Saturday, December 19, 2015

Evidence of Human Cloning (Photos of Prince William and Prince Harry)


These are photos of clones.  It is Prince William and he is part of a CIA program for human cloning.  I was part of this program as a kid and I was told I could make requests for them to alter part of their appearance to prove human cloning has existed for decades.  In these photos, which are not photo-shopped, and are actual, untouched photos, you can see William's ear on top photo is thinner at the top where cartilage is, than the other photo and the lobe is shorter.  The hairline is receded in a different pattern with more excessive receding on the top photo and on one side only--this was an idea of mine, to show there were different Williams.  The bump on the head to the right where he has scars is not on the photo at the top, and the top photo shows a square mark instead.
I asked William and Harry to do this, to prove human cloning existed, because of the claims by others that it didn't exist, and how someone could call someone "crazy" who made this claim.  Also, I was being seriously abused by clones myself, and tortured by the government and have suffered because of the United States, my entire life.  I was aware of dangers of being a clone and dangers for others who are not part of that program.  Some clones are threatened to be killed off with no one knowing, and another clone there to replace them, and also, those who refuse to be part of the program, as I tried to do, or who are in it, or not, can be sexually molested and tortured and killed by clones and have the government lie and cover it up. 
The U.S. government does not have to use clones to harm others, but they have amassed a fortune from their cloning program, and use it against those who don't agree with them.
So why would anyone let me ask William to make these appearance changes so he was identifiable as a clone?  I reported him for improper conduct towards me, and crimes, and he was caught with nude photos of me and sex photos, when I was a minor.  The idea that the government would pick him out and say "Do what she asks" or he'd agree with it, is probably political in some way, maybe because the government already decided it was time for the fact of clones to be known and accepted by the public.  William also thought his life was in danger and that he could be killed and no one would know because another clone could replace him, and this could happen to anyone. 
I said I didn't like how William tried to present a side view of his face so I couldn't show the hairline alteration as much, how much higher it was on one side than the other, so Harry showed up and said he'd also do this and what did I want him to do?  I said okay, how about the "C" curve of the cartilage of your ear is reshapen to be "S" shaped instead.  I figured that would be an obvious way of telling clones apart and would also show what kind of military technology can be used to alter someone's appearance.  Some of the clones are not even biologically related to the people they're told they're related to.
One of the other reasons they said they'd alter their appearance is the government told them, for some reason, they'd give them some of my money if they did.  I was complaining about abuse of me, and a "sort-of" punishment was made, but it wasn't really punishment.  I was not being compensated for MY damages--instead, they were getting compensation from ME.

Mike Middleton, a Bob jr., and some other clones and men involved in cloning, were getting me drunk at night and having me abused.  I was also injected with some drug and made to talk about things like "Do you believe your Dad is your real Dad?" and "Do you like William?" and psychic assessment stuff too.  I was getting tortured as well.  Then Mike Middleton was having me tortured with Gary Goldsmith, again, who was already friends with William the older clone (I think).  I was being forced to drink so much, as a little girl, Mike Middleton was making excuses, saying, "She works better when she's drunk".  At some point, William didn't give me as much, but I do remember they were quizzing me about if I loved my Dad and did I believe he was my Dad and did I want to marry my Dad.

One man who did this was not William, but pretended to be him, but one of them was William.  They started saying one of the men had "erectile dysfunction".  I had said William had a "big one", and then they were saying "How about Alvaro's?" 

I had a clone.  I think I did because I look just like she did in some photos.  She disappeared and I think she was maybe murdered.  She worked on, or around planes in some way, and I think she was being raped.  She was accused of giving secrets to someone, I think., or trying to rescue me.  I saw more than one woman raped.  She knew William already and I thought she was one of his girlfriends, and then I believe I saw her being gang-raped and they were telling her they'd do it to me too.  I seriously think she was murdered.
She looked like this.  My chin has lines not normally there bc of govt. torture, but this is what she looked like, a lot of the times I saw her.  This photo of me is from within the last year--I took it before I dyed my hair black.

The clone of me was not just raped by men, I remember her being attacked by women too.  They wanted to get rid of her.  She was some kind of threat, they thought.  I was already being tortured, I think based on their idea of how I might turn out anyway, when I was born.  The U.S. was dragging me around to be tortured in front of U.S. hostages, accused of "espionage", when I was just a toddler, like "haha...look what WE got!"  They had some other woman who looked similar pretend to be her--an Emily Watson and then another girl (older clones) but there was one that was supposedly me.  I was being called "Sarah" when I was in Philip's bed as a girl, little girl, but I wasn't Sarah and he knew because I was just a kid.  So I'm not sure why he called me Sarah.  Prince Philip called me Sarah once, and then I also had to sleep in Johnny Spencer's bed, at Althorp, as a little girl, and a couple of times he got drunk and called me "Raine".  This was all before I was 5 years old.  It was before kindergarten.
Anyway, from what I remember, I think I possibly saw them murder her, my clone.  As for me, I was being accused of all kind of things before I was even 6 years old, and most of it had to do with some kind of royal-psychic agent spat.  I think my clone was being raped.  I think the U.S. figured, they'd do the same to me.  MANY plots to get rid of me, occurred after something big happened with my clone, and after I was about age 4.  I know for a fact some of it has to do with Katie Middleton.  I mean, as a kid, I was being kissed and fondled by Johnny Spencer and Prince Philip and other men too, and I was just a kid, so there was that.  But they wanted to get rid of my clone (and me) because of this, because I believe she was actually a girlfriend of one of them maybe, and then they used me and set me up for things.  The people who were supposedly my own family members didn't treat me like family at all--they treated me like I was "Hitler". 
They were furious, some of them, at ME, when I was about age 2, I recall being stepped on and comments when I was molested about 'How's X's little girl doing now?" and specifically, "How is the LITTLE PRINCESS?"  One of the Bob jrs. was mocking me as being a "little princess" and why would my own Dad do that?  I think a couple of other men did too, but it was "little princess" snickers and comments.  When I was age 3 I must have been totaled psychically.  I later thought, "Obviously I witnessed something they are SERIOUSLY paranoid I'll remember".  I did remember some things.  I remembered all kinds of attacks on my family--guns, rape, and assault and threats.  The other thing was comments about being a little princess.  Then when I was age 4, before I was even age 5, before this "Lord Mountbatten" had even died, there was some kind of anger and resentment against me by some in my family and by Mike Middleton, and Johnny Spencer, and they wanted to set me up to look like I had killed Mountbatten.  At age 5.  But prior to age 5, they were FURIOUS about something.
And a lot of the people kidnapping my babies, were busting into my house at random times to hold me and some others hostage and have "interrogations" and make threats.  They were dragging people into my house even, and doing interrogations, and they also showed up secretly and threatened me, before age 4.

