Sunday, July 24, 2016

Jeremiah, Shay, and Shaolin Temple: Murders of U.S. Clones (Updated)

This is more info for later.

One of the illegal uses of my money was through the U.S. goverment forcing me to go to China and telling me I had to choose to use my money to help a group of Chinese fund their "Kung Fu" center in China.

The ulterior motive was for the U.S. to use it at a "black operations" site for torture and murder of U.S. clones they wanted to get rid of, and training some Chinese to work with them.

I was there with some members of my family, including a Bob Garrett Sr., who was feeling sick and disgusted by what was happening.

They had some people there, whom I had already witnessed helping participate in murders against clones of my sons and one was "Shay" and he not only murdered at my grandparents' house in Cashmere, while restraining someone and using muscle to hold them hostage, he worked with Rabbi Rose in Israel through some college program, and had me gang-raped and was holding another clone of my son there.  The other situation was in China, and to remember he and some others were there, when I was forced to say I agreed to have money in a trust sent to them to be used, and was told I could "name" the building, I said to call it Shaolin Temple.  This was to remember crimes against me by Jews at synagogues and temples, and to remember some men, one named Shay and another was named Lynn or Linn.

Shay was being bribed to have me kicked out of college by being "conveniently uncooperative" in the future, to have me 'suspended' (this was their plan, spoken of out-loud).  Eric Knox was involved, Obama, some other blacks, and so was William of Wales, some Catholics, people like Chris Thompson and some random Sherwood, Oregon clones connected to Robin Bechtold and the Bechtold family (Erik Lund and Dunham), and supposedly, Frederick of Denmark.

When I was there, watching them make renovations and adding stone slabs to the site, which was a reference to a Bible verse I was being made fun of over, in discrimination and prejudice against me.  The U.S. was taking scriptures I would recite or mention, as a kid, and come up with murder plots for how to punish me for bringing up scriptures to them, by organizing grotesque murders to "match" Old Testament and other verses.  They were saying things like, "This is how it is.." or how it would 'look' and they were deliberately recreating"scenes" for torturing MY kids and family and carrying it out in front of me.  It turned into a form of hate crimes against me, out of some notion they were going to use the Bible as a template for committing crimes, and then say they were superior.

I was asked to write an article for National Geographic about it and co-wrote an article, and I had interviewed some people for quotes.  I said for a photo they could have 2 boys kneeling while holding poles and one with a mustache because I wanted to remember how the U.S. was gang-raping little boys and trying to treat them like they were "gay men" when they were boys, and this is what they did to me too.

When I was age 11 I tried to send the UN and embassies photos of myself showing how old I had been when I was always gang-raped and I sent one of myself at age 8.  They had someone make fun of me saying "Who is going to rape that?" as if it wasn't possible I was being raped because I had no breasts and was a little kid, and they didn't believe or wanted me to feel stupid, about reporting British and Danish royals and govt., talking to me as if I was a grown woman, saying words of romance and love to me at age 6 or 7 and even younger, and forcing me to do sex favors for them. Some of them were talking to me like they would a woman, seducing me as a little kid, to make the "rape" not as "bad", by trying to make it seem appealing and a way to get attention, and the others were raping me and degrading me telling me I was never going to be a princess.

The U.S. and British royals used almost every single fucking man who lives in Coquille and Coos Bay to rape me and it's not an exaggeration.  They had hundreds of men rape me and force me to give them blow jobs and then were making promises to British and Danish royals who are CIA assets, they'd keep me out of work.  My own clones and sons knew what was going on and there were people going around bribing others to keep quiet and keep me unemployed in the entire area.  They helped organize murders against my clones and they kept quiet because, I am not kidding, almost EVERY SINGLE man in this area alone, raped me.  It was non-stop rape and hostage holding of me.

I was also raped by almost the entire Moses Lake Christian School community, the entire Jewish Community Center community in Portland, Oregon, the Sherwood High School community, and dozens upon dozens of faculty from OSU and PSU colleges, and community colleges. I was raped by groups of people at every single community college Oregon offers an education at, and driven around to all of these places to be raped.  I was also taken to almost all of the private colleges in Oregon and raped, including Linn College, George Fox, and Reed, for example.

When I was at Shaolin, they murdered several U.S. clones, some of several of them, clones of my son, there, pushing them off of a cliff.  I also saw them being raped and tortured and tied up with ropes and gagged inside of the Temple.  In addition to this, my Grandpa said to me, after I had the boys dressed in "royal looking" attire kneeling or sitting with the poles:  "He's committing treason against the U.S." and over in the distance, Eric Knox and Obama were cutting some kind of deal with someone that looked like William of Wales and paying money and then they were laughing and torturing people.

I had said this to my own older clone, that her "royal" boyfriend was committing treason against her with a secret plot to get rid of her. My Grandpa said "It's Eric".

I had asked the people there to have the boys in a windbreaker with the Danish flag on it and instead they got Germany-looking insignia to mean Germans or British royals with black, red, and yellow colors and I had said, "How come you didn't want them wearing anything that spoke of Denmark?"


I wonder why not.

It's not like Mary Donaldson and Frederick aren't traitors to their own people as CIA spies or anything.

After all, what were Mary and Katie doing, torturing me with an electrocution headbrace when I was age 4, and 5, and 6, repeatedly, after they'd murdered off one of my older clones?

One of my clones was supposedly with Prince Edward and the other with Eric some of the time.  I know the Jew Crew wanted my older clone murdered and they put a hit on her.  They were getting rid of HER, so that all of the Jews could take her place and be around instead.

Mary Donaldson is a Jew,
Kate Middleton is a Jew,
Camilla Parker-Bowles is a Jew, who linked up with a Roman Catholic

And Sarah and Ben Netanyahu, Goldsmiths, and so on:  Carly Massey-Birch, Anna, Amanda Bynes, Roses, Sarah Jessica Parker,

The CIA and Mossad liked the idea of Mary the Jew at the top of Denmark, spying for them with Frederick, and Kate the Jew and her Jew kids spying from England.

The U.S. used Eric Knox, during all of this and then later too, having him act like it was a relationship with HIM that one of my clones had, not Frederick (Eric).Eric Knox had helped British and Danish royals murder off many of my clones and kids of my clones, and he was getting paid money to do it, with Mia.

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