Saturday, August 27, 2016

Police Harassment By Murderer Sgt. Wallace & "Rider" Murderer

I am being deliberately stalked down by individuals who committed murders of clones of my kids and of myself, and persons who raped me, and now being falsely reported. 

I was sitting at the library just outside, in an obvious library area, and this cop approached with a woman who held me down, raped me, had a clone of myself raped, and she murdered my clone.

This woman came into my house in Moses Lake, WA, after I had been trafficked to Coquille, OR, and forced me on my back and started raping me and forcing me to "masturbate" myself, and this was for saying, as an 8 yr. old girl, Kate Middleton wasn't "pure".  I was not just forced to masturbate myself by her and other cops with her, she pointed a gun at a clone of my son and murdered him and pointed one at a clone of myself and shot her and then they tried to say it was "Amanda" (Bynes) and it wasn't.  She raped me around the same time Rabbi Rose was raping me and forcing me to sit on top of his penis and move up and down on him.  Scott Lewis, his son-in-law, also forced me to do this, and I was not raped one time or a few times, but multiple times, and I was specifically forced to live with them away from "parents" when they did this.  I was then later, a few years later, forced to be raped by Alvaro Pardo this way, and it was the same Alvaro Pardo that raped me and held me hostage in 2008 because he had the same tooth filling in the back, the same silver filling.  The U.S. had CIA persons there, FBI, British royals who work for the CIA, and Jews who had raped me, all there when I was gang-raped at a house in Germantown, MD, after the U.S. govt. employees "practiced" first in Portland, Oregon with Rabbi Rose and Lewis and cops and in Coquille.
This woman who showed up with Wallace showed up in the past with him, 2 other times, always to harass me and they approached me and said pool staff claimed I went around a corner to the pool and yelled and flipped off kids and I didn't.  I was seated in the same place the entire time.  They deliberately "banned" me from the community area, with this cop telling me I had to discuss this with a City Manager who is also a murderer, Ben Marchant and my entire family already knows he's a murderer.  So basically, these govt. clone shits are passing me around from one murderer to the next.  They never put this female blond "rider" in jail or prison for her murders of my clones.  She was holding the gun and she shot them after harassing them about how I'd amount to nothing, they controlled everything, and wrestling me down with Chris Rozollo and some other govt. people, including Ben Affleck and Jen Garner.  From what I recall, they invited persons who ended up later being in movies, to this, bc they worked for the CIA already.  Jen Garner was signed up as an escort with Chris Dabney's mother's escort business in D.C. and that was supposedly how she met Ben.  She was stripping for a living, and murdering some of the men when she stripped and got into their house.  She was also with Chris Dabney and they were working together and I thought she was one of his cloned daughters because they were together all the time. 
This blond bitch has shown up again, and it's the same fucking clone, and she doesn't look any younger.  She looks like the same one who murdered my clones.  After she showed up, other cops also were there and they forced me, for over a week, while living mostly in my house, to rub my hand against my own vagina and to masturbate and they did this while talking about how Kate Middleton was "pure" and I wasn't.  It was all about forcing me to look like a slut when I was saying I wanted to file an international report against Middleton and Goldsmiths for murder of my clones, and bragging about it, in front of me, using their Jewish Mossad friends to rape me and force me to masturbate while being tortured (they put an electrocution headbrace on my head while they made me do this, part of the time), and I was trying to report Middletons and Prince Charles for raping me and then lying and telling cops I was a 7 yr. old "child prostitute".  Then I was an "8 yr. old child prostitute", according to them.  They used Ed Howard to further their plots against me, because he was in the CIA, working for CIA by 1983, officially, not just military.  He had helped Camilla Parker-Bowles murder one of my clones under a carport.

There is a cleaner for the Coquille Community Center and she and her husband also murdered a clone of my son to my face and she is not just govt, they're some kind of Mafia connected to Alvaro Pardo and Del Balzos.  She looks Italian and so does he and I don't know what they are, but they murdered one of my sons who was in his 20s, in their house.  She was raping me and her husband was raping me, and violently raping me and one day someone told ME, to tell her to do a sex video or something.  I was only 9 yrs old and I didn't know that since they'd murdered my son and raped me, now they wanted to frame me and make me appear to be forcing poor her to do something.  So they set it up and then claimed they were victims and they were the murderers. 

