Thursday, June 16, 2016

James Cartright & Middleton Men Who Tortured My Son/Held Him Hostage

Several men involved in working with James Cartright and others, who planned to murder my unborn baby in the future after raping me, were around when I walked past to run some errands yesterday.

James Cartright AND his sister, Laurie Cartright, along with their kids or his nieces Lindsay and Marissa (they have cloned kids), took me around to a bunch of people, and tortured an older clone of my son Oliver, and made threats against me and joked to others about murdering my kids and using Dabney in the future.

Both James Cartright and Chris Dabney raped me in Washington D.C. in 2008.  James Cartright had been raping me for decades, and he works specifically with the Middletons.

Some of the license plates of men who raped me, held my son hostage and beat all of us, including a Bob jr. and my son, forcing him to even bow down to Kate Middleton and Middletons, are as follows:  071 CTJ, 964 BTJ, E TKL, 858 HFX, 398 HCG (woman), 067D (Arizona), 3B 48521 (Idaho), 863 GKA, 681 HTY, 984 BKE, 35534 and 36941 (Olson Electrical--used to torture and electrocute me and my kids and family, like men in England did to us), 35534, 507 FXN, 320 HJT, 647 BZZ, 864 HBK, 00303, 42726W1 (CA).

All of these men know Middletons and tortured my family over them and for them, to the point my son was throwing up from being beat up and electrocuted.  James Cartright is one of my #1 worst enemies and enemies of my kids and he was around to traffick me almost every time I went to London, England, because HE also had personal matters there and he was part of the Middleton family.

When I say he is part of the Middleton family, I'm serious.

He was not just "working" with the Middletons--he was part of their family.  I saw him in bedrooms, and kissing Kate Middleton, and he was invited to all of the Middleton's family dinners, in a small group at their house, every single time he went to England.  The Pentagon sent him over there, like he was just part of a military group, but he had family with Middletons and was part of their family.

Not only that, he specifically coordinated torture against me, for them, even when I was very young, and had held me hostage at his and Laurie's house in Phoenix, AZ for months at a time before I was even in school.  Some of the worst things done to me occurred before I was even in kindergarten and part of my time in school.  I was sent all over the place and raped repeatedly, and finally, they just tortured me all the time too.

I also witnessed James Cartright raping my Dad or one of the Bob jrs., in the ass with his penis, from behind my Dad and he wasn't/isn't "gay".  He was furious and angry and had a gun pointed at my Dad's head and was thrusting himself to my Dad's rear end, and had him bent over.  While he was raping my Dad, or one of the Bob jrs., he was also hitting my Dad on the head with a gun or his hand--basically, like beating him up and hitting him on the head, holding a gun to his head, and then grabbing him around the waist with his other hand and arm and raping him.  I had been told to go to my room or something and usually I never disobeyed bc James Cartright would beat me up or tie me up, and I decided, "I don't care, even if he ties me up, I'm going to check" and I left the room and went in and by that time, they'd had me conditioned not to move if they made an order telling me not to go anywhere, and I went around a corner, and then looked and it was James, by himself, no other man with him, raping the shit out of my Dad, with a gun at his head.

James Cartright had his abuse and human trafficking nailed down to the point that by that time, no one moved from a location if he told them not to move. I had been tortured my entire life by him and others, and punished for refusing orders, so I had been doing what I was told to do, on a consistent basis.  By that time, he had also created an appearance of him and my Dad working together like they were friends and colleagues, as if he never harmed my Dad or me or my Dad had no objections to working "with him" or doing anything he said.  So sometimes, his "buddy" was made to look like it was a Bob jr., and then he was getting my Dad into a private corner and raping him and beating him with a gun.

Not only that, I had earlier, when I was a younger kid, witnessed him doing this to an older clone of my son, with some other men and a couple of my family members around, like Levi (older clone of Levi) and a Bob jr.  They had James Comey and James Cartright do this, and Forrest Tancer and the man who drives an OR vehicle with E TKL as license plates.

When I saw James Cartright do this to my Dad, it was not the first time because I left quietly without either of them turning around or seeing me, and I saw him do it again.

In 2008, after I didn't remember what he looked like, I was stalked down by him again, with Chris Dabney assisting him, and I was raped by him at his hotel in D.C., with a bunch of Army backpacks around and they had made my Dad or a Bob jr., do this to me when I was a younger kid--a preteen, at the same hotel in the same room, when we were in D.C.  He used his finger to rape me while knowing I was drunk and he was not drunk.  He is a Pentagon "Strategist" and 3rd in command of the U.S. military and he was not getting "drunk".

He and Chris Dabney have been friends and gang-banging pedophiles and child traffickers, for decades.  Both him and Dabney were going to England and to N. Ireland, and in N. Ireland, both were involved with the IRA, and BOTH were personally involved with Kate Middleton.

Both James Cartright and Dabney not only held me hostage at their own houses, and raped me when I was a kid, they had my sons murdered, and they were part of "swingers" clubs and sex circles in England and Kate was also part of it.  She is not a "nice girl".


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