Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Human Clones: A Non-Protected Class of Persons

Human clones are not only illegally created by the government, for purposes of the government and an elite plutocracy stealing property from other families, by terrorist acts, they are a class of persons that share defining characteristics and traits which isolate them and make them a minority in the majority.  They are genetically reproduced humans who the U.S. government controls and numbers.

Some of these clones seem to think it's pretty "neat" because they get to be "higher echelon clones" who are given snacks and cigarettes by the guards for sexual favors or marrying their family member.

They don't resist because they believe they are superiors or can work their way up out of an indentured servitude, or marry into the plutocracy that controls all the other clones.  Sadly, they are deluded.  While it's true some do end up as higher echelon clones, they're still clones and they are mostly the ones who think now they are the plutocracy that controls everyone else.

They don't care about individual rights or human cloning laws or equality.  They care about amassing their government fortunes illegally by illegally seizing persons and property, and intellectual property, to make themselves rich, against all of the laws of the country.

They are people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  They're not interested in the restoration of rights to the people--they are only interesting in protecting their plutocracy assets which they've acquired by terrorist acts, against other citizens and by abuse of authority and power, since WWII.

They want to keep other human clones, and this "class of persons" hidden, disguised, lied about, and unprotected, because they are the others they are sucking off of like leeches.  Then, to make themselves feel even more superior, they force the kids and parents of the clones suck off of, to suck their penises, as if now they have just proved they are superior.  When someone's ego has taken a nose-dive,  they suddenly feel like everyone should be lowering themselves to suck their penis, apparently.  Why else would grown men and women force little girls and boys they steal from, to do this?  or even adult men and women to do this? They constantly want to try to prove, "I am powerful".  It's the same thing with rape, not specifying a particular position indicates one thing or the other. 

The U.S. government is a defined Terrorist.

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