Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Calico Light Weapons Systems: Grounds for Murdering One of My Clones

This describes the location of a business that claims they started in 1982 and they were already informally, secretly, a company dealing to CIA and U.S. Army before 1982.

I was taken to the site and gang-raped and Chris Dabney was involved in it, and U.S. government personnel murdered both a clone of my son and an older clone of me there.

I was then electrocuted with an electrocution headbrace and they bragged to Kate Middleton about all of the things they could do for her and Camilla, Prince Edward and Sophia, another well-known "Ed", and Emma Watson was also there, along with Holly I. Telerant, Sarah McDonald, and several other U.S. government employees.  Dan Gatti, Greg Smith, Don Pryzbyla...persons who had already gone to my house in Moses Lake and shot up other clones of mine while they were swinging with me on my "new" swingset" that I was given after they operated on me to implant me for remote torture.  They gave me a green and orange striped swingset, and cemented and chained the legs into the ground and made fun of me and how they could control me now.  They walked right up to the swingset and the one before, and shot several clones directly in the face.  I had blood spatter all over me, more than once, and would just scream and they would then chain me to a bed in my room and laugh.  Greg Smith, the same man who is a nurse and lawyer with Dan Gatti, was one of the shooters and he used his own gun and Gatti stood there.  They threatened me several times after this, later in my life, against talking and about how I (the little girl) had "crossed the line".  One thing they were shooting over, is jealousy over Holly I. Telerant, a girl who already had an older clone working with them as a fellow lawyer and hit-man.  They are all professional hitmen for the U.S. government and the U.S. took out dozens of hits against me and my family--all of my clones.

They didn't just kill them either, they stalked them like they were hunting them, like they were animals, made them run around and scream and try to hide, and then murdered them, and yes, they were the clones I said they were and all of the govt. agents involved had hard, cold looks and settled differences.

I was driven back to my house in silence.

I had told one of my clones, before this happened, how my "parents" had told me the alternate names they'd considered for me had been "Mandy Jo" and "Calico" and she was upset about it.  I had said I'm not sure why "Calico", like a cat with spots all over it.

At this location, the U.S. government had told me, an older clone of my son, and an older clone of myself, that the U.S. government wanted and ordered a "hit" against Prince Edward, one of his clones, for gang-raping me in Canada with a group of people.  I had reported it to my clones and they were trying to get the report out in the open.  They were provided weapons and positions and set up, and then after British royals arrived, the U.S. government turned against them, and murdered them and then bragged to Prince Edward and Sophia and the other British royal clones there, how the CIA would cover them.

The U.S. murdered their own citizens, repeatedly, for these British royal shits.  They then even gave the company start-up date the same year as Kate Middleton and Williams next clone births, to be public clones, for 1982.

There is no possible way the U.S. is capable of treating any clone related to me like a citizen with rights.  I witnessed countless exterminations and hits, use and lying to my clones, and extreme torture and rape...the U.S. repeatedly enslaved clones of me and my son and were using us as slaves to make themselves rich and as pawns for bragging to British royals and other CIA assets about how they'd kill all of us off and let all these govt. men rape us and use us.  They were also giving away my kids to people who they knew hated me and my family, to have me and my kids controlled by our worst enemies, posing as "parents".

