Thursday, July 7, 2016

FBI Hopes For Me To Be Forced Out Of College, Into Stripping

One of the plots the FBI came up with, when I was a kid, was how they wanted to force me out of college, and they "predicted" they'd keep screwing with my life and careers and college so much, I'd be "around age 40" when they planned to try to kick me out of college, and wanted me forced to strip, naked, to look like that's the kind of person I was.

I was forced, as a minor, under age 10, to hear their plots in Portland, Oregon and with Chris Dabney and his Mom and cops, at a strip club in Portland, Oregon, where both me and my Mom were being forced to "practice" stripping on a stage.

They had the entire thing all planned out.  They were planning to run me around until I was 40 or so, and then they were colluding, and even talking to my Dad, or a Bob jr., who was held hostage half the time, about how "it's gonna happen" and oh yeah, they were going to force me to have no work in Oregon or Washington, and no way to get out, and no jobs available except for "naked stripping" in Coos Bay and Portland, Oregon.  That was their plan.  They had this idea that Kate Middleton would be married to William by then, public figures, and then when they wanted to force me out of college, they'd come up with an excuse to do it, with OSU persons.  Some of the people who were working for FBI were OSU and a few were PSU. 

I was not just being forced to strip, supposedly for calling "Rachel" and Dabney's mother a "whore", I was being raped, under the age of 10.  They had Greg Fowler, a bunch of people connected to William of Wales and Camilla involved, and Dan Gatti and Greg Smith there, with Whittemore and an entire Roman Catholic group of lawyers.

The U.S. never prosecuted Prince Charles or anyone for raping me or my older clones, and kids, because they had them on the CIA payroll.  Charles was whispering spy names into my "bugged" ear, when I was in his bedroom.  He was saying things that made no sense to a kid, and I realized, he was spying, and transmitting information to the CIA by using me in his room, while he molested me at the same time.

I saw Camilla, myself, at the Bush ranch, and the entire George Bush family was related to Middletons.  Not only that, Trumps and other CIA already murdered people for the Waleses.  All of the people who were killing others for the Waleses and Bowles, were Americans.  There were very few "British" persons running around with the "killer group" that Middleton, Goldsmith, and Bowles and Snowden were in.  It is CIA.  And they betrayed their own citizens, like me, my kids and older clones, over keeping Stanley and Bushes "happy", along with the Vatican and Mossad.  The Vatican defamed me as "mentally ill" after making me sleep in the same bed with their Popes.  I slept with every single Pope they had up until 1983.  Some of them sexually molested me while I was having to sleep with them, in their beds, and they did the same thing Charles did, whispering code words and names and military info into my ear for the CIA shits.  I was having to do blow jobs and hand jobs, and be fondled and kissed, as a girl under age 9, by Popes and then John Paul II told some officials, after releasing me back to them, after I had BEGGED him for help and to raise my own kids because I was threatened about never doing this--and when I said I didn't like Kate Middleton, he then turned me over to the U.S. Pentagon men again and said, 'You need to do something with her--she's crazy".

They were not just molesting me and spying for the U.S., they were taking cocaine from Goldsmith at the same time, and Bowles' helped deliver the goods. 

I was then being degraded and told I was a "prostitute" when I wasn't, and I found out my older clones were getting raped like me, all in an effort for Israel and Vatican to stay wealthy and rich as spies for the U.S. and the "wow! British invasion CIA".

Some of the "neat plans" for me, to smear me, were to force me to be a "whore" or look like I solicited, when I was clear about wanting to be married and have kids or single and have kids, and not sleeping around, and to have me even stripping,.  If I was a Stripper, then suddenly, they weren't so bad for defaming me and I was "that type of woman".

They had these ideas of keeping "pure" Catherine as "pure" looking as possible, along with their cronies Camilla, Bowles, and including "Rose".  And then, one day, on top of everything else the FBI was doing, with CIA, along with plans to force me out of college into "stripping", they had this great idea of how they were inviting Russians to my house to rape me and murder one of my kids.  They wanted to cover all their bases.

Not just that, the FBI had forced me to "pick bugs off of" dead people, including my own dead relatives, when I was less than 5 years old.  I was forced, by Julia Thornton and Laura Laughlin, Brian Gross, and others, to spend all day by myself in a room, next to a dead body, picking "maggots" off of a body, after they had made me count all of the 'bee-bees' in the skin of one of their dead persons.  They were chopping one person up, and making me examine the pieces, for "bugs", which is why I suggested Middletons call their new business "Party Pieces".  They had Gary Goldsmith watching me and smirking, with James and Pippa and Kate. 

