.  They had colluded with sick plots and defamation against an innocent kid, and that is just one of the things they did to me.  Who should believe THEM about anything?  They lied about me and not just calling me names, they framed me deliberately to be arrested and called a criminal and they were doing this left and right with all of my clones.  All of the clones of myself, my older clones, and some younger kids and my sons, all of these clones were being lied about and accused of things they didn't do, while the U.S. govt. was murdering them for trying to report the real crimes against humanity.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Need Work Immediately

Please contact me if you are someone with a job to offer.

I am still looking for work and I am trapped in a dead-end town with no job, surrounded by U.S. govt. employees all day.  The entire town and area is locked-down with govt. people and clones, and I cannot get work here, though I've tried. 

If I could find a job in this area, however, I would prefer this, to start, because I need to save money.  However, I want to get out of this country, as my ultimate goal and living around murderers and pedophiles with no job offers isn't getting me anywhere.

I'm being blocked from updating my ad for employment on craigslist, as of today, and I am writing more and more about the murders that I've witnessed and I recently got a letter from the FBI which is harassing and intimidation.  It is a mockery of me and the fact they've held me hostage and raped me and know I have no work and can't report any of their shits in this situation.  I also have restraining orders I need to file against some individuals and I can't do that while living in this area either, because all of these people are connected to the same persons I would file against, who have repeatedly stalked me and raped me and who tortured me when I was a kid.

I am wanting to make a number of serious reports, even online, about their FBI employees who are rapists and murderers, and what I've witnessed.  I also need case numbers from some offices, after making reports, just to prove I've exhausted all remedies in this country.

I was not just forced to work for free by the FBI, and forced to have a "handler" and be "undercover against the Mafia" as a kid, I was forced to work for free for the CIA and Pentagon, Mossad in Israel, and Sandhurst.  They repeatedly forced my older clones to work for them and then were using them as rubber dolls to either rape and chain to beds (FBI and cops doing the chaining) or to force to carry babies and then they murdered several of them while they were just finishing up with breastfeeding or expressing milk.  Several murders occurred while they had their breast pump for expressing milk with them.

I was being raped by the FBI as a baby, forced to give blow jobs, before they would give me my bottle of milk.  It was every single day, and it wasn't just "some mafia persons", it was almost entirely cops, military, CIA, FBI, and govt. persons.  Not only was I raped every single day as a baby, I was then forced to eat dog food and cat food, while being chained or locked in a dog cage or room.  I mean, dry dog food, and dry cat food, and then a few times they made me eat wet (canned) dog food and cat food.  This occurred while I was forced to live with FBI employees, for over 6 months out of a year, and the Middletons and Goldsmith and William of Wales and Harry, also forced me to do this.  They were then taking off the chains and not torturing me when someone would look in to "check" on things and they'd smirk and say, "She looks healthy and well-fed".

Not only that, when they decided they were going to rape me to force me to have a baby at age 11, it was out of jealousy and fear that I was capable of moving ahead of them, and possibly writing more music or acquiring an agent and getting out of their reach, since I was nearing the age for emancipation of minors.  I was promised by the FBI they'd rape me and force me to have kids and that's all they've done.  Some of the people who stood by wanting to watch me being raped and forced to become pregnant, were the entire Robin Bechtold and Wendy family (and their kid), and a man connected to Amanda Bynes who was always at my house, and Megan Jacquot and Stacey Lowe and others, even some judges, and British and Danish "royals" or friends of such.  Also, the Blixseth family wanted me raped to have a baby early and be "slowed down" and controlled even more. 

I was raped by groups of men, and then implanted professionally with embryos later.  The people they forced me to be raped by, were "selected" by the same U.S. employees that were forcing me to have all of my work credit go to their friends, and all of my money from it.

I am hireable and am in the public eye every day almost, walking my dog, and there isn't anything wrong with me.  I talk about the truth, and that's it.  I need a job immediately however, because I'm trapped here, and the FBI's grand plan was to have me "forced to strip and pole dance" at age 41, and I am age 41, so not having work after being blacklisted for several years in this area, is not going anywhere.

I need a job.  I am experienced in several areas and can send a resume and/or photos if needed.  Contact me here at blogger and I will not post your response if it is work-related such as offering a job.  I will keep it private. 

I can relocate anywhere in the U.S., as long as there is an offer for relocation that includes the airfare or bus expense for myself and one standard poodle (my dog), and I am also interested in moving overseas, though I do not currently have a job offer or enough money to do this on my own.

Here is an example of things I am experienced in:

I'm creatively talented and have a lot of experience in various jobs and I need a job immediately. I've been going to college and need additional money to support this. I have resumes for Nanny and Domestic work, Legal Assistant, Office Assistant, Sales Executive, Cooking (Chef) or Server, and Teaching English privately, and I have talents in singing, songwriting, painting, and writing screenplays. I've also done some business consultation and PR in the past, and advertising.

Please contact me for more information or for a resume in the area of your interest. I can work as a live-in assistant or live-out, as long as having my dog (poodle) can also stay there.