Later, some of the men involved in making conspiracies to have my babies murdered, on behalf of the U.S. govt. and their latest "assets", included Kyle Flick, another Kyle (Kyle Lewis?) who had blond-brown hair and always wore a suit jacket, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, James Dabney, and Brian and Lisa Thebault.  There was also Calvin (Cal) Steele (?), Bruce from Canada, Ed Israel, and Jolley, an FBI family who had a son that kept showing up in my life.  "Joe-lee" was a name cover with "Jah-lee", and there was a man named Chris (brown-blond hair and suit jacket)and his name was Johsnons or Jansan? or another one was named that, and Antonin Scalia.  Tim Conway was involved, Chris Stubblefield raped a woman, my Mom or my clone, and they would take me and my Dad into a prison or jail and "let " someone know all the rapes they were going to commit.  They threatned to shoot us down if my Dad didn't sign something about my baby daughter.  Charles Spencer was part of plans to kill my baby too.  My Dad was carrying away messages from Lady Sarah after she was married, and I was raped by her husband's friends.

I was, when I was a little older, asked by Sarah if I'd want to be a "Double" for one of them, as in, a lookalike and I was told that's what MY clone had done--the one older than me supposedly, but I knew it was a cover story.

I saw one of the Bob jr.s having a sexual relationship with the older Katie Middleton clone.  I thought that was a problem and was too scared to mention it.  I also thought she was manipulating my Dad.  She told me she was Catholic, not Jewish, and that maybe William would like me more if I were Catholic too.  One of her best friends was a Jewish woman named Rachel--she looked like the same Rachel Dabney was dating in D.C.  There were 2 Rachels there.

One other woman was Trina Williams, or Jessica Williams.  I was being drugged and made to get drunk and do sexual things for men, including Dabney and William of Wales, until I said, "If you make me drunk I can't write songs and make money and then you won't get any money".  They were telling me I had to give them something, if I didn't want to be drunk or sick.  So they extorted me for songwriting.  I then had several other groups do this to me, making me "give" them something.

I was also raped in a bathtub with Dabney and Army men involved, and a woman named Emily who looked like Emily Watson, and "Beth", who was Katie Middleton--this governor from New Mexico was involved too, Susan.  I believe it was Susan--She knew Katie Middleton, the older clone.  I did tell someone because later, years later when I had forgotten and was about age 10, I was reminded by Edward Howard, who said, "So you want to be in the Army?" and this is what they'd said when I was raped and said, "Now stick your pinky into my asshole" and then said, "She's all yours--when I'm done with her" (about me).

Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters were both friends with the older Katie clone.  One of them wanted my babibs killed, and Adam Waters, from CA (reporter) also did.  Troy Shaw was seeing Katie the clone all the time, and so was Rick Baken for awhile.  I was assaulted by Katie Middleton in the Dominican Republic too.  I was trafficked there, before I ever did a mission there, and tortured, and an older clone of Katie assaulted me, and Rachel did.  I had perm solution poured down my throat and was electrocuted with villagers.  Then the next time I was there, decades later, the same woman showed up in the doorway with curlers in her hair.

CJ Coffee was also involved in plotting murder against my babies, and Alex Coffee--they were Middleton friends and there were clones.  They were also part of a Probasco group that did "butt probes" like Middleton's did.

I was also raped by William of Wales and Chris Dabney, in the same area, with the red coat that William wore for his wedding day, and my Dad or a Bob jr. there as I was threatened with having a dead baby.  They were then saying, "Haha.  Merry Christmas" and it wasn't Christmas and I realized they were planning to murder my baby near Christmas.  They said, "here, put this on" and I had the jacket on me and then they grabbed me and used it like a straight-jacket while they beat me. 

The older clone of Dabney raped me more than one time, and it was him.   I was asked to help pick out which uniform and/or suit or tux looked best for a wedding and I said the red coat looked the best.  I was sent away, as a girl, after being gang-raped like that, and on another occasion, I was being raped in a room by Chris.  I was also attacked by someone who looked like Harry, but I'm not sure it was him.  Dabney was involved, from the start, in wanting to murder me and my baby.

Dabney was also involved with a bunch of Wenatchee cops, regular PD and State Patrol.  They showed up at a house in Wenatchee, and Dabney was doing something to my Mom in another room, James Dabney and I'm not sure about the other Dabney too, and there was a Canadian cop there, and Jim West, Stubblefield, Chris Rozollo, and a couple of other cops, along with Michelle Erickson's Uncle, and they were raping me and my brother in a backroom after telling the kids to "scare Michelle".  They wanted us to make scary sounds or scream and play and jump on a mattress, and "scare Michelle" (Erickson, who was little then), and they were picking up the baby that was my "Mom's" or mine, and carrying her around like they owned the baby.  They had another man show up, a "special" visit, they said, and it was supposedly a grown up "Harry" clone (Prince Harry) who beat us.  We were taken into a backroom, anally penetrated, and then told "No go wipe yourself".
  It was a bunch of Wenatchee cops involved.  I was anally penetrated and then my brother was taken to a room and I assumed they did that to him too.

