Friday, July 29, 2016

Mike Tancer and Murderers of My Clones

One of the murders of one of my clones occured at my house in Moses Lake, WA, and I looked at her and her ears and commented about how one was different from the other, a little, and I was told I could ask her a few questions and then not see her again.

She was brought there by an older clone of Mike Tancer, Robin Bechtold, a clone of Levi Garrett was there, I think Aaron Chandler, and several other U.S. govt. persons including a woman who drives an SUV from Oregon with plates:  BRGRETA.

I asked her who was holding her hostage, and she told me, and it was a clone of me.  She was identical to me, to her ears.  She was murdered.  Some men busted in through the door after she was barely talking, and shot her, and I saw one of the men involved today driving past me on the road and I flipped him off.  He was followed close behind with another govt. man that had participated who has plates 93 59.  In front of him was BRGRETA, the same woman.

Then they called up the Ballingers to have Ballingers "clean up" and remove the body or something and screen me.  Christy and Erica Ballinger.

Erica Ballinger later drove a car to a club in Portland, Oregon where the younger clone of Mike Tancer was waiting to stalk me down, get me into his car knowing I didn't remember him, after I was tortured and programmed to do this as a kid, and with his older clone, and then raped me at his house.

At his house, before raping me, he grabbed my ears and said, "Let me see your ears".

Mike Tancer is a Russian-American (and Scottish) Jew.  His mother is Jewish, and he is Jewish by ethnicity.  He murdered more than one of my clones, to my face.  He was also holding my clones hostage, like his Mom and Dad.  They stole money from me as well, forcing me to work and then stealing profits and saying they were "saving" it for me.

Brian Thebault was having a romantic relationship with one of my clones.  Not the one who was brought to my house later, but the one Brian saw was one who was idnetical and a clone and she played tennis all the time.  She loved to play tennis and she was pretty good and wore tennis "outfits"--like the skirt and had the racquet and everything.  She was murdered and the U.S. used a Dicksie to do it.  She was murdered right on the court, in her tennis outfit, with a bunch of U.S. government people around, including Brian's friends "Bill and Anne" and the Clintons and Monica Lewinsky.  She was also being challenged to play tennis with Kate Middleton.

They really hated her guts.  She was so pretty, and I didn't know she was my clone and I kept saying, "You are so much prettier than all of them, AND you're smart and athletic and sing nice and EVERYTHING, and none of them are any better--I mean, even for getting married to someone because the only thing you don't have is boobs, and some people don't care about that at all, and there are plenty of boobs in the world and who really needs more "boobs" anyway." I told her, "Even your hair, when you are blond, you are so much prettier than all of those British royal "blondes".  I said, "They're pretty in their own way, but I think you're prettier, and did anyone tell you you look exactly like that Russian speaking girl Anna? the blond one? or sort of like Anna Sloan-Smith but if your hair was done Anna the Russian's blond color, you could be almost twins".

Mike Tancer, older clones of him, at least one of them, was around me throughout my childhood, forcibly programming me with others, with the govt., to do what they wanted which was steal from me, rape me without my continued protests, and lie about me.  He was at a camping trip once and paranoid about my discovering which kids were his kids, and Bechtolds were there, with Wendy and their half-Asian son, Chris Dabney and Anna the blond Russian, Rachel the Jew from D.C., Rachel Chandler and others, a woman who works as a psychic with plates BAF (the first part I'll include later), and more, and Diebels and Whiteside--people connected to colleges when I was being told to go to specific universities and colleges.  I was overhearing promises about how to make me sound nuts and kick me out of college or ruin my grades by their military friends.
William of Wales was also involved.  He even showed up later at a bowling alley and tried to murder me after shooting the person next to me, with a younger clone of Kate Middleton and a Robert Guy Garrett Jr. there. There was another clone standing right next to me, and they shot and killed the one and then pointed at me and I was forced to plead for my life, and then when we walked out of there, these shits like Eric Knox and my "brother" and Tom and Halea Vice and others were staring at me, with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.  I had lied and suggested I thought the shooter was "Rachel Chandler" to avoid getting killed.  I said, "Why do you want to have Rachel kill me when I never did anything to her?" and pretended like I thought it was "Rachel and Aaron" when it looked like Kate Middleton and William of Wales.

Chandlers did try to murder another time.

I witnessed a Bob Jr. murder one of my sons out in the woods, in a bait-box area of the forest with water, and they shot him.  They chased him down, and it was a clone of Oliver, and they shot him. 

I saw "Bob" and "Dicksie" murdering more than one of my own clones--clones of ME and of my son.  I also witnessed an older clone of my "brother Levi" murdering my own cloned kids.

It is pretty hard to believe I am biologically related to any of them when there were that many of them murdering ME and my own kids, and it looked motivated by U.S. govt., Middletons, and their "other kids" and a few times, someone appeared helpless but not most of the time.  Most of the time, they acted mad and like they hated them and wanted to eliminate all clones of me and my kids.

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