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Murderers Who Were Girlfriends And Wives Of Clones Of William of Wales

WHICH are three of Kate's close friends, and which are four of William's ex-girlfriends?
Clockwise beginning from the bottom left: 1) Rose Farquhar, 2) Jecca Craig, 3) Arabella Musgrave,
4) Holly Branson, 5) Alicia Fox-Pitt, 6) Emma Sayle, 7) Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (the
long name mentioned in the video). ANSWERS at the bottom of this post.
[Research info and various photo credits: The Daily Mail here, and here.]

WHICH are three of William's friends, and which are two of Kate's ex-boyfriends?
Clockwise beginning from the bottom left: 1) Drummond Money-Coutts, 2) Willem Marx,
3) Rupert Finch, 4) Guy Pelly, 5) Thomas van Straubenzee. ANSWERS at the bottom of this post.
[Research info and various photo credits: The Daily Mail here, and here.]

This is a photo of "Jecca Craig", or, "Jessica", and the necklace is of a "bee".  I was present when it was given to her and it was worn as a trademark.  This is also an older photo of another clone (older clone) of Jessica.  All of the girlfriends and wives of William were clones (that I'm aware of).  I met all of them. Dicksie-Dael Baird looked like some of them.  Rose Farquhar, Jessica Craig (Cindy Crawford was a double, as was Seattle Wine Reviewer Shannon Borg), Arabella Musgrave (musk, muskrat, the nutria, the "new queen"--U.S. double was Jen Garner and Katie Holmes (I think) and she looked like like my mother, as did some of the others),Kate Middleton (Katie, Catherine, Liz, Bee, Beth, Kate), Olivia Hunt (Lisa Sequira from the U.S. was a double, supposedly for Sofie Rhyss, but looked more like Olivia), Stephanie Maiers, Penelope (Florence), Anna Sloan-Smith, Davina Duckworth-Chad, Carly Massey-Birch, Isabella Calthorpe, Natalie Hicks-Loebecke, "Nichole",

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This photo is not recent.  It is from the 1980s, of an older "set" of William of Wales and Kate Middleton.  I was shown the photo and asked for my opinion and it wasn't liked and I was tortured over it.  I had said, "look at those long lines from smile, all the way to her chin" and I started having torture to my face, for "lines".  Also, note the "shoulder pads" and 1980s design of the jacket.

Image result for prince williamImage result for prince william

I've add a photo of William with a beard and am updating information about his wives and girlfriends, and somehow this post is being tampered with as I write...I am having to use a public library so it may have something to do with that, but William is also a known CIA employee, of the United States.

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 Image result for photo of william of wales with a beard

Image result for photo of william of wales with a beard  I'm going to upload some photos of William and will add the credits later, where found, as I'm working on this post, and will be adding photos of the other girlfriends and wives of his clones as well.    I was shown this photo of him with a gun back around 1984 or so. I'm not sure why all of the photos of women are uploading but none of the ones of William.

Anyway, these women murdered several of my clones, and tortured them and held them hostage prior to murder.  I witnessed Arabella and Kate Middleton do this together.  (there are many clones of Katie, over 6 or more by the time of 1983, closer to 12 I think and actual clones, not doubles, and many were at staggered ages...some were older, some mid-age, some young, and baby and then each staggered age seemed to have more than one "copy", so they were cloning more than one of her at the same age, I think.  Not positive, but I believe so...the closest I saw to exact ages is once I saw a couple of Katies both approximately 30 years old and they could have been a few years apart, but that was their age, back in 1977-1986.

The torture and murders of my clones were unusually cruel and extreme, and I was being used as a pawn and a lure, sometimes to convince another clone of me that it was "safe to approach" because I was around, and other times, they had me there as this little girl, and pointed at me and mocked me to my older clones and kids, and would say things like, "You'll never escape us, and you'll never be Queen".  They aborted more than one of my older clones and daughter's babies.  One of the abortions was partial-birth, and they were pulling out "pieces" supposedly, and another was drowned after being born.  The U.S. govt. was always covering for them, never for my own U.S. citizen-born clones.  The U.S. never once stood up for any of us and our rights--we were sold out, 100% to the "others", to be used as nothing more than suddenly, slave labor clones to be used, and then disposed of.

The U.S. govt. constantly made "scenes of justice" and claimed they investigated, even clone "crimes" but it was a lie.  Whenever the FBI was involved, they were always distorting statements and using threats and guns and threats of imprisonment to make witnesses lie, and they created "alternate" scenarios, to foul up the actual situation, using even videos, pictures, and altered "audio" to control the images they wanted to present.  They also took advantage of kids like me, where I was constantly being forced to go from acknowledging the fact of "human clones" to denying it, and being told that's "nonsense and don't think like that or you'll have no friends and we can't take you to school".  So in this kind of back-and-forth, the FBI and cops were saying to me, "So was this the women at that murder scene?  Did she commit the murder?" and they were presenting me with Arabella and Kate, for example, over one murder that was not the exact or same murder they knew I had been describing, and wanted me to say "No" to clear them of guilt.  They deliberately mixed up the specific instances of murders, because there was more than one, and they were also trying to force me to think there was only one possible murder as if the U.S. govt. had only cloned one other possible older clone of me or my kids.  This was not the truth.  They were murdering them by the dozens.

