Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WA State Patrol Chris Stubblefield & FBI Stacy Stubblefield Premeditated Torture of Oliver Garrett-Avila & Other Kids

One of the threats I tried to report to officials, that Christopher Stubblefield made against my future sons and me, was that "his wife" was going to do "that" (and he pointed to something I was making at my house and putting in the oven) to my son's head.

I am going to describe what Washington State Patrol officer Chris Stubblefield watched me make, and then you will understand what his threat was, and then, decades later, he had his wife Stacey Stubblefield, torture my son deliberately and my son sustained a severe head injury that had not healed over 3 months later.

I tried to get a lawyer to sue for damages and the U.S. FBI and government began making reports against me to kidnap my son from me so I couldn't file a lawsuit on his behalf and mine, for damages by the Stubblefields.  The State of Washington and federal government removed me from being the "legal guardian" of my son, to prevent me from filing a lawsuit, and they did this after I had reported to MANY individuals what Chris Stubblefield had threatened against me at my parent's house in Coquille, Oregon and another man tried to cover for him by making the same threat when I was baking in my trailer.

I was making small child-sized pizzas and I had put cheese on the surface of the round crust, and then I had layered it with basmati rice that I steamed with walnuts and sautéed onions, and pressed it down with a lid of a jar, into the cheese, and then I layered it with cheese again and then added a dollop of a salsa I had made in the center, so it had a red round center.

Chris Stubblefield had been making fun of me and saying what kind of a crazy person was I, to make a "pizza" with rice and walnuts on it and I had said, "You call me crazy because your own wife isn't sophisticated enough to have good taste.  All she does is make the same thing over and over and it shows...not only are her pizzas average, so are your kids and so is their intelligence". 

I didn't say this to "Washington State Patrol Chris Stubblefield" after one small remark.  He had been harassing me on and on with implying I was mentally ill and no one would ever want to marry me, and see, this is why...supposedly I didn't raise my kids, and so on and I finally gave it back to him.

He got furious and I said, "You can dish it out, and insult young women, but you can't take it, can you?  Maybe that's why you like being a COP, so you can run around with a gun and feel important".
He started to actually pull a gun out and I said, "If you dare try to shoot me, I'll have you know everyone knows I'm here right now and I blogged about YOU before you even came over because I have reasons to be concerned about your violent tendencies, and if you don't believe me, why don't you have your wife Stacey look up my Blogger account and see for herself, before you think about shooting me because you can't handle an insult".

So he literally DID ask his wife, Stacey, to look up my Blogger account and 'check' to see if it was true and they sent someone else down the hall to nod yes, because it was.

I had already witnessed Chris Stubblefield spazing out and tazering people, including me, holding guns at anyone's head whenever he wanted and abusing his authority, insulting me and my family, raping my kids, and beating up my Dad.  That's not to mention he had already violently raped me and his wife was a fucking pedophile, like him.

So then this little cop shit, Chris, decided NOT to use his GUN on me, to MURDER me, for saying his wife was average and his kid's had average intelligence when he kept insulting me and my kids, and he proceeded to say, as I was putting it into a microwave to firm up and then for storage so someone could bake later, he said, "You see that?  That's what my wife is going to do to your kid's head".

I said, "Thanks for threatening me with murdering or permanently harming my son Chris.  Now I will report you and tell everyone what a low self-esteem you have, that you can't handle an intelligence insult against your kids because why?  Maybe because you know it's know it's true because why else would you be HERE holding a little girl hostage for years, just to steal from her because you don't have the brains to branch out and make more money on your own.  Let's face it--you're not creative, neither is your wife, and you'll always have average jobs doing average things and making average pizzas and average kids, and that's just the way it is Chris.  But thanks, I'll remember how you not only harass me, you make violent threats and while I don't carry out any threats, you WOULD and if you DO, and IF Stacey Stubblefield does this to MY SON, somehow, because I know you'll try to stalk me down and make it happen and I might have forgotten if time has passed, you are going to be SUED."