I also saw a bunch of cops "rape" my son, who looked exactly the way my son Oliver looks now.  He was identical in appearance.  I didn't believe he was my "son" because the math didn't add up, but he was exactly the same kid as Oliver Avila now, and they raped him.

These Wenatchee cops raped me, and were then lying about, and controlling my kids, at the same house on Western the U.S. is makng my parents move to now, with my baby.  They also have control of my son Oliver, who is the same kid (clone) from the past that they were raping.

When I went to Wenatchee police office to report my son's face being cut, and bruising, I was having to meet some of the same cops who knew about all of this and they said, "Have you had your psych eval?" because all of them are dirty--all of them lie, and all of them are connected to covering for criminal clones that toture and rape little kids.  I also think it's strange they were good friends with James Dabney, who is an intellectual property attorney from Cornell, but they were stealing my music from me, and some from my Dad too.

They also made fun of me, back then, for saying my Dad had an affair with Middleton--or one of the clones did.  Middleton was giving a bunch of documents to Russia, and she wanted me to think she wasn't, and that she was "Catholic", not Jewish.  The reason for this was possibly because she was getting Jewish Mossad assistance from her Jewish friends like Rachel, who, back then, was also good friends with my Dad.  Katie Middleton used a knife on me more than once.  She also put a gun to my head and was going to murder me, and someone talked her down from it.  She made herself look vulnerable and sweet and as if she needed protection, but secretly, she was having little girls raped and torturing them.  Camilla and Katie were friends too--Camilla's husband was good friends with Mike Middleton.  Katie was mostly going to murder me over my talking about documents I thought, but this other woman who talked her down said, 'William isn't going anywhere Katie--" like Katie was more worried William was going to leave her and ditch their "Royal Kingdom" plans.

I did see Katie giving Russia documents.  She then tried to frame and set up ME and some other woman, as doing what SHE was doing, to shift the blame to me.  She was also giving anything and everything to the CIA, which is why the CIA liked her.  Katie and Mary Donaldson both went to Russia with my Dad and with Ed Howard and alone.  Mary's Dad, a Donaldson, was colluding with Katie, so both of them could have support to be "Queens".  Donaldson lived right next door, practically, to George Bush (CIA director) in Texas, and Katie got documents from Bill Clinton.

Katie, the older clone, was also in Israel, renewing 2 yr. contracts with them, with MOSSAD.  I thought maybe she was having sex with other men besides William (and besides my Dad) to give them information.  One of the men was Jewish, I knew for sure.

I was also jumped and threatened with murder of my babies by Barak Obama and Michelle, who showed up at the house in Wenathcee .  They were there right around the same time James Dabney and others showed up.

I was in Israel myself, when Katie was also there once, the older clone, and she was signing onto a contract with MOSSAD to renew with them.  They claimed, later, they wanted ME to be an "asset" for them, but I told this one woman and she shook her head and reminded me "You're not Jewish" because MOSSAD was signing a deal to pay Katie money, and particularly when she was married (the older clone) and had a kid, and when I said, "Why aren't you talking about ME getting married?" they'd said to me "You're not Jewish".  I had said, "So if I'm not Jewish, how come you're asking me to join Mossad?"  I realized, oh, I was just there like a cover for Katie, who was the one who was actually signing the contracts.  They did push a contract at me and I read it, but when I wouldn't sign it, they got mad and put me in a mental ward.  I said, "Why would I sign this when you're going around telling people I'm crazy, and you are ruining my career opportunities?"  I was being pushed to sign and didn't and then Katie signed it and they said, "Katie, what are you doing now?" and she said, "I'm going shopping".  They were mad and jealous of me because I was the one who had said this, after I signed a music contract (which was broken and I wasn't paid in full).  I said, "Well, Katie can go shopping and take her money for marrying William, and at least I'M earning my money from my own TALENT."  They said to me, "You won't be marrying William" and my clone or older clone was upset and had wanted me to sign, along with someone else.  I said, "What makes you think it was William?  As far as I know, it was Charles."  Then they looked mad and said 'Maybe you can marry Harry" and I said, "Why would I want to marry HARRY?  Another redhead??  Two redheads?" and they said, "No, THREE--you're a triple threat".   They even made my older clone and Katie Middleton strip in front of me, to be naked and "tell William" which one looked better naked.  Before all of this.  So as a little girl, I had to look at their naked bodies and then "go tell William" and I"d said, 'Well Katie has slightly bigger boobs and the other one has prettier hair, and maybe face, so I don't know.  Both of them have the same kind of figure."  I said, "I think the other one is more athletic" and he said 'Which one" and I said, 'The redhead". 

