Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pippa Middleton and James Mathews: Pedophile Rapist with "Big Willy"

Pippa Middleton is marrying a sicko just like herself.  Who else is left for her anyway?  She can't marry up, she has to settle, like Kate Middleton.

I just wrote about him in the post about Chris Dabney. 

He raped me, when I was a kid, and then bragged about it and had a ring for Pippa the next day and they were saying to me, "Is that a big enough message to you that you will never be Queen?"

He didn't just rape me either, he committed a murder and that was his way of "getting in" with the CIA I guess.  After I recovered from being raped, the U.S. forced me to go to Germany and Austria and be gang-raped after I said, "You keep bragging about how my 'hole' is bigger now, and since you're so happy about it why don't I just use that to prove James Mathews raped me and the U.S. govt. encouraged it?"  I said, "I have evidence, if I do have a larger vagina now, that I've been raped" and then suddenly they said, "No you don't...you are going to blame your large vagina on just one person?" and I said, "I could get rid of William of Wales in a minute.  Want me to describe his penis?"  I said, "If I take out the middle-man, what are you going to do with the ends?"  and I said, as a kid, "So you have Charles at one end and William's kid George at the other end and how is it any of them deserve one single dime from British welfare to support themselves as 'monarchs'?  after what they've done to me and my kids?"

So the CIA organized a massive rape against me, and involved a hundred men and they counted them off, and then said, after they'd forcibly bleached my hair out, made sure I had bigger boobs from having had a baby first, and still having larger boobs from breastfeeding, videotaped and made porn and forced me to 'sound like you like it, come on, encourage us, you want more right?"

They raped me with my hair bleached out platinum and with larger breasts, and then they said, "Here's a gun.  You can kill yourself now.  We're done with you.  You don't have to sing anymore now Cameo."

They did this as a cover for Middletons and British royals shit-business with the CIA and Camilla has been a CIA affiliate for a LONG time.  Not only that, the CIA Bush family was personally, biologically, related to them.  They wanted to make sure their "family" stayed up at the top and raped kids to do it and murdered my older clones and stole from me.

Why did they bleach my hair out?  I have a few guesses as to why, which I'll write about later.  I might target that subject with a separate post.

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