Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Torture to my ear and side of face and neck & Dentist Clones Who Torture For U.S. Pay

I've been tortured for the last 3 weeks, but 2 weeks mostly, to my ear with Navy sonar like things going on to my left ear, and torture to my neck where they operated and implanted things (after punching a hole into my neck by 'trachetomy' to insert devices into my neck with Dabney participating), and up the side of my neck by my tonsils and my top and bottom teeth.

The U.S. has done this same kind of specific torture to me, sometimes, when I was a kid, until my molars in the back of my mouth were turning blueish-tinged, for decades, and they had a bunch of U.S. employee shits the entire last week, driving around making faces and holding their ears like something was wrong with their ear.

I'm being tortured.

The U.S. has nothing useful to do with their time or money and they have no talent, so they steal it.

The U.S. has talent?  all they have is military torture they use to hold people hostage and they do not have talent.  If they had talent, the FBI wouldn't be gang-raping kids and holding them hostage and forcing them to work for free, telling them if they don't, they will be tortured more or killed or raped worse than they've been already.  The FBI bragged about how they'd rape me and force me to have clones, which they steal, use, hold hostage, keep poor while stealing from, and bragging about how they 'get to' steal from us because supposedly they are victims of "Jewish holocaust".

This form of torture to my teeth has occured since I was a kid and they repeatedly practiced and then over time, had additional operations to insert and implant other things into my mouth and other places.

The Wiltbanks, rapists and pedophiles, were involved with Chris Dabney in doing this.  They were helping out with dental torture when I was 8 years old. Erica Wiltbanks "husband" was also a dentist, the older clone of her and then the next one also married a dentist.  They were not the only ones though.

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