Thursday, August 25, 2016

U.S. Govt. Gang-Rape and Murder In Germantown, MD When I Was Age 11 and Pregnant

I was not just raped by Alvaro Pardo after a big U.S. govt "party" in Maryland or D.C., I was gang-raped by a huge number of U.S. employees at the same house in Germantown, MD that I was forced to live in later, in 2008, decades later.

The U.S. drugged me, and trafficked me to D.C. and Maryland to be gang-raped while forcing me to be on high levels of alcohol and drugs.  They were Presidential "candidates" hand-picked by the Pentagon and CIA and FBI, and Middletons, the Koch Brothers, and other individuals who were holding me hostage and making money off of me.

I had just turned age 11, and had been age 10 prior to that, and they gang-raped me telling eachother they didn't need to use "birth control" because I was already pregnant and I didn't show in the stomach but I had larger breasts from pregnancy.  When I was forced to deliver and have a baby vaginally, I knew the U.S. govt. had planned gang-raping me prior to delivery to conceal the damages or evidence, and cover it up with "childbirth" excuses.

There was a Jewish group in the other room saying do you need your breast pump as if to have my memory mixed up to think this occurred after childbirth and not before.

Middletons were there, and involved, and I was raped by Waleses, along with Alvaro Pardo, Louis Freeh, and Greg Fowler from the FBI.  I was raped with full vaginal rape, with use of their penises, until they ejaculated and all of them were adults and I was the only kid there.  I was raped with full rape and forced to be "on top" and "make noises and act like you like it" by over 20-30 men in one night.

They murdered an adult clone of my son there, by shooting him in the same room, in the same house, at close range, and holding him in place to do it.  It was Chris Dabney's mother, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt who had traveled over there, and James Comey.  My brother Levi was around and so was Donald Trump.  Maiers family members were also there, with other Colombians and Mexicans connected to Alvaro, and my "parents", and Jen Garner, Michelle and Barak Obama and some other blacks.  After I was gang-raped they stood around and talked about how Alvaro and Chris would rape me again in the future, when I was in my 30s, and then later, they wanted to murder me and they stood around asking eachother which one of them would do it.  Then they were saying, "Or maybe..." and said maybe they'd do something else, and added "Dicksie?" and then trailed off in their discussion.

They had Donald Trump there saying he'd do it, when he was President or something like that and then they were saying, "Or Kaine?" and they went back and forth discussing how to kill me in the future and who would do it. 

Donald Trump was also one of the rapists against me there and there was more than one Donald Trump clone there, an older one who was about the same age the public one is now, and a younger one.  Patrick Donovan was also there (I think), and James Cartright, with other Pentagon officials including the Irish man who leads the U.S. Army.  Kardashians, JayZ  and a group of blacks were also involved.  Sullivan from the OIG was also there...they used the head person they planned to put at the top of the Office of the Inspector General to be involved so if I ever complained about this, my report would go nowhere.

I was basically threatened with rape and implantation by the U.S. govt. at FBI offices in D.C. at their Headquarters, and told they were forcing me to have a clone they were going to kidnap and they'd never let me raise my own kids.  Then I was flown back to my house in Moses Lake, WA, and I was forcibly implanted with Middletons and Waleses in the next room and blocking entrances.  After they left I said I wanted to see a doctor and I was trafficked from M.L. back to Coquille and forced to see Coquille and Bandon Community Center doctors, namely, Nancy Keller and Pam Lewis, respectively.  They held guns at my head, shot more of my clones and raped me and after this, more rape locally, I was then flown to D.C. while drugged and forced to be at locations in Maryland and D.C. as a hostage.

When I was about 2 months pregnant, I was gang-raped by U.S. govt. and British royal's associates and persons, at the same house in Maryland where I was trafficked to earlier as a kid, and witnessed additional murders of my clones--Chris Dabney and Anna had forced me to shoot a gun at one of my own sons there, and family and they murdered an entire family of mine in front of the fireplace mantle, when I was between age 7-9.  Jennifer Garner was also involved in this murder and so were the Middletons and Parker-Bowles.

The U.S. was constantly murdering my sons, because the only person I had given the right to my bank account was "Mejia", who was my son, and my older clone of myself.  The govt. was trying to force me to change the trustee, dozens of times, suggesting I appoint Diana Spencer, or a Bob or Dicksie, or Levi, or what about Joy, and so on.  I said "No, I'm not changing it".

