Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Murder By Officer Wallace and Illegal Arrest

I was just illegally arrested, by one of the murderers of my cloned son Oliver, Officer Wallace.  I reported this shit when I was a preteen, and my Mom did too.  He is a fucked up shit who murdered my son in the face while he sat next to me in a patrol car.

He also was gang-raping me and taking photos of me and my son and Mom knew about it.  He repeatedly showed up at my house in M.L., WA and in Coquille, to rape me with other officers and he was friends with Chris Dabney.

He was not just raping me, and my kids, he was holding us hostage and wearing a black face mask to commit some of his crimes.  The other accessories to murder were an officer who showed up there, and harassed me by standing there, and refused to tell his name and his first initial is E. and he looks like Mark, the U.S. Army truck driver, slightly.  It was definitely him too.  He was there and he participated in the murder, and the other officers there had raped me.

I was forced to go into a waiting room at the Sheriff's area of the jail, and this blond bitch who raped me and harassed me, got behind me and stroked my back, supposedly for the pat-down and she's a lesbian.  And this fat man there was also involved in the murder of my son.  It was an older son of mine.  He was older than me, and already knew what they had been doing to me.

They also had Judge Gillespie in the room when my son was murdered, along with CIA, and other persons, including an Asian woman and Bechtolds.  The Asian woman drives 335 HTZ and passed me when I was forced to walk back and forth to get my property because they stole it from me, and used illegal arrest as the excuse to defame me and steal this to check my bag because I've been writing down cops' ID and plates when passing, to note harassment and mark the ones I remember involved in murders against my kids.

They shot my son while he was still in the cop SUV car, sitting next to me, and then to disparage and mock him, they turned the SUV into a dog patrol car and put a separate side for a dog and had a German Shepherd dog sitting there when I was forced into the vehicle tonight.

I was forced to be fingerprinted and photographed and then "released", and they made sexual comments the entire time.

They are part of the group that's been murdering people for Kate Middleton and Waleses and Donaldson and Frederick, and Parker-Bowles.  Also, Sofie.  These fucking cops were introduced to all of them and other British "royals" and aristocracy, and I saw them socializing and thinking they were big shit for concealing murders against U.S. citizens.

When I say I was raped by Wallace, I know what I mean and he did not just rape me while mostly clothed, he was stripping down to shorts--underwear, and I can describe what his legs look like because of it, and his penis.

I reported him when I was a preteen and was blocked from reporting and then later, I tried to report him again, and his excuse, from the U.S. govt., was that it was not "him" because he'd only been with the cops 5 years and before that he was in California.  Where the Bechtolds have family, in California.  He was also going to FBI Regional offices in California and I saw him there as a kid.  His excuse tonight was the same thing and he looks the exact same age as he was back then, 20 years ago.

The fat cop looks the same except he isn't as fat as before, and the blond is the same woman and has aged.  This other shit, the one with initial "E", also looks the exact same age that he was 20 years ago.

These cops committed more than one murder in that cop's underground, all-cement parking garage.  Wallace is a Coquille cop, as he was in the past, and the other cops were Sheriffs.

Shooting my son in their patrol car, is, I believe, some kind of attempt to prove something to Danish and British royals and CIA and FBI assholes.  They were all U.S. govt. shits, all of them.  They also did this kind of shooting in cars, against my kids, constantly.  They used the cement garage because they could clean it up and they used their own patrol cars because they could clean it up. 

I witnessed 3 separate murders, within the same year, and before that, they had committed additional murders and held clones of ME hostage there as well.

I believe using cars was a favor to the Bush family, and CIA because they had gang-raped me earlier, at a location in Coquille, over intimidation to steal credit for my work and all of my money from me, when I was the one creating the movies, writing the dialogue and scripts, and directing the movies, from selection of actors and actresses to title of the movie, to the music and even writing the music myself and the lyrics.  They had murdered one man inside of a car, forcing me to use the gun and it was a Coquille cop that stood there for me to do it.  All of them had been programming me to shoot at their order, and it was with Sheriffs and Coquille cops there.  They forced me to kill a man in his car, for molesting me in front of them, when they were gang-rapists themselves.  The gang-rape occurred at the end of a driveway, and one of the Dicksies had been ordered to take me over to the house that owned the entire property, before it occurred, and they were best friends with Joy Tancer, and asked how she was doing.

Several U.S. shits were involved.  The 3 murders they committed around the same time involved Wallace as the shooter, with Officer "E", and the fat cop and blond woman, and other one was with a Bob Garrett jr. as the shooter, and the next with a Dicksie as the shooter.  They had 2 of the Bob and Dicksies (my "parents") shoot to murder clones, along with their shooting of my son by cops.  In addition to this, the U.S. had Sofie and Prince Edward there to watch and participate in one of the murders, and Mary Donaldson and Frederick of Wales, and then also the Parker-Bowles and Middletons and it was Pippa and Kate and their entire family there.  All of them were there.

The U.S. basically coordinated several "hits" against MY SONS, clones of my SONS, for these royal shits who work for the U.S.  They even had Fergusons there because Beatrice and clones of Fergie's kids who were already grown, participated, with Andrew (Prince Andrew) and they had an older clone of my brother there, a man who lives on 4th and Dean, and was trying to hold my son down while he had blood gurgling out of his mouth, and Levi was also participating in the murders, in front of cops and with them.

