Tuesday, August 2, 2016

U.S. Gang-Rape and Hostage Holding Over "Vietnam"

One of the claims for raping me and my clones, was over "Vietnam".

I was being peed on, constantly, over "Agent Orange" and told I could have some "golden showers" instead.  I was held hostage in Peru, and tortured, while the U.S. interrogated my other older clones and raped and tortured them as well. 

I was told, by an older clone of my son, that my older clone had been a helicopter pilot and some kind of military person--one of them was, and that the U.S. had "deserted" her during Vietnam.

So basically, the U.S. did nothing but desert to promote Middletons, who did not want to stop "communism", they wanted to spread it. 

Then as a little girl, the Middletons, including Carol Goldsmith, had dinner parties and they were making fun of me and the memory of my older clones, saying "So you want to join our communist party Cameo?"

This is because my older clone was someone who was fighting against "communism" and govt. control of women and children to force them (like me) to be sex slaves for the fucking U.S. govt. employees, and Middletons, on the other hand, were making money off of that slave trade.  The Middletons and Goldsmiths, and U.S. govt. officials who promoted child soldier slavery, were against "Vietnam" because the most communism, the HAPPIER they could be.

The U.S. government, is communist.  Every single deal and trade they make, within the govt. and with Britain, the UK, and other nations, is communist.  By the 1970s, by the time of Vietnam, the American people didn't already know that the U.S. was 'over and done with'.

Asking the Pentagon to fight against "communism" in Vietnam was like asking Hitler to fight against his own kids.  The Pentagon is one Communist Shit Gang-Bang group, along with the "Socialist" England Middletons claim they support.

As a little girl, the U.S. government not only tortured and murdered older clones of me and my son to my face, while bragging about it, they then forced me to travel to all of these countries, and they ASKED groups of govt. in Vietnam, for example, to gang-rape me.

The U.S. uses "human cloning" as their secret Plutocracy tool for keeping up a cover against the people of the entire world, between govt. official shits who hold slavery ideals in common, from Middletons, to Sarah Netanyahu and ISRAEL, to the Vatican, to the former communist nations and the Allied countries especially.

Every single objective within "human cloning", is communist.  There is no such thing as "freedom" within human cloning.  There is no such thing as "democracy"--it is COMMUNISM.  The U.S. govt. BREEDS people and forces them to be assigned to govt. jobs at birth, and steals from some clones, and promotes others to be "elite shits" at the top of their communist gang-bang-chain.  Capitalism is non-existant, and there are zero "human rights" and EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMNED court case is SECRET COURT, not open, according to the law, to public inspection and supervision--all of it is secret, and mostly, throughout my entire life, I watched the U.S. murder kid after kid of mine, and older clones of me and my kids, and they didn't even have a SECRET court.  They instead said things to me like this:  "You can't have court and can't report it so all we'll let you do is you can decide if you want to leave a placemark here to remember something".

The U.S. govt. murdered countless people, in front of me and told me "You can make a memorial" and that was it.  No justice, no police report (all the cops are shits and dirty and are paid for and bought and sold-out), and no court.  Not even "secret court" and no right to a lawyer, to prosecution, nothing.

That is the kind of REAL life I have been living, my entire life, with the most FUCKED UP, GOD DAMNED nation in the world today.

Not only that, after testing out so many murders to my face, and gang-bang raping me 24/7, almost every single day (with shits like Rabbi Rose participating and thinking no one will notice because he's a Rabbi and his family must be innocent, prayful Jews), then they had shits who murdered kids to my face and raped me, like Portland Detective Brian Gross, telling me he's making sure no one ever prosecutes anyone for raping me and they'll rape me all they want and then the FBI in D.C. was telling me they could implant me with human clones to force me to have kids whenever they wanted and they didn't "owe" me anything for their crimes against me.

I want to know when I get my day in court suing the U.S. for crimes against humanity and holding all of these Modern Shits accountable in courts assigned to investigation the same way Nuremberg Court has been assigned.

Someone needs to start a new court and begin saving evidence against the U.S. for a massive takedown against them for their crimes.

The "thanks" that my older clones, who were all forced to serve in the military as clones, got from the U.S., was to be raped and murdered and deprived of an income.  I saw them being murdered and "Bob" and "Dicksie" were some of their murderers and I didn't confuse faces and people.

Then, as a totally innocent kid, a toddler, they were forcing me to other countries and raping the shit out of me, and bragging that I had a "Victory Vagina" with 2 ways to it, like the "V" sign Nixon and others popularized during the Vietnam era. 

The entire "V" sign for "Victory", which is the meaning of my middle name Loree, and "Loree" is the name my older clones were going by, was used to viciously rape me vaginally with FBI, cops, and military assholes who didn't like "Vietnam" and being told they couldn't collude with Vietnamese diplomats and cops to gang-rape women and kids.

As an innocent kid, I was being forced by a Bob and Dicksie, to go with the U.S. govt. officials, to almost every single country, and be gang-raped by a group of govt. shits who like their "human cloning plutocracy communism" like the Goldsmiths.  One of the countries, for example, was Vietnam.

