Saturday, July 30, 2016

Russian Speaker "Anna" From Virginia/D.C. Is A Murderer

"Anna", the blond Russian speaker that dated Chris Dabney in D.C., is a murderer.  I witnessed her and her clones murder my clones more than one time, and I was asked to tell President Ronald Reagan about her prior to his sending CIA funds to Mary Donaldson to promote Donaldson as "Queen of Denmark" with Frederick.

Mary Donaldson was present at the house where Anna lives.  I was tortured and programmed to shoot on command, at specific "signals" and triggers, and then the CIA and Pentagon forced me to visit Virginia and D.C. and the Maryland area and I was dropped off at "Annas" house and it wasn't Anna Chapman.

It was "Anna", and I don't know her last name but Chris Dabney does because he's dated her for years, brought her around me multiple times throughout my life, and at least twice he appeared to have kids with her or as if he had married her, and was cohabitating with her.

Anna Chapman may have also been present there, but the Anna they used to force ME to shoot someone in that house, a clone of myself, was Anna the CIA Russian who some people wanted to dump off.  They had an entire group there and it was almost entirely Jews, but some Catholics too, and it was not just Anna and her Mom and grandma and family, it was Dabney, I think Jennifer Myers (NBC Ron Myers' daughter), and I think maybe "Rachel" who is also someone Dabney knows. Stephanie Maiers was also around.   For sure, Anna was there with Amanda Bynes, and Amanda was used as a double by the CIA and Middletons (who work for CIA) for Anna Chapman.  Mary Donaldson was definitely there, and it was either Jennifer Lawrence or a younger Kate Middleton as well.

I was forced to shoot my own clone, a clone of myself, who was identical to me, there at Anna's house.  The U.S. government deliberately dropped me off at her house for it, and I didn't know what they had planned.

Then later, within a week or less, I was brought before President Ronald Reagan, and one of the Bob jrs. told me, "Tell Reagan about Anna" and a group of CIA operatives waited to see what I'd say.  Carol Goldsmith was there, Joy Tancer, and several others.  I didn't know what to say because they'd made me feel afraid of reporting the murder, and they'd forced ME to do it.

So the govt. was asking me to "report" myself, when it was about Anna, actually, and this Donadlson and Goldsmith bitch group.

At the time they forced me to shoot her, they had used the same programmed triggers they used on me while holding me hostage in other states prior to trafficking me to that house.  I think it was a house in Maryland actually, but it was not that far driving distance from the White House.  They told me it was "Kate", Katie Middleton the U.S. was shooting or wanted to assassinate and it wasn't--it was ME, and it was definitely a clone of ME.

So when I said nothing, then this group, especially Joy Tancer, smirked and looked relieved and Reagan said, "It's Mary then.  She's going to Denmark and have the allocation made".

So basically, when I wouldn't speak up about the murder the U.S. govt. had just forced me to commit, against myself, then either the CIA and Reagan felt relieved about it and gave Mary Donaldson a free pass, or they figured I'd never tell and they were secure.

The Goldsmiths were involved because Gary was around for it, and I think James Middleton.  They had a bunch of people in the house at the time I was forced to shoot her, and she did die and then the U.S. govt. had people moving her out or doing something with her body.

The forced programming of me to shoot her, at their triggers, was done by Carol Goldsmith, Mary Donaldson, Joy Tancer, Bechtolds, Bynes, Anna, and my own family, and William of Wales, possibly Gatovs at a location, and they had some Catholic people around too, and Dabney, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner.

After they had her murdered, next the U.S. govt. was throwing me over to hang out with Alvaro Pardo and some Colombians from the U.S. government, and they were pretending to be sympathetic about it and weren't.  At least a couple of the Colombian women were also involved, and they had a woman who looked like Shakira there at the time too.  It was Pilar, and Alvaro's "diplomat girlfriend", and then either Shakira or someone who looked just like her.

It wasn't a small house and before they forced me to meet her and shoot her, they had me staying in a bedroom there.  I wasn't just there one hour and gone--they made sure I was programmed at that house before they murdered her, using me to do it, too.  I was being forced to live at that house.

They also tried to have me think they spied for Russia and wanted ME to spy with them, for Russia, when they were CIA employees the entire time, putting out a hit against my clone, to promote themselves.  Additionally, they had lied about my clone, claiming she agreed with me to spy and they forced me to lie and say my clone had said she would when she said she would not.  I only talked to her for a short time and they said, "Recruit this girl" and said they wanted to see me practice my "recruitment" efforts.

The other thing they did, was "switch" girls, so they made me ask more than one girl spy, or if she would, and then they were switching around who said they would and who said they wouldn't.  What it came down to, is the only person they murdered was my clone.  This was their target to start with, or they wouldn't have forced me to be there in the first place, or programmed me at other locations, using the same Amanda Bynes and Annas and they used all 3 Anna's to program me:  Sloan-Smith, Chapman, and this blond Russian one.

I remembered my Mom and older clone of Levi programming me using one of the Annas by an acronym, "Annalog and Annadog" with AnnaLG for Levi Garrett and AnnaDG for Dicksie Garrett.  A Bob jr. was also involved, and he was saying to Amanda Bynes, "Come over here Amanda, I need you to help me with something over here" and she took a "break" from programming me with a Dicksie and others. 

