Thursday, July 21, 2016

Monica Allen and Allen Family Murders of My Clones

Monica Allen was witnessed by me, to murder 5 sets of my clones, each time with her family and Tim Henderson involved, and she committed a 6th attempt by attempted murder in a car hijacking she coordinated with Mike Nichols, another government employee and clone with Goldsmith-Middleton Canadian contacts.

1.   One set was at her house in her own bathtub in Sherwood, Oregon (and they cut her up there), 2.  another was at the Knott St. location in Coquille, Oregon (behind a shed), 3.  another was in participation of a drowning of a 3 yr. old clone of my son in Coquille (with a bloody bucket), 4.  another was in Coquille in connection with a "dare" to "cut out a heart" (more blood) and she and some other kids actually did, and 5.  she was present for another murder as an adult, when I was a kid (with Donna Ciaramella), and 6.  she attempted to murder me by hijacking for the CIA, Goldsmiths, and Middleton. 

Monica Allen also acted as a cover for Monica Lewinsky, in name.  My brother's wife Carmen Wilson, related to Lorraine Wilson Rose, all Jewish people (including my brother) doubled with Monica Lewinsky and then Monica did by name cover.

Additional murders, now that I think about it, include an electrocution by power lines, with Monica Allen involved; a semi-automatic shooting; multiple drownings off of a boat with her Dad, and drownings in tubs; collusion with the older clone of Ivanka Trump to commit more murders (and it appears they murdered together one time), dump truck murder involving her brother Nathan; and strangling.

Her Dad was also ejaculating across my back all the time, her Dad "Dave" Allen and was forcing me to give him blow jobs and hand jobs when I was very little and I was electrocuted with the electrocution headbrace after they did this or forced me to do something.  He was often with a Bob jr. doing this and then William of Wales started to get excited about what crimes the Allens would commit for him and started getting more involved personally, along with some other major hitmen and Trump.

Trump himself, is most likely Jewish.  His wife Ivana Celnik, is Jewish, just as her friend Yulia Tymoschenko (Ukrainian) is also Jewish.  Trump had multiple clones of himself and he was involved in murder of my clones, both older clones of me and of my son.  He had sideburns like dreidels for a long time and attended Jewish services.  He supplied semi-automatics to Henderson.

Both Trumps and Clintons knew Monica Allen and that she was targeting my clones and the U.S. government was using her to murder us, along with others, to try or to do it, but she was one of them. 

Rebecca Allen, 100% Mexican, was using her Mexican contacts against my son too, to steal from him with Cordovas, Lynda Carter's Mexican contacts and relatives of Kate Middleton.  It can't be ruled out, I don't think, that Kate is somehow related to Lynda Carter because I heard this a few times as a kid.

I also heard Amanda Bynes was Bob and Dicksies kid, and that Rachel Chandler was one of the Bob jrs. kids, and that Carly or Rachel the Jew was possibly both a Bob and Dicksies kid, and Anna.

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