The FBI and U.S. govt. have been determined to promote Middletons and others and ruin my life for a very long time.  They plotted using Dabney and Pardo to rape me again when I was older, and they used them to stalk me down like they said they would, plotting this after murdering my kids in front of me and while listening to comments I made, and then their next plans were to force me to strip so they could make fun of me, and force me out of college and to not graduate.  All of these steps are little "favors" to themselves, to make themselves feel better about who they are, and what their agencies are about, apparently.

Apparently, the U.S. government thinks forcing me to constantly suffer the worst possible degradation, when they were responsible for selling me and trafficking me around the world, when I didn't want to do the horrible things they were torturing me to do, is their way of proving to their CIA assets--the Bowles, Snowdens, Vatican Popes, Israeli Mossad, and Middltson and Goldsmiths, they'll give THEM a nice cover.

That is what they talked about back then and what they did.  And the FBI was doing sex checks on me when I was 9 years old, prior to even going to the Vatican, where the FBI pimped me out, along with my sons and daughters.  I saw my son there.  I witnessed one young clone of my son there at the Vatican, and the Pope hadn't wanted me to see and their lawyers told someone to get rid of him and out of the way.  I had thought, "Why are they trying to hide the fact this boy is being brought over there, like me?"  My Grandpa Garrett Sr. had signaled to me to notice, so I took a good look at him first.

The U.S. CIA and FBI pimp out kids to the Vatican. why was my vehicle pulled over and towed so I would lose all of my court cases in 2004?  Is it not true the CIA and FBI are vicariously liable for all of the clergy sex abuse crimes against kids?  Yes, in fact it is my dear.  You can thank these nice little darlin' chipmunks of the Middleton family for that too.  Because no, they don't care about child rape--their business is to film it, for fun!  For example, Pippa Middleton was forcing me to play an adult sex game, nude, as a 7 year old and filming it to trash my older clone and me at the same time.  To degrade us, basically, and make fun of us and then I was forced to Lorraine Rose's house in Portland, as they made her nice wedding bed and talked about marriage for some girls and smirked about "pole in the hole Cameo" to my face, while I was there. 

The reason I mention this, right now, is bc I'm having issues brought up again at my college, when there shouldn't be any problems in resolving any kind of mistakes and instead, they are apparently relying on some military persons for trying to make my life hell again, and finding ways to force me out of college.  I had a baby and dropped some classes, and one term of classes I know for sure were dropped and I'm not getting credit for dropping them, even with medical documentation I was dropping bc of having a new baby and everything.  One man holding things up, had me raped by a group of Jewish rabbi's in Israel, when I was a kid.

It's a way to make everything one step closer to trying to push me out for good, with no diploma, which is what Carol Goldsmith has always wanted, along with some others who bragged about how they'd do this to me.  It is also occurring in the same timeframe that cops from Portland PD and FBI were talking about, with military, while forcing me and my Mom to strip when I was a kid.  Some of these men were "featured" in photo evidence Ted Bundy had once.  He had tons and tons of photographic evidence against the govt.  I didn't know anyone he killed, or supposedly killed, and I am not even sure what their names are/were, and I wasn't involved, but I met him, and he showed me photos of all kinds of people doing horrible things and then ...suddenly, the cops wanted to arrest him then. He also knew some sketchy military men though, so I don't know what his motives were.  He knew Aaron Chandler, for one, and a man, I think, who took me around several places to be gang-raped and who killed one of my clones, EYC 552 plates.

I had the courts over here screw up my ticket matter and collections too, after they implanted me with another clone, and no, I did not have sex--I've been celibate for almost 8 years and do nothing.  I was raped for purposes of disrupting my life intentionally, and to then try to force all of the little "plans" these people have had for decades.  My car and transportation and blocking my transportation is a huge thing the govt. is using for holding me hostage.  They raised my fine for a single ticket from $300 to over $2,000, and then had a Judge in Coburg (who knows the Lewises and people who have raped and murdered clones in my family) refuse to drop the rates on one that I wasn't supposed to be charged for.  I had Portland, Oregon FBI collections (next door to FBI) telling me when I showed up in Oregon again in 2011, my fine was $300, and then it was $600 before I had my baby, in 2014, and suddenly it went up a couple of thousand, so I can't drive. Someone also broke into my house and stole my international-use passport, and they did this 1 year ago, after I had my baby.  So they forced me to have a baby, and then stole my passport after kidnapping her, so I couldn't leave for work and find a lawyer elsewhere.

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