Monday, August 8, 2016

I Need An International JOB OFFER: Please Help With IMMEDIATE Relocation

this post Hostage from U.S. Seeks Job and Relocation
I am in a terrible, horrible situation in the U.S. I have been trying to leave this God damned country my entire life, and was forced into the CIA and U.S. Army's "MK ULTRA" program which uses govt. clones as slaves, as a baby. I was "born" into it. I was forced to work for all of the U.S. agencies and not paid, and I was tortured and raped every single day of my childhood, except for a few weeks' break or every other day sometimes. The Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters then finally told me to my face they could, and would, rape me whenever they wanted to, and would force me to have cloned babies. They had CIA and Pentagon employees in their offices at the time I was told this, and the location was FBI. During that trip I was forced into CIA offices in Richmond, VA and also FBI offices there, and actually both VA FBI offices, along with being forced to visit the Pentagon again. I was impregnated as a preteen after this trip, and I was 10 years old when the FBI told me they would rape me whenever they wanted. They also forced me, at gunpoint and with threats of torture, to continue working "with" them and help their employees (who double-work for FBI and govt. along with having performer-celebrity jobs) with music video direction and how to sing songs that I had written. I was being held hostage as a child slave-laborer to crank out songs for other artists to claim was their own work and perform. By that time, my songs already had awards and had international success and I was being forced to "ghostwrite" while other U.S. employees stole credit, stole my lyrics and music, and then sold it to people to perform. This was also done to me in England, and the English govt. and Israel were #1 countries involved. In Germany, Angela Merkel was involved in trying to extort profits from me as well, and I believe it was through the U.S. Army base that "occupies" part of Germany since WWII as an agreement between the "victors". I was trafficked there, tortured, and other people were interrogated in front of me, crying, and murdered in front of me. So there are some people in Germany I have problems with, such as Angela and would want to work for people not connected or associated to her or her political party. She was primarily working for the CIA. She flew to VA and was conducting executions with others, against U.S. citizens whose clones had been accused of being former "Nazis". She is a clone and I met another identical "Angela", who went by the same name and was recognized by CIA as "Angie", who was before the one currently in her position in Germany. However, I was tortured and abused by both of them, and they were making deals with the U.S. to control me. I was forced to sign a statement agreeing to give Germany money from my songwriting, in exchange for releasing me from a jail in Germany when I was a kid, for trying to rat on Angela Merkel. She was also trying to use me, when I was a kid, to murder people. They were using little girls and boys and forcing them to hold guns and shoot so they didn't have their own fingerprints on the weapons and she handed me a gun with gloved hands and made me shoot.

I like parts of Germany however, and I would like to find work in a non-political area that has a job to offer. I am highly talented and have been discriminated against my entire life, in the U.S., over "Nazi" accusations against an older clone of me, by U.S. govt. groups that coordinated with England and Germany during WWII, called "Ritchies Boys". They recruited German Jews and some Russian Jews to the U.S., trained them to spy and torturre and interrogate people and then sent them to reside and work in England with people like the British Middleton-Goldsmith family, where they had "black sites" for torturing people accused of being Nazis or working against Allied countries.

Decades after the war ended, the U.S., England, and Israel and some in Germany, continued torturing, holding hostages, and trying to "punish" the younger clones of people they had accused. They have forced me to work for free my entire life, stolen cars from me while I'm on the road driving more than one time, closed my bank accounts without cause multiple times, forced me to have joint bank accounts to monitor my banking, and the U.S. trafficked me around the world with various people including Frederick of Denmark and Mary Donaldson (she is from Texas and is a CIA spy along with Frederick), the Parker-Bowles, and OSU college (military originated school) staff, to have me gang-raped by specific officials in many countries. The U.S. was bringing over suitcases stacked full of cash and giving them money to rape me and making them agree not to "report the U.S." for their crimes against me. So the U.S. was basically trying to bring as many other countries into the criminal conspiracy to steal from me and hold me hostage as possible, and the offer for their cooperation, was to give them huge trade deals and cash immediately, for specific persons to use. They had groups rape me as their "security" and to let them "target" an "enemy" from WWII, when I was just a clone. They also were securing promises from some of them to force me into mental wards in their countries if I tried to go there, to jail by getting set up, and other schemes. The U.S. was also saying to me, when I was a kid, "You can't go THERE now" and smirking, letting me know now the U.S. govt. had "purchased" the cooperation of a country's officials to work against me and they'd rape me so I may as well stay in the U.S.

The U.S. did nothing but torture and rape me, to create fear, and wanted me to fear moving overseas and they wanted me to see how they paid people off to harm me, to scare me off from leaving the U.S., which is the country that wanted to produce my songs and turn them into profits. They were trying to force me to stay in their central "control". I witnessed them hunting down older clones of myself and my kids and systematically murdering all of them, and they were forcing me to shoot some of them myself--they bragged about how they could force me to "kill" myself.

They tortured me, gang-raped me, and told me if I quit writing songs or tried reporting them, they'd do it some more and they did. They also chained me to beds in basements, tied me and gagged me, and starved me until I was about 75 lbs at 5'3" tall. They then had me raped while I was emaciated and forced to "live" in a closet, which was a wardrobe with a lock they had to use a key to open.

They were bragging about how they'd never let me raise my own kids, when I was 5 years old. I heard them talking even earlier than that, with the same plan, but they had more involved when I was 5. By age 7 they didn't give me dolls anymore, as presents, and had already "practiced" giving me dolls as gifts and "babies" and then taking them away from me. They were also giving me "pets" of small animals and then shooting them in front of me after I was attached, telling me "not to get attached because we won't let you keep anything".

