Wednesday, August 17, 2016

9-11 Plot By CIA, Pentagon, and FBI (Insurance Fraud and Murder)

I was at the Pentagon when the U.S. govt. plotted 9-11.  It was the U.S. government, not another country.  The U.S. had persons there from other countries, who were living in other countries, that were contributing, but the entire thing was a government plot for committing massive murders to find an excuse to go to war, make money, and to commit insurance fraud.  Chris Dabney was one of the planners, along with Kaempf and persons that work for insurance law firms, British royals including Kate Middleton, and George Bush.

Not only did they plan to murder all those people, they pre-organized that at least most of the persons were already govt. employees and clones, and agreed "to die" and collect insurance money.  So they were agreeing that if "Shellys" husband died in the Twin Towers, she and their "kids" would be guaranteed money for life and then they'd just reclone her original husband.  Seriously. It was a way for them to make money and "get ahead".  The rest of the plot was to have some of the innocent persons put in the line of attack to be deliberately killed and I saw the Pentagon and govt. do this constantly, with all of my clones.  The U.S. was also attempting to "include" ME, as a kid, telling me if they had a 9-11 event it meant they were very serious about having Dabney rape me and implant me with a kid to be tortured and aborted.

Their other main reason was to have an excuse to panick the public and find an excuse to go to war and have the military and contractors and plutocracy make money.

I was being forced to be there, and coerced to say this was my "plan" or something, and it wasn't.  All of the U.S. govt.'s crimes have been their plan, and they constantly framed me and my clones, like their Middleton employees.

They were saying if I lost my baby, it meant they were making sure Kate Middleton and Camilla were going to be "Queen".

Not only that, while they made these plots, they had insurance person who constantly stalked me, Donna Ciaramella, murder another of my clones at my RV in Coquille, and tell others she could make sure I never personally got insurance money from anything, like a car collision.  In 2005, she deliberately obstructed me from $50,000 of Personal Injury money I needed, seriously, for medical bills and suffering and my life, and the U.S. govt. used the same lawyers who had been part of their 9-11 plot:  Roger Harris and John Kaempf.

Not only that, the U.S. govt. also used the same corrupt cops from Chelan County Sheriff's office, that had raped me, held me to be raped, raped my older clones, and had covered up her murder at the Baird house in Cashmere in around 1981.  There were 3 cops specifically involved and they forced me out of my house, and had all of my legal papers for the car collision and lawyers, locked out of my reach to force me to lose.

This is almost the same thing Alvaro Pardo and others did to an older clone of mine who was attempting to file a complaint on my behalf, to ensure I was paid fair wage for my work.  The U.S. murdered every single clone related to me that said I should have fair wage for work.

They called it "Fair Game".  They attempted to claim that since Bob and Dicksie's son born in 1973, had a name that meant "fair" (Gannon Levi Garrett), they were punishing me for it.  They got some seriously crazy idea my clones or I had been involved.  I was being tortured and attacked for some death of Bob and Dicksie on top of everything else, including my demand for normal, fair pay, for my work.

They then told me I could "tell Valerie and George Bush what to title their books" and I said, "Are you kidding me?"  I said, "Why are you asking me to be responsible for naming their books they are going to write, but you don't pay me or give me credit for my work...I never agreed to any of this" and they made me and so to remember Valerie's comment to me one day in Dryden, WA, I said, "Name it "Fair Game"".  Then they panicked and said why that name.  I said, "Oh just because, you know, they'll expose her and then she's known and she can say they forced her to be hunted like game", and then I said, "And she has blond hair, so she's fair".  They just smirked then and she said, "Okay" and didn't care.  My decision to name it that, could have applied to any number of HIDEOUS situations I witnessed and was aware of, that permanently affected and damaged my life and the lives of ALL of my older clones.  I mean, I have horrific, terrible, examples of things it could apply to, and several involving CIA and Pentagon and FBI.

Mostly, I based it on her own comment, despite a swirling number of other situations it also applied to, from a day in Dryden when she said, "Well, now that you're out, you're fair game."  And she said this to me, when they were all carrying rifles and had them with them.  I thought they were going to shoot me.  She had shown up to meet Rick Baken and the Avilas and go "hunting" and they stood in the background while having others fire and they weren't killing deer.  I was threatened, basically, with a death threat.  I was told to shut up and then this sinister comment was made and when I tried to brush it off and act compliant, I said, "Are you suggesting I join something? do you have an idea for me?"

