Thursday, August 4, 2016

Robin Bechtold's Half-Asian Kid (Clone)--Murderers and Forced Cannibalism

I have a lot of information about Robin Bechtold's half-asian son, who is a clone.

I do not know, and have not seen news, or tried to find out whether Robin and his Asian wife Wendy have had kids or not.  He moved from Oregon to California to Texas and I do not keep in touch with him.

However, he and Wendy are clones and I was constantly forced to be around them as a little girl, and the older clone of him and Wendy had a son, at least one son I know of, who was also a clone and he and his family murdered several of my kids and clones.

It is very serious.

He is not just someone who raped me repeatedly and held me hostage with his family, he worked for the U.S. government and repeatedly got a 'free pass' at killing my family members.

His son and his son's friends were vicious and mean--they were not nice people at all and I met not just a younger clone of his kid, that was about age 5-8 years old, I met his teenage or young 20s year old clone, and he was coming over to my house in Moses Lake, WA on a frequent basis.

Wendy, was getting all kinds of kick-backs and favors from the government.

She participated in not just raping me, herself, along with her husband, her family was allowed to tortured me, and given favors, and I don't know if they were hired to spy for the U.S. or what, but they had favors from the U.S., and I was raped by them, held hostage, and she took part in trying to force me to commit suicide, along with Janet Bechtold.  In the suicide-coaching, she was telling me no one loved me, and using a knife against me and coaching me with some other U.S. women on how to use a knife and cut myself to "release" the "pain and anguish" from trauma they deliberately inflicted upon me.

I met no fewer than 3 clones of the same Bechtold Asian-son, and that was by the time of 1983. I believe there were at least 4 around that time.

One was older, and I believe there was a second older one, and he showed up at my house and murdered an older clone of my son and got away with it.  Then I met another son that was younger, and during a "camping trip" with a bunch of other U.S. employees.  There was a younger clone of my son, about his age, there as well, and he was also attacked.  I couldn't believe it.  Then there was one who was showing up at worker cabins in Cashmere, WA on my grandparent's property and once again, another murder.

Robin was constantly killing my clones, whenever he could, with his son.

I believe the only reason he got away with it, is because his family is related to a Bechtel who helped direct the CIA at the time they brought over a bunch of OSS Nazi's to work for them from Germany.

His family had a serious problem with me, clones of me, and all of the clones of my sons.  When I ended up becoming famous and a songwriter, Robin's family was suddenly asking if I would marry him, when I was a kid, asking this, and I had said, "I thought he married Wendy".  Well, there were a lot of "sudden gold-diggers".  Not only were they trying to get rich quick, they were trying to create covers for themselves, and attempting to snow me, and have me forget all they did to me in the past.

Not once did I see him, a clone of him, or any of his kids die.  Instead, I was seeing my own family killed off left and right, and Bechtolds, constantly around and/or friends with the murderers.

They were trying to keep me and my older clones down intellectually and professionally.  They HATED my older clone's guts.  HATED her, and this hatred rubbed off onto how they treated me when I was innocent.  These people were bragging about getting rid of my older clones, in California, over at Reagan's house (Ron and Nancy) when I was only 6 or 7 years old.

They also participated, with Ed Howard, and Tancers, in forcing me to go to Peru and overseas as a kid, to be molested, raped, and made fun of and tortured.  I was forced to eat human flesh because of them, as a toddler.

No, and I'm not even kidding.  They made fun of me, out of hating my older clones.  It was like anything they could get me, the little kid version of her, to do, that was degrading, made them feel good or better about themselves, and I was forced to pick and eat nits, seriously, like monkeys in the jungle, and starved and coached to eat raw meat and then they were making me eat human flesh.  Next, they were trying to make it look like "vampire" blood-sucking, not "cannibalism" but what they wanted, to degrade me, was cannibalism.  Seriously.  They had people falling over laughing at me, making me eat human flesh, even in public, on a sidewalk in a S. American country.  The Bechtolds are really horrible people, and yes, Wendy was THERE.