They forced me to be the only isolated person, the "star" they stole from and were extorting, blackmailing, and gang-raping, torturing, holding hostage, and forcing to work for free.  I was their "star" prisoner they were all profiting off of and stealing from, while promoting shits like the British and Danish royals, who do nothing but murder innocent people and spy for the U.S.

Before they murdered my older son in a large group, multiple sons of mine and then just arresting some other people, and not doing anything to them, except arresting, a few years earlier, they had an older clone of mine going to that same police station and they dragged her in, with another clone of my son, gang-raped her in that garage, and murdered them.  They murdered in the open, on the garage floor and blood was everywhere and they had raped them first and then they got a hose and told me to move out of the way.  They said so did Carol Goldsmith use bleach to clean it up, like this?

They also raped me, bending me over and pulling my pants down, and the cops from Coquille and Sheriff's dept. all did this, and they had at least 3 dozen people packed in there, standing around, sayibg things and gang-raping me.  I was only about 7 years old.  They gang-raped me the minute after Diana of Wales and Charles got married and after they'd murdered some of my clones in England, and after Kate and William were born in 1982.  It was the same time or while they were known to be on the way.  This blond woman cop was one of the rapist women.  They had Governors and presidential hopefuls involved then, and the Spencers and Charles Spencer's wife from Canada.

I saw Officer Wallace, with the gun, and it wasn't his only murder in that garage.  He did it twice.   I am 100%  positive.  He shot my older son while he was screaming and sitting next to me and saying it's him, and he shot one of my clones when I was around age 7--the next murders were when I was about age 9.  It was 1-2 years apart, a huge series of murders. They had Edward Lee Howard and Mary Howard involved in murdering some of my clones before he left for Russia or even joined the CIA or close to the same time.  It was 1982 or 1983, and both of them showed up to murder my family.  This is the same Ed Howard who was involved with having Camilla Parker-Bowles and Middleton murder my clone of ME, when I was younger, in the carport of my house with govt. and other locations.  The Howards had repeatedly murdered my own clones and then I was having to fake and pretend I liked him and thought he would want to protect me and keep me from being raped.  He had tons of both Catholic and Jewish friends who hated my guts, like Rachel the Jew, who was one of the women that participated in gang-rape and murder against my clones there, in the police parking garage.

The only reason the U.S. govt. was dragging me around everywhere they murdered my kids and clones, was to show people who I was and make the object of their theft known so when they murdered together, they were agreeing to lie together, and lie against me, and discredit my testimony against them for all of their crimes against me.  They were also using me as a lure to fake out all of the other clones of myself and my sons, to have them think it was "safe" to visit me and that the U.S. govt. liked them or something or was letting us meet and visit and be around eachother.  Then the U.S.  was blowing their brains out.

All of it is over money and forcing me to work for free.

These murders by cops in the parking garage for the cops, is not the only place they were murdering.

This shit Wallace arrested me, as a murderer, for being online on wifi to type about their favorite bitch:  "Kate Middleton".  They told me when I was a kid if it looked like I was going to write or blog about her or Rachel, they were going to "arrest" me.  I was sitting on a park bench, right next to the library, typing, and he stalked me and last time, he didn't arrest me.  He just threatened me, and I hadn't reported the pool instructor, a blond asshole who leads a pool class, for her own disgusting murder of one of my sons, when he was only a kid, along with some men who repeatedly showed up at my house to intimidate, beat, and threaten a Bob jr. and me.  They constantly came over, this one with a voice like Travis Vice and a taller blond man who did pool lessons with the blond woman.

They used the excuse they were helping me remember what Harry and Chelsea did or something, and all of it is a fucked up lie.  They were literally murdering tons of my family, in front of me, even more, for the same sick British royal and Danish shits and a lot of fucked up U.S. military and FBI and cop bitches in the town, and their husbands.  The entire area was and is, 200% pedophile.  So every time they claimed they were just "doing what they did so I'd remember" or claiming it was some idea I had, when it wasn't, they were including the same shits to watch so that the Britrish shits could be as impressed with their fucked up asses as they were with themselves, and it was to let them know there was no crime that anyone would be prosecuted for, as long as it was supporting shits like them and the mutual goal of stealing credit from my work.  After I witnessed more than 50 more murders of my own clones, because of this excuse, as they said things to themselves and me while smirking such as, "Like Thissss?", then Kate Middleton, this God Damned SICK Bitch, was in the Middle East when I was there, unraveling her white scarf from her head like she needed a headcovering for "image" purposes and it had been my forced "PR" idea to have her wear it because I remembered things she'd done and knew she was the exact opposite of "pure".  I then asked if she'd unravel the scarf for a photo, for artistry, and she smirked at me, knowing she had been getting away with murders, countless murders, and said, "Like this?" and it was the same thing she'd done after being handed the chopped off head of one of my clones.  She unrolled the sheet or towel and showed me and said "Did she look like this?"  This was one of only multiple murders.  She was also, when I was little, showing me dead babies and making fun of me and it was her, for sure.

Pippa Middleton and her entire family were falsely calling me a child prostitute.  They had colluded with sick plots and defamation against an innocent kid, and that is just one of the things they did to me.  Who should believe THEM about anything?  They lied about me and not just calling me names, they framed me deliberately to be arrested and called a criminal and they were doing this left and right with all of my clones.  All of the clones of myself, my older clones, and some younger kids and my sons, all of these clones were being lied about and accused of things they didn't do, while the U.S. govt. was murdering them for trying to report the real crimes against humanity.

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