Thursday, July 21, 2016

Crimes by Jews Against Nazi "Suspects" Ancestors & Attempts To Steal Back Money

The majority of my early childhood, while I was lied to, was spent with a bunch of insurance and banking people who spent all their time and effort, secretly, hunting down bank accounts and insurance money of ancestors or heirs of "Nazis", to "steal back" money Jews and other allies believe they had a right to, or to block future heirs from making any money.

I was forced to go around the world, to dozens of banks, literally, including the famous Swiss banks where people used to be able to store money privately, and the U.S. had people talking to the bankers and prejudicing them against ME, pointing me out, and taking photos of older clones of me over, and telling them to let the govt. know if I ever tried to open an account there.

My "parents" were involved, and I was being escorted around by them and George Bush(es), and other persons connected to CIA and Jews.

In addition to being forced to travel all around the world while "Ritchies Boys" and their offshoots tried to make sure I had no private place to bank, and asking if anyone who looked like an older clone of me had banked there, I was around countless numbers of lawyers and insurance persons, who were doing the same thing. 

They were also bragging and assuring others that "We will make sure she never gets any insurance money from anything" (such as a planned car collision).  These insurance persons were also working with the U.S. government as part of monitoring all of my activities, any activities of former clones of myself, and planning to sabotage any means for collecting money that I might end up with, such as, from a failed assassination attempt against me...i.e., they plan a car collision and I survive but am injured and have a right to collect personal injury money from it.

In addition to this, they went to even further extremes.  And it does have to do with obsessive anti-Nazi grudges that Jews and Ritchies Boys have because I was born into a family and govt. for the only purpose of locating money and more clones to murder off, while I was also forced to be used to kill my own family members and persons CIA wanted to kill, before I was even a preteen (older child).  In addition, I was being forcibly used for psychic and remote viewing, and then being deliberately injured and prevented from doing this independently or continuing in the skill-talent-gift.  I was forced to say, from a house, for example, "Is someone coming over to our house?" and I would have to tell them if I could "see" someone was, who it was, and how soon they'd be there.  I was told to "find" locations where I had been to in the past, "look" at them psychicly, and tell adults if anyone was there at that location or if I saw a car, and if so, what kind of car and could I read the license plates?  This ability is called "remote viewing", which is the ability to see things at a distance with psychic sight, not natural sight.  I was asked to do this, and practice reading minds and then I was tortured to not be able to do this, when I was just a slightly older kid.  They wanted to use me and then dump the memory and gift I had, and force me to work for them in other ways, without knowing what objects and items they had with them and what their motives were.

The reason for wanting to dump me, like that, dump my psychic memory, is pretty clear.  I had witnessed many of my older clones and older cloned kids being murdered, and often, mostly, it was by my own "Mom" and "Dad".  Bob and Dicksie Garrett had clones of themselves too, so it's not always easy to remember or know who did what, and when, but I absolutely remember them shooting and murdering clones of ME.  It was ME they murdered.  It was also my son who was being murdered by them and sometimes there were a few other people around and a few times, there wasn't anyone else around.  That was rarer, but it happened.  A couple of times, it did "seem" like others pressured the action, or wanted to enforce it by standing behind someone to make it happen or so on, but there were plenty of times, the emotions were real, and the comments made sometimes too, and my clones were being bumped up by the same "family" that the CIA and U.S. Army had deliberately structured me to be raised in.  I wasn't related to any of them.  Not only did my "Mom" and "Dad" murder my own clones, my "brother" who I was told was my brother, murdered some of them, and by this I mean mostly older clones of Levi who I witnessed involved and then I saw for myself how my younger brother was being brainwashed and integrated into the same govt. work, and developing these odd resentments against me which I was clueless about, and becoming more and more secretive and distant--not to mention he went off and became a Jew and had a Bar Mitzvah too.

The murders against me, by my own family, and "hunting down" of all of my clones, from what I remember, started when I was age 2.  I'm sure it was before that, but I first remember murders of my clones and kids when I was age 2 and then an entire family massacre, several rapes, torture and Nuremberg Trials I was forced to be part of which were ongoing during late 70s and early 80s, and repeated murders of the same people:  me and my son, at various ages, although all of the clones of myself I saw were older than me.  They were going through all of them, and exterminating each and every one.  They had so much pent up RAGE against these clones of me and my son, like they acted like each one was personally responsible for the entire holocaust, as if it was really us, not Hitler (who was, by the way Jewish, and probably tipped allies off all along).  Some of the yelling or comments were varied, like they had excuses for why to murder them, but the underlying rage against them, was like they looked at them and all they could 'see' was "HER", the one "Nazi", supposedly, that represented all of this "evil" to them and tainted their ability to look at anyone who looked like her, as an individual. 