I was there at several ages, and having to eat sick things...from toddler age to early childhood and then they tortured and electrocuted me, and drugged me, to forget about it, but not before traumatizing my older clones and my kids and family, who were shocked and horrified.  It was a form of torture against them and me. It wasn't "private", it was U.S. government sponsored and they had Euros making fun of me too, like Waleses associates and Danish, Russians, and Australians and Mossad.  Mossad was one of the main groups, with Pippa and Middletons and her husband James Mathews.

I was in Africa when they were forcing me to "pick and eat lice" and then they flew me back to the U.S. and had U.S. govt. people showing up at my house in Moses Lake, WA trying to get me to do the same things still.

The Garrett and Baird families were both involved, including the Balls, and Aaron Ball's wife, who is a clone that participated in a murder against one of my clones (of me) with Amy Ball, and my other family.  They murdered her.

The U.S. govt. forced me to "eat" or suck the blood of, a toddler-baby clone of my own son.  They stood around, torturing and programming me and then telling me to do that, and "show" everyone how "Kate Middleton" wasn't going to be Queen, along with Mary Donaldson and Frederick.  So they had my family being killed and attacked, by their own clones and family, over and over.  I'd had to share my older clones waterbed with James Mathews, who raped me, and he's Pippa's "repeated husband".  They murdered a little kid of mine, my son at a young age and one of my clones, in the shallow water of a waterbed, and bragged about it and Kate Middleton was right there.

I also know this wife of Aaron Ball's is a friend, or was a friend of Chris Dabney's, back then.  She is a bitch.  She is a FUCKING bitch.  She was working as a "double" for Anna Sloan Smith clones and had this tattoo on her arm that I called "poison ivy".  After she stole from me and an older clone of my son and murdered one of us, she had both an older clone of myself and my son calling her a bitch and attacking her and she just smirked and carried out murders and she's a fucking FBI shit.  Her entire "job" was tied-in to the Waleses and British assholes who were working as CIA assets so of course she didn't want to lose her "job".  I reported her in the 80s and one of the clones of my son was still alive and he also did, and confirmed she had not only tortured me, she had killed, worked with Dabney, and she was bragging out loud, at my house in M.L, and in Bellingham or someplace, Amy's house or something, about how I would have an unborn baby "miscarried".

Robin Bechtold and his shit son, bragged about how I would "spot brown" and miscarry, at the worker's cabin in Cashmere, WA.  Robin, Wendy, and this kid were there, and they work with, and made the same sick comments that Chris Dabney and his DAD did, at Dabney's house.

If Dabney's father "died", as I was told he had, there was more than one of him because he was not just living with his Mom, he lived with his Dad.  Anytime I used soy sauce, which was brown, they started bragging about how Chris was going to rape me and implant me with a clone and the U.S. govt. would "triumph" and murder it and I would "spot" brown.

So, for example, at the worker's cabin, there was a "cooking contest" that involved people from Oregon and Washington mostly.  They had all these ingredients brough over and said "Make something with this".  One of the ingredients was bread, a cucumber and condiments.  So an older clone of my son put lime and tabasco sauce on on the cucumber as a type of salad or refreshment and I had peeled a cucumber, for my idea, and made a sandwhich, with a dip that included peanut butter, tomato paste, soy sauce, and wasabi, and mixed into a dip, and it was this red paste and with brown sauce and Robin's kid came over and they pointed it out to him and said, "That's what's going to happen to Cameo's baby" and smirked with people like Bechtolds, and Dabney.

Then I was forced to stay over at Dabney's house and it was just me, the same Chris fucking Dabney who was in D.C. in 2008, and his fucked up father and his whore child-rapist BDSM mother wasn't around.  His Mom was forcing me to "service" U.S. govt. men, as a preteen, and telling me this was my "job".  His mother was involved in deserting one of my older clones to be gang-raped and murdered with her young son, a clone of my son Oliver, in a South American country after they threatened her and dragged me around bragging about how the U.S. controlled me and I'd never make money, be a "princess", or amount to anything.  They had already colluded with British royals to murder another of my older clones.  So Dabney's mother, was on this helicopter or small plane that took off, deser4ting my clone to be ambushed and I could see what happened.  I said, "They just left her there?"  So Dabneys entire family had been murdering and hunting down and torturing clones of mine, for a long time, and he was going around, older shit clones of him, with a big black box that looked like a huge toolbox and unpacking generators and electrocution devices to torture me when I was a kid.  Well this clone of Chris Dabney who is the same one from 2008 in D.C., was living with his Dad, at least part of the time, and I was being dumped off there after having to work as a child, to ser4vice shits like Eric Holder, Barak Obama, and White House assholes and CIA shits.  The Dept. of Justice basically, in a word.