I was forced to live there, and stay there all day, mostly, including overnight, for at least a week and it was possibly more like 2 weeks.  It was also not the first time I was forced to live with them because as a toddler, I was made to live there and they tortured me with Anna, who is a real bitch.  Anna was also traveling to Washington state, living at a house in Texas with Robin and Chris Dabney at one time, and in Seattle.  She wasn't just in Maryland and D.C., and she committed additional murders against my clones with my "parents" and the Stephanie Maiers family and Jews.

Not only that, an older "Anna" was there, about age 20 or so, more or less, and then there was the younger Anna, who I met again in D.C. with Chris Dabney, when he brought her to my workplace, to sit around, and he'd had me go out to meet her in D.C. at a bar.  It's the same Anna.

All this time, the U.S. has been promoting a sick murderer and holding me hostage, while letting Russian CIA agents murder my kids and my clones, using ME to do it, as they laughed about it. 

These Russians are also 100% backing and defening Mary Donaldson and Middletons, from Aldrich Ames to Vladimir Putin to Dmitry Medvedlev, to CIA Russian Director Calagun, and the numerous Russian Jews who evidently think my clones whad something to do with Nazi work in WWII.

Amanda Bynes is a Jew with Russian or Polish background and she has the exact same eye color as my "Granny" Beverly Constance Briegenzer.  Anna, the Russian, looked like "Granny" and sort of like Dicksie and had Granny's legs, and I constantly wondered which of these other CIA girls who were part of ki8lling my clones and kids, were the real kids of Bob and/or Dicksie "Garrett". 

I didn't want to stay at Anna's house either.  I repeatedly said to my parents, "NO! I don't want to stay there!" because I remembered them and that house and I was forced to stay there and live with them, again, while they colluded to falsely accuse and murder more clones of ME and my kids.

I was being plotted against, by the U.S. govt. and Middletons in England, to be raped and forced to miscarry as well, because in England the Goldsmiths and Middletons started forcing me, along with CIA, to eat "oily fish" to thin my blood more than it was already, to cause increased prolonged bleeding  Middleton started torturing me and then giving me cod and chips (AnnaCD= anna cod) and in D.C. they did the same thing, torturing me and telling me the only way to lessen the torture was if I ordered fish and chips because it was "anti-inflammatory" and I was tortured and programmed to repeatedly order the same thing, just so the U.S. govt. and Middletons could make my bleeding situation, which is hemophilia, worse, and Alvaro Pardo and Bob Beauliz were involved in this.

Levi and Dicksie programmed me on their own, with Anna Sloan-Smith there, and a Bob jr. out in other room,  and they also programmed and tortured me with Dabney and Anna the Russian, and then I was being programmed and tortured with the Russian speaking Anna whenever I was in Texas or at other places.  They were all connected and all plotting to murder my clones and cause suffering to me to promote a CIA operated "monarchy" in Denmark and England, and anywhere else possible.

Then, for example, when I was in England, the U.S. and Middletons were using Anna Chapman and other British royal girlfriends, and then they used people in the U.S. who "looked" like Anna Chapman to approximate for her and force me to do the same things for "Amanda Bynes" and other "Annas'" that Middleton and Goldsmith were forcing me to do with their friend Anna Chapman.

All of these people are clones.  Every single person I've mentioned in this post had more than one clone.

I was told Rachel the Jew was my parent's real kid, and it was suggested one of the Annas, and Amanda Bynes.  There were only 2 Rachel's, Rachel Chandler and Rachel the Jew around, and then Carly Massey-Birch also was extremely close to one of the Dicksies, and Middleton.  I was told my parents were Jews and I wasn't, and some German group told Dick Baird to tell me I wasn't a Baird, and he did, saying "You're not a Baird" and then shook his head about my Dad too, and I was told by one person who got shot that my parents were "Russians".  As in, Bob and Dicksie were Russian Jews working for Calagun's Russian CIA and the anti-Nazi German Division or something, and that the gang breaking in next to murder was Russian. 

For all of the early involvement with Germany and Nuremberg and Nazis, there was also earliest-memory involvement with French Canadians, Italians, and Russians, and Calagun was already involved with Aldrich Ames by 1976 in NYC.

One of the Bob jrs. looks exactly like Amanda Bynes or like he could be her Dad, and both blond Anna's look like the Bairds and Breigenzers.  My Mom and Carley Massey-Birch are so alike they could double for eachother easily, when the same age with same color of hair, and Kate Middleton has features that are Baird-like as well.  Rachel the Jew looks sort of like Carley and then Chandler looks like she could be related to a younger or the smaller Bob jr.  There were at least 3 Bob Jr.s and maybe more than that.  I also witnessed at least one older clone of Bob jr., but he maybe died in the 1980s, and then I witnessed more than one older Dicksie clone.  The older Dicksies were old enough to have lived through some of WWII and one of them hated my clone.  I looked like a double of Sofie Rhys, Anna (sort of), and Kate Middleton and even Carol Middleton (with brown hair) when they are younger.  Kristen Stewart was mentioned too.

Also unexplained is why Charlotte Garrett-Ball was torturing and frying my brains when I was a toddler, and then wanting cute loving cuddle photos of herself with me, as if she really loved me and was this kind sweet woman.  What THUH?  I am not sure why.  It might have to do with Dolores Davis being a Davis like Lady Diana is a Davis, and I think one of the royal girlfriends is, and that therefore, children of Diana are related to the Garretts, making them interested in Middleton promotion and on the Baird side it's something too.

They were raping and torturing me. I did not see ANYONE in my family being treated as much like a hostage as I was--I was being raped, tortured, and chained to beds.

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