Monday, June 27, 2016

U.S. Military Is The World's Largest Concentration Camp

The United States military operates the largest concentration camp in the world, and it's worse than anything "Nazi Germany" ever operated.

They have used the military as terrorist means to control their population of human clones, which they believe they own, and whose property and intellectual property they believe they own.  They are wiping people out of their rights, deeds, and trusts, bank accounts, houses, and other property by terrorist acts against their own citizens.  Then they ask the military to support their efforts and hold a majority of human clones in their military system.

These "soldiers" are used, exploited, raped, and cloned, and told to "defend" the illegal system the U.S. government is operating, and support the U.S. government's running of the world's largest concentration camp of prisoners.

The U.S. government not only manipulates and deceives unsuspecting persons, they hold others in jails, underground jails, houses whose properties they own (private properties they've been amassing by stealing them from people the U.S. govt. illegally clones and then assumes are now their "govt. interest property"), at black "sites", and in bunkers that are technically military bunkhouses and are really just concentration camps.

What are they concentrating?  Human clones.  The U.S. government is collecting and numbers every single human clone they illegally create, and they concentrate them into areas for close observation and control.

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