I was forcibly raped and then impregnated with a human clone at age 11 after visiting the FBI Headquarters and I had my first baby at age 11. I was told it was for making comments about how Carol Goldsmith had "James" (his older clone) at age "12" and I'd said, in the U.S., "I would NEVER do that or want to do that". I said I thought she was "nuts" or a "slut" or something, to have a preteen baby that young and I was going to be older, and married first. The U.S. and their CIA assets (including Middleton) didn't like my comments and they started gang-raping me telling me to "act like you LIKE it or you're dead" and they forced me to be pregnant just to brag I wasn't "better" than "Carol Goldsmith", the "Ritchie's Boys" favorite.

My life and my kid's lives are as hostages to the U.S. govt. I can't get a job here, or use credit for work I've already produced, and as a kid trying to do this, the U.S. govt. was allowing the same shits who stole from me to try to 'sue' me for "using their name" or claiming I had produced "their song" when it wasn't theirs. The U.S. and England used hundreds of mostly govt-employed and cooperating artists to steal from me.

They acted like I owed them something, as if I was a Nazi who had stolen money or houses from Jews in the War. It was all about greed. I was forced around between the Russian and German division of the CIA, somewhat with the English division, U.S. Army and Marines (with counterpart Navy), the RAF (British Royal Air Force), Sandhurst (England military school and base), and FBI was trafficking me with local and state cops, to airports and into trunks of cars, to be flown out of the country. They also laundered money to the Middleton family, from FBI.

I was also forced to be a hostage in Israel which felt like it was for an entire year. It may have only been months, but it was a long time to be captive and chained in a basement or underground, windowless compound in the Middle East. I was only a toddler at the time. They took hundreds of photos of me and were part of the system in degrading me and using child porn of me to degrade me.

I am a hard worker, and like long projects in research, I am open-minded about learning other languages, I like other cultures though I would prefer to marry someone who is at least the same race as me in the future, I want to have my own kids and have natural non-cloned kids, and I enjoy athletics, cooking, fine arts, and singing and writing. I also like social events but if I worked in an area that had steady and good work for me but not as much to do, that is okay, at least for awhile or to start.

My talents and work experience is in advertising, PR, writing books, songs and screenplays, 3 years as a live-in Nanny, 2 yrs. as a live-out personal assistant, 10 additional years exp. in childcare, business development interests, Director of Student Activities for a college, sales, retail, server and cook for private families and also in restaurants, and English teaching and editing. With the govt. I was forced to mostly work in advertising, PR, and writing. This is where they wanted to exploit me, because these are areas of my talent.

I am also an okay singer and have performed professionally and wouldn't mind singing for a nightclub somewhere.

I am not interested in sex work of any kind, and not in porn, and I have worked in modeling in the past but I am not interested in sexually-oriented photography.