They were also trying to force me to change my name, and my hair color.  They murdered one of my older clones of myself because she was making up an academic plan for me and one for someone else and the U.S. had others pressuring her to change her lesson plans and what was assigned to be to be taught and she refused to go along with them and she was the one with the say.  She was teaching me Arabic, and they didn't want me to be taught Arabic.  I learned some Arabic from her and some of her friends and then the U.S. and England murdered her.

Obamas were involved in the murders in one aspect because all of the Jews were jealous of me and didn't want me learning multiple languages, as my clone was teaching me.  The Jews, such as Goldsmith, and Koch Brothers, began buying off people with Mossad, including Catholics like Del Balzo and Panetta and telling them to make me sound less intelligent than I was, wanting to implant me to be tortured and preventing academic success, to undermine me and what I could or would do in the future.  If I tried writing in Arabic at my house, as a little girl, I was tortured by a Dicksie or Bob.  I knew Arabic alphabet before I knew English alphabet.  I was tortured, electrocuted, and brainwashed to forget all of the Arabic.  It wasn't Hebrew, it was Arabic.  I still knew some Arabic characters at age 7 and then I never wrote it down anymore.  I could read some of the signs in the Middle East that were in Arabic.  We would be in the Middle East and I would see a sign in Arabic and repeat out loud what it was in English, and these Jews got nervous and other U.S. like IRA persons who had held me hostage as a kid, and Dabneys and they said they had to brainwash me to forget the Arabic.  James Cartright was one who didn't want me to know any Arabic, along with Bush.  It was over Kate and Charlotte Middleton and their ideas I was "competition" if I knew Arabic for some reason.  James was going to England and around royals and Middletons as much as I was, as if one of his clones had married one of the Middletons.  There were obvious conflicts of interest and they moved me around as a hostage.  I was never a willing participant.

They murdered my older clone over this.  Then the U.S. was gang-raping me, and moving money out of my own bank account, to other U.S. shits, and they were hunting down every single Mejia clone that was my son and older clone of myself and exterminating all of them, to gain total control of my accounts.

The U.S. govt. held me hostage there in Maryland and D.C. and practiced raping me with the Middleton and Goldsmiths and British royals, and including James Middleton, and then they said I should live with a celebrity family for my pregnancy and it would be a "job" housekeeping sometimes for them.  I was being held hostage.  It wasn't a "job".  Throughout the entire pregnancy, they kept me drugged as well, and I was being forced to take pills every day and in a tranquilized state.  I wasn't myself or free of drugs--they were using drugs to control me and to minimize what I recalled during forced pregnancy as a minor.

Not only that, the U.S. govt. was telling me, as if I believed them, that they were raping me for "spying reasons" and it was a lie.  They were saying, "If you do a good job here, we'll pay you a lot of money" and there was no objective to it.  They were just raping me and causing distress to me and my reputation whle others gloated about it and stole money and murdered my clones to control my songwriting and bank accounts.

Charles and David Koch were among the rapists who murdered my clones to get to my money.  Both of them, and David's "wife" helped murder my clones.  They were using us and dumping us off and I was being raped by them, held hostage, and forced to assist in murders of my clone and other times, watched them hold the gun and shoot, or hang them.  The Koch Brothers were afraid of me for a short time and then when the CIA forced me to do PR for them like no big deal and they were good guys, they smirked about it and brushed me off and continued collecting money against me and my kids.  They were standing around to smirk when I was being raped by a Mejia (not my son) in Moses Lake, WA, because they and Pippa Middleton and the Goldsmith and Wales and British were excited to be forcing my future one direction instead of allowing me to have any freedom.  They stood there with a gun at my head and forced me to be raped.  They also stood there with a gun at a Bob jrs. head and had him rape me as well, and Clintons were involved.  Clintons were married to Jews through their daughter Chelsea.  So Chelsea's husband and Koch Brothers and Netanyahu were all involved in wanting me to be gang-raped and impregnated at any early age and called a tramp.

They not only plotted murdering my unborn baby in Israel, they were already murdering my babies and using Kate and Charlotte Middleton to do it.  Charlotte Middleton was already cloned and was an adult woman when I was a little girl in 1979.  She was being assured by the CIA that she could safely work for the CIA because they could control me by "remote torture".  Charlotte was an employee of the CIA along with other Middletons.  She stood there by my hospital bed and smirked at me, glared, and then made nasty comments at me when others were out of the room.  Carol Goldsmith had this entire thing plotted out.

