Friday, July 22, 2016

Royal Clones: Undocumented Workers On CIA and British Welfare

Clones are all basically government-managed.  There is no such thing as a free or independent clone.  Some of them are part of a plutocracy, however, that uses and murders other clones they breed and force into slavery that is undocumented.  In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of clones are taking up jobs like illegal immigrants, and they're worse, because they suck the life out of a few clones they force to work for the rest of them, such as myself.

I did nothing but work FT, overtime, and while being tortured and raped if I wasn't cranking out another song the CIA and Army was selling off to shit-clones who stole the material, and took credit for it.

Royal clones are a massive drag on the economy as well and they are violent haters that murder anyone in their way.  They are not just picking up welfare from the British taxpayers, but from the CIA and Mossad too, and, for example, I was being forced to support THEM with MY earnings, work product, and talent.

For example, it's not just 2 "Prince Harry's"--the U.S. has been handing money over to at least a dozen "Harrys" and same with William and Kate Middleton.  These people live off of anti-competition and are anti-free enterprise.  The only way they promote themselves is by forcing other clones into slavery and stealing from them and torturing them worse than Nazis did to holocaust persons and there is no difference between the holocaust and what has been done to me and my kids.

Not only has a plutocracy of royal clones and CIA asset-clones driven their own economies into a dive, and forced others into slavery to support THEM, they have eroded and completely destroyed what the U.S., as a nation, was founded on, and is supposed to represent and go by.

There is no real capitalism or individual "free enterprise" because at the root of it, there are a bunch of elitist clones stealing trillions of dollars of profits from others, by forcing them into slavery, to document an entire legion of their own undocumented, criminal asses. 

They are a problem 10x worse than any "illegal immigration" problem.

They have completely ruined and destroyed the concept of human rights, free enterprise, capitalism, free market, entrepreneurship, natural rights, and they can't even get their own dates without first resorting to asking the CIA to send over little kids to them to rape "under the radar".

People complain about illegal immigrants taking jobs, and for that situation, most of them are non-government operated and it's one individual taking a job of another one individual that maybe a U.S. citizen didn't want anyway. 

With clones, it's not just one person.  It's up to 30 or more "undocumented" persons all lined up and wanting to work, and taking jobs and not reporting their income or work, and often stealing work from others and the credit of others too. 

The U.S. government, instead of giving people jobs, that need them, go over to England, and recruit more royals to work for them, and other international clones to steal even more jobs, and then force people like me to be raped by them and forced to work and then give credit to them.

Not only was I forced to work for all of these people, as a slave which the U.S. government was trying to hide part of the time, and lying about, and stealing from and raping 24/7, I was literally, at one point, held hostage at my house and told I wasn't going to be going to school anymore, and I wasn't taken out to church or out in public either.  I was being taught "Phonics at Home" and when I told one of my clones about it and she found out, they murdered her.  I told her, "They have British royals coming over to my house with U.S. govt. people and they've been staying at my house and watching everything I do and forcing me to work there and not go out in public anywhere".

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