I have applied for political asylum in the following countries: Israel (denied and refused, with the claim they wanted me to work in the U.S. and support my 'parents'); Denmark (they had embassy persons set me up as a youth to look like I was an ISIS terrorist and asked the U.S. Pentagon to pick me up and I was flown to Guantanamo and tortured there, but not about terrorism, instead, about Kate Middleton and "exposure of the British royal family"); Saudi Arabia (I was waiting for the paperwork and Middletons and some U.S. employees alerted U.S. to our whereabouts with the Dodi Fayed family and had the people I was with ambushed, shot, and they forced me to go back to the U.S.); Russia (I had temporary political asylum there and then was forced to go back--I tried to apply for an extension and the U.S. govt. claimed they were "extraditing" me for trying to "extradite" one of their employees from the U.S. to Russia for crimes, and then I was tortured and gang-raped in the U.S. upon return and impregnated); and I inquired with a few other countries and they talked for a while but didn't give me asylum. I specifically asked Sweden, and they pretended I'd never asked them and dismissed my claims and suggested I needed "mental health treatment" after they were paid with a briefcase of money from the U.S. and a royal person. The Danish and British royals worked against me, with their families.  I also applied for political asylum in England and I was directly blocked by Mike Middleton, James Middleton, Kate Middleton, Carol Goldsmith, their kids, and Camilla Parker-Bowles' family.  Not just that, I witnessed Kate Middleton murder my son and then the U.S. govt. wasn't trafficking me to England anymore after that.  She did it with Charlotte and George, her cloned kids there.  After they murdered my son and girls in England, in front of me, I was then in Virginia at CIA offices and I was brought there when I kept saying I wanted to apply for political asylum and said "Middletons" are not the "government".  The CIA held me there, and then had Mike Middleton flown over, and he arrived with one of the British royals, and the U.S. govt. had Mike Middleton approach me to snub me and say "You will never get political asylum in England".  I said, "Are you here then so I can have you arrested for murdering my kids?" and he smirked and said, "What kids?" Mike Middleton was witnessed by me, when I had been younger, murdering one of my kids, an older clone of my son.  I hadn't forgotten, and I had reminded him of this when he and Chris Dabney showed up at my grandparent's house in Cashmere, WA to look down the basement and make comments to eachother.  I said out loud, "Are you here to murder me like you killed her?"  The U.S. CIA, FBI, and Pentagon, allowed the following British persons to MURDER clones of ME and my kids:  Camilla Parker-Bowles, Tom Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles; Prince Philip; Prince Edward and Sofie; Kate Middleton; William of Wales; George Middleton; and Beckhams (Dave and Victoria), Carol Goldsmith, Gary Goldsmith, James Middleton, and Prince Andrew.  It may sound unbelievable, but the U.S. invited over every single one of these British royal persons and all of these clones took part directly by holding and shooting the gun or assisting, in murders against my older clones and kids.  I am not exaggerating or mistaken.  The first one I remember occurred when I was 2 years old.  They also had Eric (Frederick) murdering my clones (from Denmark) and Mary Donaldson, and her father Doug Macleish Donaldson, and except for just a couple of instances, all of the murders occurred in the U.S., and were organized as "hits" against me and my clones, by the U.S. govt.  Camilla Parker-Bowles was allowed to blow the brains out of an older clone of me, at my own house, in Moses Lake, WA under the carport-cement area.  That is one example.  She committed this murder herself, with U.S. govt. assistance, making it evident she was out for a commercialized U.S. govt. "hit", and it was early 1980s.  Prince Edward and Sofie murdered one of my clones in connection with Aldrich Ames, the U.S. CIA employee.  Oh yeah.  There is so much more it's not even funny.  The other thing is, these clones who were killing my clones, under U.S. "cover", all knew about eachother and what the other had done.  They were working together and after they'd murder a clone of mine, they had several employees lined up to try to conceal what they did and who they worked for.  They wanted to use me a lure, to get my clones around me, and then were blowing them all away, and I would be standing there while they murdered them.  They were also programming me and using their friends to program me to shoot my own clones, forcing me to "practice" in England mostly, and with their Jew-crew set which included Amanda Bynes.  They were also coordinating their activities with both sides of my "family", both the Garretts and the Bairds and their Avila and Guzman relatives.  Several early murders involved them and they didn't want me to remember my own family was killing them.  Then they had people like Pippa Middleton making child porn videos of me, and having me raped, and I'm this little kid, and then she was saying, "YOUR son isn't a PRINCE--he's an orchard worker's kid, a CHERRY PICKER" and I said, "How come you keep saying this Pippa? because I am not part of your fucked up ideas about human cloning and wanting to be involved.  I am having my kids naturally, after I get married, and you think you KNOW who I am marrying?  Wow.  You're a REAL genius Pippa.  So how come you keep wanting to refer to my kid as a cherry picker kid, when it's GEORGE Middleton who my older clone told me RAPED her?  He picks off a lot of little baby girl's "cherries" are you trying to conceal your crimes by referring to cherry picking in other terms?"  One of my older clones told me George had raped her and then the U.S. and Middletons attacked her after I repeated what I'd heard.  I had said to her, "Maybe you could marry prince George?" who was already a known clone.  She said he'd raped her.  Well that's no surprise because their entire family is 100% child-rapist and some of them were raping older clones of me, and me as a little girl at the same time.
What a God damned bitch.  Not only was her entire family holding me hostage and murdering my clones, they were stealing English money from taxpayers while doubling for the CIA at the same time, and then trying to block ME from having good work opportunities, a normal marriage outside of their fucked up "cloning circle", and blocking me from political asylum.  I mean, are you serious???  These shits are "Jews" as in, religious people or ethnic people?  because they are child raping, hostage holding, cruel, theiving, horrible people who made child porn of me and my clones to promote themselves, and stood by as the U.S. govt. operated on me to implant me so I could be 'tortured remotely' (by remote means, through military-govt. technology). 
 This bitch "Charlotte" stood right there in the room, next to my hospital bed in England, and was bragged to about how they would "control" me.  Charlotte, Kate's cloned kid, had married some American Irish man.  It tainted the entire disposition of the Pentagon.  Then one of the George's was supposedly with some Mexican woman, or living in Mexico for awhile, with this woman, and trying to ruin relationships with my kids and me, over there.  The U.S. participated in multiple surgeries of me, for bragging about implanting me, in England, Israel, the U.S., and something was done or tested in Russia/Ukraine as well.  I was also under anaesthesia in Germany, in an operating room.  After the U.S. bragged to Charlotte and Guzmans, then it was Rachel Chandler and Aaron Chandler and "Anna" and others, and Princess Anne.  They wanted Princess Anne to feel she and "Peter" had nothing to worry about too.

I was also getting tortured to not be psychic anymore, after being deliberately used for my psychic ability by Mossad, the CIA, and England and Middletons and Tancers, first, up through age 6.  Huge numbers of people were showing up at my house, after first this was being discussed in England, showing up by the car-loads to find out if my ability was ruined yet or not, and claiming they wouldn't work with my "Mom" or "Dad" until it was, and they couldn't have their performers and U.S. and British entertainers (mostly who were spies and also killed people) around me for stealing my songs and "learning them" unless I was psychicly-dead. The Middletons, while trying to force me to have cloned kids, were the same individuals murdering them.  So there were groups specifically cloning my kids and me like disposable "people" and killing us after using us.  The worst imaginable forms of trauma and torture were inflicted against me and my kids and I witnessed their pain and suffering, grief, and their murders and I also saw many of them raped, chained to beds, and being threatened over me and forced into poverty while made to work for free, for the U.S. fucking govt., and British and Danish assholes...even the Mexicans were linking up and connected to them.  Israel serves no purpose as a Nation other than to terrorize little kids because they used their new land and country and positions for stealing from my kids and clones and carrying out hits against them.  They commit the exact same crimes they accused others of being guilty of.  Judge Gillespie was helping them.

