Monday, July 18, 2016

Emmanual Rose Family and Sarah Jessica Parker: Murderers and Pedophiles (Updated)

One government mafia family that repeatedly tortured me, held me hostage, held kids and clones of mine hostage and murdered them, not to mention rape, is the Lorraine and Emmanual Rose family, and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

Not only did they carry out a hit against my older clone, they then forced me to sit with them at a bunch of Jewish celebrations.  That's when I was around age 7 or so and earlier than that, they'd committed several other murders against clones of mine and my kids, particularly my son, the clones of him that Oliver Garrett-Avila, born May 11, 2016, is identical with.

James Comey, Bill Clinton, Trumps, Joe Bonnano ("I'm not a facist"), Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton--they were all involved along with the Parker-Bowles family and their connected Catholics.

The Rose family had murdered an older clone of my son when I was younger, putting a gun to his ear and saying "You can't hear so well" or something like that.  They murdered him by a water canal, and did it for supposedly being "smarter" than Scott and Laura Rose-Lewises kids.

These Jews are extremely anti-intellectual shits who murder anyone who challenges their own idea of Jewish Supremacy.  They accused my older clones and me and all kinds of people of "anti-Semitism" while murdering people out of their notions of being superior to everyone else and wanting to be superior, and appear superior, to me and my kids.  They hated my guts and resented the intellect, decent looks, and talent we had naturally and they continually targeted us to be beneath them.

After they had committed no less than 3 murders that I distinctly remember, against clones of me and of my kids, they were raping me still, and then tried to win me over to their side, claiming it was all part of a big "spy" cover and they "needed" me desperately, and they tried using a patriotic and religious, emotional appeal to say "We want you to be Josh Roses mistress".

That's what the Roses told me.  After using their family to murder my kids, I am not kidding and I did not hear incorrectly, they were suggesting the next "Josh" clone was going to marry some woman but Josh wanted ME to be his "mistress" on the side and they needed me and maybe I could keep my kids that way.  In reality, it would have been a way to conceal how terrified I was of them, because I witnessed murders of myself and my family by them, and a way to bump me off for "adultery with Josh".  They came up with so many lies, to try to confuse me and buy time for themselves and make themselves appear to be 'working' with me, it's not even funny.

In the meantime, they were part of rounding up clones of me and exterminating us after they used us and stole from us.

One of the sons of mine they murdered, with a gunshot to the ear, and through the side of the head, all the way through the brain, was supposedly because they assumed my son and some clone of mine (?) had caused Scott and Laura Lewises kid "Elliot", one of his clones, to have a stroke or something or not be able to talk, maybe by electrocution headbrace for programming or something else. 

So they were making fun of me and saying my son didn't know what he was talking about and he said "Elliot doesn't know how to talk" and they jumped him, and then held him hostage with their big men until getting him to an isolated country location where they had his brains blown out in front of me.

I had said to him, "I think you are way smarter than Elliot and Zachary" and he nodded.  He said they wanted to have themselves look like geniuses and no one else and that's why I suffered like I did.

After this, they were electrocuting my son, younger clones of him, so badly, they were then forcing them to go to "remedial speaking and reading" classes and having him go through "speech therapy" as a way for the Rose family and Lewises to GLOAT about how dumbed down my son was and couldn't talk, just out of revenge for my son calling them out on their Jewish supremacist hate crimes against me and my kids.  Then in addition to forcing all of the younger clones of my sons to be degraded and humiliated with "speech therapy", they were forcing them to be "monitored and reviewed" by Laura Lewis at the University of Oregon where she helped design a program to "track progress" of "intellectually stunted" kids, receiving info from their schools about them.

I can confirm one thing for sure:  my son is smarter than the Lewis and Rose kids.  Most likely, I am also smarter than the Rose girls, because from what I saw, raising my own son myself and seeing his development and also babysitting and being around the Rose-Lewises, he was speaking much earlier than any of the Rose kids.  They couldn't talk early as he did.  My son was saying words by age 4 months.  His first word, that I recognized, and which he connected himself, to a visual that matched, was "Ten".  He pointed to a number "10" and said out loud, clearly, "Ten", with his finger still on the number.  My son is a genius.  They are murdering us and raping and torturing us to make us look stupid and inferior while they force us to work for them in other ways.

My son was also starting to put sentences together by around 7 months and that's when we started getting targeted. 

I am positive my son and kids have never been happier and better developed than when in my care, and I know for a fact I was tortured throughout my childhood, to be dumbed down to look inferior and score lower than my abilities. 

The Jewish people involved have very serious problems with Jewish Supremacy and they don't want anyone who is not a Jew like THEM, to succeed like them. Not only that, I was being forced to go to all of these Jewish community center and church events with the same people who murdered my clones and kids, not to mention their use of my parents to help them.

Then after doing these things to my family, Rabbi Rose started trying to brainwash me to give my money to them, money from songwriting that I did.  He started telling me, when I was a little girl, that yes, people might want to kill me if I was "rich" so I should give my money to them and others and then people wouldn't want to kill me.

The Roses literally stole cash from me, and assets from profits off of my songwriting and then somehow coordinated with the U.S. government and FBI to make it appear as though I hadn't written any of the songs myself at all.