When I was just slightly older, no one was saying things around me to tip me off, or suggest Nazi animosity or that this is what it was from, but when I was younger, it was mentioned a lot.  And I witnessed older clones of my entire family on both sides, hugging each other and with tears, saying how glad to be rid of "another one" they were.  They had these tear-cheer parties like they were emotional holocaust survivors and ancestors of such, coming together to foil and exterminate "yet another one" and sometimes it was also with comments like "It's finally over", like their counter-response to "The Final Solution".  One of the earliest supporters for exterminating my family and others was and is, Angela Merkel.  She was at CIA offices and visiting the U.S., as a clone, adult clone, in the late 70s and was involved from the start.  It was just another obvious link to Germany and persons who were killing off others with "after-war revenge militant executions".  I remember Angela involved in executing my clones as early as 1977.  I was a toddler, and she was involved and CIA surrounded her.

I will add more to this post and update it but I have not been feeling okay the last few weeks, so I am only writing this much for now.  I will try to update it with more banking, insurance info, all of the places the U.S. went to hunt down clones and blacklist ME, personally with, for this horrific idea of wrongfully punishing a little girl who was innocent herself (who they themselves, did not want to stay innocent), and more of the Germany locations and persons who were involved with Nuremberg and the kind of treatment I received by Jews, and also some of the others who were involved, because it wasn't just Jews although they were controlling me and running the after-war "operations" against clones of suspected war persons, it was also others who just wanted money and if they could get a share in it, and also feel 'mad" about some allied soldier being killed in the war, they were coming up with excuses for assaulting me.  One assault of my clone, all of my older clones, most of them, had their hair bleached blond.  Only a couple had red hair.  They were all blonds, and basically, my eyebrows are blond naturally and it doesn't take much to lighten my natural hair color--in the sun everyday, it turns almost blond on its own, like mostly blond with red highlights.  Well, we have red 'pubic' hair unless it's bleached, like all/most redheads, and one of my clones, they threw her to the ground and gang-raped her and called her "calico" saying she was a wildcat, a calico pussy, and what happened because your hair doesn't match, and also, the son of mine who they kept killing had a splotch of white skin on brown on his stomach, like a birthmark, and they were calling us 'calicos".  Not only that, Char Garrett and her cloned daughter "Callie" and others were involved in early murders of my older clones.  I mean, they've never been friends.  All the time I was being raised, I had no actual family at all--they were holding me as their own govt. hostages with a bunch of secrets of rape, torture, theft, and revenge against me.  I was never told, by any parent, that they had other kids.  They didn't want me to know, because I was their hostage and enemy and not supposed to know. 

Then later after I was a little older and some time had passed after I witnessed one of the rapes and murders of one of my clones, I had asked one day, "What was my name going to be if it wasn't Cameo?" and my Mom said, "Calico, or Mandy Jo" and I was told, "We all thought you were going to be a blond but we had a redhead!" "I always wanted to marry a redhead and then God gave me one for my daughter".  Meanwhile, I was being ganged up on by other govt. girls such as British royals' friends and Amanda Bynes and Anna and Mary D.  I witnessed people like Rabbi Emmanuel Rose shoot and murder 2 of my clones himself, and he was also raping me.  I was forced to be raped countless ways by Emmanuel Rose, and have "sex" with him, as a kid, on "top", at Lorraine and his house.  And then they were coming up with more ways to blacklist me with their buddy, Brian Gross, another Jew.  Gross is ethnically Jewish.  And that is not including kids of his who murdered my clones or raped or beat them. Not only that, people who worked for insurance companies such as Donna Ciaramella, murdered 4 of my clones herself as well, at least, in front of me and made promises both times, all times, they would never allow me to collect insurance money if I was ever injured and she'd work with Roger Harris and other lawyers to ensure I never had money. She was also making this "promise" to "Bob jr.", one of the Bob's, and Kate Middleton, who was there in person, when I was only 6 years old.  She was also promising Carley Massy-Birch, Florence Burt, Anna, Monica Allen, and "Rachel" the Jew, and Rachel Chandler and Holly I. Telerant and Christy Scnneider and Stephanie and Joy Maiers.  Donna Ciaramella then pushed for me to implanted further, to be tortured, along with some other employees.  Donna had an entire group of girls she "mentored" and she and Donna Titleman were making promises to push me down and keep me down my entire life and Donna T. is a Jew with a grudge against clones of me/mine, and Donna Ciaramella is a Ritchies Boys group person for the govt.  Donna had all kinds of plots and schemes for how to use Monica Allen against me and my clones, and smirked about it.  When I was an older kid, I looked up the meaning of her name and it was "bagpipes" and I said, "Did Mike Middleton name Pippa after HER?" and I laughed and said, " about bag lady?  she is always threatening to make me and keep me poor my entire life and pass the bag to other girls".  I wrote my song "Bag Lady" about her. 

