Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Age Two With Tears (Bush Family) (UPDATED 7/29/16)

There is a photo of me from when I was age 2 in a blue and cream or white colored dress--really cute, with my head looking huge, at that age, like most toddlers, and I look like a little doll, and have a tear coming from one eye.

I remember when the photo shoot was done and why I was crying.  I was terrified.

I didn't like how this group of people would murder people I loved, to my face, laugh at my expression of shock and horror, and then they would photograph me like everything was normal.  I was taken out of someone else's arms as they were shot in the face, and then I was taken to a studio to have my photo done, like JC Penny's or KMart portraits, and some of the people who had been there, stood around smirking at me.

How sinister they were, some of these people.  All plotting against me and making fun of me.

I was "Loree", the object of their scorn.  They had captured not "Cameo", but were instead obsessed with possessing the "mini-Loree" and humiliating her and ruining her life.

As a younger clone, everything about my life was already prejudiced by bias and hostility of some, and jealousy, and even sheer hatred, that fomented from relationships some had with my older clones.  They wanted to eliminate all of us and use us for their own "means to an end". Not everyone did, some liked me, but there was this other group that secretly hated me just because of "her" and this Prince Edward and Frederick and everything.

Then this photo was framed and put in my grandparent's room and people would go in there and look at it and laugh and joke about killing off so and so.  Military men, the Bullivant Houser and this man with a daughter named Mary, Tom Parker-Bowles...what a horrible person.  Even the Middletons and Goldsmith--all wanting to really have a look at this one photo, of "Cameo" after I had witnessed a terrible murder.

From what I remember, I had been in the arms of an older clone of my son Oliver and they shot him in the face and told him, sneering, I was never going to be a "princess" and THEY controlled me now.  I sort of remember maybe someone who looked like me, an older clone of me, around, but I'm not sure, but the person shot in the face, was a significant person in my life trying to protect me.

Then Bushes and Dick Cheney even, and Bob Dole, they all went over for a look.

They didn't even talk about me sometimes, like it was me.  Some of them were directly affected by their ideas of my older clone and smirked saying "Look at LOREE".

The Roses and Scott Lewis and Laura had been around, from what I remember, and possibly Dolores Davis and some grandparents, and then CIA.  Possibly the Schneiders or Yerxas or something.

Then later Carol Goldsmith was saying she would take that dress of mine to give to "Charlotte", a younger clone of her granddaughter, from Kate Middleton.  Carol was coming over to my house and taking all of my clothes.  Pippa and Kate and Carol would show up with a couple of other "royal's girlfriends" and collect tons of my things and walk out with stashes of my property and belongings, when I was as young as age 2.  Then they started using forcing me to be babysat by them in England, as a way to traffick over more of my property to themselves.

When I was age 2, Kate Middleton already had a "baby Charlotte" and they had murdered a set of my older clones already.  They're really sick people.  They were able to keep their plots, murders, and animosity a secret from some of my other clones for a really long time and then one by one, the others were ticked off, and shot and murdered.

I also saw Middletons visiting Aldrich Ames in 1976, a nice year for all of them.  When Ames showed up in NYC, boy were the Goldsmiths hot-tracking it over.   They also met with him in Moses Lake, WA, at my house, having flown over to the international airport there or driven in from Seattle (and Kate was friends with a woman named Ruthie Ames who lived a couple of miles away from us), and they invited Aldrich Ames to party with them in England. Carol Goldsmith was also well-acquainted with the Navy men who "defected", Martin and Mitchell, and hosted them at their house too.

Why of course my dears.  Don't you want to be a communist too?  And murder anyone who doesn't demand of Cameo and Oliver and her kids?  How RICH they could all become!
The other thing, is that people wanted me to think the problem with the British royals (who work for CIA) and Thebaults came up later, like in the early 1980s, and in fact, they were already secretly murdering my clones and Prince Charles was involved from the start, even by the time I was 2 years old.

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