I was trafficked and raped as a toddler, by officials and high-appointed persons, in: India, England, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, China, Japan, Africa, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and several other countries. I was then trafficked again. The U.S. made repeated "rounds", forcing me to live with people in other countries and having them rape and torture me there. The older I got, the less some of them tortured me, and instead used others to try to replace my memory of being raped. In India, for example, they raped me and then when I was older, didn't rape me and instead tried to set ME up to look bad and disgraceful. They were motivated by greed, Pentagon and Middletons and Parker-Bowles.

I am still a hostage. The U.S. continued raping me, used their same cloned shits, and continues to torture me and force me to be pregnant with clones when I have said I never want to carry or have cloned kids.

My request is for a new country to be a patriot of, which will give me actual and real human rights, not force me to work for military or do slave labor, won't force me into human cloning programs, and leaves me alone to work and produce a good income for myself and family and their economy. I cannot live in the U.S.

They have not just forced me to have kids and then kidnapped them, they brag I will have no family in old age. They started isolating me, when I was a kid, forcing me out of large crowds, telling me I couldn't have any friends, unless they "gave" me 1 govt. employee "friend" from the U.S. govt., and this "friend" was always someone who had formerly murdered older clones or cloned kids of mine. I was forced out of all team sports even though I liked them, by gang-rape and threats. I was good at, and made lots of friends in soccer as a kid, and I was tortured to not play. I was forced out of team gymnastics, softball, basketball, baseball, dance, soccer, lacrosse and other sports. The only athletics I was told I could do was "run", as they laughed at me. The U.S. and Canada told me I could "run all you want".

Then, when I said as a kid, "Okay fine. Then I'll be the best runner I can be and you'll regret it one day", they then forced me to have an operation on my knees, to permit them to keep me from being a runner. I was whacked on the legs and beaten until unconscious, and then they used an operation to implant me so they could later trigger injuries when they wanted, and they did this to me, when I was competing for a college position with running talent.

I have a lot to offer and I want the U.S. to have zero.

If you hate the U.S. government, and could use a talented person around, please contact me because I am always looking for work and I want to move ASAP. I need to get out of this fucking country. 
Also, about being forced to be raped and impregnated, the U.S. government, England, and Israel, all "allied countries" during WWII, repeatedly talked to each other about forcing me to carry clones against my will.Not only were they telling each other I could never be "allowed" to have or raise my own natural children, when I was as young as age 3, I was then overhearing countless discussions about forcing me to carry cloned kids and the only way to be implanted with a human clone, is by an embryo (tiny) in a syringe.  I repeatedly told people, in every form of govt., from Israel, to England, to British royals, to CIA office people, to Pentagon people, to the White House, Dept. of Justice, and FBI, I did NOT want to work for the U.S. govt. and I was NOT going to have "clones" to be 'controlled' like Middletons and British royals and other govt. employees.  

I specifically stated, over and over, I did NOT want to carry ANY cloned human.  I specifically stated, I only wanted to have NATURAL kids, not repeated 'cloned' kids from anyone else or even an older clone of myself.  
I was being visited, by U.S. govt. employees, English, and Israelis, and told I was going to carry human clones and I told them no.  I told no repeatedly, and one of them said, "Well if you had a baby, even if you didn't want it at first, you'd still love it wouldn't you?" and I said, "Maybe, but that's not the point.  The point is that I'm saying no from the start and if you do this to me anyway, you are raping me and not just raping me, you are raping me with a plot to force me to have a baby, which is already considered to be govt. property."  They then said, "So if you got pregnant you wouldn't have an abortion would you?" and I was young enough then and not decided on the matter entirely but mostly I opposed abortion.  I had earlier thought it was okay, because I was younger and didn't think about it as much, but for me, I didn't want to do that.  So I said, "Why are you asking me if I would abort my kid right after telling me I will love it anyway if I have one against my will?"  I said, "So basically, Tyler, are you trying to tell me this govt. and Pentagon is wanting to force me to have a baby and you're just checking to see if I will abort it and ruin your govt. plans or not?"
I said, "I'm getting creeped out by having all of these English shits like Middletons telling ME how I'm going to have babies and who my babies are and they aren't making psychic predictions about what kind of natural future I'll have--they're wanting to confine me and pin me down with some fucking future THEY organized against me themselves.  And then after listening to British brag about stealing my eggs and using me, now you're coming over to tell me I'll love a cloned kid even when I said I already don't want it?"
He said, "So would you love it or not?" and I said, "I guess so" and then he said, to my Dad, "It's done.  She's having them."
I was 9 years old.  I was only 7 years old when this bitch Carol Goldsmith showed up at my house in M.L, WA to find out if I still remembered the murder of my older clone and cloned son.  She was thinking she might or might not marry Mike and go ahead with their "Katie is going to be Queen" plot.  When I did not reveal what I remembered about her, she relaxed like no big deal. She had a Bob jr. helping her out too.  
After age 8, when I was constantly being told I was part of human cloning and the U.S. needed clones, they brainwashed me to agree and then I ditched their programming and brainwashing, and repeatedly emphasized I did NOT want to have clones.  By age 10 I was extremely firm about it.  I repeatedly said no.  I was trafficked to FBI Headquarters at that point, where they had a big conference room and had shits from the CIA and Pentagon over, all cloned fuckers, along with some British royal cloned shits, and other "assets", and cops and FBI.  They told me they had a right to rape me and force me to have clones.  I said no you don't and if you do, it's rape.