What I would love to do, is cook professionally for a family, FT, and/or write a screenplay, but I have had huge amounts of success in other areas in the past, so I'm open minded. I love restaurant work, and can do anything from washing dishes, to cooking, to server, and I also have a huge amount of experience in PR, advertising, and consulting, although I have not done any consulting for a really long time. I have 3 years experience in the legal field, and have worked in business from Account Executive, and Director, to regular customer service, Front Desk Receptionist and Office Manager.
I have 3 years professional experience as a Nanny, and additional experience as a personal assistant (not including kids).

I need work IMMEDIATELY so anyone who has a small job, temp job, or even full time position available, please contact me. I can also do things like house sitting (been reliable), dog walking, pet care, design (I'm majoring in Horticulture and English)...editing books and articles, some graphic design, just about anything.
I am not just out of work, I have fuckers who work for the U.S., who have gang-raped me, around me all the time, whom I've also witnessed murdering not just my own cloned kids and myself, but other people too.  

The fact the FBI raped me again, to carry yet another clone, and then tries to freeze me out of work, is sick.  Not to mention they are the ones responsible for stealing my entire bank account and murdering the people who had bank accounts and trusts for me.

Friday, August 12, 2016

People Who Wanted To Wipe Brown Leak From My Microwave And A Stuffed Little Bear

This is a strange sounding title but a large group of U.S. employees and clones showed up at my house saying they'd wipe a coffee stain from my leaking microwave and off of the bottom of a stuffed little bear I had at my house, when I was a preteen, that had a symbol of a flag of Mexico on it.

 The U.S. was already bragging about how they were going to force me to miscarry a baby, in addition to forcing me to be pregnant and carry clones for them, which they think they own, like computers with a number and date stamp, and then kidnapped from me.

The U.S. violates their own generally accepted law which is that the person raped is not required to give the child or baby that results to the offender.  The U.S. is the offender and they rape, and then demand full custody and control.  The U.S. is a slave trader.

I have photos of what it looked like because I picked up the same item when I moved here again, and was cleaning and there was a leak in the microwave and the same thing showed so I remembered everything.  I even had aloe vera juice in a jar with a lid that says "SEOUL" on it next to all of this, as in the past, and I remember it all.

The U.S. government is disgusting.  What they have done is worse than Nazi war crimes.  They not only commit decades of crimes, they continue in it, and have not been brought to trial anywhere, or held accountable.

Vera Katz's name is there because she is one of several persons that wanted to show up for this, and I had said, "Why is she here?  Because I said I have aloe vera there and I'll remember all of this?"

I was given a photo of Chris Dabney and allowed to look at it for just a few days and I tried to program myself to associate his face with "little bear" by thinking "little bear" everytime I looked at his face in the photo and I did this repeatedly, all day.

When I later met him in 2008, having been stalked by him, at one point I called him "little bear" and I didn't know why.  So I did remember, but not then, and yet now, I can say for sure, this is the same shit.   He and his clones and entire govt. family had not only been gang-raping me, selling me for sex as a kid, and stealing money from my songwriting, they had plotted to rape me and impregnate me to torture me by a forced miscarriage and with the hope I would die from it.

Alvaro Pardo showed up with his Colombian group, there, and said they were going to try to "help" me later, if I lived or thought I might live and they had my Grandpa Baird with them.  It was a lie and the fact they were even in my house was abhorent.  Pardo murdered one of my clones himself, and he was coordinating rape against me and theft of my music for Shakira.  Not only that, he and Mike Middleton had OPENLY talked about how they were, hahaha, going to rape me so many times, and force me not to fight them and to sound like I liked it, so I didn't "die".  They were telling me if I didn't do what they said, they'd murder me.

REPEATEDLY, Pardo was showing up to try to reinforce how I had to not fight him or against him, or they'd murder me.  It wasn't just one day.  It was a constant, repeated threat against me when I was a kid and preteen.  He was 100% connected to Chris Dabney and 100%, both were connected to the Goldsmith and Middleton group in England, and Waleses, who raped me as a kid and defamed me as a "child prostitute" to promote themselves and sell me in real slavery.

Murders of My Cloned Son by Kate Middleton (Mejia)

Kate Middleton committed murders of my cloned son herself.  She was also present when others did.  One of the murders occurred at Sandhurst military school. 

What I am really concerned about, is why the Middletons and Goldsmiths were so determined to force me to have the same cloned son they had already repeatedy used and then murdered.

One of the earliest murders of one of his clones, was with symbolism against "Mejia".

They were making fun of the word "may-hee-yuh" (how it's pronounced).  It's pronounced may-HEE-yuh or meh-HEE-yuh.

Pippa Middleton is one of the individuals who was wanting me to be forcibly raped and implanted with clones they were comfortable murdering.

The fact I saw one of them at Sandhurst in England, indicates he was forced into slave labor with the Middletons and Goldsmiths and British Royals, just as I was, as a little girl, forced to be in "RAF" with no pay, unlike the other British clones and members, and NO BENEFITS.

