Monday, August 29, 2016

9-11 Plot Pre-Torture Of My Kids and Clones Over Kate Middleton

One of the things the U.S. did, while plotting 9-11, was to torture me and clones of mine to have their hair burned off of their heads and it was over Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton.  They work for the CIA and Pentagon.  One of the Katies worked for Mossad and I'm 100% positive.  Ultimately, they tie all their connections together and screw anyone over who doesn't support them.

To remember she was CIA, and the date of her "wedding", which was a day Prince Charles told me I had actually married him (as a kid) and then they were saying no, now it's Katie's wedding day, I said I wanted to purchase some laundry products to bleach my hair, to prove Kate Middleton made a huge scene out of not having the haircolor she wanted in stock, in England.  She raged and fumed and made a huge enormous stink about it and the U.S. sided with her.  I had said, "Why can't she buy any other dark brown hair color?  It's not like dark brown is a special color that needs a particular product or anything--it's not hard to match like some blond or red colors".  Not only that, she committed a murder, and it was her, changing her hair color and then back again, and it wasn't my clone.

So to remember some of this and how her mother was forcing me to stay inside of rooms fumed with bleach gases until I passed out, every single day, I found out she had a wedding date of April 29th.  When I heard one of the Katie clones was using that day as her anniversary, I thought it was odd because it was said to be not just the day Charles "married" me secretly, when I was a minor, in his room, with a priest there, it was also a date that had something to do with one of my clones and a royal Prince.

So I said, if I can't find the haircolor I want, which is #1 light blond in Feria (Loreal), then I will use the same laundry products I used in the past to do my hair, which worked, when Kate did the same to me.  I had discovered, then, that sodium percarbonate, peroxide, and bleach lightened my hair.  So I used this and later when someone asked what I'd used I said bleach and peroxide and mentioned another whitener but didn't think it mattered that much.  Well, turned out, the "salt" protected the hair from being dissolved totally by a combo of bleach and peroxide.  These U.S. CIA shits got furious, claiming some woman had tried it and was now bald.

Then they forced me to visit one of the clones of myself, and they had forced her to have her hair fried and dissolved so she was bald and she was crying.  I said I hadn't done anything intentionally and it was true. I didn't know salt protected it from dissolving.  I had just used the 3 together and found it worked, randomly.  So then these U.S. govt. people, TORTURED my son in front of me saying they wwere going to do this to HIM, and already knowing the results and torture, they put it on his head and tortured him in front of me.  Then, they had one of the clones of Kate Middleton murder one of them.

So I later said, if someone gets rid of my hair color, if I try blond again, then I want peroxide to be priced at $1 and oxy-whitener at $8.30 and bleach at $1.99 so it would be a total of $11.29 and then prior to buying I would pick up some pop cans to recycle, worth about $2.  I would then think of adding 2 to 11, like 1+1, and 2+1+1=4  for $4.29  to remember 4/29, April 29th, was the day Kate married in the past, and she was the one connected to the "pure diamond" haircolor by Feria, and had been murdering my clones over stealing trafficked diamonds with Obamas and Bushes.  I would also remember Dabney and Gary Goldsmith's friend "Daniel" from Israel, as involved.

And then 9-11 was just $11.29 minus $2 (without pop cans) so it was either $9 or $11 and then change, depending on if I got the cans or not.

I can several things worked out by this, and at the Pentagon, they were claiming they wanted to blow people up because they didn't like Kate Middleton either and it was a biggest lie.  THEY LOVE HER.  The Pentagon was lying, from the Pentagon, with some British people there, and they were making a bet that Kate would not lose any babies and I would be forced to be raped and humiliated and lose a baby and then they'd have Kate Middleton publicly marry William and brag about it.  Rachel the Jew was the one who was leaving the pop cans behind for $2 or so.

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