What the hell was I supposed to "join"?  Every God Damned department of the U.S. had tortured and raped me and forced me to work for free and stole not just credit from me, from the start, but everything I had.  I started to feel sick to my stomach.  Like gag-sick.  All they did was "join" their govt. penises and shits to my vagina and rear-end by rape.  They didn't want me to have anything and all I ever heard and was around, was sick plots and mockery of me and my kids and older clones.

I still want out of this country.  I need to be in a country that gives me full citizen rights and human rights and political asylum from the politics of the U.S. cloning plutocracy govt. which is nothing more than a joke against free enterprise.

She said to me maybe I could be trained to do something for the government and get paid.

Instead of having me go to flight school or be paid for back wages for the fucking U.S. govt. shits stealing from me, they told me Chris Dabney's mother had a "job" to train me in.  I had said, "So you're saying you have a flight program you can train me in here?" because in England she'd head-hunted me claiming she wanted to mentor me to be a "weapon's proliferation analyst".

Out of all of my forced slave labor, FT and overtime work, constant torture and rape at the same time, I received and was able to use the money from only one single check for only a month's wages.  It was one check from the CIA and the FBI didn't pay me for my work and the Pentagon didn't pay me.  I had been paid up to the point of murder of my older clones who controlled and helped me manage my bank account. I did have some money going to it, and verified this often, up until about 1981 and then I was told to just work for free "or else".

I was checking my own balance and asking to see the numbers all the time, as a kid and the U.S. govt. began torturing me and telling me not to ask anymore.  I found out money was leaving my bank account when I wasn't even spending it.  I said, "I'm not going anywhere, I have no new clothes or furniture, and where is my money going?"  and then I was told "You can't have a bank account because you can't keep track of your money" and I said "Yes I can.  I'm 7 years old and I know a lot of 7 year olds don't even have a bank account and I'm keeping track of mine".  They tortured me and then said, "You can't save your money safely so we'll hold onto it for you and you can spend some of it by telling us what you want to do, about TRAVELING to see the world?" and then the U.S. govt. used MY money to finance the travel activities of a bunch of U.S. shits.  The next step down was when they next said, "You can't have any of your money at all, all you can do is allocate some of it and be a voting member of a kind of board" and I said, "Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?"

Valerie Plame had already murdered some of my clones herself.  Why?  Oh, I don't know.  She's Jewish? 

So then I was having to pretend I didn't remember her murders and wasn't "scared" she threatened to murder me as "fair game".  They had me join the CIA as a "PR" person suddenly, in-house, when I was already doing that, and they hadn't been paying me.  No one was paying me anything.  Then they fired me when I said I don't want to be trained to be a femme fatale.  They started trying to excuse all of their kidnappings of me, hostage-holding, theft and rape of me, every day by up to 50 govt. employees at a time, by claiming I was supposed to use my looks to be a mistress or girlfriend and target someone to spy on them.  It was the biggest lie yet.  When I said no I don't want to do that, I want to stay at home and raise my own kids and have natural ones as a single mother with no partner, and be an analyst, they flipped out and claimed I wasn't "Jewish enough" and fired me.  Then the CIA got a Jewish lawyer who worked for them to say "You're discriminated against bc you're Jewish" and I said, "No I'm not" and I'm not.  It was yet another lie.  Jews were murdering my clones, not rescuing them.  The only reason I was alive was they were making a living off of me and my work.  They did the same with my other clones too, but I was producing songs they were greedily selling for up to over a million per single.  So then they tortured and raped more of my clones and wanted to give Dabney, who had gang-raped me with others, a "cover" and said, "Mrs. Dabney (his Mom) wants to train you to do BDSM" and I said "What's that?"  She came up with her BDSM excuse after they figured out one of my Bryan Adams songs< "Summer of '69" was mostly about Dabney.  "Best days of my life" was BDOML" and suddenly, they panicked and said, "Um, we want to train you in BDSM".

I hate these fucking shits.

I need a job, seriously, right now, without U.S. govt. assholes, and I haven't been creative and productive for decades because I refuse to do it for this shit country that never paid me and stole the credit and lied to everyone.

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