So I was at his house, and Chris was talking with me and then said to his Dad, "When is Anna coming over?" and they had me "make" dinner for Chris and when I had soy sauce out for what I made, he smirked at his Dad and said, "Dad, do I have to marry her?" and pointed to me, or nodded my way and his Dad looked at me, at the soy sauce, with Chris watching and said, "NO" firmly and then Chris was taking Anna the Russian speaker from Maryland/D.C. who murdered my kids, to his bedroom with him after that and said, "Good".  One of the older men there, not Chris but his "buddy", indicated to the soy sauce on the plate, to Anna and said, "You don't have anything to worry about Anna".  I think the other person there was Rachel, but I know for sure Anna the Russian speaker who the U.S. shit govt. repeatedly trafficked me to live with and be programmed and tortured by, was there.  They had it all planned out, Dabney's entire fucking family.  And both Chris Dabney and Robin Bechtold were living together at one time in Texas, and operating out of a house there, with women involved, torturing me and programming me to "quit fighting being raped" and to "shoot the gun when we tell you to" and their targets were only these people:  older clones of me (myself) and clones of my son Oliver at all ages.  They had a hit list against every single clone of me and my son that was still alive and their ultimate joy was in plotting how to force ME to murder "myself" and my own kids, while they gloated about it.  The other very prominent person involved in this was Amanda fucking Bynes, and my son was punched out over just laughing with me, about a joke I had made, about Amanda Bynes, when he was just 8 years old or so.  He was pounced on and beat up for laughing when I had shaved my poodle to have a "headband" and said, "It's AMAN-DUH-DOG!"  He cracked up laughing and laughing and all me and my son did was laugh.  We could laugh together all the time.  My son loved me.  These U.S. shits broke down the door to my bedroom to punch out my little kid son.

Bob jr. was also telling an older clone of ME, in the early 1980s, one of the Bob jrs, was telling MY clone to "Give Amanda the baby".  He was ordering my clone to give up her baby to Amanda fucking Bynes, the Jew bitch.  After she did, at gunpoint, they murdered her.

I witnessed Bob and Dicksies murdering clones of my son and also of my older clone. One of the Bob jrs. murdered my son with Aaron Chandler4, over "Rachel" and another attack was over this Jewish bitch Amanda Bynes.  Dicksie,   I saw Bob Jr or one of his clones, murder clones of my son Oliver repeatedly, with other U.S. men involved--one of the murders was at a location off of HWY 42, in the woods in a stream-creek--they chased my son down with a gun, and involved me in the murder, and the 552 truck driver, and a Pentagon man.  One of the Dicksies, was murdering my older clones, with Mossad Jews involved, over Mary Donaldson, Kate Middleton, and Carley Massey-Birch.  Both Bob and Dicksie, one of them, conspired with Sofie and Prince Edward against my older clone too.  The Guzmans and Avilas are also completely involved in the murders, with Carol fucking Goldsmith and Netanyahus.  My "parents" repeatedly murdered clones of ME and bragged to others when I was little, about controlling me and having us all as hostages, and they murdered my son, and his clones, over and over.  They did this with other British, Danish, and U.S. CIA and Pentagon people and Jews.  A few times it looked maybe like who knows, possibly someone ordered it and they didn't have a choice and a few other times, it was very obvious that Bob and/or Dicksie WANTED to murder me, my older clone off, and my clone of my son.  And it was always fucking Jews around.

The other shits who participated in the same comments were Blixseths.  Blixseths also murdered one of my clones.  The Beau Blixseth family that is from California, Oregon, and Colorado.

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