Donna Ciaramella was part of a govt. "insurance" team that was going around the world, with lawyers, making sure I had no money and hunting down "ancestors of former Nazis" and that group included Richard Whittemore, John Kaempf, many lawyers of Bullivant Houser Bailey law firm, and also Peter Mersereau was often speaking on behalf of the Vatican about "assets".  The Vatican and Mormon church were involved by handing over family histories, birth and baptismal records, and genealogy research and they were getting rich off of clones held hostage as 'punishment' of older clones.

When I was owed $50,000 personal injury from a hit-and-run, both Roger Harris, Donna Ciaramella, and cops she already knew from Cashmere, colluded to obstruct justice and block my travel so I couldn't collect on it.  So they had deliberately colluded, decades earlier, to do this to me and then they did--all of them.  Every single one of the shits who said they'd illegally block me from my rights, did block me.  And Dabney is good friends with Ciaramella. 

They still owe me the money and it's the second time they've obstructed me from collection of monies I am owed.  The other incident was a motor vehicle attempt on my life as well and I was a kid and I was injured from it.  Donna is guilty of the worst mafia crimes.

Donna and Mary Del Balzo were handing Kate Middleton a gun to murder my clone and James Comey was giving Jennifer Lawrence his gun.

Eric Knox and Vices were also involved in the earliest threats against me, when I was only age 7.  They were gang-rapists.  Eric Knox and Vice carried out hits against my clones, drivng to my house in Moses Lake, to murder them in front of me, in my bedroom.  One of the murders they carried out was not even at my house on Potato Hill Road, it was at a house I lived at until age 2, on Matson Street.  I remember it as "Cherry" street, and there was a clone of me in the area at the time too.  Eric Knox, the Vices, and British CIA assets murdered my clones and they picked up cold hard cash for it.  They were involved in more than one planned murder-execution of clones of mine, at my own residence, and yeah, the bitch Mia was also involved.  So was "Christian and Eric" of Denmark and Mary Donaldson, and James Mathews, Pippa Middleton's boyfriend.  I was told to be a Christian when I was age 2 and then again in Moses Lake, when they murdered again, and told me to "let Jesus into your heart" when I was age 4, having been raped and Middletons trying to sneak out of liability by masking over what had happened and who was involved with a little story about how Jesus knox on the door to your heart and if you let Jesus in, then the baby Jesus can be with you all the time even though your KIDS ARE ALL DEAD". I was supposed to remember Knox, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John and Tom, or J.C., or Robin Bechtold laughing and saying, "Hey-Stu!"  Alvaro Pardo and his girlfriend also murdered my clones at my house.  He stood there and she held the gun at a clone of me and shot her and then she handed me a box of silverware in Maryland, in 2008, decades later.  The U.S. government deliberately forced me to be raised by people who were against me, and with employees of theirs stalking me to repeatedly rape me.  Knox was good friends with William and Harry of Wales, and also with Pardo and Chris Dabney.  They all knew eachother and are fucked up dirty cop shits and no, they are not "Christian".  They also had a Pope visit my house with insurance people to get rid of us.  They were holding my clones down and raping them and then murdering them.

When the U.S. started murdering all of my clones off, and when I was finally asking why all of them looked the same, I was told they were "old gangsters", "O.G.s" and that was how the CIA and U.S. Army were describing hunted clones of Nazis accused of war crimes.  They tried to put a gangster-mafia spin on it, to detract from Nuremberg and Jewish hate crimes and the greed of forcing me and my clones to work and having "excuses" for raping us.  They had all of us gang-raped, and I was once overhearing someone say "As many times as Nazis raped Jewish women, you will all be raped".

I was being held hostage by a bunch of Jews like Sterling-Tancer and Goldsmith and Middletons, and tortured and programmed, and raped and passed around for rape.  They were having these "special prayers" for themselves and Jewish girls, while smirking about having me at the table. 

The FBI and CIA were giving cash to some of the mafia, to rape us and torture us or use us for them, or set us up.  I was told by Victoria Gott, if someone wanted to put my son in jail to offer them my songwriting rights and money.  Then, in Cashmere, they held one of my sons hostage, beat him and said he was going to jail unless I agreed to sign a govt. paper to release all of my songwriting rights and credit to John Kerry, Heinzes, Gatti and Smith, Becthold and his law firm friend Dunham, Obamas, and military.  The FBI had trafficked me to the Bonnanos and Gottis, just for the purpose of being brainwashed by them and Roses, to "agree", by coercion, to give away my songwriting credit and rights, when I was too young to consent and being lied to in the first place.  I was age 7.  They used gun threats and murder threats against me too, taking me inside the house and telling me they would kill me if I didn't.

For what?  The U.S. govt. illegally was stealing all of my future earnings by telling me, an innocent kid, I had no citizen rights.

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