This was after I was forced, at age 9, to live with, and work with, Jeff Dahmer, the serial killer.  He was an Army employee and part of MK ULTRA.  He told me he went to jail and the human cloning was organized by the CIA.  I was forced, at a hotel where he went to live, to live with him in his hotel room, and visited by U.S. Army chemical and biological div. people, along with CIA, and FBI.  I said to some of them, "You're military?"  I said "I already know you work for the FBI so why are you here?  This is an FBI event?"  They were setting aside an entire 2 weeks to force me to be "experimented" on with date rape drugs, to rape me and have me not remember, and during this time, claiming they wanted to find out what it took to have a woman knocked out enough to be illegally implanted with a human clone and not remember it the next day, and not feel hardly any different either.  I was drugged, heavily drugged, given alcohol to "relax", for over 2 weeks, along with Jeff Dahmer, and when I tried to leave, I was held hostage.  I tried escaping and they beat me up.  They started beating Dahmer after he said, "They're cloning me" and "They want you to carry clones".  

I did try to escape, after I was first told it was this short little "experiment" that would "help so many people" and since I was a nice christian girl who wanted to do good things, wouldn't I like to help them figure out what drugs worked nicely?  They made it sound like that, like all it was, and I said "okay", thinking it was like "Try this drug and describe it and then we'll write up a report about the effects" and that was it.  Instead, they were gang-raping me and experimenting with rape drugs and knocking people out.  So I DID say no, I quit and they said, "It's too late" and I said, "If I say STOP, it's NOT TOO FUCKING LATE".

I said, "How come all of you adults hate me and try to put guilt trips on me about other things, when I'm a kid?"  I said, "It seems to me you're making a lot of excuses about how you think you have a right to torture me."  I said, "I'm a kid and anything I've ever done wrong, is pretty much while faced with a govt. gun and being forced by this govt. to do these things." I said, "I've committed no crimes on my own, and you keep coming up with excuses for gang-raping me".

So the U.S. was deliberately forcing me to be used for cloning even when they already had "tested" their implantation and date-rape drugs.  They didn't need me to test it to start with.  It was an excuse to make it appear I consented to agreeing to be part of a govt. human cloning project. 

An older son of mine, a clone, also was murdered by the U.S. after he told me, himself, "They're cloning me".  They shot him for telling me this.  He wasn't agreeing to being cloned.  He was reporting the fact.

At age 10, after the FBI assholes, all of them at FBI Headquarters in D.C., told me they were making me carry human clones, I was gang-raped and implanted with Middletons at the house when it happened.  It wasn't just them, there were others too, and I was forced into "hiding" while I was pregnant, as an 11 year old girl.

I had told them I didn't want to, and I was threatened with a gun at my house by someone I already witnessed murdering other people.  I thought I'll just say okay so they don't kill me and then escape this house tonight or tomorrow.  They injected me with a heavy tranquilizer so I couldn't even move.  They had shits talking to me until I fell asleep, and some of them bragging and excited about how they were permanently ruining and destroying my life.
These were all adults.  They were not kids like me, with an excuse of being brainwashed by the govt., or tortured.  They were all adults.
These U.S. government shits should die for what they've done. 
After I found out I was "pregnant", when I didn't want to be, I said "I want an abortion".  I specifically asked for an abortion.
No fucking way, was I having a FUCKING U.S. GOVERNMENT, MIDDLETON-inspired CLONE.  Not in this GOD DAMNED country, and not anywhere.  I said NO to human cloning and they were "banking" on the idea I said I wouldn't have an abortion and that if I had an "unplanned pregnancy" I'd "love it anyway".
I was refused an abortion by the U.S. hostage-holding government.  I was tied down and beaten and threatened and tranquilized and held hostage so I couldn't leave or have someone arrive to take me to get an abortion.  The U.S. government was in my house, a bunch of Catholic assholes were in my house, U.S. military, and my "parents" and "brother" (an older clone of Levi).  The Middleton's had left by that time, along with some British royal assholes and Danish ones.

I screamed and cried and then said, "calmly", because they kept rubbing in GALM, George Alexander Louis Middleton, and the acronym I'd been using for his name "GALM".  I had been making snide comments about "calm down" to my parents and U.S. employees when I was reporting the fact he worked for the CIA to others.  So after torturing me by a forced impregnation, they said, "Calm DOWN"  and "CALM down Cameo" and began using George Middleton and my reference to his name, as a way to punish me and harass me about how they'd raped me and implanted me with a clone, just so shits like Pippa Middleton and Raul Bujanda could feel good about themselves and plot out my future for me.  They also bragged that now I was a "teen Mom" and Michelle Obama had been one of the women, prior to my being pregnant, telling me she could "stop" me and slow me down.  I was visited by not just men, but U.S. bitches telling me they'd had cloned kids as teens and I'd said, "That's fine for you but it's not for me".  They liked their fucked up cloned lives.  I was telling all of them, I disagree with all of you and I do NOT agree to be part of this govt. corrupt program.  I had told Michelle Obama, "Michelle, thanks for telling me your plot about how you want to stop me, because I'll let the FBI know" and I added, "...and I'll make sure they know you wanted to impress your British and Jewish friends too, about the matter".  It was after this I was forced to visit the FBI D.C. office. 
I had been telling people about my plans to try to leave the U.S. and put out some shows with my songs and things and get emancipation and live independently.  They were saying they were going to "put a stop" to me.  They started saying, "You'll slow down when you get pregnant".  
When I was told to "calm down" about being pregnant as an 11 year old girl, I said, "I am being calm and I am telling you I really want an abortion because I told you and I told all of those govt. people I do NOT want to have any cloned kids". I said "I know this kid is a clone" and they said "How do you know?" and I said, "Because it was talked about and I was threatened with a gun right before they wanted to do it, and my house and room was being blocked by a group of people so I couldn't leave, and they already knew I said NO and they used a MURDERER to intimidate me to say okay temporarily, when I was trying to get out".

