Friday, August 12, 2016

Murders of My Cloned Son by Kate Middleton (Mejia)

Kate Middleton committed murders of my cloned son herself.  She was also present when others did.  One of the murders occurred at Sandhurst military school. 

What I am really concerned about, is why the Middletons and Goldsmiths were so determined to force me to have the same cloned son they had already repeatedy used and then murdered.

One of the earliest murders of one of his clones, was with symbolism against "Mejia".

They were making fun of the word "may-hee-yuh" (how it's pronounced).  It's pronounced may-HEE-yuh or meh-HEE-yuh.

Pippa Middleton is one of the individuals who was wanting me to be forcibly raped and implanted with clones they were comfortable murdering.

The fact I saw one of them at Sandhurst in England, indicates he was forced into slave labor with the Middletons and Goldsmiths and British Royals, just as I was, as a little girl, forced to be in "RAF" with no pay, unlike the other British clones and members, and NO BENEFITS.

They used me for slave labor and they were forcing me to murder countless individuals, wanting my kid's fingerprints on weapons instead of theirs. 

I was tortured, beyond belief, by them. 

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