Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Welcome to the CIA, Mary and Frederick": Mary Donaldson and Eric's Induction to CIA Spies

Mary and Frederick of Denmark are spies for the CIA.

They worked with the CIA off and on and then committed an assassination at my house in Moses Lake, WA, with several CIA officials and the George Bush family present, and then had Brad Pitt walking forward to them, extending his hand in a handshake and saying, "Welcome to the CIA".

Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are CIA spies. 

The CIA had Mary Donaldson murder one of my older clones and her son, with a handgun.  Others who were there included Jen Garner, who has done advertising for the CIA and worked as an escort for them prior to marrying "Ben Affleck", under CIA cover and in connection with Chris Dabney's family.  Another person who was there was Anna Sloan-Smith, who is from Nashville, TN, and dated several British royal family members before marrying into one of their aristocracy families.  Another family that was there were the Chandlers, Aaron and Rachel Chandler and their family.  Another was Emma Watson.

To remember what they had done, after the murder, I went into my bedroom, took a lightbulb out of one of my lamps, and walked back into the livingroom saying, "Here Mary.  Do you need a lightbulb for your chandelier?"

Erick and Mary were also involved, with Goldsmiths and Middletons, in an assassination and murder of clones of mine, at an earlier date, in NYC, at Aldrich Ames' house.  Aldrich Ames worked for the CIA at the time, and Anna Chapman was involved--an older clone of Anna Chapman.  She knew Mary Donaldson, Kate Middleton, and all of the CIA there.  Additionally, the CIA had Putin and Dmitry over to a house and they allowed Dmitry and Putin to murder one of the clones of my son there, and then they were sent back to Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Dmitri murdered clones of my son more than one time, and were consistently behaving like CIA operatives.  Then after the murder using them, later, several years later, they harmed another clone of my son, forced him into a mental ward in Scotland or England, under Kate Middleton and Camilla's "watch" and deliberately tried to drive him crazy and tortured him and I visited him there while he was being tortured.  Dmitri was particularly in his face, jeering with a bunch of Russians, in the U.K., with the U.S. CIA and Pentagon allowing all of this.

Putin and Dmitri have been EXCEPTIONALLY CLOSE to Goldsmiths, Middleton, Anna Chapman, Parker-Bowles, and Mary Donaldson and Frederick, for a LONG TIME, as they have been with the Double Bushes:  George and George and Kate Middleton's son "George".

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