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Murderer Elizabeth II, Sofie Rhys-Jones, Prince Edward, for CIA and Mossad (updated)

Sofie Rhys-Jones is one of the most corrupt and conceited persons I ever met in England and she works full-time for the CIA. 

She used relatives in the U.S. who worked for the Pentagon, and Mossad, to murder my older clone and my so-called "parents" participated in the assassination, along with Queen Elizabeth, Sarah and Ben Netanyahu, and other British "royal" friends who were in attendance.

They were also amputating the limbs off of many individuals, over Sofie's antiquated place-name of Severn.  Chris Dabney is one of their family's best friends, and was participant in murdering the unborn baby of my older clone, who was pregnant with Prince Edward's child before she was, or at the same time she was murdered.

There were almost hundreds of letters from Prince Edward to "Loree", to my older clone, on British royal stationary and papers, and there were also saved letters from Prince Philip prior to their removal from a hiding place at my house after she was murdered and several royals and CIA, FBI, and Pentagon persons wanted all evidence of the prior marriage destroyed.  Not only that, they stole her earrings and ring off of her hand before they murdered her, and Chris Dabney was interested enough in concealing all evidence, as someone who had supplied poison to the royals to drug her with, that he was trying to influence me as a kid to say the letters had been addressed to "Cam" and they weren't.  They were to Loree, and then the current Prince Edward was writing to ME, directly, for awhile, after they'd murdered my older clone and secured Sofies position with her already born, and known set of military brats:  Louise and James.  I referred to them as "Lujers" (losers) by their initials L. & J.  Trevor Rees-Jones was connected to them and to the military in the U.S. and he was involved in murdering my older clone along with Tiggy Legge-Bourke, Camilla's family, and Middletons.

The letters from Prince Edward were sinister in nature and tone, because under the nice love letter banter, he was writing threats to me and warning me not to talk about what I had witnessed and what had happened.  He was also attempting to seduce me and brainwash me as a child, to go from being afraid of him after I saw what he did, to making me appear to want his attention and not being content with a "friendship" as a kid, as if we were friends.  He is a major sicko.

He stalked me for years after murdering my older clone with his friends and was present for multiple attempts by the CIA to murder me, in the U.S., on U.S. locations and all of the attempts failed.  No one can say the CIA didn't try hard, because they tried everything from downing planes I was in, to car crashes that should have killed me, to taking me up to heights and hoping I'd get sucked out of a plane door 'by accident" or fall down from heights of a tower and cliff "by mistake".  I was even targeted by a train explosion and I had been sitting in the same part of the train that exploded and Prince Edward and Sofie had been there with some other royals, smirking and then left.  I later got up for some reason and moved to another train area and only seconds after I'd left, that part of the train exploded. 

Those shits tried to murder me, multiple times, with serious effort, and that was in addition to having constant rape and torture coordinated against me by the Pentagon and CIA and FBI buddies they had, all at the same time and in the meantime, to disgrace me.

I did not just witness the actual murder, I overheard the plotting that went into it ahead of time, and Sofie and Prince Edward were picking up CIA money in the U.S. before my older clone was murdered in England.