I said, "So now if it's true I'm positive for pregnancy, I want an abortion and I want it now before it's any further along".

They said, looming in at me:

"NO" and then had all these Parker-Bowles friends and Catholics jeering at me saying "I thought you didn't believe in abortion Cameo", and Jews too.  Making fun of me while they held me hostage as an 11 yr. old girl.
I was blocked from leaving or entering my house or any building, without total govt. escorts all around me from that time.  I was hidden, refused an abortion, and I was forced to carry a govt. clone, who the U.S. govt. and MIDDLETONS forced me to have, when all they did was murder them after forcing them into child slave labor in the first place.  They were forcing me to have more of the same clones they'd already been using and then dumping, by murder.
They were also trying to say I was a "hypocrite" for saying I wanted an abortion.  Prior to forcing me to be implanted with a human clone, the U.S. govt. and English shits were telling me to "go on birth control" and they were implying I was a slut and had defamed me in Paris, France; Ireland; England, and other places as a "child prostitute" so Prince Charles and William could get away with pedophilia and murders of my clones. 
After they defamed me, using Mike Middleton to assist them, and Gary Goldsmith, as a "child prostitute", I was being repeatedly raped and told to go on "birth control". I told people I didn't need birth control because I was not having kids until I was older and married.  That didn't suit their pedophile, gang-raping plans.  They wanted to gang-rape me and not worry about "evidence" by a pregnancy resulting. For this reason, I was gang-raped on a daily basis, almost daily, up until age 13.  After I had the first baby and it was obvious I could conceive, they quit raping me, because I still refused to go on birth control.  

When I refused, one of the times, they forced me with an IUD and another time, they put a patch on me.  I was still raped and it was after the U.S. forcibly used birth control on me.

This is when Chris Dabney's shit mother started using me to do sex favors for Washington D.C. and White House and Dept. of Justice assholes.  I was a minor, and everyone in the world knew it.  The entire fucking U.S. govt. and all employees knew it, and they were still raping me.  She said, "You can do bondage and sadism and have power".  She was telling me it was the only way for me to make money to raise my babies that I'd just had.  I said what is it? and she said, "I'll train you".  I was being forced out of my normal line of work, making money performing as a singer and writing songs, and being forced into sex work for a bitch who murdered and tortured my clones and who wanted me to forget that "bondage" in the U.S. was hostage holding, not "a sex game between consenting adults".  She's a fucked up liar and manipulator, like her sons, all clones of him and his rapist father.  All of them were pedophiles and one of them tortured me and operated on me with a Dicksie as his "assistant", to remote-torture me.  He not only was part of one of many surgeries against me, he destroyed my ability to be psychic.
Since this time, when I was a kid, the U.S. has continued torturing me, put out several assassinations against me using govt. employees who are known employees, and raped me, closed my bank accounts without cause several times, and black-balled me out of work.
They have controlled the media, the employment agencies, and stalked me.  They don't want me to leave the U.S. unless they think they can spy somewhere else or have me vulnerable, such as, in China.  They do not want me to be successful and living a normal life.  I am one of the #1 enemies of the U.S.  
This is what someone told me when I was a kid, they said, "You are the #1 enemy of the state".  I said, "Huh?  I'm a kid?"  

However, from the time I was a baby, obviously forced to be born so the U.S. govt. could abuse me, I was treated like an enemy and hostage, from the first day.

Also, in addition to the "experiments" and conversations about how I was forced to be raped and implanted with human clones, another group that conspired to impregnate me with the same clone Pippa Middleton and Raul Bujanda and others in this one group wanted ME to have, for their plots on how to ruin my life, assign me with kids that were clones who they would not let me even raise anyway, and then forcing me to not find a marriage partner to have natural children with (which they also specifically worked at, and did torture and programming and intimidation over), one of the groups that was conspiring with Middletons and Donaldsons and others included Dick Whittemore of the Bullivant Houser firm, Donna Ciaramella (who murdered several of my clones, to my face and promised to keep me from getting PIP insurance money if I was ever injured and entitled to money, along with Roger Harris), John Kaempf (another lawyer with BHB), one of the senior partners of BHB, Peter Mersereau, Chris Stubblefield and Stacey Stubblefield, and Doug and Gary and Michelle Erickson.  They organized and showed up at a Mexican cabin with money and bribing people to have me raped in the future, and forced to carry a clone.Another couple there were Chris Dabney and Anna, the blond from D.C. who speaks Russian. 

I witnessed more than one of these indivdiuals murdering the same clone they were organizing to have carried again.    What it looked like was an attempt to have multiple slaves who were forced to work for free for the govt. and make "rich shits" out of shits.  As soon as they discovered or realized how bad it was, they were being murdered off.