When I was forced to Vietnam, I liked it there and I liked the food and people and there were all these people crying there, and I didn't know why and then the U.S. govt. specifically told the Vietnamese to hold me hostage and gang-rape me and a Bob Garrett Jr. was helping tell them to do this to me.  They held me hostage tied up and gagged and then in a bamboo "animal cage" and I was caned and beaten until I was unconscious and then the Pentagon told all of these Vietnamese officials to rape me and they swarmed in, about 20 or more of them, and each of them took turns raping me and then the U.S. shits stood around talking to them, bragging and one of them was Chris fucking Dabney and the others were the Chandler shits.  Aaron and Rachel fucking Chandler.  Another shit who went to all of these countries where I was being forcibly raped was James fucking Cartright and usually the Tancer assholes.

They stood there, watched the Vietnamese gang-rape me, and then I watched as the U.S. assholes who were using U.S. taxpayer money to do this, gave MONEY to the men who had gang-raped me, and Frederick was involved with this, Gary Goldsmith and Carol, and William of Wales.

After these men collected money from the U.S., after they'd already raped me, then the U.S. sent some of their own assholes over to say to me, "Come on Cameo, we're going now" and the U.S. shits were acting like THEY had "rescued" me when it was the U.S. govt. sending me to all of these countries, to PAY people to rape me, in the first place.

Why would the U.S. government assholes PAY other countries' most important officials, some soldiers and military and others to rape me? 

Think about how much "trouble" the U.S. is in, if the UN or another international group took action against them.  They don't want to be held accountable for human rights crimes, so they PAID OFF all of these people, and got them to agree to rape me, as a "deal" between themselves, and continued holding me hostage and stealing from me, with then even the Braggart FBI Headquarters claiming to me, after this, that they had secured everything against me, and they had a "right" to do "whatever" they wanted to me, and no one cared, and there was no way to fight them.

Wow.  What an AMAZING thing to brag about, for the FBI.  That they are gang-banging shits who hold little girls hostage to rape them and force them to work to steal from them.

They were behind EVERY SINGLE rape and murder of all of my older clones. 

When I wasn't, as this innocent kid clone, being accused of being a clone of "HER", the supposed "Nazi soldier from Germany" or something, I was being gang-raped over "Vietnam" and drugs were only a side of this.  It was all U.S. govt.  I was never traveling ANYWHERE without the U.S. government shits.

One of my earliest memories is of a Bob and Dicksie, holding me hostage inside of a govt. building, for the U.S. govt., while bragging with guns on them and security, to others, that now THEY controlled ME and held ME hostage.  I was between 1 1/2 and 2 years old at the time.  There was a woman with blond hair and a man with brown hair crying, and then they were bragging about how "Anna" was in charge now, over "Loree".   My so-called "parents" were not my "parents" and they were Bob and Dicksie.  Throughout my baby and toddlerhood, they were bragging about holding ME hostage.

I remember when I had diaper changes, and that was only until age 1, and I remember having a bottle of milk, and that was only until I was age 2 or less, and I specifically remember the sex abuse by the U.S. government during this entire time in my life, and by the fucked up Goldsmiths and Middleton shits.  If I was having to live with a Baird or Garrett or relative, or the Goldsmiths or Middletons, you can be sure I was also being gang-raped.  This was true of the Sterling-Tancers as well.  Anytime I was ever over at the Tancers house, I was being raped by them.

I remember being licked and molested vaginally as a baby, having guns jammed up inside of my vagina as a baby, and being hit and made fun of, and I was confined.  I also remember hundreds of incidents of rape, every single day, of being forced to give blow jobs as a baby and toddler, before these shits would give me my bottle of milk.  I only had a bottle until I was age 2, and I remember hundreds, thousands of times I was raped.   The U.S. was inviting over 10-20 men at a time, or more, and would have them "line up" to take a turn getting a blow job from me when I was a toddler and little kid.  This wasn't once, it was constantly.  They also had "carpet circle" groups that made fun of me and would say, "Come over here into the circle Cameo" and instead of "preschool carpet circle time" like storytime, they were forcing me down and raping me while I was held down on my back and entire groups of men, FBI, military, cops, were doing this to me.  When I was slightly older, and harder to hold still in one place, they handcuffed and chained me.  So instead of being held down by 2 men while one raped me, I was being chained or tied down, and then it was easier to hold me down and rape me. 

This was while being held as a hostage by the U.S. fucking government.

My entire "childhood" was nothing but rape and torture, being starved, and held hostage and photographed in degrading positions, by the U.S. government and ENGLAND--royal shits, were 100% involved and participating, along with Mossad.  Mossad was getting some kind of sick "high" off of it.

I witnessed my older clones being chained down and raped as well.  And when I was a little older, I saw photos of her, as I remembered, chained to a bed.

Who chained me?  Goldsmith and Middletons, and Garrett and Bairds (extended "families" included).  It was the "Mike and Robert" group, holding me hostage with everyone else who wanted to gang-bang and rape me, while paying them and their employers money.  I was chained by Mossad in Israel, when I was forced to be there, and by the Rabbi Rose family in their basement room, and I was also chained down or tied by monks at Mt. Angel Abbey, and left in their cellar until a monk or clergy wanted to rape me or some Pentagon shit showed up to move me out.  I was also chained down in a cellar and basement by the Thebault family and Brian Thebault's wife Lisa, is not just connected to Mt. Angel Abbey through the Catholic side of her family, she had her Jewish side connected to Mossad in Israel, which chained me down.

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