This bitch Mary-Anne McIntosh, a Pentagon affiliated lawyer from the Midwest, was constantly traveling to Wenatchee and moved there, and her daughter was married to Doug Jones and they used the Jones names as covers for criminal plots against my older clone.  Mary-Anne McIntosh was directly involved in the murder of my older clone, and not just that, she and her husband had helped with committing acts of child pornography and pedophilia against me and selling me to the British royals so they could have little kids sucking their penises and giving them handjobs without "Loree" knowing about it for a long time.  "Don't tell Loree".  She and her son-in-law deliberately hired Gary Ridgeway, a serial rapist-killer from the U.S. Army, to murder me and he wouldn't do it and told me they'd hired him.  It was in Bonners Ferry, ID--McIntosh was picking up a briefcase stacked with cold, hard, cash with her kids, and putting it in her sedan, and Donna Titleman involved, and then they said, "When is Gary going to be here?" and Mary said she had called him to pick me up and they said, "Gary will give you a ride home" and I said, "Gary Goldsmith?  How come he's over here right now?" and they smirked.  It was Gary Ridgeway, and they already knew he killed people and then I pulled out my Bible in the semi-truck after he took off and he started to cry and said, "How come they want to kill you?"  and then he came straight out and told me they'd just paid him to murder me in the semi on a drive.  The U.S. government then had her and her husband rape even more of my family in front of me, and then used her as a lawyer to lie about me and kidnap cloned babies from me after forcing me to have the ones they wanted (not "royals", to Pippa Middleton's satisfaction, but "cherry picker's kids").  My older clone told me George Middleton had raped her, which was another reason the British royals wanted to murder her.  Kate and William already had a kid who was grown.  Both George Bushes were also behind having my older clone murdered and both of them were with the CIA.  They were already talking to Sofie Rhys-Jones and making assurances to her prior to the murder of my clone.  They had Louise Freeh around too, probably as a name cover for Sofie's already-born brats Louise and James, who also showed up and were talking to Pentagon and CIA people, when they were in the U.S.  Sofie had older kids, older than me, teenagers or young adults, and then some or some nieces who were a couple of years younger than me. 

This is a photo of the murderous bitch, who tried using my clone as her own cover more than once.  Her comment on "wiki" about some matter being "flatly untrue" was a sneer that I was told to suggest, from CIA and military persons, who wanted to gloat about murdering my clone when she was pregnant. 

There was possibly more than one Prince Edward, because all of the British royals had clones, and it's possible one was with Loree and the other with Sofie, but they got rid of Loree, my older clone, and my parents and "family" were backing it.  They wanted to get rid of her and were part of the conspiracy against me to rape me, use me, and have me murdered in favor of Sofie, who was already selling British secrets to the Pentagon and CIA and had a Jewish connection to Mossad.  Also, at least one of the Bob and Dicksies had some motive against me because of Jewish Goldsmith-Middletons, who they supported and worked with, and the fact my older clone was not a Mossad jew like them, and "Granny" Breigenzer-Baird was also supporting them.  Granny, the older one, had testified against me and my clones in Nuremberg court, accusing my older clones of being "Nazis" that had harmed them and killed them during WWII in concentration camps.  They didn't want her around, to punish her for having supposedly (they thought) been involved with the Nazis.

They took a photo of me when I was 4 years old, sticking out my stomach with my hands on my back like I was pregnant, in a violet pajama outfit and made fun of me saying, "Just a few shades short of PURPLE" and saying "Oh, oopps!!! nothing's there!"  and when I showed some British royal girlfriends who came to my house in Moses Lake, I had said to them, after they were passing around this photo looking at it uncomfortably, "Is that YOUR ring?  Who gave it to you?"  The women there were Musgrave, Sloan-Smith, Wiltbank, and Middleton.

Sofie had a clone, because one of them was the younger one, who is around now, and her older clone was as old as she is now, in 2016, in the early 1980s and showed up at my house to gloat over murdering my older clone.

