Monday, July 25, 2016

Angela Merkel: CIA Spy

Angela has been a spy for the CIA for decades.  There is plenty of evidence to support it and she is a clone.

Angela was also trading her name around with Angelina Jolie, Angelina DelBalzo, Angela Salinas, and Angela Bonnano.

When I was trafficked to Germany, it was mostly to the U.S. Army base and Mike Middleton and others tortured me there, with Merkel, and I was trafficked to be held hostage as a "Nazi" suspect with Angela Merkel there and cold as ice against me.

She stood by while I was gang-raped and tortured in Germany, supposedly to coerce "confessions" from former Nazis.  She was also patting the backs of victims of the holocaust, and looking sympathetic and torturing people.

She said she was a "Jew too".

I saw 2 different Angela Merkel clones.  One was the same age as she is now, older, around 65 or so, and that was in the 1980s, and at the same time, there was a younger Angela who is the one that is President of Germany at this time.

The first time I remember seeing her I was 3 years old and she was exterminating and murdering my family members against a wall for and with the CIA, in Virginia (I believe) at a location where there was a basement or concrete wall that was lit up and maybe painted white, and she and some others fired several machine gun rounds into them.  I think it was machine guns but they were all lined up and shot down and the U.S. was letting "Angela" do a lot of it.

Angela Merkel was being "thanked" and hugging Jews, people who claimed they'd been victims of the "holocaust" after she exterminated a bunch of people, and some were not Jews and I don't know why they were there. 

Stanley was the CIA man in charge at the time.

Angela was already talking with CIA about being sponsored and funded to be in a prominent position in Germany, at that time.  I thought she was getting a "job" because she killed all of those people.  Her real hair color is not red--I thought she dyed it to gain sympathy from me after she'd murdered my family members. 

I was raped by her with the barrel of a gun and also held hostage and she did this in a group with other women who also used a gun to rape me.  She was saying which side are you on?  East or West? and they were laughing at me and raping me with a gun until I had two compartments inside of my vagina, one to the right and one left and many other U.S. govt. men and women raped me in the same way later, and Mossad as well.

I was repeatedly raped with guns and hard objects as a little girl, including by all of the royal "British" and non-British "girlfriends", incuding Natalie Hicks-Loebecke, Carley Massey-Birch, Anna Sloan-Smith, and several others.  I was raped by cops and FBI and DEA including Brad Uhl, and when I was a little older, I was sent to a hospital and raped by former President Nixon, who walked out making a "V" sign, and I was raped in a "V" over making some comment as a kid, about "2 Dicks".

When I was a little older than a baby I was also forced to be "stamped" with a sign for a "rat" on my rear-end, and I remember that's what they talked about when they did it and it was to match the symbols on a "Victor" rat trap, which had a "V" and dots on either side.  The U.S. murdered an older clone of mine and my kids and then did this to me next, along with my having my ears pierced with gold studs by one of the same individuals responsible for murdering my clones--Locklyn Guzman.  She and Carol Goldsmith and Sarah Netanyahu had shot some of my clones.

There was money being given for the hits in NYC before the murders occurred in England, and then in the U.S.

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry were also involved and they were part of agreeing to have the hits taken out against me on behalf of promoting other people in England, and friends of Middletons and Goldsmiths included Anna Chapman, British royal girlfriends, John Kaempf, Dick Whittemore, both Bushes (both George Bushes were part of organizing hits against my clone for their "relatives"), and Angela Merkel was also involved.

Angela also raped me in "non-violent" ways, by using her tongue on me to do fellatio and it was definitely Angela and I was forced not to move and asked if I liked women and lesbians later.  The same women who had been responsible for helping murder my older clones, were raping me and having sex with me to attempt to brainwash me or reinforce some type of emotional bond, and in an attempt to make me bisexual.  The bisexual attempts started when I was as young as age 3, and I was being encouraged to like "open relationships" and accept "pedophilea" as "sophisticated man-boy, girl-woman, kid-adult "love"". 

While they raped me, they were not raping the other clones of themselves or treating any other government girls the horrible way they treated me.  They had a plot of having their husbands rape me, covering up the atrocity of gang-rapes against me, and forcing me to work for them for free.  I was forced to murder hundreds of people for the U.S. and British government, as a kid under the age of 8, and there was only a short time that it looked possible I might have had a better life.

I was not only forced to murder people as a kid, they programmed me and tortured me to murder my own family members and wanted me to work as a slave, and my own family was picking up money for letting people rape me. 

I was used extensively by the Middletons, and tortured by them and escorted around to places where I was tortured and forced to murder people and raped and then they were filming me in disgraceful situations and bragging about how I was "disqualified" from anything natural or normal in life, or to my human and civil rights.

She flew to NYC and met people there, including Aldrich Ames when he was there, escorting a number of Russians, my "family" or me, Bob, Dicksie, and Levi, Middletons and Goldsmiths and countless others.  His two contacts that were Russian I am sure I met and not sure I know which they were because he had many Russians over, not just a couple.  He had over a couple of big men, both Russians, Anna Chapman with the Middletons, Dabney (who is Russian Jew) with Anna the blond Jewish speaking woman (and they showed up in M.L.,), Catholic Jews who knew John Kaempf, and Vladimir and Dmitri both appeared there at his apartment.  He also had Italians over such as the DelBalzos, who lived in NYC at the time, and my Grandpa Garrett and Baird. 

They paid money to put a hit on my older clone of ME, myself. 

And then just as I thought there was just one older clone of me, I found out there were more and all of them were being assassinated.  Why? 

I was not just attacked or witnessed attacks by Angela in the U.S., it was also in Germany.

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