They used me for slave labor and they were forcing me to murder countless individuals, wanting my kid's fingerprints on weapons instead of theirs. 

I was tortured, beyond belief, by them. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Patty Otterbach is a Rapist and Child-Torturer

I feel bad I have to write about it, but it's true.  Since I mentioned being forced to be impregnated and carry a clone, one of the women who pushed me down and held me there, and raped me, over this, was Patty Otterbach.

Patty is supposedly an FBI agent.  I knew her, as a kid, as being with the FBI but I saw her with a gun a lot and thought maybe she was military.  If she's CIA or moved to that dept., that's possible because she was around a mainly German ethnicity group, such as from or with German Division CIA persons.

She was part of a group that broke into my house in M.L., WA and held me hostage and tortured me as a little girl, for hours every day, with an electrocution headbrace after they murdered some of my clones.

She was around Hiltons, who are German (German name) and others so I remembered her by the common saying of "Thanks for the compliment" and revising it to "Thanks for the peppermint".  Peppermint was for "Peppermint Patty".  So it was a way to remember what she was responsible for when I was super young and she continued to be a controlling dominating force in my life for a decade.

When I was thrown down and forced on my back, it was over my refusal to be part of human cloning and saying I was not going to have 'clones' like the "Middletons" and if she wanted that, why didn't she go ask them to carry them?  I was violently assaulted by her and it wasn't the first time.  She was extremely cruel to little girls.Both Patty Otterbach and John Kerry tortured me and forced me to sign a document they said was over agreement to carry clones and I never agreed.  I told Kerry, "I'm only signing this because you and Patty have been assaulting me and holding a gun at me".  They didn't care if I talked--and talked about their fraud, no one would see or necessarily believe me--what they wanted was a signature on paper to make it appear I was really making a signed statement, and I had no way to prove they were torturing me and holding guns at me.  Why need a signature on paper?  Probably to make themselves look okay in the history books and in the future, and possibly to coerce some other person who was isolated into believing I was agreeing.

I was a little girl and she was an adult and she was vicious and I didn't even know if she hated me so much over Carol Goldsmith and plans for the "jews" and supremacy or something, or hatred over older clones of mine, or just hating me as a little girl and wanting my money.

Her husband is a pedophile, and raped me, and she was part of it.  Patty was so bad, her own husband, a time or two, was backing off while his wife was going NUTS against me, I mean, she jammed her gun up my vagina, and not just fingers or some object before.  She was being "excused" for this, as "Well Patty is a professional torturer" as if this justified what she did to me.

She showed up at my house when I was super young, over wanting to force me to give them all of my money from songwriting, and she was mad I was talking about Middleton.  She was also part of the group determined to make sure I was no longer "psychic"--she was part of a concerted effort to "transform" me, and my brain and mind, by torturing me and testing me to be sure I couldn't read minds anymore.

Then she and her govt. group had everyone out of my house except me, and left me in my house in M.L., tied up and gagged, and no one in the house for days.  I was there alone for days and nights while everyone was somewhere else.

 Patty was so bad, her own husband, a time or two, was backing off while his wife was going NUTS against me, I mean, she jammed her gun up my vagina, and not just fingers or some object before.  She was being "excused" for this, as "Well Patty is a professional torturer" as if this justified what she did to me.

She showed up at my house when I was super young, over wanting to force me to give them all of my money from songwriting, and she was mad I was talking about Middleton.  She was also part of the group determined to make sure I was no longer "psychic"--she was part of a concerted effort to "transform" me, and my brain and mind, by torturing me and testing me to be sure I couldn't read minds anymore.

Then she and her govt. group had everyone out of my house except me, and left me in my house in M.L., tied up and gagged, and no one in the house for days.  I was there alone for days and nights while everyone was somewhere else.

Patty then backed off after I was writing so many hit songs, she got nervous I had more publicity than her, but she started sneaking back in, using excuses to set me up and have me look bad, and then one day, she just busted into my house again, and without warning, and she knocked me down and raped me with some girls helping her, a little older than me and her age, and threatening me, and she threatened me about Chris Dabney, about her Jewish buddy "Rachel" and over Anna too, and Amanda. She was telling me I WAS going to carry a clone and I didn't have a choice and I wasn't a "princess".  She tortured me and forced me to say okay and sign a document.

She was also carrying a gun when forcing me back and forth from Coquille, Oregon to Sherwood or through Sherwood to Portland, Oregon, and this is why I thought of her as a "cop" or FBI.  To me, FBI is the same thing as a cop.  She was assaulting people inside of stationwagons too, and she used a knife to cut me and cigarette lighters to burn me and threaten this.

She was involved in trafficking around my son and daughter too.  Supposedly I had a daughter already and she was trafficking her around.

 (I began writing this post about 40 minutes ago and someone has been messing around with Blogger and was deleting it and reinserting sections and taking parts out so I had to save it and repost it, but this is what I wrote earlier.  Time is now 2:56 p.m.)