Before Middleton, they made me do this, with Mossad, over Diana, some kind of contest between me or Diana for Charles. They were saying they'd kill the kids she already had with him.  When I was an older kid and had said, "I didn't even say I wanted to marry William, I said "Chris"," the Mossad people got mad and said, "No, you can't marry Chris--he's Jewish and you're not Jewish" and I said, "But William said HE was Jewish so why would you say I can marry one kind of Jewish and not the other kind?"  One of them said, "She just likes Chris and has this idea because she saw him with Katie".  They said which one do you really like? and I said, "I don't know.  Philip."  They said out of all of them, which one, and I said, "I like Philip the best. I'd marry Philip".  They laughed and said well you can't have him and I said, "Then how come I'm in his bed all the time?"  I said, "I guess I like Charles and William has been nicer lately--I like playing with William when he's nicer but he tortured me.  Charles laughs with me more, and Philip is funny.  Philip makes me laugh and I make Charles laugh"--that's what I said.  They said, 'No, you make people want to kill you" and I said, "What happened about Edward? because you guys used to talk about me marrying Edward?"  I said, "And there were 2 Edwards I think, one was the Edward who was Charles' son and then there was some other Prince Edward, and he looked a little different from the other Edward".  They got mad and started making me throw up.  I was repeatedly forced to vomit.  I couldn't understand what made them so mad at me, because I had thought we were just "talking" and my parents, a Bob and Dicksie, got sick, and started throwing up and I started throwing up.  They started pushing my parents to say, "She wants CHRIS" and they were saying "No, she doesn't".  They had a bucket out for me to throw up into, over my "talking" about Prince Philip and "Edward".    I was forced to meet someone in a hall later, as they smirked at me, pushing a woman in my direction and saying, "Meet Wallis".  I said, "Which one are you calling Wallis?  me or her?" and their eyes bugged out.  There WAS an "Edward" who was not Prince Edward, Elizabeth's son.  He was rakish and burned me with cigarettes and was a porn addict.  I was stalked by a dozen people, anytime I was around him.  They either "pretended" someone was actually Edward the Abdicator, a clone of him, or there really was a clone of Edward the Abdicator.  I don't think they had clones going back that far.  I saw clones as old as Carol Middleton and my parents, older though.  In 1980s I saw a Carol Middleton who looked 40. The Katie Middleton clone who was older, was about late teens-20 years old or in her early 20s.

Anyway, this one group made my entire family throw up over Edward the Abdicator and then all of a sudden, the big name cover for my mention of "Edward" was to get Edward Lee Howard to be a "defector" so it was Edward the Abdicator who left the CIA and Edward the Abdicator the Unknown Mystery.  I started getting confused about which blond man was "Edward" and which was "Philip" and started interchanging their names.  I started calling Philip "Edward".   There was someone old who visited me once, and said I was the Queen and then someone who looked like he did, and tortured my brains out with the electrocution headbrace and had a younger boy help him do it, and Katie Middleton, the older clone, I think, and one of my parents was there.

I was also made fun of, much later, and they said, to me and my older clone, "You wanted the flag of England didn't you?  The St. George flag".   They said, "We'll make sure you give birth to a "George"--how about St. George the Fag?"  They raped the woman who was supposedly my older clone and she started screaming. I am not positive it was really my older clone, though, or not.  And it was some Italian man who was involved in wanting ME to have "George the fag's" kid.  That's how they described it.  They held her down, this one woman who looked like me, and raped her in front of me.  But like I said, I'm not positive it was my older clone, but I did see what they did.  They did that to her.  Then later I was told, "Meet your son Cameo" and the U.S. govt. was introducing a boy to me who was supposedly my "son" when I hadn't had my own kids yet--he was too old to be my son.  But he looked exactly like my son Oliver looks.  The only way the kid, the boy, could be my son, is if the U.S. govt. stole eggs from me when I was little, and created an embryo and used a surrogate, or if they had actually raped my older clone and made her give birth and her DNA matched mine. 

He was about 9 years old when I met him, and I was only 12 at the time, so this older clone of mine had to have been raped when I was age 3.  The government also stole all existing photos from when I was age 3 from my house, and I know I was being tortured at that time in my life.  The U.S. govt. also has disclosed a "record about me" was "destroyed" in 1977 and this was the same time this boy, the clone of my son Oliver, was born.  They also had "Edward the Abdicator" die at age 77, and I remember they were trying to mix numbers and dates, with the year 1977 and Edward's age of 77 for his supposed death.  I was age 2 when the U.S. took a photo of me crying with a tear in my eyes, and I remember at that time, they were starting to step on me, making me lie on the floor and stepping on me with boots, scaring me by screaming at me, and raping me and some woman and when I was about age 5 I was at my grandparents house in Cashmere and a woman came to see me and holding a baby and smirked at me saying "This is your son and you'll never hold him".  They also had Katie Middleton show up there, at my grandparents house, with Granny, to smirk at me and Granny was on this Katie Middleton's side and didn't like the clone of me.  I was upstairs, locked up there, and they said, "This is Katie" and Katie came up the stairs and wanted to psychically assess me for plotting out what to do with me, and they saying "X is dead".  She also visited me with my Dad or one of the Bob jrs., and with Forrest Tancer with her and James Cartright.

They said, "Do you want to be friends with Katie?" and I had said, "NO".  They said, "Okay, then you won't have any friends".  I said,  "I can only be friends with Katie and no one else?" and they said, "What about Mary Donaldson?  Do you want to be friends with her?"  They had James Middleton show up too, with the entire Middleton family, with the older Middleton clones--Pippa, Katie, and James and then used the Rabbi Rose family and their kids as "covers" for them to try to confuse me about which kids I saw.  I saw both.  They all showed up at my grandparent's house in Cashmere to threaten me.  They had Carol and Mike Middleton show up, with my parents, and 3 kids:  Katie, Pippa, and James, and Mike Tancer (a kid my age) and then they had Roses show up with Rabbi Rose and Lorraine and Melinda Gates, with 3 kids:  Melanie, Tanya, and "Josh".

When I was age 3, my clone was being told she had to be friends with Katie Middleton and Katie was trying to kill her.   She showed up at the hospital bed where my clone was, took the baby away, and held a knife up to her throat and a gun was at her too.  They also had Diana Spencer, who was a teenager then when I was just 3, torturing her, with Sarah, and then torturing me.  They made me sit on a toilet cover in a bathroom and electrocuted my head.  They also brought in a bloody maxi pad and said, "That's your baby".  They had William of Wales, the older clone, with Harry, the older clone (I believe it was Harry), with Diana the teenager (younger clone, who was more like their same age, like their sister, not their Mom).  They also had Chris Dabney around, and he had a gun pointed at my older clones head.  He electrocuted me in front of her and raped too.

