Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dabneys Murders and Pardos Muders; Bechtold Murders

Since having to live in this area again, I have remembered several things about Chris Dabney and his constant stalking of me, with James Dabney, an attorney who is related to him, and their murders of my clones.  He is responsible for not just one murder of my clones, but for at least 20 or more that I personally witnessed.

Not only that, Pardo did not just murder one of my clones, he is responsible for at least 5 or so murders that I remember, and Robin Bechtold and George Bechtold and Janet are responsible for another 10 or so murders of my clones and by this I mean, clones of my son Oliver, exactly him and cloned, and/or clones of ME.

They were not just constantly stalking me and raping me and gang-raping me by passing me around between themselves so FBI and govt. employees could laugh and make fun of my entire family, they were murdering several dozens of them, together.

This is serious, especially because not only did they get away with disgusting and gruesome murders of my clones and torture and rape of me, the U.S. govt. is still continuing in their crimes against humanity, stalking me down with Pardo and Bechtold and Dabney again, as they had promised and threatened me when I was just a kid.  They U.S. murdered countless clones of me and my son in front of me, and they also murdered some people connected to them.

One matter was over who was trustee of my bank account.  I had a bank account and I was at first paid for my songwriting and it went to a bank account for me and was being managed by my son and my older clones.  The U.S. govt. told me to change the trustee and when I wouldn't, they murdered them.  Then all of a sudden, the U.S. was claiming I never even had a bank account to start with and they forced me to work with no pay.

Chris Dabney and James Dabney are both killers by profession and James Dabney held a gun at me to murder me after he had personally murdered my clones, more than one time.  He works as an "intellectual property" lawyer for the govt. and all they do is stalk talented clones and murder them and force them to work so a select group profits from it. 

Chris Dabney was not just friends with Amanda Bynes and Robin Bechtold and Jewish people working with Mossad, he was around OSU staff persons and academic people from Wenatchee, Dryden, Sherwood, Virginia, and Maryland, and also knew people in Ireland and England.

He and his brothers all gang-raped me more than once and they gang-raped my older clone and bragged that Chris could "do me" later because my older clone wasn't a bad lay.  They murdered her after raping her.  Not only that, Chris Dabney had Coquille, Oregon cops telling me, when I was a little girl, "You're going to LOVE his ass" because I had said he has a flat ass and this cop smirked and said to Dabney's brothers, "He's doing her later, don't worry, it's for sure" and then he turned to me, grabbing Dabney and said, "Flat ass?  You're going to LOVE this ass".  Dabney had FBI and cops wanting me to be raped by him, not just as a kid, but later as an adult and that's after they'd gang-raped my older clone.  He and his clones just smirked about it.  I was also raped by James Dabney, the lawyer, more than once, and he was raping one of my older clones and had MY son living at his house with him one time.  I was forced to sleep in his bed with him and this was after he'd murdered my clones in front of me and almost shot me too.

The U.S. govt. repeatedly had me raped and was murdering my clones with this same men.  They had Bechtold and some cops shoot a clone of my son in the stomach and had me saying "It's a bleach spot" and they shot him against a couch.  They had Travis, this cop from Coquille, who is a clone and baseball player, involved, along with several other men I still remember.

They had Wallace, a cop, murder my clones more than once, not just one time, but more than once and he is still going back and forth as a clone between California and Oregon.  They shot a clone of me in the neck out in Coquille, with Alan Koch and Roger Harris and my parents.

They had cop Carnahan "marry" (or live with?) supposedly one of my clones and he turned into a maniacal beater and was chasing her around with me in the house and trying to kill her and he also worked with Dabney and Dabney was there.

Another clone of me was shot with a clone of my son in the shop in Coquille, where they were because I was trying to find housemates, and another time, an entire group massacred an entire group of my clones, with a worker from Boiler Room involved.

Another clone of me was murdered out by Ron's Oil in the back, with Dabney and all his friends and associates.  He also murdered a clone of mine at the Baird house, who was chained to a bed and raped.  Another was in a bathtub with some OSU staff persons.

These are only a few of the murders.

In addition to these examples of murders, he was raping me and paying other people to rape me.  I witnessed HIM giving money to other men that raped me.  Instead of men paying him to rape me, he was paying men to rape me.

Alvaro Pardo also raped me as a kid and then he raped me in a room in Maryland at the same place he held me hostage in 2008, later, making it look like I wasn't a hostage, after raping me in an apartment first, where I was terrorized and forced not to report rape.  He raped me on my birthday when I was a little girl and they murdered a clone of my son and had a huge party.  Decaades later, the U.S. and British shits involved, and some Canadians, had the same people at the party and said it was for celebrating Alvaro's birthday, and then he took me back to the same house and "had sex" with me which was just rape because it was exactly what I was forced to do as a little girl, and I was being threatened with guns and torture.  I was raped by multiple people and then they "cheered" Alvaro on.  I said in my head, "I hate this fucker" over and over as a kid, and I repeated it so many times, how much I hated this god-damned asshole, and nothing but hatred for this piece of shit and when he did the same thing again, after the "party" I thought the exact same thing.  There was no love--I was being raped as a hostage by a paid U.S. FBI employee SHIT who the FBI had hired to rape me and torture me and hold me hostage in multiple locations, and to MURDER clones of both me and my son.  This God damned shit was getting PAID by the U.S. govt. and by CIA employee Mike Middleton and Gary Goldsmith, who took part in forcing me to be raped by him, along with Pippa and Kate Middleton, and George and Charlotte.  He is also friends with the entire Obama group.

This disgusting shit is nothing but SICK and disgusting and less than a man.  He murdered clones of me and my son to get to our money and force us to work for free.  He is a pedophile like Dabney, a repeat offender pedophile, and by that, I mean they raped me when I was a kid, over 100 times, just between themselves.  Bechtold did the same and HIS fucking family was trying to ADOPT me to force me to live with them full-time as an actual member of their family.  They were in the talks with govt. about it and I was being held hostage at their house, and raped by George and all of them, and all they did was torture my clones and interrogate people.  They kept trying to convince ME to say I wanted to live with them and they started saying I could call George my "Dad" and that Robin was my brother and had red hair like me.

I was forced to live at the Bechtolds house multiple times in my life, not just Robin's apartments in England with Kate Middleton or his place in Texas, I was forced to live with George and Janet in Sherwood and a few times I was using Eliza's bed or told to sleep on the floor, and other times, I was being held in this bizarre secret cellar they had which was freezing cold and I was isolated with no one around.  I was then sometimes in some kind of closet all the time and the only time I was let out of the closet, was for George Bechtold or George's Dad to rape me, or Bill Clinton or Kaine.  Even black men.  The Bechtolds had me locked up and mostly they raped me but then they were inviting other U.S. govt. men over, high profile and some not high profile, to rape me, individually, and gang-raping a few times.

They also "interrogated" clones of mine and murdered them in front of me, over NOTHING.  They were not "spies".  Their excuses came down to this:  "They might report us for raping little toddler girls so let's kill them and say we had to interrogate spies"

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