He smirked and said, "No I won't.  I'm the State.  You can't sue me and I have immunity" and I said, "You do NOT have immunity for acts of violence outside of the capacity of your job and your WIFE, if she exceeds what she's supposed to do, somehow managing to get in the door to try to harm my kid, in a medical office or something, she also does not have immunity and I will sue the fuckking FBI along with the State Patrol for keeping YOU SHITS on their payrolls".

I had also said, before this, when I pushing in a couple of things like a walnut into the center, after he said his wife was going to do that to my kid I said, "Is that a threat to kill my kid, to give my kid a head injury, or to push a microchip into my kid's head?" and I said, "Because it sounds to me like you just threatened to use your wife to hurt my kid and I'm going to make a report about you, but maybe you could let me know a little more what your plan is, because I'm not sure if you're saying you're going to have your wife murder my kid, give him a head injury, or microchip him, and you could fill me in".

The individuals involved in this plot to harm my son include Scott Ross from Canada immigration and his wife; FBI agent Julia Thornton, Stacey Lowe, Megan Jacquot, Jennifer Lawrence, William of Wales and Kate Middleton, Michelle and Barak Obama, Jordan (a cop from Middleton, TN), TJ, Detective Brian Gross, Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, "Nikki" from D.C., Dabneys, Officer Jacobe (jack-OH-bee), Mike Tancer, Jim West, Maiers, Kanye West, Kardashians, Scott (a cop), Robin and Wendy and Bechtold family, Rob Schneider and Christa, James Middleton, Emmanuel Rose, Dr. Sanjay Shaw-Haw, Dr. Malcolm Butler, Dr. Stuart Freeh, Dr. Crane, Mike Middleton, my brother Levi and his girlfriends Carmen Wilson and "Char" (a black woman), a Border patrol "Mike" from Blaine, Wa, Tomas Caballero, Sue (from CASA), Suzanne (a visitation monitor from Wenatchee with a chopped off finger), Anne-Marie Crane, Del Balzos, Jeff Bridges, "Ronnie" (a girl from Sherwood, OR my brother's age), an Eastern Indian man who is short and drives a red sedan with OR plates and was traveling to WA and OR to harass us and plot against my family, Kyle Flick, Rani and her cop husband, Travis & Brooke Vice, Ivory & Jerrod, Dennis Hotchkiss, Daniel from Fraziers, Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears, .

After I was threatened, two times, at my trailer and at my parents house, with serious harm to my kids, and not just my son, because they were bringing out girls to imply threats against them and saying "She's gonna get hit", the U.S. govt. then literally coordinated having a huge number of people show up and say this to me:

"Do you think you and your son are smarter than ME?" or "Do you think your kid is smarter than MY kid?"  The U.S. organized a gang-threat for harming my kids and then one of them said to me, "So do you think you're smarter than a 5th grader?" 

By showing up and taunting me over "who is smarter" when Chris Stubblefield was responsible as an adult for making agency threats to hurt my kids and use his wife to do it, they proved they were conspirators to harassing me and supporting Stubblefields, who are pedophile shits that steal from kids and torture them.  Why support them?  Because all of these other individuals were mad that it was true they profited off of me and my kids and they resented us and wanted to torture us and steal and rape at the same time.  They weren't showing up to support me or my kids--they showed up to try to intimidate me and act as if I had done something wrong, to defend myself and my kids when a real shit who is an adult was threatening me and saying I was mentally ill and that's why I wasn't raising my kids and I couldn't even make a normal pizza.

They had Stephanie Maiers later, in 2007, inviting me and my son to her wedding shower in Seattle, and buying a bagel and coffee for me and herself a time before that, saying she wanted an onion bagel with salmon cream cheese and then told the cashier, "....and a plain bagel with plain cream cheese" and paid for it, and then turned to me and said, "You wouldn't like anything exotic Cameo, I figured it would be too exotic for you"--and she did this to me, in Seattle, before the U.S. raped me again and implanted me with another clone to kidnap from me.

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