I did witness Arabella murder my clones.  I did witness Kate Middleton murder my clones.  I also witnessed a lot more than that.

One of the clones of Katie, knowing they were guilty, but just one of her dozen or so of clones, rushed into her brother James's arms, and Gary Goldsmith, after I had said, "No, it wasn't her there" when it was her, in one instance, and it was yet another Katie, in yet another.  They were murdering my family.

The U.S. govt. is 100% positioned against me and all of my clones.  They have 100% sold-out and killed us, over a number of British monarchy-connected clones and a few Danish ones and some U.S. clones.  We are completely, absolutely, in every sense of the word, totally betrayed by the U.S. govt. and treated as non-citizens.  Preference and favoritism ALWAYS went to Kate Middleton, from the U.S. govt. (CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, cops, Pentagon), Olivia Hunt, and all of the clones I am mentioning, along with their already-cloned kids such as Charlotte and GAL (George Alexander Louis, who was constantly around clones of George and Robin Bechtold).

 In the sense we are non-citizens, I can say with certainty, the U.S. govt. murdered and helped coordinate murders of others, on their behalf, for hundreds of clones which were older clones of me and my children and family.  Not only that, MOSSAD was involved, absolutely.  For the only "seen" clones, and I almost ended up as another "unseen" and "undocumented" clone, the rights of a citizen are non-existent.  I overheard discussions about me since I was a toddler, about how they would "never allow" me to have or raise my own children.  I was also discussed by hundreds of govt. employees, and treated as if I had no right to privacy and it was "normal" to be considered "government property" with all of my reproductive and family rights controlled by them.  I was entirely under the "management" and control of govt. employees, and not allowed a normal childhood or any natural rights or designated rights that a citizen has.  An appearance of having a few rights, is made just to give the govt. a "cover" for their crimes, but I have no real rights and I never have.  I was forced into fertility clinics and had eggs extracted from me as a preteen, and I was also forced to sign consent forms for what to do with the eggs or embryos in a situation of 'death'.  I was kept alive only because my work product made so much money for the govt. and other allied govts. whose cloning plutocracies the U.S. govt. conspired against me with. None of the countries wanted to admit to human cloning because all of these govt.s, have used them as military slaves, spies, and some have become rich while multiplying others to rape and control them and then kill them off.  They isolated me throughout my childhood and I had no friends at one point, and told, finally, "You can have only ONE friend and we get to choose who it is".  This was after they said they were going to murder all of my clones down to only "one" of me, and this is after they'd already started their mass extinction and assassination plots.   It was occurring even as early as 1977 and I later heard comments about it being a "Spring Revolution".   At the time of Kate and William's "public marriage" of 2011, they had an "Arab Spring" revolution going, which is nothing more than a second-wind attempt to rename some historical events which were occurring much earlier.

Some of the clones were privileged, and "hidden" and they were at the top of the govt, and cloning more of themselves and kids and getting rich.  They also united with fellow clones from other governments, and met and planned who was going to be "allowed" to "rise" next, for top positions in a country or govt.  At the same time, they were using military force and torture to control slaves and forcing other clones to work "secretly" but they were not being "hidden as privileged spying clones", they were and are clones the U.S. has created, to force to work in slave labor, having no family rights, and then are murdered.  They tried to tell me, when I was a kid, that it was my "idea" and forced me to go around the U.S. and some other countries, asking some people to go along with "plans" of the U.S.,some of which were sick, and I was forced to do this when it wasn't my plan, I was forced to repeat the already-hatched plans of the U.S. government and Mike Middleton, His "Majesty", and Israeli Prime Ministers.

I am not sure how much longer I will live, because I was being threatened and told by a U.S. govt. employee, or "psychic" that after I "lost" a particular tooth, my death would not be that far behind.  I was seriously, literally, told that, and I was informed about some plans and predictions for who would be President up to the Clintons, Caine and Trumps and Cruz's and Sanders, Rubios names "mentioned" and then I was told, "And then it all goes black".  It wasn't Bob or Dicksie saying this to me, it was U.S. govt. stalkers constantly at my house to control me and making plots about how to "program" me, and torture me to do what they wanted.

They had a primary goal to make money, get rich quick off of the backs of others, and steal titles, property, and assets.  They were also telling my clones we'd be isolated from each other and that I would never be "allowed" to raise my own kids, as some kind of "punishment" to my entire past family, for supposedly being part of the "Nazi" Party.  I heard claims about this, and other various excuses of "espionage", and I was an innocent kid.  Why should anyone torture and rape me and control me and say I cannot raise my own kids or have them?  Most of the threats were coming from "Nazi Party" claims, and they were telling other clones to join them and inviting new CIA recruits by making promises of holding and keeping me down, later.

Then, I was literally being stolen from, and approached as if I had the choice of how to use my money, which was a lie.

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