She was outside with some women today, talking about "holes" and how I was a "hole" and need a button for that hole and so on and on and on and then one of the women got in my face and started saying things to me.  This cleaner woman was also taking down this huge bright red backed 'flag' or sign while they said this, and they had Alvaro Pardo agreeing with them he'd rape me and then hang up a red curtain in his window, and he did this, in Maryland, in 2008.

The other cops connected to this blond woman included, possibly, Jordan from TN, another cop who also works with the FBI or military, and there were others around and involved too.  They brought Mike Tancer around later, with his Mom, but the main cops who were there when they were gang-raping me and forcing me to 'masturbate' myself, were cops that were more local.  She also looked like she was friends with a Dicksie but then she had her restrained or something. 

She is not the only fucking cop-connected bitch raping people.  Oh, and the blond bitch claimed she had an excuse to rape me and murder my kids, for telling her why didn't she go masturbate herself, but they were using hate crimes against me along with crimes for Kate Middleton.  I was not ever working for her or with her, but they did this to me and murdered and then tried to tell me I was actually working with them undercover, and NO I wasn't.  This blond said to me, "And we'll catch Katie" and it was a fucked up lie.  They were specifically targeting me to rape me and my kids, and making up any excuse to do it, and assaulting us.

Not only that, these cops were jumping a Bob sr. and jr. and me, for no reason one day, and taking me to jail as a minor in Coquille just for remembering crimes they had committed and saying I was going to write about them.

There was another woman who murdered one of my clones with Brian Gross with her, and Wallace.  She drives a silver-gray colored sedan, and even a Bob sr. said to report her because she was gang-raping me too and murdering my clones and bragging about it until I cried.  She looks slightly like me, and is taller, and she is a bitch.  She knows Dabney and cops because she followed the car of a woman who wore this one hat and then she was wearing an orange sweater like one I had.  That same woman turned out to be some cop shit who murdered one of my sons with other cops.

Then when I had to go to court, the Judge, who also murdered one of my clones in front of me, a baby, and carted it past me with blood around and dead, was saying I couldn't get along with anyone so I couldn't live there and then next thing I knew, instead of being relocated to another town, which is what I thought, as a preteen, was happening, he had me forced into a mental ward and made a parent "guardian" over me when I was already an emancipated minor at age 11.  I had won a court case for emancipation and the U.S. shits didn't like it because they couldn't torture and control me as much so they found a way to lie and have a parent assigned to be guardian, and then forced them or had them want to put me in a mental ward.  I was stripped in front of people, made fun of about Parker-Bowles and Middleton, and believe me, these crimes by cops are all drug-reeking...

Not only does the Bush family and CIA want to hide the fact I was tortured by them and people sprung from jail for political family reasons, and others murdered, the FBI doesn't admit they were buying 8 balls of cocaine from the Goldsmith family and having them delivered to their own FBI offices.  It was almost a joke.  The FBI had a few employees sneaking a snort of a line of cocaine in the bathroom, but then there was this entire senior hierarchy group of FBI that openly bought cocaine and used it and they were not tagging and bagging it--they were using it.

They were putting ME in jail for not being a coke-ass like they are.  They had other kids in the govt. that were my age who just snorted along with the cops and FBI and no big deal and murdered, and they weren't arrested like me. I was the one stolen from, and not committing crimes, and NOT nuts.

James Comey is one of the murderers of my clones, and so is Trump and his wives and Clintons.  They're already betting on how to get rid of me, by harassing me with the same cop cloned shits.

As for Pardo, this Alvaro Pardo who raped me in 2008 is the SAME one who raped me when I was age 10 and he'd raped me when I was younger than that too, and he was an adult then.  To me, in 2008, he looked like he could be up to age 45 when I was 30.  He didn't look so young and then I saw his tooth in the back and it was the same filling.  I was raped by more than one Alvaro Pardo too, as a minor.  I was forced to sit on top of him, like with Rose and Scott Lewis, and I was raped and then he left and then came back and I thought maybe it was a second clone of himself.  He wasn't the only shit raping me either.

