Wednesday, July 27, 2016

NAZI or Communist Plutocracy: The Real U.S.A.

The real government of the U.S. is not capitalist or a democracy.  They have seriously ruined the entire nation by their sick attempts to force people into "human cloning" programs.

They have stolen all of my money and forced me to give not just credit for huge amounts of work to other "phonies" and frauds, they have stolen all of the profits and claimed later they were "distributing" MY credit and earnings to the U.S. government plutocracy, including some international elites they do "human cloning" business with, who are also communist and plutocracy-minded.

Shits like Alvaro Pardo, from Colombia, who raped me repeatedly, stole from me and my son and kids and held us hostage, constantly lied claiming they were against "communism" and they're liars.  They are not only clones, they support human clones, have multiple clones that live well in their own families, and they coordinate stealing from other clones, to PROMOTE a slave system where the federal and local government have joined together to become All-Powerful and "GOD" over and against all human rights.

They steal from clones, force some of them into slavery, to work for everyone else, and force them to have jobs only the U.S. government wants them to have.  The U.S. government has become the Leviathan and Demon that rules everything.

There is no such thing as "freedom" in the U.S., no real capitalism, and no democracy.  The exact dangers of exceeding powers that all founders of the country feared would or could be possible, have become real, and it is because of their hidden, illegal human cloning.

Not only that, the entire nation of Mossad supports this communism because of their nature in "kibbutzism" where they tend to think the individual should sacrifice for everyone else and their beliefs that are communist.  They believe in throwing lots and stealing from people to throw into a melting pot to distribute to everyone else, particularly other Jews around the world.  The Vatican is the same way, with an inherent "group-think" mentality that is based off of centuries of monasteries where everything is shared in a "communal" way, and people in Socialist countries, like Canada and England, only had to fall once to hit rock bottom Communism after being tripped.  No one had to beat Canada and England down to being communist shits who steal everything, including even the work credit from others, because they were already bent over, bowing to royal assholes.

These are specific groups, along with most "monarchist" nations, that are  contributing to illegal human cloning and turning the world into a communist plutocracy decided by elite assholes who murder off others and are creating humans to be forced into being child-slaves and then adult slaves for themselves.

The U.S. government uses the military now, to torture people who don't want to be communist, and they lie and claim they're not communist when they are.  The entire fucked up government is solidly, 100% communist.

If they weren't, I wouldn't be stolen from, and no fucking shit in THIS country would be daring say a kid forced to work, had to give all their credit to adult assholes who are morons and actors.

Not only that, the U.S. has so perpetuated this grotesque lie, after stealing from me and holding me hostage as a kid, telling me I had to give all of my credit and money to Jews from Nazi holocaust, and even non-Jews, just because of their communist ideas now, they were saying to me, "We're conducting an EXPERIMENT about the DANGERS of Communism and we're going to use you to be an example of someone in a communist society, who has to have all their work credit and money distributed and controlled by others".

They told me this when I was age 9.  Real clever.  Before that, they weren't telling me it was an "experiment"--they were murdering off anyone who tried to give me my own right to my own money, and telling eachother I could never raise my own kids or have credit, just because they were criminals who were stealing and had decided since they were the government, they could call people "crazy" and steal anything they wanted--and they particularly wanted to call women they gang-raped and used with British royals to rape, "crazy".

All that I ever heard was something of a combination of "Cameo has to pay for damages to JEWISH HOLOCAUST victims" for crimes I am not even responsible for, but that they claimed some other person, a clone of me, was participating in, and then the other "claim" they made was "This is an experiment in communism" when it's not.  They were stealing from me, out of greed and anti-competition, just because they "could", because I was a KID they could easily control.

It is not an "experiment".  I did not sign up to be part of an "experiment" to enable shits to get rich as a way of "proving communism is bad" when the position of the U.S. government is not that communism is "bad", it is what they are using, as their form of government.

I committed zero crimes as an adult.  I owe NO ONE in this fucking country, a FUCKING DIME.  I do owe any fucking Jew or any non-Jew ANYTHING and this government does NOT have a right to steal from me, just because they are greedy monsters.

Not only that, it was THIS government, the U.S., that FORCED me to murder people as a little girl, besides.  This country forced me to murder my own clones and family members, mostly, and that was all before I was even 12 years old.  I wasn't even Juvenile Court "age"--I was a little kid, and the U.S. forced me to murder people, and THEY are responsible for all of the transportation to make me do this, using Pentagon, police, FBI, and CIA and other govt. vehicles, to do it, and even forcing me to travel overseas to other countries, and assist Middletons and Frederick and Mary Donaldson in murdering people.

I don't owe one single "victim" of any of the murders, ANYTHING.  I didn't choose that life, I was tortured and being chained down to a bed as a kid, and raped, every day, and forced to do it, and Mossad also is one of the shit groups that forced ME to work for THEM for free, and kill more people.  The FBI tried to come up with all kinds of excuses for how they could steal money and credit for my work in songwriting from me, and it's because the FBI is a corrupt, disgusting organization that has no power except for that which the "people", dumb and blind, give it.

The FBI should be eliminated, along with the Infant and Child Services Department, for using their authority against the people, and to pervert the nation to corrupt it.

Any "idea" the FBI or cops had, along with CIA or Pentagon, for holding me hostage or blaming me for ANYTHING was an attempt to not just steal from me, but to terrify me as a child, to be in constant fear of getting killed or raped if I "told on them".  They then bragged and justified all of these crimes as being "justice for holocaust crimes".

That's their cop-out for greed and anti-enterprise.  In the meantime, they sold the entire country out to full-blown communism, with a layer of "democracy, capitalist" concealing the real cake shit of communism.

It's not even just communism--it is a form of plutocracy because those who are getting rich are all U.S. government employees.  Not a U.S. government employee or one who works for them or agrees to kill with them?  Then you are not fucking rich.

Meanwhile, since at least 1976, I witnessed all kinds of murders with Communist Russia and Angela Merkel working for the CIA, to promote further forms of communism with the communal-thinking Middletons and Goldsmiths.  And believe me, the "royals" love it, because how else do THEY get paid?