Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Eric Knox: Murderer and Rapist

I am able to list over 7 murders I witnessed that a black man by the name of Eric Knox was involved in, and against my clones, since I was 3-4 years old.

He has a history of murdering and raping my clones and getting paid by Middletons and Waleses (and the Rose family) and he was often at the FBI offices.  Believe me, he wasn't "working undercover" for good guys.  He is just part of a system that rapes and murders clones they want to make money off of.  I also heard him colluding with both Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo (older clones) about raping me in the future and how he would "deal with me" "later".

I tried reporting him to police, in 1998 and nothing was done.  I was then raped by a Rose associate, Josh Gatov, and a series of rapes against me started up again.  Two times in my life, I tried to report him and to get a restraining order at the same time.  I saw horrific things happen instead, because of U.S. government corruption.

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