Saturday, August 20, 2016

Information About Murders of My Clones and Son (NYC....New York University location and other)

I am wanting to get information about murders of my clones of my son and myself, and residences where they lived and worked while forced to be a 'secret' human clone.

Please contact me at this blog, and I won't publish the comments, by email to", to 56118 Finley Loop, Coquille, Oregon  97423 by post mail, or to my twitter or facebook account.  I do not have any other secure way to get information and need anything about him and myself.

I am also looking for work ASAP and am blacklisted in the U.S. and in many international areas, by the U.S. government and some of their "cooperating mafia".  If you have a job to offer, please contact me because I need work.  I am a hostage and have been a hostage my entire life.

I cried as a little girl, that I had no money or credit for my work, and over all of my murdered clones, murdered in front of me (many of them) while being lured bc of me, and also murdered BY me, when I was forced to kill them by U.S. govt. people who forced me to hold a gun and kill them or by other means, ..I mean, as a kid younger than age 10.  The CIA put many assassination hits on me, and it wasn't just them, it was FBI. 

The FBI is responsible for all of the slavery, trafficking, and selling of kids and clones, and they have "upped" their level to being braggarts about raping kids and forcing them to carry kids, work for free, and be stolen from.  They did this to me in front of Big Five Mafia in NYC, in Washington D.C. at their own offices, in VA FBI offices, and elsewhere.

I am looking for work in the U.S. to start or overseas.  To move, I need airfare covered and this is typical for live-in Nanny or Cooks or sometimes top level execs or creative types....on occasion...or interns.  I can work in all of these areas. I am targeted over my creative ability and writing and the fact I was being gang-raped and tortured prior to becoming a hit-writer. 

All of my clones were murdered for saying I should get paid for my work.  The U.S. govt. killed them over simply asking to pay me or give me credit for my own work.

I am serious about leaving the U.S.  I am really, very, seriously, ...serious.  If I have a safe offer with financial security like a job of some kind, I would love to leave the U.S. 

I am getting targeted to be under false arrest again, over here, and they did this to me as a preteen and had it all planned out against me. 

I witnessed hundreds of murders I still remember details to, and they are on my case again.  Not to mention, one of the Bobs and Dicksies and older clone of Levi murdered dozens of my clones themselves and wanted to do it.  I witnessed it. Almost every member of my "family" on either side, murdered clones of me and my kids in front of me and they were not pressured to do it, half of the time.  Half of the time, they were obviously wanting to do it and they were getting away with it and controlling me, like everyone else.

If someone has info on motives, if I have missed anything, write to me.

I was also being gang-raped by all cops, all of the Mexicans connected to the Baird family and some who didn't work with them, a bunch of blacks connected to Michelle and Barak Obama, a huge community of Jews, Mt. Angel Abbey clergy, and govt. employees.  Coquille and Coos Bay are clone towns.  So is Sherwood/Wilsonville, OR;  Moses Lake, WA; some parts of NY I was in; Bedminster, NJ; and all of the British royals and Danish royals are generational clones and so is their connected aristocracy.  There are hundreds of thousands of clones and the U.S. govt. paid them to beat up and murder my family and force us to work for free.

I need a job and to get out.

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