Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kate Middleton's Murders and Rachel the Jew (UPDATED)

Kate Middleton is involved, along with Rachel the Jew (from D.C.), in hundreds of murders against clones of myself and my son, and particularly I saw my son murdered, but I also witnessed murders against clones of me. 

I was forced to be implanted with medical "devices" and "head gear", over them both.  When I was saying I remembered things about Rachel and Kate, this is when the U.S. they were going to do something about me, to torture me in the future so others didn't have to "worry" about me.  Not only that, I had been tortured by the Parker-Bowles and they were known CIA officers.

I was tortured, as a little girl, and toddler, beyond belief by Rachel the Jew, who was camping out at my house as a member of my family, living there in Moses Lake, WA with Bob and Dicksie.  I was also tortured by her at other locations.  The torture was the worst of the worst and extremely severe and she hated my older clones and was electrocuting them and torturing them and then plotting against me with a bunch of fucked up Jews.

Kate Middleton is one of the worst ones, and when I wasn't in the U.S. and visited by HER, living at my house, I was tortured in England by her entire family and especially by Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton and William, but sometimes even worse with other women.

They were occupyihng my house and living there.  Rachel was acting like she owned the house and had me chained up and I was eating dog food because of her.  She had my clones chained, hand-cuffed, like she was a cop, bc she had the handcuffs, and gagged and tortured.  She spent half her time torturing them and the other half torturing me and bragging about what a loser I'd turn out to be and how I'd have no money or credit of my own.

I will add to this and include more details later, but to mention a few things--she was forcing people to drink poison and take pills; holding them hostage in handcuffs and other things; raping us with guns and objects, sticking wires into my ears, throat, and nose and vagina; ripping off fingernails; jamming a jagged metal file into throats and then ripping it out, and then forcing them to drink salt water; beating them with poles and bats; cutting them; burning them; electrocuting them until they were smoking out of different parts of their bodies and had bruises everywhere; making them bleed through the mouth and nose and ears and rectum; polygraphing them; forcing people to lie down and then shooting them in the back; forcing them to give sperm samples, eggs, and spinal fluid (I was not the only clone being forced to have spinal fluid withdrawals; raping me with men; forcing me to watch pornographic movies and be raped in my room and then paid when they left and she'd be waiting out in the livingroom with others, sometimes just her and getting compliments like "good work"; forcing me to drink liquor and wine; forcing my older clone to be raped in a room as a hostage; and my son was being raped as well, and there was more than one.  She was moving them in, and they were hostages in my own house, and she was torturing them and then murdering them, with other people, but Rachel the Jew was always involved and I got scared of my Dad bc after Rachel would assault me, later, if I even dared to think about her, he would jump me and beat me so I couldn't think about her anymore.  He jumped me, to intimidate me, sort of later as if he stood to the side, and before that, he was hands-on with her, both of them like a tight little team, working together like father and daughter or something, and with Dicksei, to screw me over for good. 

After all this, years later these Jewish shits tried to tell me to have Rachel live with me, her younger clone, as if I wasn't afraid of that FUCKED UP bitch.

I have so many memories of this bitch, and the crimes she committed with her fucked up Jewish thugs, against me, it's not even funny and then when she realized I hated Jews, she started encouraging Catholics around me.

I can name a lot of participants and will do that on this post...Kate Middleton was one of them, and it was an entire fucked up Jew Crew against me and my kids.
Updated: 8/19/2016

I have already explained that at least 30 older and a couple of younger clones of myself were murdered.  A couple of them had very serious problems with British and Danish royals who used them and then murdered them--one of them was either already married to one of the royals or engaged, and one was pregnant with a baby and murdered and I witnessed the murder.  More than one of them were forced to be around the same royals that I was forced to be around.  One had a problem with the Thebaults, and then I saw a couple of them had families already and they were murdered and it was the entire family, not just her (me, my clone).  The U.S. govt. was repeatedly trying to conceal and cover up some of the murders, and later, they were using Amanda Bynes to do it, claiming oh I had just seen Amanda, when it wasn't her.  I could tell them apart.  Brian Gross was involved in such a murder.  Also, Anna, a Russian speaking spy for the CIA in D.C. was also being used as a cover, for murders of my clones, along with Anna Sloan Smith.

Clones of my son who were murdered, numbered in the couple of hundreds and it sounds impossible, but it's true.  The U.S. govt. had cloned over a hundred, closer to 200 clones of my son, and were using him and repeatedly murdering him and they had people go around the world looking for others, to hunt all of them down.  I am also able to remember who my son was and which clone and they were exterminating him as a man in his 50s, in his 30s, hundreds in their 20s, and close to 100s teenage and younger, such as teen/kid, and as a baby.  The U.S. seriously, very seriously hates our guts.  It is not a small number, to count the deaths, and they were almost all tortured, and not just shot, though many were shot.  They were forced to suffer horrible lives, for the most part, before being shot and murdered or killed in other ways.

The U.S. prevented me from helping any of them and forced me, along with Middleton and Rachel forcing me, and others, to be programmed and tortured to kill my own kids even, without question.  I wasn't allowed to question, and if I tried to stand up for someone, which I did attempt when I was younger, they beat me and tortured me and put a gun to my head and almost killed me.  I was tortured so badly, when I was little, that by age 7, if my son was murdered or I was forced to do it, I said nothing.  I stood there, saying nothing as they screamed for help, or had to jeer at them as the U.S. govt. lied to me about who they were and told me to kill them as part of a govt. hit.

The U.S. govt. also specifically engaged and ASKED other international persons to murder the same people, clones of me and my son.  It wasn't just rape, they went around the world, asking them to kill them, in front of the govt., and why?  They all got money out of it.  Especially when I started making trillions of dollars in profits, the U.S. hunted all of them down and had thousands of U.S. govt. employees and clones take part in murdering at least one of my clones, and they got deals out of it.  Financial security, jobs, and perks and cash.  Some also got drugs, but it wasn't over drugs.

The U.S. was telling everyone, if you murder these clones with us (or rape me or them), then we can work together, use them, force them to work in slave labor for us and prevent any of them from getting legal assistance to make sure Cameo Garrett gets credit for her songwriting and books, and movies.  They were also forcing all of the other clones to work, most of them with no pay to very small amounts of pay, a few with better pay until they were murdered and someone took their job over.

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