Sunday, July 24, 2016

Operation Against Me Over Chelsea Davies "Ovary" Law Firm

this is for info about destruction of one of my ovaries because of Davies and the U.S. govt.

Chelsea Davies and Harry of Wales got mad at me and an older clone of me for saying something about the law firm the older clone of Chelsea worked for:  "Ovary".

I had actually thought I might become a lawyer and try to get a job there and then I found out Chelsea was working there as a lawyer and they viewed my ideas of becoming a lawyer as a threat.

I had one of my ovaries targeted, over this, and destroyed and there is evidence of it on MRI and CTs.

I was also attacked by Harry and Chelsea with a knife to my head and an attempt to murder me.

One of the Bob jrs. assisted Harry and Chelsea in attacking me and my clone over all  of this.  He attacked my clone with others accusing her of revealing classified info to me, such as where Chelsea the older clone worked.

It was all garbage.   The idea that I was not allowed to have any information was just evidence I was a hostage.

I not only witnessed Jews murdering my older clone, when she was pregnant, I was forced into surgeries myself because now they felt "guilty" and worried I could "come back" at them.

They started saying things to each other like "She can't have children" when I was about age 5. After they were saying I couldn't have children, when I was older and said how come you're saying this, then they were saying I couldn't raise my own kids.  And prior to that, surrounding govt. "discussions", people like Mark and Troy Shaw and others, Tom Parker-Bowles, Trumps, Yulia Tymoschenko, Goldsmiths and Middletons, Roses, Krevans-Crannell, Rose Parker-Bowles, Rose Farquhar, and Camilla, Beckhams, and other CIA, and govt., were sitting around agreeing "Cameo can never be allowed to raise her own kids".  They were making promises to Rory and Jodi about this, to Mary and Frederick of Denmark, and to some British "girlfriends".  This plot for not allowing me to raise my own kids, came up by the time I was 4 years old, most likely after they'd murdered my older clone.  It also included Donna Ciaramella, Lisa Santogrossi and Brian Thebault, Dick Whittemore, Angela Merkel, and others, and James Dabney and the entire Dabney family, and the entire Bush family, Clintons, Obamas, Cruz, Kaines,...every candidate we've heard of for "president" was being assured I would not be allowed to raise my own kids.

These people are CIA spies.  Angela Merkel is like one of the biggest disasters in history.  She was also directly involved in more than one major hits against my older clones and kids.  She is a spy for the CIA and wow, she made it big in Germany.  She participated in the group that stood by to assassinate an older clone of me, and she pulled the trigger against one of my daughters when she was a baby in front of me.

In Germany, I saw her "attacked" once by a group, like a group of her German people, and sort of assaulted, but in my opinion it was all a "show" to have me feel sympathetic to her after what she'd done.  She did a lot of favors for the royals and stole a lot of my money and coordinated the trafficking.

She was friends with all of the other CIA people, like Chelsea, Waleses, and Donaldsons.

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