These Jews, the ENTIRE Portland Community Jewish Center Jews, all know I am the writer of these songs, hundreds of songs and they have collectively lied about it to steal and murder from me and my kids.  When I was about age 8 or so, they weren't wanting me to know the extent of their crimes and hostage-holding against me and were coming up with excuses like "We'll save your money for you" when all of them knew I was the writer of all of this music.

They were stealing my profits, and credit for my work, sending it to their Jewish artists and producers in the entertainment industry, and back "home" to Israel, to Mossad.  Many of the artists who stole credit and performed my songs were Catholic, but mostly those who shared a "Catholic-Jewish" interest in the entire Camilla (catholic Bowles) family and Jewish Goldsmiths (Middleton) in their pursuit of being "royals".

The British Royals are all Jews. All of them have Jewish ancestry through Elizabeth and they were torturing and holding 'suspected Nazis' hostage during WWII and later, and attempting to rape and steal from me and my kids, out of fermented hostilities they will never get over.

When I was a toddler, I wasn't being coddled like this bitch Kate Middleton, or any of the "girlfriends" of royals.  I was being gang-raped by every member of the British royal family, which is 100% Jewish and openly admits they are Jewish.  Their gang-rape against me, was nothing more than attempts to get revenge against older clones of me and my family and force us to work for them, and be raped and degraded at the same time.  Prince Philip raped me, Charles, Andrew, and Edward did, and they were sending love letters to one of my clones, through Edward and he was also writing to me when I was a kid, to create a delusional romantic "cover" for gang-rape and torture.

They also trafficked me there to force me to use my own money to buy property for them, which they were putting into their own names later, such as Anmer Hall.  Anmer Hall does not belong to the British royal family or to Middletons and this sick clone William of Wales either.  I was forced to go to England, agree to use my own money from songwriting profits, from songs I wrote which made billions of dollars, and purchase Anmer Hall and my clones had been with me at the time and were witnesses.  I was lied to and told I was part of the aristocracy and if I bought Anmer Hall I could live there later and be close to them and have a "home" outside of the U.S.  They then later switched over ownership, and then hung one of my clones of my sons in Hawaii for repeatedly speaking up about how Anmer Hall was my house.  They took it off of the historic registry when I had made the purchase and made sure it was not considered to be part of the "Royal" (government-owned) assets.  What they did, was let a bunch of royal's friends live there and then move Kate Middleton in to claim she bought it with William--a grand lie.  A little too GRAND for me.  Not only that, the Rose family was so involved in this, they were telling me when I was arguing as a kid, "Katie is just going to live there for a little while and SAVE it for you".

Are you fucking KIDDING me?  That is what they told me.  They told me Kate Middleton was going to turn over Anmer Hall to me later, when I was "old enough".  It was part of the entire lie from Roses and British royals and "Wilsons" about how all of my money was being saved and protected by these "noble Jews".
This fucked up Rose family has used every single member of their family to murder clones of me and my kids.  They are also clones and they had a "Cloe", who was the daughter of "Laura Lewis", back in the early 1980s who was already married.  Then Laura had more kids, and another Elliot, Zachary, and then another Cloe and I said I would remember her because of "glowy-Cloe" as in glow-in-the-dark. 

Tanya Rose was constantly at my grandparents in Cashmere, stalking me and cutting me with Carly Massey-Birch and other British royal girlfriends.  All of the British royals girlfriends of William, who then married other men, all of them knew Granny:  Beverly Constance and one of the times, they organized a hit against one of my older clones and murdered her in front of me.

Others who were electrocuting my kids with Granny and torturing me, aside from Rose Farquehar, Nikki Hicks-Loebecke, and Carley were Kate Middleton clones, Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Bynes, and "Anna"-the blond from Russia supposedly who Chris Dabney has always murdered people with.  Chris Dabney and Anna murdered dozens of people together and they also targeted several clones of me and of my cloned kids. 

The Roses murdered clones of me and my kids, Josh Rose (older clone) at one, with Lorraine and Melanie; Rabbi Rose and Laura; Tanya; and Elliot and Zachary together, with Chloe too.

They had one main motive and it was greed and to murder off any of us that they couldn't control and to eliminate people who would be beneficiaries of my songwriting profits.  Their other motive was this crazy "Find the Nazi's kids and kill" motive they had.  They are WHACKED OUT NUTSOS who were trying to eliminate and exterminate every single "Loree" and older Loree that was alive, along with my sons.  It was over the holocaust and their pathetic Jewish "plight".  For all of the garbage and promos about holocaust museums and memorials I heard, they never once thought to consider themselves as actually even worse criminals and terrorists.

They also specifically set one of my older clones up, to have an older clone of "Granny" murder her and feel "excitement" from it as if she'd just slaughtered a Nazi herself.  It was a Beverly Constance Baird who was about 80 years old in the early 1980s and she was there in the room along with the younger Granny I knew and other govt. people, and they held my older clone down and let Granny murder her while screaming about holocaust shit, and she was wanting to kill me too.  Holly and Locklyn and all of them were around, supporting extermination of me and my older clones.  Then they cried these tears and hugged eachother saying "Finally it's over".

I said "Finally it's over???"  Other people who had been there were Chris Dabney and his shit-bitch "Anna". Amanda Bynes was also there, and "Jill". I was asked by someone later to come up with a name for a movie and I said how about "The Never Ending Story" because all of these fucked up FBI agents were going to my house to read me stories, while molesting me in my bed, as a cover for how they'd been raping my older clones "Loree", non-stop and I happened to witness all of it.

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