They had my Aunt Locklyn and a Dickise involved in murdering my older clone too.  I was right there when they did it.  They felt getting rid of her was the way to cut out all of my academic and language lessons and training.  Their path to "CIA royalty" was somehow, "secure". 

Mossad was going to murder me over it, what I remembered about it.  I was in Israel and said some things about my coat of arms and which one was mine, and they froze up, panicked, and touched at their guns.  It is possible an older clone of mine was married to a royal or aristocracy they murdered off, or they were worried she had information about the real spying and torture and rape of me and who was behind it.

One of my clones was also being strangled occasionally by Frederick.  Prince Frederick.  He was threatening her at some point and the Jews all rushed in to save their darling little Jewish bitch Mary Donaldson (whose Mother is a Jew) and Kate (whose mother is a Jew).  They had Roman Catholic support because of the Parker-Bowles and their relationship to Middleton.    I also saw my clone strangled by Prince Philip and he is a strangler.  I saw Frederick do this many times and Philip I saw sneaking up behind her once while she was seated and he attacked her.

Mary Donaldson was also a "Horning" or "Horne" and I was being told to help create name covers for the Garrett family because one of the relatives was biologically related to Mary Donaldson.  So they were telling me, at CIA, "You can come up with a last name for someone that acknowledges the relationshi8p in some way but is a cover". 

She was no relative of mine because they had tortured me.  However, believe me, the amount of murders committed by Garrett family members, showed how "loyal" they were to their Donaldson relative, bc they were having me raped and tortured too, and murdering my clones. 

The Garretts and Bairds were supporting Jewish "princesses", not me.  Both sides of my "family" were murdering my clones to get rid of them to pave the way for the blocks.  They were also using their "authority" as guardians and "family" to put me into mental wards, threaten me, sign off for surgeries against me by the govt, and more.

I saw so many murders of ME, my own clones, by my own family, and of my kids, that I started looking at Dicksie and wondering how she was related to British royals and whether she was related to Kate Middleton or Mary Dondaldson or just was a Jewish sympathizer.  She looked like Kate Middleton in some ways, and she looked like Mary and had worked with both.  I also saw some of the Bobs murdering my clones, of me, and my sons.  One of the Bob and Dicksies murdered as many of my own clones of myself and my son, as I witnessed others doing it.

They had other kids I wasn't supposed to know about either.  The only reason they and the U.S. would keep their other kids or real kids a secret from me, was because they knew I witnessed my "parents" murder not just my kids who I would have known were my kids or not, as a kid myself, or kids of my clones rather, but also that I witnessed them murder clones of me.  No one who murdered my clones would want me to know who their real kids were.

I was also raped by a Bob jr., after saying something about Chrarlotte Middleton and it wasn't his sister Charlotte, he got mad and jumped me and basically inserted something into my vagina and jerked it out, basically a snap to my vagina, for saying something when I was about age 6 or 7 against Charlotte Middleton.  Bob Garrett Jr. was acting like HE was Middleton's Dad, not mine.After he assaulted me, once privately and another time in front of them, then the U.S. had George Bechtold, Ed Howard, and Mike Middleton also rape me, and William of Wales, doing the same thing to me.

Also, after Charlotte and George Middleton murdered some of my clones and butchered them, chopping up pieces and putting them on a picnic table for me to cut up, of my own clones, then the Garrett-Ball family did the same thing and did not just cover for Middletons, they murdred more clones, with Aaron Ball's wife, over a picnic ttable and I wasn't told to chop up parts like the Middletons and Waleses made me do, but the Middletons had U.S> govt. people helping them when they murdered my clones.  Who was covering for them?  Garretts that time.  And Koch Brothers, and they had Dabneys assisting.  Aaron Ball's wife murdered my clones more than one time, at more than one location.  Rachel and Aaron Chandler were also involved.  Others who covered for the fucked up Middletons Charlotte and George, were Aaron Harris and Wiltbank and Berne Christianson Harris, (a bunch of Mormons) and Colombians Pardo was connected to.   All of the cover up, was stemming from one source at the top:  Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Waleses, and Middletons and Goldsmiths.

The U.S. was covering up any and all crimes against my clones by them, with the excuse they were privileged CIA employees.  A few of the hits were by Mossad, and the motive was to get rid of my clones after they made money off of them, and dump them for Jewish replacements.  They were using people like Amanda Bynes, a known Jew, and Anna.  Doug was another person who constantly tortured me, programmed me, and was having my clones murdered, and he was connected to Bechtolds.

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