I told Elizabeth (who was Queen then, publicly), that I didn't like what they'd done, those people, and I didn't think the public would like it either and I was going to tell.  She said, "How would you like to be Queen then?  Do you want the job?"  This was said to me when I was about age 7 or so, maybe a little less.  I said, "I will tell everyone who killed her and how they raped her and made fun of her", and I said, "And how you were asking me to decide which kid of Katie's should kill my older clone, "George" or "Charlotte".  They already had some little brats running around back then.  I said, "Also, maybe England should ask why the CIA was there and George BUSH".  I said "How come Bush was later showing up, and Bill Clinton, after they murdered her?  How come they wanted my Dad there?"   I said, "And Ariel Sharon?"  I said, "Why were they wearing masks and forcing me to do repeated blow jobs? and telling me 'do you want MORE?'"  I said "All of them worked for Katie Middleton and Benjamin Netanyahu".  I said, "They made me later, when I was older than age 3, go down on my knees and kneel in front of them, grabbing onto their butts in the back, and pushing their penises in my mouth, and some of them were putting fingers up my vagina."  "They were making me beg on my knees not to be tortured or sent to their friend to be tortured, so I was clinging to the same legs of the man who sexually molested me".

I said, "If that's the BEST that England gets--the MIDDLETONS, then England is in major TROUBLE."  A bunch of God-damned CIA spies.  Brett Meador was also involved, with his wife, and they were pastors.  They showed up at the house in Wenatchee, on Western, over my baby girl and asked if they could adopt her and I said "No".

I had said, when I was older by that time, "Katie's not getting into the CIA" (the younger one) and Brett Meador went over there with his reporter wife, and I was assaulted with thumbs in my rear-end and beat up as they said, "I'm in!  Hey, am I in enough?" and my son, Oliver's clone, was raped.  I am not sure who else was.  He used to show up at my house in Moses Lake and was going into my parent's bedroom with my Mom--I thought, to have sex with her.  Well, he showed up with Katie Midleton, the older clone one time.  His wife was Debbie Meador. 

They got mad at me because I was saying "Brett Ingalls" and "Debbie" favored the older clone, Katie Middleton, and the Meadors too, because I saw them at the clone place--there was more than one Brett Meador at one time as well.  I also was saying Katie Middleton (older clone) was caught having sex with James Cartright and getting paid money by him.  I caught him and then they had "Nikki" say something to me which I am not sure about:  "I saw him go into her room at night and putting headphones on her head".  Well a Chris Dabney was doing that.  I told Nikki to say this to me so I'd remember condoms on a head of a penis. 

Chris Dabney and James Cartright later stalked me and raped me-assaulted me in 2008, over Katie again and then used technology to torture me to lose my baby.  The Tancers got mad bc I started saying "How about some Earl Grey in the Black Forrest?"  They were sitting around making plots about how they were going to rape me and I knew it. 

Chris Dabney's older clone was using a mask to hide himself, and raping me, forcing me to give him blow jobs, and so was the older clone of Mike Tancer and both of them were friends.  They were "buddies'.  A huge group of them were raping me when I was a little girl, and then they had Chris and Mike and some others, implant me in the head with something during an open brain surgery which occurred before a square patch was cut out of my head for "seizure treatment".  They called my clone, the older one, a "witch" and told her she had always been "dumber" than Middleton.  They tried comparing my older clone to Middleton, claiming I was just some 'pagan witch' and Middleton and Katie were "Kabbalah psychic experts".  I was forced to clutch their legs, with their penises in my mouth, and hold onto their butts, on my knees, as a little girl.  They were saying, "See, you're begging for it--you're asking for trouble".  They had a 'contest' over which of them could get me to 'orgasm' as a little girl, or "the hottest the fastest" and were saying things to eachother and the adults like, "She's ready" and "I'm finished--your turn".  They said "Chris" Dabney "won the contest" and he was the one constantly putting his fingers in my vagina.  All of them reeked like body odor.  I said, "I'll know who you are, all of you, one day, because you all STINK and I'll KNOW your SMELL."  So they were smashing my face up against their crotches so all of their pubic hair was all over my face and saying "You got a milk moustache".  These guys were "Katie Middleton's friends".  Alvaro Pardo was also one of them,  and he was there, sort of back behind James Middleton, the older clone.  All of them raped me.  They did this, as a young men's group, along with Prince William, Harry, and Frederick, and the older men from other groups made me do this without masks...they were doing that to me when I was age 3-7.   I would try to run away, bc I didn't want to do a blow job, and they had another man with them who ran after me and pushed me over to the man who wanted the blow job, and forced me to do it.  The U.S. govt. did this to me hundreds of times, and Dabney's "brothers" were also involved, and they were older teens at the time, so they may have been clones along with Chris.  When Rachel and Beth showed up, after this was done to me, I said, "You guys are raping me and you're supposedly Jewish?  and they said, "We're Catholic."

They made me hold onto one man's legs while another was trying to pull me off, and would kick me in the face, and they had my relatives and Mexicans doing this to me.  The Middletons used Chris Dabney to rape my older clone.  They had guns out when they did it.  One of the men with him was Ben Affleck, and another man was Camilla's son--one of her sons.  Mark Bowles or her husband, was also there and involved.  I said, later, "Why is CAMILLAs family attacking me with DABNEYS???  Is CAMILLA in the CIA too???"  They had Stubblefiield involved too, Chris Stubblefield. 

