Friday, August 12, 2016

People Who Wanted To Wipe Brown Leak From My Microwave And A Stuffed Little Bear

This is a strange sounding title but a large group of U.S. employees and clones showed up at my house saying they'd wipe a coffee stain from my leaking microwave and off of the bottom of a stuffed little bear I had at my house, when I was a preteen, that had a symbol of a flag of Mexico on it.

 The U.S. was already bragging about how they were going to force me to miscarry a baby, in addition to forcing me to be pregnant and carry clones for them, which they think they own, like computers with a number and date stamp, and then kidnapped from me.

The U.S. violates their own generally accepted law which is that the person raped is not required to give the child or baby that results to the offender.  The U.S. is the offender and they rape, and then demand full custody and control.  The U.S. is a slave trader.

I have photos of what it looked like because I picked up the same item when I moved here again, and was cleaning and there was a leak in the microwave and the same thing showed so I remembered everything.  I even had aloe vera juice in a jar with a lid that says "SEOUL" on it next to all of this, as in the past, and I remember it all.

The U.S. government is disgusting.  What they have done is worse than Nazi war crimes.  They not only commit decades of crimes, they continue in it, and have not been brought to trial anywhere, or held accountable.

Vera Katz's name is there because she is one of several persons that wanted to show up for this, and I had said, "Why is she here?  Because I said I have aloe vera there and I'll remember all of this?"

I was given a photo of Chris Dabney and allowed to look at it for just a few days and I tried to program myself to associate his face with "little bear" by thinking "little bear" everytime I looked at his face in the photo and I did this repeatedly, all day.

When I later met him in 2008, having been stalked by him, at one point I called him "little bear" and I didn't know why.  So I did remember, but not then, and yet now, I can say for sure, this is the same shit.   He and his clones and entire govt. family had not only been gang-raping me, selling me for sex as a kid, and stealing money from my songwriting, they had plotted to rape me and impregnate me to torture me by a forced miscarriage and with the hope I would die from it.

Alvaro Pardo showed up with his Colombian group, there, and said they were going to try to "help" me later, if I lived or thought I might live and they had my Grandpa Baird with them.  It was a lie and the fact they were even in my house was abhorent.  Pardo murdered one of my clones himself, and he was coordinating rape against me and theft of my music for Shakira.  Not only that, he and Mike Middleton had OPENLY talked about how they were, hahaha, going to rape me so many times, and force me not to fight them and to sound like I liked it, so I didn't "die".  They were telling me if I didn't do what they said, they'd murder me.

REPEATEDLY, Pardo was showing up to try to reinforce how I had to not fight him or against him, or they'd murder me.  It wasn't just one day.  It was a constant, repeated threat against me when I was a kid and preteen.  He was 100% connected to Chris Dabney and 100%, both were connected to the Goldsmith and Middleton group in England, and Waleses, who raped me as a kid and defamed me as a "child prostitute" to promote themselves and sell me in real slavery.

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