As for me, they hated my guts.  These assholes were determined to do whatever made
Middleton and Parker-Bowles happy, and their ideas were to rape me, force me to carry human clones, and fix my "place in life" by doling out to me who my "kids" were, when that's not who my kids were, and I already said I am going along with the FUCKED UP U.S., Mossad, MI5, or Vatican conspiracy to force others to carry clones.  These people do not value liberty, democracy, or capitalism.  They are entirely consolidated into plutocracy communism....riches for the very most powerful clones and military leaders and everyone else gets whatever they are handed.

Others who were involved are Robin and Wendy Bechtold, and the same Big Five Mafia the FBI lied and claimed to be against when they ARE the fucking Big Five Mafia.  I was being gang-raped until Wendy Bechtold visited me and said "Okay that's good enough for now".  She had more rapes against me in mind with the next Robin shit.

The U.S. was constantly dragging me down.  They didn't want me to excel, didn't want me to have credit for my talent and work, didn't want me to have money, and they decided that whatever was the worst thing they could do to me, they were going to do, just because I was #1 enemy of the state, who they made an enemy deliberately, for an excuse to steal from. 

I was forced to go through 9 months of pregnancy as a U.S. hostage, after they plotted raping me and implanting me with clones.  They repeatedly implanted me with clones and raped me.  They were also forcing me into a semi truck and gang-raping me with date rape drugs there, prior to forcing me to be pregnant.  Donna Ciaramella helped organize this and she was dating one of the Bob jrs.

The U.S. government is pretty much broke, if they are sued for damages inflicted against me and stolen wages.  They based a huge part of the GDP and economy off of slave labor and stealing my songs and forcing me to have nothing while they gave it to govt. shits and claiming it was "justice for Nazis", which was garbage.  I was a baby when the U.S. and Middletons began torturing me and a toddler when they started murdering my clones to my face and figured I'd forget.  It sounds like an exaggeration, but in addition to constant rape, torture, and being forced to carry clones, which I said I did not want to do, and that the U.S. was choosing to rape me anyway if they did, they stole all of my money.

They not only stole money, after forcing me to carry human clones, at least one of who is biologically related to me, they kidnapped them from me, hoping to create intentional infliction of distress, and with plots to ruin my career and my academics.

They also made plots to my face about how, since they raped me so much, when THEY weren't raping me, I'd be a "nun" and never get married, and that way, I'd never "escape" that way either.  I rejected all of their sick offers about who to marry when I was up to age 11, because they were almost all pedophiles and why should I agree to marry someone at age 11?  Only a fucking govt the U.S. and Britains, does that.  The U.S. and Middletons and British royals and the Danish were gang-raping me when I was a toddler and child.  They had plans to force me to want to stay celibate and never marry, by repeatedly constantly gang-raping me.  They tortured and programmed me to not refuse being raped, even over a long period of time, to conceal their pedophile and rapist and torture of me and my kids.  It's all they do.

All they have done is rape me, constantly.  Mike Middleton was also directly friends with Alvaro Pardo and Chris Dabney and used both of them to coordinate future rapes against me, to make it appear consensual when it wasn't.  I was repeatedly raped by Pardo and Dabney when I was a baby, and then as a toddler, and a child.  I was then being tortured and conditioned and programmed to not refused being raped by them later, even though I witnessed both of them murder a clone of ME.  They didn't just murder clones of my son to my face when I was younger--each of them had murdered an older clone of ME.  I witnessed them MURDER me and then the U.S. govt. , Mossad and English shits wanted me to look like I was agreeing to sleep with and marry these assholes.  I wasn't just raped and tortured by them, I witnessed them murdering clones of mine, in front of me, I saw it all, and then I was supposed to not "resist" being raped by people I already knew could kill me instantly if they wanted to, because I already saw them do it.

I HAVE to get out of this fucking country.  I was recently raped to carry more clones again, and I was frozen out of work, and college isn't okay because I was tortured to have bad grades, just like they plotted together and planned.  I was being tortured for an entire year, hard, and before that, off and on constantly or at lower levels.  I have not been free from being tortured since late Fall of 2011, which was only months after I moved here in July or so. 

I don't ever want to be in this town or area again.  I need work here, to get out because the fucking FBI stole my vehicle from me in Canada.  They stole it during my trials when I filed cases, and they stole it again with shits they know in Canada, one who is an RCMP that raped me in front of William of Wales, WITH British royals there. 

I have to walk around pedophiles every single day.  The entire town and area is about 90% pedophiles who tortured me and colluded to hold me hostage at various houses and locations to keep good people from finding me when I needed out.

I tried applying for political asylum several places.  Middletons went to every person they knew, and to businesses, and with CIA Camilla Parker Bowles, who the CIA told to go ahead and murder one of my clones, to blacklist me throughout the entire country of England and ito other parts of the UK.  I am not living in England now, but the fact is, they tried to defame me to the entire UK to prevent me from getting work or being listened to or having a normal life.  They went specifically to every law firm in the entirety of England.  Everything George did with Gary and Mike and U.S. govt. persons, in England, the U.S. was doing in the U.S.  It was all the same people, and they were trying to buy out England against me and the U.S. against me after the U.S. and Middletons had already trafficked me to England with Dabney shits, to be raped at Sandhurst after I was trained to be a pilot.  England forced me to work for RAF for free.  I was forced to be trained as a fighter pilot and the British royals forced me to kill people from a plane, and then the U.S. told Mossad "You can use her too" and they forced me to murder more of my own clones, who I saw face to face in the air before they had them shot down.  I was never paid a dime by Mossad.  RAF supposedly gave me some money but it was through Prince Edward and it was a joke--he gave me something like a few hundred or a couple of thousand, along with Prince Charles claiming he had no money.  The U.S. govt. employees, dragged me to every single state in the entire U.S., and forced me to go into businesses and schools, employment agencies, and governors' offices, and were introducing me, showing "older" and young photos of me and telling people they'd pay them money to agree to trash me.