They raped me with their fingers saying "God is going to do a NEW THING" and then this other man who wore a sportscoat all the time, another "Chris", after raping me over Katie, was the one coordinating an entire attack against me for murdering my baby in the future.  They also had a Mexican worker rape me with a pole of some kind. 

I saw other men go into Katie Middleton's bedroom, or the bunker where there were clones and one was Donald Trump.  Another was Daniel, Gary Goldsmith's friend, who was Jewish.  I was told, by Mossad, to "convince" William to "date Katie".  They asked me to disparage a woman who was like me or supported me, and start saying "positive things" about Katie Middleton, who was this older Middleton clone.  I said, "She already has a boyfriend" and they told me to recommend her to William, and Mossad asked me to do THAT, after she'd blown my brains out by torture, had me molested and raped, and videotaped some of it.  I was supposed to "recommend" her as if I had no problem with her and she did nothing wrong.  I later was not sure if she hadn't even been dating him, and they wanted to squeeze her in, or if she was already dating him, and they (including him) wanted to come up with a cover for the torture crimes she took part in committing against me.  She acted really nice and a few times, like she was crying and running to my assistance, but in reality, secretly, she was blowing my brains out so I couldn't be psychic.  What I didn't understand was why the Bairds were helping her do this. 

The videotaped me, being raped, and 'giving head" multiple times, many times, before I was even 4 years old.  Katie Middleton was involved, and helping to make these explicit and sick videos of me, with Daniel, this Mossad man from Israel who was, or became, Gary Goldsmith's friend.  I was having all kinds of horrible things done.  Then they were saying if I was nice to Katie and promoted her, maybe she'd "help" me.  You know, like, "Hey, say nice things about Katie because maybe you won't be sexually abused as much and she can do nice tihngs for you".  Well, she was making videos of me, is what she was doing, and I was being hardcore tortured.  Locklyn Guzman helped her with this and so did my Mom, or one of the Dicksies, Holly, and Granny.  They had Bill Clinton, for example, not kidding, before he was even Governor, and a Bob jr. (my own Dad, or one of the clones), raping me from behind in some of these videos, with objects, or getting me to do blow jobs, and I was under the age of 5.  A couple of times, someone who looked exactly like William of Wales was there, so I had thought maybe he was just an associate.  That young, I didn't think they were romantic or husband-wife.  I just recognized him as a participant in making horror-filled sex tapes of me.  So then it was like I never saw them together, and she was dating these other men, James Cartright was one of them.  That was a nice BOOST because the Pentagon powers were aimed at me.  She was also dating my Dad, or one of the Bob jrs.  They were in a romantic relationship--I saw them kissing on the lips, snuggling and flirting, and caught them in bed.  Later I was told, "You mean Carol" and I said, "No, Katie" and they said Carole so much I started saying "Okay, Carole". 

I didn't see a Bob jr. like that with Mary, although they flirted too, because Mary was flirtaceous actually, but Katie was "getting her Mossad-on" with my Dad.  Carole also flirted with my Dad, or one of the Bob jrs., but she and Katie didn't look alike at all, to me.  They had totally different hairstyles, faces, figures, and mannerisms.  They even lived together and I said one day, "How come you're shacking up with my Dad?"  Someone said to me, "You mean shacking? or shagging?" and I said "Huh?"  and they said, "Is Katie shagging your Dad?"  and I said, "What's that?" and they said, do you see them do this?  (and he made a humping movement).  I said, "Yeah, on the floor".  I said, "Sometimes they roll off the bed on the floor and I almost got squished one time".  I said, "Lorraine Rose and some people did that to me and I didn't like it.  They laughed at me and said it was going to get squished and my baby was going to be squished".  I was asked, "Why did they say that?" and I said, "I don't know, they said there's not enough room for two and my baby was going to get squished".  I said, "They said Rachel would make sure".   

I told someone this when I was about 6 yrs. old or so.  Earlier than that, around age 3, I was having to see people tied to chairs and gagged while having to watch me do "blow jobs' for U.S. govt. people and Katie Middleton, and being videotaped.  Well, around age 4 and 5 they did that.  Most of the taping was at other locations like private property.  My Aunt Locklyn and Katie worked together on one tape about me, and made a Bob jr. do things and Bill Clinton and then wanted to joke about Will and Bill.  I said "There's Willy and Billy" and remembered them by the "Wooly Bully" song.  They had a bunch of cops involved in this.  Cops and Mexicans.  Lynda Carter was around, and so was the older clone of Katie Middleton.  I thought Lynda was Katie's Mom, not Carole, because they looked more alike.  Scott Lewis had a lot of the video equipment.  Mike also had video equipment, Gary did, and so did Bob jr.  Also, Gillespie had video equipment and some people connected to Judge Warren--Paul Cassel did, and Mark and Troy Shaw.  They were making videos of my being sexually abused to blackmail and torment others and to degrade me with.  I had the impression Granny hated me, my own grandmother Baird.  Another group with camera equipment were British royals. Later, they were still videotaping me, but bringing my parents over in handcuffs.  Ken and Kevin were also involved, Thebault's friends and Thebault's had video stuff.  I said, "Maybe Kevin is okay" and it turned out, Kevin was not okay. I said, "Maybe Brad is okay" and it turned out, Brad was not okay.  I was told to report what I saw of Katie and Mary (before I was age 5) and I didn't.