Not only was it statutory rape, it was actual rape, even though someone might not have known.  I was being forced to moan and make suggestions about how to do it, and get "into it" and I was tortured to do this.  I was tortured to do this just as I was literally tortured to "masturbate" myself, and the fucking Rose family was one of the groups forcing me to do this at their own house.  I was only 8 yrs. old and they were forcing me to lie down on their carpet and masturbate. I was possibly also doing this when I was age 7, because I remember it was all over saying Katie's name meant 'pure' and she wasn't 'so pure' and neither was Camilla.  They got mad at me, when I was just this little girl, for saying this and started forcing me to "masturbate" myself.  It wasn't like they did it once, I was tortured and forced to do it and they were torturing me AT the Rose house and then saying "It's not going to go away until you do this" and forcing me to masturbate on their floor to "have the pain go away" and saying either I masturbate myself or they could rape me so which one did I want and they'd let me "choose".  This is all with Rabbi Emmanuel Rose, his KIDS (all cloned), and Lorraine.  Sometimes they had other cops and FBI with them, other times, they had other Jews with them, and then sometimes, it was British royal connected people and Middletons.  How many times was I forced to do this?  They made me do this for weeks at a time, for hours at a time.  So I'd be forced to be at the Rose house for a few days, or a day, or up to one week, and this is what they were doing to me.  Then I'd be somewhere else, and the next time I was there, they'd do it again.  They held me hostage for close to a month once and I was forced to be tied up and handcuffed in all of the rooms and while in Josh Rose's bed, downstairs, they said, "Should we take the cuffs off?" because they didn't want me to run away.  For example, I was handcuffed to the legs of a couch in the 'study room' at the Rose house (and by the way, they remodeled to conceal evidence of murder); in Rabbi and Lorraine Roses room, in Josh's room (where they also held one of my sons hostage); in their bathroom; and some kind of a basement.  They had some kind of cellar and I didn't see it later, when I worked there.  I was forced to stay in closets too.  My son was buying me some trinkets and things and Lorraine was stealing them and decorating her own bathroom with them.  I liked Russian "eggs" that opened up like music boxes, and my son bought me some limoge style boxes, ceramic boxes and glass eggs and things and Lorraine was stealing them.  A few someone else stole, bc they disappeared from her house too.

The entire time, they were raping me and forcing me to not run.  It was forced Stockholm Syndrome.  They murdered my clones in front of me and they forced me to pretend they were nice and we liked eachother and I wasn't scared of them.  Their entire goal was to force me to stay in one place and look like I was staying in a place, voluntarily, of my own free will, and no problem with these people.  They were murdering people around me, who tried to fight them off, or who argued for my right to have credit and money for my own work. 

They had Wallace at their house more than once too.  He wasn't just in Coquille, he was going to other locations, like the blond woman who raped me at my house. 

They chased my son out of their house and forced him to leave behind his jacket once, and then murdered him.  Then later, decades later, Lorraine Rose hired me to work and I had no other possible job to accept and took it out of desperation and I didn't remember everything at the time.  She then told me to dig a "plum sauce" bottle out of the dumpster at the same spot where they'd murdered one of my sons as he was attempting to flee their un-Godly house.  They had murdered him and then forced him into the dumpster, dead.  That was just one of several murders by them.

After I was told to dig out a plum sauce bottle, I told their neighbors I could work for them on off-hours bc I needed additional work and then Lorraine fired me and I went to my car and someone had popped off the red knob to my radio control from my radio and then a week later, their Jew-friend Josh Gatov raped me using knives to threaten me with.  He had a bunch of cops supporting him prior to the rape.  There is no possible way he did not know it was rape.  They had plotted to deliberately rape me and have me look like a willing "one-night stand tramp" who would fit Prince Charles' and Mike Middleton's and Carol Goldsmith's description to London Police, of a "child prostitute" or, a whore.

This woman who rode with Wallace also held me hostage on other locations and I saw her attack my older clone.  She was dragging people around, abusing authority using handcuffs everywhere.  Then she was claiming, in court, that she was studying "psychology" at some college.  What a fucking murderous BITCH.  I'm positive it was her, with the murders I remember, and I'm positive it was Wallace, with what I recall, and his supervisor or this other man was also involved.

They kept trying to cover for themselves by having me think they were all different men or maybe they were faked murders and not real, and they weren't faked.  They were murdering, seriously, over 100 or so of my clones and the U.S. had just as many cloned at close to the same ages, as the Chinese were doing.  It wasn't just "China"--the U.S. did it and then went out exterminating people.

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