Sunday, August 14, 2016

Need Work Immediately

Please contact me if you are someone with a job to offer.

I am still looking for work and I am trapped in a dead-end town with no job, surrounded by U.S. govt. employees all day.  The entire town and area is locked-down with govt. people and clones, and I cannot get work here, though I've tried. 

If I could find a job in this area, however, I would prefer this, to start, because I need to save money.  However, I want to get out of this country, as my ultimate goal and living around murderers and pedophiles with no job offers isn't getting me anywhere.

I'm being blocked from updating my ad for employment on craigslist, as of today, and I am writing more and more about the murders that I've witnessed and I recently got a letter from the FBI which is harassing and intimidation.  It is a mockery of me and the fact they've held me hostage and raped me and know I have no work and can't report any of their shits in this situation.  I also have restraining orders I need to file against some individuals and I can't do that while living in this area either, because all of these people are connected to the same persons I would file against, who have repeatedly stalked me and raped me and who tortured me when I was a kid.

I am wanting to make a number of serious reports, even online, about their FBI employees who are rapists and murderers, and what I've witnessed.  I also need case numbers from some offices, after making reports, just to prove I've exhausted all remedies in this country.

I was not just forced to work for free by the FBI, and forced to have a "handler" and be "undercover against the Mafia" as a kid, I was forced to work for free for the CIA and Pentagon, Mossad in Israel, and Sandhurst.  They repeatedly forced my older clones to work for them and then were using them as rubber dolls to either rape and chain to beds (FBI and cops doing the chaining) or to force to carry babies and then they murdered several of them while they were just finishing up with breastfeeding or expressing milk.  Several murders occurred while they had their breast pump for expressing milk with them.

I was being raped by the FBI as a baby, forced to give blow jobs, before they would give me my bottle of milk.  It was every single day, and it wasn't just "some mafia persons", it was almost entirely cops, military, CIA, FBI, and govt. persons.  Not only was I raped every single day as a baby, I was then forced to eat dog food and cat food, while being chained or locked in a dog cage or room.  I mean, dry dog food, and dry cat food, and then a few times they made me eat wet (canned) dog food and cat food.  This occurred while I was forced to live with FBI employees, for over 6 months out of a year, and the Middletons and Goldsmith and William of Wales and Harry, also forced me to do this.  They were then taking off the chains and not torturing me when someone would look in to "check" on things and they'd smirk and say, "She looks healthy and well-fed".

Not only that, when they decided they were going to rape me to force me to have a baby at age 11, it was out of jealousy and fear that I was capable of moving ahead of them, and possibly writing more music or acquiring an agent and getting out of their reach, since I was nearing the age for emancipation of minors.  I was promised by the FBI they'd rape me and force me to have kids and that's all they've done.  Some of the people who stood by wanting to watch me being raped and forced to become pregnant, were the entire Robin Bechtold and Wendy family (and their kid), and a man connected to Amanda Bynes who was always at my house, and Megan Jacquot and Stacey Lowe and others, even some judges, and British and Danish "royals" or friends of such.  Also, the Blixseth family wanted me raped to have a baby early and be "slowed down" and controlled even more. 

I was raped by groups of men, and then implanted professionally with embryos later.  The people they forced me to be raped by, were "selected" by the same U.S. employees that were forcing me to have all of my work credit go to their friends, and all of my money from it.

I am hireable and am in the public eye every day almost, walking my dog, and there isn't anything wrong with me.  I talk about the truth, and that's it.  I need a job immediately however, because I'm trapped here, and the FBI's grand plan was to have me "forced to strip and pole dance" at age 41, and I am age 41, so not having work after being blacklisted for several years in this area, is not going anywhere.

I need a job.  I am experienced in several areas and can send a resume and/or photos if needed.  Contact me here at blogger and I will not post your response if it is work-related such as offering a job.  I will keep it private. 

I can relocate anywhere in the U.S., as long as there is an offer for relocation that includes the airfare or bus expense for myself and one standard poodle (my dog), and I am also interested in moving overseas, though I do not currently have a job offer or enough money to do this on my own.

Here is an example of things I am experienced in:

I'm creatively talented and have a lot of experience in various jobs and I need a job immediately. I've been going to college and need additional money to support this. I have resumes for Nanny and Domestic work, Legal Assistant, Office Assistant, Sales Executive, Cooking (Chef) or Server, and Teaching English privately, and I have talents in singing, songwriting, painting, and writing screenplays. I've also done some business consultation and PR in the past, and advertising.

Please contact me for more information or for a resume in the area of your interest. I can work as a live-in assistant or live-out, as long as having my dog (poodle) can also stay there.

What I would love to do, is cook professionally for a family, FT, and/or write a screenplay, but I have had huge amounts of success in other areas in the past, so I'm open minded. I love restaurant work, and can do anything from washing dishes, to cooking, to server, and I also have a huge amount of experience in PR, advertising, and consulting, although I have not done any consulting for a really long time. I have 3 years experience in the legal field, and have worked in business from Account Executive, and Director, to regular customer service, Front Desk Receptionist and Office Manager.
I have 3 years professional experience as a Nanny, and additional experience as a personal assistant (not including kids).

I need work IMMEDIATELY so anyone who has a small job, temp job, or even full time position available, please contact me. I can also do things like house sitting (been reliable), dog walking, pet care, design (I'm majoring in Horticulture and English)...editing books and articles, some graphic design, just about anything.
I am not just out of work, I have fuckers who work for the U.S., who have gang-raped me, around me all the time, whom I've also witnessed murdering not just my own cloned kids and myself, but other people too.  

The fact the FBI raped me again, to carry yet another clone, and then tries to freeze me out of work, is sick.  Not to mention they are the ones responsible for stealing my entire bank account and murdering the people who had bank accounts and trusts for me.

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