I wrote a song about the crimes committed against me because of that bitch:

I saw my older clone get raped because of this god-damned country, and the Middletons.  They were raping her, and killed her, to make sure I was not going to turn out as a "little princess".  I was 2 years old when I was being molested and jeered at, while men did oral sex on me, raping me and saying, "You think you're a princess" and telling some man "think again".  The comments were not just made to me, they were being made, out loud, so that another person would hear this, so it was clearly a case of torturing me and raping me to upset some others, and to use me my entire life to degrade me.  By the time I was 3 years old, they'd already raped my older clone, and she had a baby and then I was being told later, "This is your son" and he was 9 years old, approximately, when I was 12 years old, so I was only age 3 or so when he was born, and he had to have been born to my older clone, obviously.  This occurred at the same time that I was being raped secretly, for govt. aspirations.  I was thrown into some British royals (and others) beds, as a toddler, even after this, up to age 7. 

Before I was age 5, I was tortured heaviliy in Russia and/or Ukraine too.  The U.S. sent me to several countries, and made me go with select groups that tortured me.  There was a politically motivated group that did NOT want ME to be psychic, and most likely it had to do with whatever they'd done to my older clone and/or my mother and father, or biological parents.  I was around age 4 when they started doing this to me--age 4 was a terrible year for me.  The year of the calculated 'portrait sittings'.

I was made fun of by several royals, while they molested me in their beds, and the U.S. govt. is the group that trafficked me there in the first place.  One of the Bob jrs. changed my diaper once, and I was only in diapers until age 2 or earlier, and said something about "Howard" or "Edward".  Then when I was barely old enough to have underwear, U.S. govt. men were taking my underwear off and molesting me.  I remember many men doing that, and I also recall when I was in diapers still and some royals molested me and made fun of me.  Brandon was one of them, one of the men, and this name was used to mix up "London".  William of Wales molested me when I was still in diapers.  The older clone of William of Wales.  They said, while molesting me, "No one will believe you--we'll call you crazy" and "You're not a princess".  Harry did this too, and they were saying, "George will get you".

I can promise, I'll know if I've seen him before, when "Prince George" gets to be a little older.  I should probably have a look at a photo now and see if he was brought around as a kid, because I did recognize Katie as a kid, from past memories when I saw her photo.

The U.S. is a piece of shit, wrapped in a nice box.  The Middletons and U.S. govt. brought over a boy named "George", to my house in Moses Lake, WA, when I was about 9-11 years old or so and Middletons were there and I was told "Meet George" and that he was a clone and maybe this baby girl of my "Moms" (which was supposedly mine) could be friends or marry.  I had said, "Why are you saying that?  To cover up crimes Middleton's committed against me you think I'd want them to become my RELATIVES???"

Well, I just checked and yeah, it's him, he's a clone.  So I don't know what he looked like when he was older, unless he crossed paths and I'll remember later, but I do know I was shown photos of this same kid, in the 1980s.I had said, 'That doesn't look like some kid by Middleton and William" and the people there got mad.  I said, "He looks Irish", which was true, but I also said this because the guy who showed up at my house to show them to me, was Irish-American himself or one of the men there was, and I said, 'He's cute" in an offhand way.  They said, 'I'll bet you won't remember HIM" and I said, "Yeah I would".  I had said he looked more like "Robin" or "Mike" and didn't look like William at all.  I was also shown "Charlotte" and I had said, "You killed the baby of my clone and you're letting all of Katie's babies live?"  I said, "I'm not saying I want them to DIE, but you're KILLING my kids?" and then I was raped and assaulted at my house in Moses Lake, WA with my Mom saying "She died" and I said, "Who died?  that baby girl or my clone did? because I already know my clone died" and at that, the others got wide eyes of alarm and they lunged at me and injected me with a knock-out drug. 

I had written a song, "Moves Like Jagger" around that time, and people showed up, including the "doctor" from Shady Grove, MD who did my D&C later after the U.S. murdered my 4 month old fetus.  She was there, the same black woman who did my D&C later, and they tried to say it was Tanesha Canzater and it wasn't.  It was a black woman who was a government doctor and she was in my house with some other music artist types, around that time, and when I was talking about my song, she was standing there saying how my baby was going to die and what procedure they'd do.  They showed up in close connection with Chris Dabney, the older clone.

The song used espionage acronyms to remember some cases from 1981 and 1982 that the U.S. wanted me around to "see what it's like" and I was getting beat up by these govt. pretenders at "espionage".  Half of them were not even real spies--they were putting on an act so they could sit around in jail and collect sympathizers the U.S. govt. might want to work against.  So I remembered them with this and that I'd said my brother was a clone and he'd said "Okay, you told William and Harry to do something to be identifiable, so what do you want me to do?"  And I had said to him to make his tongue longer than the other ones tongue so to stretch it out.  It was to remember something else that was done to me.  I also remembered Mick Jagger and Rolling stones by it.  So he tried it for a week and it wasn't working, or too painful so I told him he could quit.  This is after the U.S. had forced me out to a workshop and tied me up to stand with weights attached to the inner lips of my vagina, pulling down on one side, with James Comey and Middleton involved.

Christopher Michael Cooke and Joseph George Helmich were the names I used for an acronym:  MC and JGH.  MC JGH.  The U.S. had me violently beat up in connection with CMC, in a jail after they sent him there, and had other men show up to beat me saying 'Chris is going to kill you" and "Chris will beat the shit out of you" and so on, and were talking about killing my baby in the future.  It was military and U.S. govt.  One of the men in the room may have been a Dabney, I don't recall.  One of them said, "Hey, what do you think of my brother here?"