This is a photo of Sofie from 2013, and she looks the same here as her older clone did in 1983 or so:
She was old.  This is "Sofie", from 2013, born in 1965, and this is exactly how old her older clone looked when showing up to spy on me in England and in the U.S. at my house, after she'd already helped the CIA murder my older clone Loree.  She's a bitch with big ugly boobs and a baldie who pets little girls with no chest and she can't stand the fact her entire family is pedophiles, including herself.  She is a fucking lesbian half the time and raped me herself.  I asked her in England, one time, if she had a Bible, and she didn't even have one around anywhere, but Mossad loved her.  She is cold, calculating, and not just that, she and Joy Sterling-Tancer had a similar face when older, not just me and her (when my clone had blond hair) and they were torturing me and using each other as covers too.  They were telling Sofie, she and Edward could be "happy" now, that they'd murdered my older clone off.  What was my older clone doing wrong?  Nothing.  In fact, she was the ONLY one trying to report pedophilia when she found out about it.
The ONLY one.  Not one bitch who was connected to MI5, CIA, or Mossad, reported it.  Only the righteous one was dying for their fucking shit.
God reminded me of this fact last night.  They really can't STAND to hear me speak of "God" either, as if I know who God is and they don't, because they are stuck on being Jewish Supremacists and royals who think they have the "gift" of prophecy and must therefore be the closest to God too.  I remembered everything about this bitch with 2 things:  Ciaramella (yella--notice the lovely yellow 'badge' on Sofie's lapel, which she wore and was part of her ensembles as a murderess), and "I can see you're no help", (help me, H.M.  her majesty), and I also happened to randomly pick up my Bible to read something and randomly opened up to 2 Sam. 22:21, "According to my righteousness God has rewarded me"... and the entire passage, which these people perverted to use against me and more clones in even more murders against us, and dismemberments and "breaking teeth" out of my mouth and threats, and just above that, is the passage about "massed", Massed as "dark", a dark rain cloud.
I told everyone, as a kid, "God will remind me about what you've done" and they knew it was true and that was why Sofie appeared at my house, and it was around the time Edward Howard had joined the CIA.  My Dad presented her, as if I'd never met her, as "Sofie.  She's a righteous one."  She showed up asking me if perhaps I'd like to "work together".  I had said "What do you mean, work together?" and she basically stood around, looked at me and tried to gauge me, and then said to Bob, smirking, "She doesn't know anything".  What she meant was, "She isnt't remembering anything right now".  It was not Diana of Wales, it was Sofie, and at the same age as she appears in the photo above.  After she mocked me in my house I said to her, "Maybe you could get a breast reduction since your back hurts".  She was mad about it and left.  It's the same thing I'd said to Camilla Parker-Bowles once.  Her appearance was just more attempts to wiggle out of liability for the most cruel and disgusting crimes against my clones of the century, and continual hostage-holding of me, with all credit for MY work and MY talent, which God blessed me with, not THEM, going to their "grunts" who then forwarded money back over to them.
Oh and where is dear little bear cb who wants a cd-le?  CD.  I will remember you, you fucking shit.  A Memorex cassette deck (C.D.) will help me to remember you, you God DAMNED shit.  You and your fucking sneer and smirk, with Sofie, and Sarah and Ben Netanyahu, and Carley Massey-Birch.
"MOSSAD" takes their name from the word "massed" which means "dark".  In Winnie-the-Pooh, in one story, Christopher Robin says "Pooh, what are you doing?" and he says "I'm a little black rain cloud."
They rain grief, terror, and jealousy, not righteousness and not one of them should have any royal title, assets, or welfare.  They are also traitors to their own "country" and I saw for myself who most of them really work for. 
Not only that, the CIA with Jew Valerie Plame and others attempted to murder me over Chris Dabney and their opinion that I still remembered what had happened, a few years later, just because they picked up a note I made in my room, while trying to remember names of people and I had gone through yellow pages and white pages and found the name "Abney" starting with the "A's" and wrote it down, telling people, "It's something like Abney but there's more to it and I don't remember" and then I had written next to that, the name "Chris" with a smiley face icon next to it.  They said "What's that?  why did you do that?" and I said?  "Oh I don't know, maybe it's for "Chris smiley or Chris be happy or something".  I said "You know, don't worry, be happy".