I was being forced to hold the gun for Kate Middleton and her shits and shoot all of my family and friends.  She murdered dozens of English people along with U.S. and others.

The U.S. govt. not only forced me to murder for Kate Middleton, so she wouldn't have her own fingerprints on her hands over it, they were forcing me to murder people in other countries, for the Middletons.  It wasn't for my "Mom" and "Dad", it was for the Middletons and Goldsmiths.  The CIA has them on their GOD DAMNED payroll along with Camilla and Edward and Frederick of Denmark.  I was forced to murder people in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Brazil, England especially, France, Ireland, Scotland, and Canada.  They also forced me to hold a gun and murder people in Germany, China, and Japan.  I was not paid for anything.  I wasn't a "hired gun".  I was being raped, tortured as a kid, and forced to murder my family, friends and supporters.  The CIA called up Putin and said, "We are coming over" and they'd put a hit on people there and force me to murder someone.

Prince Philip drove me out to "the Bog" to go murder people and had Mike and Carol Middleton forcing me to hold a gun and shoot people, along with Kate and William.  Kate and William were frying my brains out to keep me from being psychic and plotting to get rid of my older clone before she was murdered.  She was connected to Edward and they were getting rid of her.  I was tortured so badly by Kate Middleton, I always hated her fucking name in connection with her last name and person.  She tried really hard to conceal herself and she failed.  I had panic attacks because of Kate Middleton and William of Wales.  If I saw them together, I panicked and couldn't breathe and tried to run away, and it was because they tortured me and almost killed me and they had murdered my older clone of my son to my face.  William of Wales did.  He and Charles and Philip all did.

The CIA and Pentagon forced me to Russia and told Putin and Medevelev to torture and rape me and the CIA forced me to murder people there, so they could laugh at me.  They forced me to Scotland and Philip made me murder one of my sons in front of him there, with his gun.  There were other murders on "hunts".  Middleton murdered a bunch of British parliamentarians and used me for it with other CIA, why?  I was forced to murder over 100 people by Mike Middleton, as a kid.  I was forced to hold Prince Edward's gun and Sofie's gun, and shoot people as well, sometimes, as a kid, I wasn't strong enough to even pull the trigger and they would make me hold the gun and then pull the trigger themselves. 

They and the FBI collected fingerprints from me, and DNA, all along the way.  I was forced to murder people in Ukraine, with the current PM and Yulia Tymoschnenko forcing me to do it.  I was forced to murder people by Barak Obama and Michelle, and I was also forced to murder people in Israel. 

When I was older, around the age they started getting nervous about me that I could report it, they forced me to "kill" or think I had killed a bunch of Muslims at Mecca.  Then the British shits and U.S. smirked at me and tried to have me think "You have nowhere to go now".  They were forcing me to do all these things and taking photos and video all along the way.

I wasn't told I could refuse.  I was being tortured, chained to beds, and raped.  Camilla Parker Bowles forced me to murder my own family in front of her, in England.

There were over 50 or more clones of me and my kids.  Some of them also had family and friends and these people were murdering all of them, and Mary Donaldson was involved along with Frederick.  They forced me to also shoot and kill my own family in front of them and gloated about it.

They exterminated hundreds of my best and only friends.




  1. This is so fucking insane it seems unbelievable but I'm sure all these MOFOs are quilty and need to die and be tortured until they ask for their death and then still deny them and continue torturing them until they just expire on their own. If anybody has a problem with my views then go fuck yourself!

  2. Thanks for your comment. There are lots of viewers and I post every msg I get unless someone tells me not to, specifically.

    The best justice would be they go to jail, and pay me back all of the money they stole from me in the first place. I don't care about torture, myself, I care about locking these people up, and those involved, since they made me suffer and my kids, they should all have every child they ever have taken away from them and raised by people who will never give them contact. I think an even better idea is to exile all the brats who are biologically related, to another island so they don't intrude and mess up life for people who actually want a normal life. The U.S. is not a democracy, and is not capitalist. It is not even "socialist"--it is communist. The entire fucking govt. is communist, and you can call it that, and say they practice the worst and meanest form of communism known to man, or just say they are guilty slavery owners and propagators who are on par with Nazis, and have become worse. The form of politics, not meaning economic politics, but structure of who is in power, is a plutocracy. It is a huge plutocracy with a bunch of fucking clones.

    Every single Bill of Rights law is violated, and the constitution is violated every day. The U.S. is the biggest fraud of the world. All of the power dispersal and distribution and laws, and esp. regarding weaponry and military arms and control, was balanced. It is not balanced now. This country raped me almost every single day, bragged about it, forced me to have kids they kidnapped, and this is while bragging about their plans when I was a toddler. There is no way I had committed a great "crime" as a toddler, that I would have been responsible for. This country is creating people like Japanese Toyotas, all uniform and looking alike, and all tagged and numbered and inspected and Mossad and Israel do NOT deserve their "own country" when they are 100% involved in supporting it.

    The Jews and blacks like to gripe and complain about the holocaust and slavery and then as long as they're in control, the ones who are stealing something that's not theirs or forcing slave labor, they'rem okay with it. Same with Catholics, bc all they need is a religious excuse, and protestants have turned out to be absent-minded fuck ups.