When I was younger, some of the men who changed my diaper and assaulted me and told me I'd never be a princess or made fun of me over that, were some Mexican men, some British royals, and a bunch of lawyers and Judges and cops.  One of the lawyers was James Dabney.  P.M. Brown was one.  Carl DelBalzo.  Leon Panetta.  Judge Warren and several Judges.  Several lawyers.  A few women showed up and sexually molested me too.  A number of CA Regional office FBI.  Eric Moore.  Alvaro Pardo.  Robin Bechtold and George Bechtold.  I remembered them for a long time with an acronym Edward Howard used in his book:  RB GB.  Rob Job.  They were robbing me of my job.  I rememebered this because they were saying things like "I'm taking your daughter" and "You'll never be a princess" and so on and some of these attackers were older clones.  Chris Martin was also a clone already, from what I remember.  I told Edward this when I was in Russia.  I had identified several clones.  They were already threatening me with murder of my babies.  I had also named the Judges and many of the CPS people who were already positioned, who threatened me.  They also had a man who said he was William and Katie's 'son' attack me (when I was slightly older, before Russia).  One of the Bob jrs. who molested me when I was age 2, the same time my older clone was supposedly having a baby, said to me, "You think you're a princess. I'm taking your daughter Howard".  I told someone and said, "Why would my Dad say this to me, like I'm not his kid, and do that to me?  Am I related to my Dad?"  Why else would he be spitefully, angrily, and smirking, change my diaper making comments like that?  To "Ed" or "Howard". 

Well the sicko U.S. government already knows what I said, because it's the reason they claimed I was allowed to go to Russia in the first place, supposedly, where Edward Howard was.  Judge Gillespie was involved and he was another man who molested me and made fun of me.  So when they're taking videotape recordings saying these kinds of things and doing this sort of thing, UM...PROBABLY I had a right to "political asylum".  Ya THINK?  I said to my "Uncle", "Am I related to Dicksie?" and when asked why and I explained I was told, "You can go to Russia now".

Some military people showed up at the Baird's house and told them they WANTED me to go to Russia.  Paul Sato was involved, bc he'd been raping me and I reported him.  There was someone there named Chris, who was not Dabney, and then another person there who was either Dabney or Leonardo diCaprio, and they were telling me to "get out and don't come back".  A group of them glared at me.  Jill had also been raping me--there was actually even a group of women I had named in reports because I was being raped by lesbians or bisexual women too.  Like Jill, along with Janet Bechtold...the entire Bechtold family had been raping me.  Lawyer (then) Alicia Nakata and Sonia Sotameyer, and Ellen also raped me.   Dan Gatti and Greg Smith and some lawyers were involved, and it went through John Kaempf and this lawyer Chris or Kyle or whoever, and I was sent to Russia.

I wouldn't have gone back to the U.S. but they extradited me by force.

Then in the U.S., they tortured me worse than before, forced me to do porn, raped and tortured me every single day.  Every single day.  I was then subjected to their sick "plots" of getting me to get my MOM to go through a horrible "process" and then myself as well, half of which was not my idea and was pushed by these sick govt. men.

At one point, from what I saw, I'm not sure if it really happened to my Mom, but based on what they did to me, it probably did--they forced my Mom to be sexually used and abused, and impregnated, and took her to a hospital to have an abortion and one of the women who showed up was the older Middleton clone, Katie.  My Mom was collapsing in freezing cold and these "women" rushed over to her, with blankets and restrained her, picking her up, and forced her on a hospital bed and rolled her away, with my Mom saying to me, before she saw the sicko women:  "Help me Cameo".  I didn't know what had happened because I thought she saw these women and got so scared her legs gave out.  It was this woman "Beth", and "Rachel", and "Christina", and then inside a doorway, it looked to me like the older clone of Katie Middleton.  A DEA man and his wife were there too, the Uhls.  There were also men who raped my Mom there, just waiting for her to show up.

My Mom and I were also targeted at the Alf Produce Seed Co., a packer plant in Moses Lake, WA, where the older clone of Katie Middleton showed up, and somehow was connected to Christiansons.  I had to go to school with Sonja Christianson, and there was a family member who had a trucking industry company that trafficked me, my Mom, and my baby girls around after they were born.  It was at one of these sites one of my baby girls appeared to be murdered, at the Seed Co., place, not the trucking company.  The trucking industry was used for trafficking us around.  We were hostages.  Sonja Christianson was also around for something done to my Mom when I was even younger, and she was younger, and Katie Middleton showed up there too.  I didn't know what it was, bc my Mom wouldn't tell me, but it was really bad.  She showed up cut up, and looking horrified, coming out this place, with the women that were leaving.  I was held hostage there for a week, left alone in an abandoned schoolroom of some kind, with no food and only water.  Sonja came by with another girl every couple of days to look at me and I would start screaming.  They were allowed in, with knives and guns.  There were multiple Sonjas--a little girl and an older one.  My Mom or one of the Dicksies, had to help one of them with "psychic" work, but when I was really little, I was tortured and had my head fried by one of them, and one of them went to England and visited the Middletons.  As a preteen I was molested by Sonja, with Alicia Nakata and Jill and some lesbians involved.  They used fear and govt. triggers to get a submissive response from me, and then claimed I was a liar bc she was my age.  They had govt. men there to smirk at me.  She put a finger up my vagina in a closed room/stall.  She was saying, "Katie Middleton is bisexual--don't you want to be too?" and then did something that made me scared and afraid of saying no.  I had been programmed and tortured there, prior to her doing this, to force me not to resist, and her techniques were cutting me with knives, hodling guns to my head, and adults allowed her to use the electrocution box on me whenever I didn't do something she wanted.  So I did not resist and they made fun of me, and they did the same thing to my Mom.  My Mom had cried, and I cried.  They were practicing how to "rape" me.  They wanted men to rape me and for it to look like I consented, and they were practicing for more rapes of me.  They had an older clone of Sonja back at the "bunker' or wherever this Katie clone also was, and she'd been allowed to assault me there too, with practice doing it. 

After all of the torture at Alf locations, I was throwing up all the time and referring to the seed company as "Ralphies".  They practiced killing people there.  I was forced to go there as little kittens were slaughtered, when I was a kid, and they did 'practice kills'.