So then the next thing that happened is a Special Operations U.S. Army chopper showed up after an attempt to kill me and a "be happy" note was thrown into my shirt.  It was Canadians, FBI, and CIA in that chopper, and one of the Canadians was the same immigration officer who knows Dabney and who helped coordinate several attempts at holding me and my cloned kids hostage.
I also know my older clone had some kids aside from my cloned kid Oliver, because she told me this and they were blond.
The U.S. government had me operated on to be tortured by remote means after they murdered my older clone, and they said, making fun of the 4 yr. old photo of me, where I was sticking my stomach out and holding my back, "Does your back hurt? We can make it hurt" and they were saying, "You like Pooh and Doo?  we can make you poo whenever we want and you can LOSE your babies whenever we want too." 
Sofie and Middleton both had Irish people in their family with O'Sullivans and Middletons IRA and they had all of these people connected to them, from Boston and Wenatchee and U.S. groups, and Parker Bowles show up at my house when I was age 6, telling me not to brush my teeth anymore and how I was going to have them blown out and lose my kids too and they were all smirking about it.  All of them were Catholics and Mormons at that time, like Sean O-Neil, Ryan, and James Comey.  By then, they were moving the spectacle of murder away from Sofie and Edward and Philip, to Charles and Middleton.
Middletons, or William of Wales, to my knowledge, was not even in the picture except that Mossad got mad at the idea I didn't like Middletons when they tortured me.  Sofie was and is a Jew, like Edward.  She even had a yamika-hat wearing Jewish wedding after she murdered my older clone.
It's real special what they did.
MOSSAD was 100% involved in organizing the hit against my clones, with my entire "family" and the CIA behind it.  They had my "parents" handing over the guns, for the murders, and taking the guns from other hands, to make the kill. It was coordinated and at least one Bob and Dicksie did NOT want my older clone or ME to be a British royal.  They were all raping me, besides, and one of my older clones, who was "training" me for 10th or 11th in line, didn't know about it.  She was being lied to by the British royal shits, the Mossad shits, and the CIA and Pentagon.
I'm not mistaken about the love letters and who they were from, and she did not just have love letters from Prince Edward, I had some from him, personally, until he started sending threats instead, when I said why is he sending me this stuff when I'm a kid?  Not only that, in the meantime, his entire family was raping me at Buckingham, James Palace, Sandringham, and Kensington.  They had Charles Spencer also raping me.  I was working with Diana of Wales as a cohort, not as her "maid in waiting". 
I was the younger clone, supposedly positioned to be a Princess, like the others.  But they blew me away with their flattery.
Bob and Dicksie were vicious.  They still might be.
I was being forced to live with the same people I was witnessing murdering my older clones of myself and my kids, and the U.S. was behind it with royals and Mossad.  They would have me witness my parents murder my older clone, with them, and then I would be afraid of them and torture and not want to be around them so they'd isolate me, put me in a bedroom or closet and lock me up and have no one talk to me, as a little girl, until I was almost crazy, talking to myself in a closet, and then start introducing conversation, which I was starved for, and giving me food and acting nice and it was STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.  Everything the CIA and U.S. Army operated off of, was Stockholm syndrome, to this day and I don't have a choice.  They then forced me to only have jobs and work, throughout my adult life, with shits who were also murderers of my clones, who I witnessed killing them, so that if I ever left the country or moved around, my only "refernces" were tainted and controlled by U.S. government assholes.
When my older clones were being murdered, with a Bob or Dicksie involved, they were screaming or knew, at that time, Bob and Dicksie were not their "friends" or family.
I knew something was seriously wrong, all growing up, because of how they darkened and got quiet if I mentioned anything against Jews or suggested I was going to marry a royal or that my clone said I was "smarter" than so-and-so.  It became obvious that Jews wanted to kill me, along with Parker-Bowles supporters.  I was also around all of these hints and innuendo conversations about hits, money, and what the CIA wanted and who was next.  I saw for myself, they were plotting ahead of time, to murder my older clones.  I was being raped, meantime, while controlled by Bob and Dicksie, with U.S. government, Mossad, and them, raping me and saying things when I was only age 2 like "You think you're a PRINCESS" and "You're NOTHING.  You're not going to be ANYTHING". 