The other British royals there were clones of William, Harry, Kate, Pippa, and Pippas husband who was already her husband, "James Mathews".  James Mathews was not just at this site, he was used to rape me later at my house in Moses Lake and his younger clone, who is the exact one Pippa is currently engaged to, was standing there watching.
This woman said her name is Sarah Gibbs.  She is the exact same person that was at the Calico site, and is one of the secret U.S. employees that murders people in "hits", along with her husband.  Her husband raped me and both of them tied me up and held me hostage.  She also told me "I told you I would git you" after my older clone was murdered at the Calico site.  She has had dozens of babies and kids that are clones and lives in Riverview.  I put her photo up in the past, and her husband, who was friends with cops, made a huge deal about it and tried to get a court order to force me to take it down.  They also issued U.S. govt. threats against me saying if you publish the photo, we're killing your unborn baby with Dabney.  The U.S. started telling me they had a right to target any unborn baby I had with anyone who wore "black underwear" and it was this sick bizarre favor to Prince Chalres and Camilla and their CIA assets.  I had made a comment about how Charles told me to wear lingerie in any color but black, and the U.S. started saying they were murdering any babies I had, if I tried to have my own "uncloned kids" and I said "You can't murder any baby I have, just bc it's not a govt. forced clone" and they were saying if they controlled the person or it was their employee, then it was their "business" and yes they could.  So they targeted and murdered my baby after Dabney raped me, as they planned, because he was their employee who wanted it murdered.
She is friends with Chris Dabney and all of the U.S. hitmen shits and each time she's around me, she makes reference to what happened, in a harassing way.  She used rope to tie me and she and her husband raped me with a Bob jr. standing by.  They made sure he was in on it.  There is an entire group that was involved as well, who all raise clones.  Basically, if you go to the Coquille pool or any community center, the kids are all cloned.  I have not seen anything but clones there, hundreds of them, and it's all the same women and most likely a huge number of the kids are not even their own genetically.  They do whatever they're told to do, with the U.S. government, and their husbands, were raping me and my older clones.  While they had these women watching kids, their husbands were jumping my clones and bragging about it, and their wives didn't care.  They got jealous enough to want us killed or put down, but they didn't care if we were raped.  This woman was also friends with Ben and Sarah Netanyahu, who were also there when the murders occurred.
The gang-rape of me that occurred in Canada, involved pigs.  They were all cops and U.S. government of some form, so I remembered them with "Bacon" for pigs and also for Rick Baken.  There were other men around too, not just the ones who I specifically remembered with a word code which was bacon strips, bacon crumble, bacon jam.  It was for naked (Ed), crumble (Chris like apple crisp), and jam (Barry).  It was also to remember 3 Chrises who were all cops and raped me:  Chris Dabney (whose mother is a stripper and forces little girls to be raped), Chris Stubblefield (stumble, crumble), and Chris Rozollo (flower or fruit, jam on a roll) and Chris Hughes and a State cop named Hughes from Washington (blackberry is a hue, color). Also, James Mathews was involved.  They gang-raped me and then he murdered one of my clones (gunshot) who was held in a restraint and forced to watch and listen to them threaten and brag about how much rape they got out of us. The U.S. government wanted my poor govt-entrapped clones to think the U.S. was on their side, not the British royal and English govt.s side or that all these Middletons, and Parker-Bowles and others were CIA agents.  Mostly, all of them wanted to get rich off of illegal human cloning and slavery.  They are the plutocracy that is controlling all of it.
 Ed, Barry and Chris Dabney, along with another Ed, Bechtold, and Rassmussen, were all involved in having me raped.  Scott Ross from Canada watched as a selected group raped me.  They were all telling me they were going to give me a "hamburger" for a baby.  They raped me together, bragging about it and how they would do it in the future.  Then they brought in even more men as covers, who knew about it.  Everyone from Barry Sotero, Barry Tancer, Mike Tancer, to Ed Howard, Prince Edward of England, Ed Israel,  and Frederick of Denmark were involved, and Prince Philip.  Judge Gillespie, and John Hartley were also involved.  Not all these people were in Canada when I was raped, some showed up later, as name covers, but all part of the same scheme.  I had then told my clones about it and the next thing the U.S. did was coordinate a way to eliminate them since they had found out, from me, some of the names of shits who murdered and targeted us for rape and who were using kids as pawns to create their own slave system which benefited a plutocracy that included the Vatican, Israel and Mossad, and elitists and royals. 
The Vatican has even issued out several declarations about how human cloning is wrong and damages human dignity and they are some of the #1 human cloning child traffickers who stole from me and still make money off of me and my kids to this day.  They also murdered other clones of mine, with Jewish persons from Israel in on it, along with royals and CIA.  They are getting rich off of suffering that they are not just aware of, they promote and torture and murder people over.  If the Vatican is really against "human cloning" on all religious principles, why are they having clones trafficked secretly to the Holy See to work for them for free?  And then do you really think the Vatican wants to be "caught" for promoting human cloning and slavery while lying and claiming they disagree with it and believe it's against the Will of God?  What year is it they will admit human clones exist, are made, and have been made since the 1930s, and what will they do with all of their old, false, hypocritical "declarations" about how the Popes and church already know and believe it is wrong?  They were getting suitcases stacked with cash, made off of me.  It's one thing for a govt. agency to lie and say human cloning isn't around or they don't believe in it when they do, but it proves absolute FRAUD on the part of any church that lies and says this.  If the Roman Catholic Church is the 'true church' as they tell devoted people, or base their doctrine on, what are all of these frauds doing as monks and priests who sell a lie and rape little kids while perpetuating the lie?
It's time to own up.
An entire assassination of my family was held at the Holy See, and I witnessed it, and it was clones of my family, and people who believed I should have credit for my own work and songwriting and money, and why should it go to everyone else and me be forced to work as a slave?  They had a sponsored "hit" put out on my family, and had these others who are greedy, standing by to make it happen.  The Vatican does not promote human cloning, they keep human slaves, and they torture, rape, and murder people who try to get out or talk about it.
About this woman Sarah Gibbs, she just showed up again, same place and wearing the same shirt as in the past, and dressing her cloned kids the same, and yesterday I remembered more about her and she and her husband are actually responsible for at least 4 murders that I witnessed, including hostage holding of me and multiple other individuals and it wasn't Cindy Crawford (though she did some of the same kinds of work)--it was this woman and her husband.  She murdered at Calico property site; at a house in Riverview; next to a water canal when I was a toddler with others who murdered one of my older clones; and she murdered with Monica and Tim Henderson in Sherwood, Oregon.  There are other locations as well.  .  She and her husband were, and are hitmen, and they have been used on a very regular basis and they not only murder, they chop people up and her husband did this in his shop, but mostly called people with vans to pick up bodies.

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