Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Extent Of Chris Dabneys Crimes and Attempts To Steal Money & Barack Obama's Penis

This post is for describing Chris Dabney and his clones and how bad he is and the extent of his crimes against me and my clones.

Chris Dabney was showing up at my house in Moses Lake, Washington when I was only 2 years old, with his cohort "Anna", who is a blond woman that speaks Russian and lives in Washington D.C.  He also appeared with "Rachel", with his family and brothers, and with Yulia Tymoschenko and Tiggy Legge-Bourke and her husband Bourke, who is a clone.  He was also sometimes with Jimmy Carter, Michelle Erickson, Kate Middleton, and sometimes with James Dabney, James Comey, or FBI persons.

He would show up at my house when I was about age 2, rape me and have me raped by others, pay money to my "parents", and leave with his girlfriend. He and several government persons were going to my house, saying, "Can I borrow her for a moment?" and picking me up or making me walk with them into my bedroom or bathroom, force me to give them a blow job and then say, "It's nice to know I'm serving my country", and "Whatever I can do to advance democracy" and "Serves that bitch right" and "Have you seen HER lately?" and they'd motion to me and start talking about my older clones, whom they hated.

Barak Obama, Barry Sotero, was also his friend.  They were about to shoot me one day when I said "My son has a mole right in the middle of his NECK, like right there, and Barry has one right on his PENIS, like right HERE."  I had said, as a little girl, "Do you have a little mole too?"  and I had said, "Yeah, it's like TWO DOTS!  Dot to dot."

Can you add one and one?  What is it?  Chris Dabney was assuring Barry, don't worry about it, I have her covered.

They were all violent, gang-banging Jews trying to steal from me and rape me, like my older clones, and they hated my guts.  They had been using countless older clones of me, to rape, forcing almost all of them to not marry to keep them afloat and available to be targeted, and then were holding them hostage, and murdering them.

Before the age of 6 I was gang-raped while lying down by Chris Dabney and Barry Sotero, tortured, forced to give them blow jobs, electrocuted while they forced me to give them handjobs, and it was repeated torture, not one time only.  They were also raping me anally, and forcing me to be on the floor on all-fours, and raping me calling me a dog, and saying I would never be able to orgasm naturally after they were done with me.  They took turns repeatedly raping me.  Then they were also forcing me to stand up and hold onto their buttocks as they pushed their penises back and forth into my mouth when I was a kid, and I never forgot Chris Dabney's flat ass, or Barry Sotero's moley penis.

Chris Dabney had more than one clone, and every single one of them, was a child rapist and pedophile.

He also had a few other men rape me closely to when he was raping me, when I was little, with men who had similar penises, such as Arabella Musgrave's banking husband (even back then) and several other British 'boyfriends' and eventual marriage partners to William of Waleses "exes".  I was gang-raped by all of the British royal's friends, including James Middleton.  Others the U.S. used to try to double as "Chris" were Will Wagler, who also had a penis that was similar.  I referred to them as "Needle-head Ned".  N.N. is "no,no" in response to S.S. (Chris had a swastika tattoo).  They were needle-head ned willys.  I was asked to help with a screenplay for "Groundhog's Day" and I had come up with the movie plot and idea and the characters.  I drafter much of the dialogue--almost all of it, almost every word, and then one of the characters I had developed was "Needle-head Ned" to remember Chris Dabney in connection with the Seattle space needle and Maiers and the FBI and his fucking rapist and pedophile attempts to steal from me with his govt. Mafia shits who trafficked me back and forth from the Seattle airport. 

Then when they got mad about that, they gang-raped me saying you need something bigger?  and I was raped until I was torn up and bled, by "thicker" penises and Chris Dabney and his lovely "mother" were behind all of this.  Chris was also friends with Mark and Troy Shaw and he was passing information and giving money to the Bairds and the Garretts.

It was to hurt me.

A huge group of Jews disappeared from my house for awhile, after mass gang-raping of me and murdering of several of my clones, and kids, and then ever so-slowly and delicately, the calls started coming in, for "It's time to promote Barak Obama now...let's get this started" and "How about we change his name?  You know, because's less to think about".  They wanted his name changed to protect HIM from reports of rape by ME, when he and his fucked up family are bloody GOD DAMNED pedophile RAPISTS and murderers.

The other thing that happened to me, is I was raped by a huge group of lesbians.  They said, "You don't like that?  Well, how about THIS Cameo?" and they then raped me with a number of women including Alicia Nakata, Janis Wilson, Anne Connor, Arabella Musgrave, and every one of the British royals' girlfriends jammed their fingers or objects up my vagina and tried to hurt me, some with guns, as an answer to my attempt to list and name their husbands.  They are all disgusting women and clones and they work for the fucking CIA.

The U.S. has dozens of U.S. clones who double for those bitches.

Natalie Hicks-Lobecke also has a mole on her nose, like the mole that was on my son's neck and the one on Obama's penis.

There were several murders over my comments about this and for a few others reasons.  Many people have died that were my family and friends.  I pretty much feel I have zero friends now, because this country deliberately exterminated people.

I haven't gone into how many murders I witnessed Chris Dabney performing but I will.  I will continue working on this post so check back for updates.

James Mathews, Pippa Middleton's "beau" is also nothing new.  He's just another fucked up clone for a fucked up Pippa who rapes little girls and videotapes them in "pole in the hole" sex games and then brags with Polish Jew Lorraine  Rose about it.  Her husband is a pedophile and a murderer.  I witnessed the older clone of him murder one of my kids, and he raped me and he violently raped me and then proposed to Pippa the next day and doesn't she look happy in eyelet lace?  "I let James rape kids all the time!" I was hospitalized because of his rape of me and couldn't walk for several days.  I was torn up and bleeding and they did a surgery to cover up the fact of his raping me and he did it with others but also entirely on his own and Barry Sotero was smirking at me after he did and they said, "Does he have a SMALL penis Cameo?" and said, "Was that big enough for you?"  and said, "Is that a BIG enough message to you, Cameo, that YOU will NEVER be Queen."  I was raped, at the same time, by him, and with other British royals involved, and the CIA, once again.

I really have no idea why England wants such losers for a monarchy.

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