Then when I became a famous songwriter, the British royals and CIA and military and every enemy who was so triumphant against me, got nervous again.  They pretended to be friends, and meanwhile, they coordinated how to give credit of my work to everyone else, and not me.
They then went so far as to bring in the murderous Bob Doles and Bushes, with Panetta and Del Balzos, to suggest, as a dumping of me, that I could be a "mistress".  They had murdered my older clone, who was designated to be a "princess" or countess or something, and were now telling me I was a "mistress" in the future, and I met more of my older clones, ones who were not with British royals, and the U.S. CIA was gang-raping them and forcing them to be mistresses and then blowing their heads off before they were even married, claiming it was for "adultery".
The CIA was using every single one of my clones as semen-dumping grounds for the government.
After they murdered my older clone, they went through a series of attempts to cover up who my older clone had been with and what the royal "problem" had been.  They had Diana of Wales next asking for my permission to marry Charles, when this was after they'd murdered my older clone over Edward and assured Sofie she was "in line" now.  Then, one day when I was a little older, my Mom had said, "Well they said you'd be 10th or 11th in line" and I said, "They said that or still say it?" and she said, "I don't know" and I said, "Well someone told me I'm actually higher up in line than that so why would that be?  Like I thought they said I was going to be the next Queen or something".  And instead of looking amused or casual about it, this Dicksie looked cold and mean and said "No".  So then I was wondering what "threat" I was to "Dicksie" and her plans or what other kids SHE or a Bob had and who were the Dicksie and Bob's kids really?  Because they were raping me and torturing me, helping bump off my older clones and I was forced to live with them, and they visited British royals too, so which of THEIR kids was a "British royal" and why were they wanting me out of the picture?
I had said, "Well if I wasn't supposed to be Queen than how come Queen Elizabeth II wanted to kill me?" and I said, "Why wouldn't I be married to William?  He's closer to my age than Charles or Edward."  The U.S. kept using my parents to ask questions to screen out what my responses were and filter to figure out how much of their assassination plots and raping-for-political deals was known by me.
And then one day, when I was back from England, a Dicksie said, "So which of the Princes do you like best?" and they said if you were choosing one which one?" and my Mom said "Maybe Edward" and I said, "No, I don't know".  I finally realized, "Why are they asking me this all the time, when none of it was possible or what any of the British royals wanted anyway?  They'd coordinated a hit against me, with the CIA and Mossad, and then were just sort of biding time."  If I acted like I remembered Edward, they were pandering to me, saying uh huh, yes, maybe and then I was being tortured more and would survive another murder attempt.  They repeatedly tried to kill me over their attempts to repress my memory about my clone being murdered and what my rights were.
I definitely had a right to compensation for all damages, and I also had a right to have my own kids, be free, and to have my own credit for my own work.
I had a right to see all of them in jail for murder, to see the throne removed from them, and both me and my older clone knew most of them had no legal right to the throne in the first place, because of crimes they had committed, so suddenly, bringing up some "Nuremberg" claim was what they resorted to, for an excuse to murder off my clones for "Jew Pride Week".
Not only did I witness Sofiie Rhys-Jones hold a gun and shoot, murdering a woman in front of me, who was my clone, with her "Prince Edward" standing by to watch his lovely wife murder off his former wife, she committed a gross act of forced partial-birth abortion, which I was present for, and witnessed, and she had multiple members of the U.S. government attending.  Persons who were there were Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, Timothy Michael Kaine (whom Hillary has just nominated), Brian and Lisa Thebault, Chris Dabney and "Anna", and several others and one of the  Sofie Rhys clones (one was older and one was in her 20s). 
In addition, I witnessed multiple "strangulations" of my older clones, by Rabbi Rose, Kaine, "Bill" (senator with wife named Anne but not Kaine), Prince Edward, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles of England.

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